52 Weeks with Jesus: Fall in Love with the One Who Changed Everything

52 Weeks with Jesus: Fall in Love with the One Who Changed Everything


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ISBN-13: 9780736965026
Publisher: Harvest House Publishers
Publication date: 12/15/2014
Pages: 256
Sales rank: 52,635
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.80(d)

About the Author

James Merritt (PhD) is a pastor, author, past president of the Southern Baptist Convention, and host of the Touching Lives television program, seen nationwide and in 122 countries. As a national voice on faith and leadership, Merritt has been interviewed by Time, Fox News, MSNBC, and 60 Minutes. He resides with his family outside Atlanta, Georgia.

Table of Contents

Foreword 11

Introduction: The One and Only 13

How to Read This Book 17

Section I Jesus, the Transformer

1 Just Like Us 20

2 A Misfit among misfits 24

3 A Messy Messiah 28

Section II Jesus, the Answer

4 Bread for the Journey 34

5 Light in a Dark Place 38

6 An Open Door 42

7 The Good Life 46

8 A Grave Buster 50

9 A One-Way Street 54

10 The Root of the Fruit 58

Section III Jesus, the Miracle Worker

11 A Man of Marvels 64

12 Crisis Manager 68

13 Captain of My Ship 72

14 A Miraculous Multiplier 76

15 A Leader Worth Following 80

16 The Great Empathizer 84

17 The Divine Ophthalmologist 88

18 Spiritually Sovereign 93

Section 4 Jesus, the Storyteller

19 The Seed Sower 100

20 The Best Boss 104

21 The Eye Opener 108

22 The Divine Auditor 112

23 A Better Financial Planner 116

24 The God of Tomorrow 120

25 The Life of the Party 124

26 A Hospitable Host 128

27 The Object of Our Worship 132

28 The Grace Giver 136

29 Discerner of the Heart 140

30 A Divine Divider 144

Section 5 Jesus, the Teacher

31 Flying Standby 150

32 A Prayer Warrior 154

33 Focused on the Father 158

34 The One Who Provides 162

35 The Treasure Principle 166

36 A Marriage Counselor 170

37 Can One Become Two? 174

38 Love: Can Two Stay One? 179

39 The Number One Priority 183

Section 6 Jesus, the Helper

40 The Thirst Quencher 188

41 A Most Valuable Treasure 192

42 A Gracious Judge 196

43 Always Available, Always Accessible 200

44 Our Best Friend 204

Section 7 Jesus, the Leader

45 The Standard of Greatness 210

46 A Servant First 214

47 The Victor 218

48 Commander in Chief 222

Section 8 Jesus, the Overcomer

49 The Passion of the Christ-the Rest of the story 228

50 His Grace, My Place 233

51 The Warrior Rises 237

52 Dead Man Walking 241

Acknowledgments 247

About the Author 249

Notes 251

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52 Weeks with Jesus: Fall in Love with the One Who Changed Everything 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
James Merritt is clear, on point, and writes with authority, wisdom, and compassion in his book, 52 Weeks With Jesus. In this book, he confronts the reader page after page with Jesus. Spending time in this book will surprise you, enlighten you, and just might change your life. This book is meant to be read every week over a year. The sections discuss Christ as the Transformer, Answer, Miracle Worker, Storyteller, Teacher, Helper, Leader, and Overcomer. Your passion for Jesus will grow and your life will be transformed through the time you spend in his Word with 52 Weeks with Jesus. I also highly recommend that you buy When God Stopped Keeping Score, an intimate look at the power of God and forgiveness which is on sale here on BN. 
Theophilusfamily More than 1 year ago
James Merritt's 52 Weeks with Jesus is a fine and meaty devotional. Although I would be inclined to complete this book in a month or less, it's arranged so that you can read it over a full year. There are five chosen scriptures and five meditations/readings per week, with this pattern repeated fifty-two times. As the old hymn says, "Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus, Look Full in His Wonderful Face." That's what this book is all about: gazing at Jesus and being undone by His tradition-shaking goodness, his tenderness and courage, his sorrow and his joy. It's about knowing Him better and thereby knowing better how to live in the world. The aspects of Jesus's life and character that James Merritt explores include Jesus the Storyteller, Jesus the Miracle Worker, and Jesus the Overcomer. The Scriptures he chooses range widely through the Bible- from the Psalms to the Minor Prophets to Gospels to the Epistles. Biblical narratives (and modern illustrations) come together with pastoral commentary and application. James Merritt has one goal- pointing to Jesus, who is alive right now in the middle of everything. I have to say, this devotional has broad appeal. In my house, the book has already been appropriated by two different people. Neither one is a big fan of devotionals per se, but they're both enjoying working their way through this one. What better thing to do this year than spend some time beholding the One whose truth and beauty is transforming the world, one life at at a time? I thank Harvest House Publishing for providing me with a review copy in exchange for an honest opinion.
Reader-13 More than 1 year ago
An excellent, structured journey to learn more about and become closer to Jesus!
Anonymous 10 days ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I can't rate or review before I read the book!