A Blast to the Past

A Blast to the Past

by Virginia Farmer
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A Blast to the Past by Virginia Farmer

An explosion blasts bomb disposal specialist Brian Skelley back to fourteenth-century Scotland and into the lives of Caira MacKenzie and her clan. With a career-making advancement waiting for him back in twenty-first century America, Brian must do whatever he can to return home. Since it was a blast that sent him back in time, he figures it would take another to return. He�s spent his entire military career making sure he didn�t get blown up, and now he had to try to do it on purpose?

Caira doesn�t like having a stranger among her clan, let alone one claiming to be from the future. It doesn�t matter that he can weave a story that holds the entire clan spellbound, or that one look from him weakens her bones. There are secrets that could see the end of the MacKenzie clan. Though her head tells her to use caution, her heart softens toward the dafty man.

Brian focuses solely on returning to his time. He�s determined to remain uninvolved in the MacKenzie clan�s problems. That is until a series of incidents threaten Caira and her people. His protective instincts take over, and he finds himself right in the middle of it all.

All it takes is one sizzling kiss to show both Caira and Brian that love can be a blast!

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BN ID: 2940014366342
Publisher: Virginia Farmer
Publication date: 05/25/2012
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
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About the Author

My storytelling career started at an early age when I, a fair-skinned redhead, attempted to convince my classmates that I was an Indian princess. Unfazed by this initial failure, I continued to spin tales about majestic castles, shiny knights on white horses and redheaded damsels in distress. So writing romance was a logical progression for me. I'm occasionally drawn from my fantasy world when my husband discovers yet another renovation project that I'm just dying to do!

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A Blast to the Past 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
US Chief Petty Officer Brian Skelley is a bomb expert providing training in a remote section of the Scottish Highlands. In support of the exercise, Brian placed inert explosives for his crew to locate and identify. However, someone added a real bomb that explodes.

Brian awakens from the blast in the year 1301 to see a thriving Kilbeinn Castle not the ruins he had observed just before the explosion. Callum and Malcolm of Clan Mackenzie find Brian and take him inside the castle to meet Caira, clan chieftain since her father and husband died and most of the remaining males are fighting for William Wallace. Though she is attracted to the outsider, Caira does not trust him as he might be a spy for the nearby English post or even Wallace. When Brian refuses to back down to English cruelty and abuse, she takes him back in to the keep. As the twentieth-one century explosive expert works on a black powder to send him back to the future, he wonders if that is what he really wants, as he now loves Caira.

This is an exciting time travel romance starring a wonderful male protagonist who adapts perhaps a bit too easily to the early fourteenth century even if he is a navy survivor expert. Caira is a courageous soul struggling between her desire and what she feels is good for her clan. The English are very malicious so that it is becomes too easy for the hero to support the victims of their mistreatment. Still fans will appreciate Brian¿s dilemma as she wonders whether h really wants to go home when Caira is what he desires. Harriet Klausner

Guest More than 1 year ago
Chief Petty Officer Brian Skelley, US navy bomb expert, had been on his last assignment in a remote training area of the Scottish Highlands. Brian had planted several different types of inert bombs for his men to locate and identify. However, they found one planted by someone else...and it was live! ...................... Brian woke up to find himself in the year 1301. Kilbeinn Castle, which had been only ruins before, had somehow become tall, sturdy, and full of life. The Clan Mackenzie dwelled in the keep. Callum and Malcolm had chanced upon Brian and took him to the castle for treatment by Caira. ...................... Caira Mackenzie was Laird of the clan. Her father and husband were dead. All the able-bodied men had left to join the notorious William Wallace when Caira's father had signed a treaty of neutrality with King Edward. Thus all the care and protection of the clan fell on her slim shoulders. Caira had no way of knowing if Brian was part of the foul Englishmen in the fort nearby or not. Wisely, she kept wary and sent him to the fort, by way of Callum and Malcolm, when he was well. Upon finding out Brian was NOT with those from the fort, and seeing him stand up to the cruel English, the two escorted Brian back to the keep. Caira allowed Brian time to 'experiment'. She never understood what the black powder was that Brian was experimenting with or what he meant to do with the foul smelling powder. ....................... Brian wanted only to return to the year 2004. He was positive that if he made the powder just right the blast would send him back home. However, he could not ignore the plight of Caira and the clan. In the process of helping them, he and Caira began falling in love. Now he must decide whether to stay in 1301 with Caira or return to his own time. .................... ***** Ah, this story is pure bliss! The characters are so easy to care for and the ending was an act of genius! Brava, Virginia Farmer! I enjoyed every minute of this time travel romance and highly recommend it to all. *****
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Good but I liked her other books better.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
If you like time travel this one's for you.