A Bride for Noah

A Bride for Noah

by Lori Copeland, Virginia Smith


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Lori Copeland and Virginia Smith, beloved authors of the Amish of Apple Grove series, team up again in an exciting new series for devoted fans and new readers.

It’s 1851, and Evie Lawrence is penniless and heartbroken after a failed romance. When a kind elderly man announces his plan to move west and make his fortune, Evie jumps at the chance to go with him and start a new life. She says goodbye to the only home she’s ever known and sets out for the Northwest.

There she meets Noah Hughes, a handsome young man who has gambled everything he owns on the chance to make a fresh start. Living the rugged life of a lumberjack, he too is determined to one day make his fortune. The last thing he’s looking for is a bride…so why can’t he get Evie out of his mind?

In this first book of the Seattle Brides series, two people learn what it means to move beyond their expectations and embrace the very best God has for them.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780736953474
Publisher: Harvest House Publishers
Publication date: 10/01/2013
Series: Seattle Brides Series , #1
Pages: 304
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

Lori Copeland is the author of more than 100 titles, including A Kiss for Cade and Under the Summer Sky. Her beloved novel Stranded in Paradise is now a Hallmark Channel Original Movie. Her stories have developed a loyal following among her rapidly growing fans in the inspirational market. She lives in the beautiful Ozarks with her husband, Lance.

Virginia Smith is the bestselling author of more than 30 inspirational novels and 50 articles and short stories. Her books have received many awards, including two Holt Medallion Awards of Merit. Meet her online at www.VirginiaSmith.org.

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A Bride for Noah 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
blueyz1962 More than 1 year ago
A Bride for Noah is a heartwarming, if not somewhat frustrating, story of love, betrayal, deception and faith. Evie Lawrence, after getting fed up with a life of being a servant, embarks on a journey to change her life. Evie decides to go to Seattle, Oregon Territory and open a restaurant and is able to talk her current employer, Miles Coffinger, into becoming partners with her on the deal. He agrees to finance the venture, with some help from Evie, and Evie is the cook and mastermind. Once in Seattle she meets Noah Hughes, her Miles' nephew who works at the settlement's lumber company. They but heads because she brings with her not only his uncle, but three other women to work in the restaurant and that disrupts the lumber camp full of women-starved lumberjacks. What comes next is a lot of fun, heartache, more butting of heads and eventually love, but between who? This book is well-written with both Lori Copeland and Virginia Smith collaborating together. The characters are well-developed, though I did want to but a few heads together myself while reading this book, but I enjoyed it none the less. If you enjoy clean, historical, Christian romance, you are sure to love this fabulous story. Enjoy! I borrowed this book from my local library.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Lovedthis book and learning about the history of seattle i live in olympia
Janine_S More than 1 year ago
“A Bride for Noah” by Lori Copeland and Virginia Smith is the first book in the “Seattle Brides” series. This is a book of fresh starts, determination to succeed, and learning to cooperate with others. Noah arrived in, what is to become Seattle, with a bunch of lumberjacks with plans of helping some day in forming a town if things can be productive. There is no women around, and that suits him just fine. Little does he know that things are going to change faster than expected and he has a large part in that change, which does not make him happy. Noah shows his true character through all the ups and downs in the ways he acts, which is with honor and not getting angry at things that he can't seem to change. He does the right thing when he would rather just throw his hands up in the air and walk away from it all. Then there is Evie Lawrence who has traveled with three other young ladies, all who only have one thing in mind and that is to find a husband, to this unsettled area with big plans along with her employer. Evie is determined to succeed in her plans regardless what any of the naysayer has to say about her plans. She shows this determination in the way she handles the hurdles that are thrown in her way, and learns a bit about herself along the way. There is a strength in Evie that is seen in many heroines but at the same time there is just something special about Evie that I can't really put my finger on, but I am confident to say that to me she was something else. There are several secondary characters from the ladies who traveled with Evie, to her employer and all of the lumberjacks. With some many secondary characters, at times I have seen an author kind of give each of the secondary characters a generic personality, but not here for each of them were different and easily able to be picked out without really having to have a name put with them. The first third to half of the book really seemed like it dragged, and it was only determination to finish the book that enabled me to finish the book, and for that I am so glad that I did. Once things started moving about halfway through, they really started to move. I thought I had the book figured out early on, but nothing I figured was going to happen. There were twists and turns in the last half of the book, that really helped keep my attention. Of course, maybe if someone is paying more attention to those details that seem as if they are only important for that certain scene, there won't be so many twists and turns, but I missed those little points so there were a lot of surprises for me. I found myself laughing several times through out the story. There was one scene with the “white settlers” and the “Indians” that I found humorous and yet there was such a poignant message to it as well. The message was though we may not understand the words said, actions indeed say so much more, and compassion can take one so much further than being selfish or unwilling to try to understand. Though this scene is the one that stuck out the most to me there are numerous other scenes where things could go so wrong when dealing with two different cultures at the time they were, yet because of willingness to put the best foot forward, things turned out much greater than ever thought. There is not much conflict in this story but there is plenty of tension and hurdles, which makes this a great story to read on that cold, dreary night with a cup of hot cocoa, or when lounging out on the beach while soaking up the sun. Just when there appears to be some conflict starting up, it is quickly dealt with in a way that I had not expected for I thought it was going to turn nasty there for a bit. I am personally a little torn on what to think about this conflict that shows up near the end of the book and centers around Evie. It is needed of course because of the timing of the event, but it was either the laziest way to end the conflict or one of the most understanding and creative way to insert problems between the hero and heroine, for there are still a couple of little issues to be resolved between them. Either way, it worked wonderfully with the story and in the end that is really all that counts anyway. I hope all that read this book enjoys it like I did.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This story was very engaging and we didn't want to put it down. We really enjoyed the twists and the turns of finding out about a past relationship of our heroin and how it was going to affect the relationship with the new man in her life. We loved the humor that came out of the setting with a whole bunch of rugged lumberjacks and the woman with some refinement learning to work together and support each other. Another humorous storyline was that of a shrewd city businessman who was trying to use big city business techniques out in the wild frontier. The results of his business endeavors, often proved ill-advised in such remote settings. We would highly recommend reading this wellcrafted book and we look forward to the next installment. Happy reading! Steve and Tracy
wfnren More than 1 year ago
A nice fun book  --   It's 1851 and Evie Lawrence is working for Miles and Letitia Coffinger and as Miles is reading a letter from his nephew, Noah Hughes, to his wife, Evie overhears the suggestion to bring a load of women to Oregon Territory. Evie is engaged to James but one evening she finally sees the light and a different plan starts forming in her mind. She confronts Mr Coffinger first to see if he'd be willing to be a partner in a new restaurant in the Oregon Territory then she breaks off the engagement with James and soon finds herself, along with Miles and three other ladies on her way Oregon. The plan doesn't go as well as she planned, Miles didn't have the money she thought he did and now she finds herself owing a bank money and the owners of the lumber company are very unhappy when women show up. The women didn't know just how rough the wilderness would be and find themselves having to work harder than was bargained for, oh, and there are Indians too! I found this a peaceful smooth and fun book to read, I found myself chuckling in a few spots and just about had to brush away a couple of tears. Anytime I do that when reading I consider it a good story. I'm looking forward to the next book in the series, "Rainy Day Dreams", to come out in April.
janesquires More than 1 year ago
The beginning Seattle. An Adventure in logging, love and more. Evie feels she can leave Tennessee and start over. She travels with an employee who she has a partnership with to start a restaurant. Two other ladies are with them too. When she cannot get help from the loggers, it doesn't stop her from getting ladies to help her clear off lady for a restaurant. Love that part a lot. Turns out land belonged to Noah so she forms a partnership with him too. Noah can hardly believe his Uncle brought women to logging site. He is kept busy trying to keep the women out of the men's way so they will work. But turns out he finally has to allow women near men to get the work done on time. Just as Evie and Noah are about to start a relationship someone from her past shows up. It turns everything upside down. But love wins out eventually. I love how the Indians and white men worked together because often the Indians are portrayed in a poor light. I have Indian blood and was taught to be proud of it. Relationships have hard moments of truth sharing before marriage in many cases. Yet not all. Ethel and Cookee show how opposites can attract and find the strength in each other. I loved their lives. All the characters you will warm to and feel like you are there watching it all. Noah had been stung by a woman partner in the past so found it hard to believe Evie when she shared the truth. A beautiful story of the beginning of a town.
VicG More than 1 year ago
Lori Copeland and Virginia Smith in their new book, “A Bride For Noah” Book One in the Seattle Brides series published by Harvest House Publishers takes us into the life of Evie Lawrence. From the Back Cover:   In the shadow of the mountain It’s 1851, and Evie Lawrence is penniless and desperate for an adventure. When her employer announces his plan to move west and make his fortune, Evie jumps at the chance to start a new life. She says goodbye to the only home she’s ever known and sets out for the rugged Northwest.  She’ll build a restaurant in one of the new settlements, she decides. A restaurant in the wilderness?  Noah Hughes, a handsome young lumberjack, can hardly believe his ears.  Evie has no idea what she is getting into.  The last thing his logging camp needs is a woman!  And the last thing he’s looking for is a bride…so why can’t he get Evie out of his mind? In this first book of the Seattle Brides series, two people learn what it means to move beyond their expectations and embrace the very best God has for them. I love history and the authors have skillfully blended the founding of Seattle, Washington into this first book in this new series.  Evie is not coming out as a mail-order bride, she is coming out as a business person looking to start a new life out West.  I admire her.  Evie is a strong minded woman who knows what she wants and clashes with whomever seems to get in her way.  Noah is her male equivalent and the two seem to be adversaries all the time, yet Noah is beginning to melt to her.  Both Evie and Noah are wounded individuals in romance and it is going to take God to heal them before they can accept the present, embrace each other and embrace the future.  I enjoyed the characters in this book, the good guys are worth cheering for and the bad guys are, well, bad.   I enjoyed this book a lot and am looking forward to the next book in this series from this talented duo. Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book for free from Harvest House Publishers for this review.  I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”
BlueRidgeGal More than 1 year ago
A sparkling romance reminiscent of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers and Here Come the Brides, Virginia Smith and Lori Copeland’s A Bride for Noah combines a classic love story with an engaging historical setting.  Unhappy with her fiancé and suspecting his motives for proposing were purely financial, Evie Lawrence risks everything to leave Chattanooga and travel across the country to a rough, remote logging settlement in Northwestern Washington. With the help of her eccentric employer, Miles, who becomes her business partner and financier, Evie plans to start a restaurant. Loggers need to eat, right? And she knows how to cook. But then she meets Noah, Miles’s handsome nephew. Second in command of the camp, Noah regards Evie and her crew as an interruption to the work his men need to accomplish, and he seems to oppose Evie’s efforts at every turn. That’s bad enough. What’s worse is the almost irresistible attraction Evie feels towards Noah. Throw in a local tribe of Duwamish Indians, whose Chief Si’ahl ends up being the namesake for the new settlement, as well as a host of secrets, misunderstandings, and miscalculations, and the mix turns out to be a delightful read, as tasty as any of the connoctions that Evie might have served in her restaurant.
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Kristie Ingerto for Readers' Favorite Lori Copeland and Virginia Smith have started a series together and book one in their Seattle Brides series is A Bride for Noah. This is an excellent start to the series. Evie is desperate to start a new life and she decides to head out for Seattle with her employer; she is ready for adventure, and decides to start a restaurant. However, not everyone is as accepting of her plans and Evie discovers that there are more plans than just the ones that she has made, plans that are the very best for her as they are God’s plans.  A Bride for Noah is a must-read for historical fiction fans. These two authors make a great writing team as the story is fun to read and the time period, setting, and characters are brought to life. I fell in love with both Noah and Evie and enjoyed seeing their friendship and relationship develop and grow. It was also so enjoyable to be transported back in time and imagine living like Evie, a woman trying to make it on her own in an undeveloped area. Noah and Evie are both on different paths for their lives, at least that is what they think until they truly accept the plans and paths that God has for each of them. A Bride for Noah is an enjoyable story filled with great lessons for each and every reader.