31 Days of Prayer for My Nation

31 Days of Prayer for My Nation

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Jesus is praying for this nation and He invites you to join Him!

Recall an image of Jesus you’ve likely seen—Jesus, on His knees, praying. Imagine leaning in to listen to what He is praying and you hear Jesus speaking our nation’s name. Experience Jesus’ heart for our nation as you declare your freedom and passion to love the Lord, claim Bible promises for our nation’s future, and intercede for spiritual awakening and growth. 

With devotional contributions from National Day of Prayer leaders, staff, and friends—including Ronnie Floyd, Dave Butts, Kim Butts, Jon Graf, Tony Evans, Kay Horner, Sammy Rodriquez, Alton Garrison, Tom Phillips, Frances Chan, Tony Perkins, and Oscar Thompson—31 Days of Prayer for My Nation provides:
  • Guided prayer points for our nation’s unity and leaders, along with prayers for spiritual awakening in the church and global gospel witness.
  • A powerful, Scripture-based prayer strategy for better loving the Lord, living God’s Word, loving people, and living His mission.
  • Scriptures, prayers, and promises to declare over your nation.
  • A practical resource for personal devotions, small group studies, and other ministries.
God has put you in this nation for a purpose. Support it through prayer and see the benefits in your own life.

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ISBN-13: 9781424556236
Publisher: BroadStreet Publishing Group, LLC
Publication date: 05/01/2018
Series: 31 Days of Prayer
Pages: 144
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About the Author

THE GREAT COMMANDMENT NETWORK is an international, collaborative network of kingdom leaders from the faith community, marketplace, education, and caregiving fields who prioritize the powerful simplicity of loving God, loving others, and seeing others become His followers.

Table of Contents

Foreword Dr. Ronnie Floyd vii

Preface viii

31 Days of Prayer Resource Collection x

Day 1 Why Pray for My Nation? xii

Day 2 What to Pray for My Nation 2

Day 3 How to Pray for My Nation 5

Section I Pray for Unity … and a Spirit-Empowered Faith of Loving the Lord

Day 4 Our Nation Is Broken 8

Day 5 Why Unity Matters: The Heart of Jesus 10

Day 6 Be the Answer: Unity of Faith and Works 12

Day 7 Extraordinary United Prayer 14

Day 8 Revival Signs 17

Day 9 Turning a Nation to God 21

Day 10 Preserve the Unity of the Spirit 26

Section II Pray for our Nations Leaders … and a Spirit-Empowered Faith of Loving People

Day 11 Prayer for Our Nations Leaders 32

Day 12 How to Pray for Your Pastor 36

Day 13 Prayers for Arts and Media 40

Day 14 Pray for Our Military 44

Day 15 Prayer for Education 47

Day 16 Pray for Marketplace Leaders 52

Day 17 Freedom, Faith, and Families 55

Section III Pray for Spiritual Awakening … and a Spirit-Empowered Faith of Living his Word

Day 18 Pray for Revival Among God's People 60

Day 19 Wake Up! 63

Day 20 What Are You Remembering? 66

Day 21 Do You Need a Breakthrough Moment? 69

Day 22 Revival Fire 72

Day 23 A Lifestyle of Forgiveness 75

Day 24 Secrets Made Known by the Light 78

Section IV Pray for Gospel witness … and a Spirit-Empowered faith for Living his Mission

Day 25 Look Around and See the Lostness 82

Day 26 Book of Acts Praying: The Best Practice for Church Growth 85

Day 27 Praying for Others to Come to Jesus Christ 89

Day 28 How to See the Gospel Spread and Flourish 93

Day 29 Behold the Lamb 96

Day 30 Concentric Circles of Concern 101

Day 31 Spirit-Empowered Disciple 107

About the Authors 112

Appendix 1 About the Great Commandment Network 117

Appendix 2 A Spirit-Empowered Faith 118

Appendix 3 A Spirit-Empowered Disciple 121

More Prayer Resources 130

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