A Climate of Desire: Reconsidering Sex, Christianity, and How We Respond to Climate Change

A Climate of Desire: Reconsidering Sex, Christianity, and How We Respond to Climate Change

by Eduardo Sasso


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Written for skeptics and believers alike, A Climate of Desire is an unconventional blend of the provocative ecological wisdom of the biblical writers with contemporary insights from sustainability experts and practitioners.
As we enter an increasingly agitated virtual age, and what many affirm is a new period of global warming, the way ahead demands rethinking and collaboration. It also calls us to reconsider our longings and desires.
Hence this book, bringing popular culture, faith, and science into dialogue. Filled with anecdotes, surprising flashbacks of history, and concrete and visionary possibilities for change, these pages will both challenge and inspire you to follow a forgotten path that's filled with hope for the decades to come.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781532655517
Publisher: Wipf & Stock Publishers
Publication date: 08/27/2018
Pages: 182
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.34(d)

About the Author

A business sustainability consultant with a focus on spiritual ecology, Eduardo Sasso is a committed contributor to the renewable economy. In 2015, he co-founded Earthkeepers, an emergent citizen group in Vancouver aiming to live within a Judeo-Christian vision of ecology, public love, and climate justice. He holds degrees in engineering, theology, and sustainability from the University of Costa Rica, Regent College, and the University of British Columbia, respectively. Today he works and lives in Montréal, traditional territory of the Iroquois First Nation in the Saint-Laurent River Watershed.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments ix

Opening Words 1

1 Sex & the Cities: A Tale of Five Voices 12

2 "Just Gimme the Facts": Ecological Vital Signs in a Snapshot 27

3 Babel, Babylonia, & California: An Ancient Story, Remixed 46

4 Climate Change & the Good News: A Glimpse into the Ecological Vision of the Scriptures 67

5 Giving to Caesar What is Gods?: Exploring Faithful Political Engagements 82

6 When the Climate Changed: Hope for Today 103

7 Becoming Earthkeepers: A Call for All of Us 119

Afterword 137

Annex: An Ongoing Experiment the Beginnings of a Concrete Response 139

Endnotes 149

About the Author 167

What People are Saying About This

From the Publisher

"This must be the first book that dares to weave together sex, Christianity, and climate change. But Sasso, a 'recovering engineer', shows how closely related they actually are. Provocative, readable, and sustained by robust reflection, it is hard to imagine how this book will not widen and deepen our vision for this world's future."

―Jeremy Begbie, Distinguished Professor, Duke University

"The moral call for climate action requires all of us to find a way of contributing. Weaving together compelling stories, science, biblical studies, and philosophy, Sasso eloquently lights sparks and connects dots that will help new people find their place in this global movement."

―Christine Boyle, Founder, Fossil Free Faith

“Wow. I’ve read a lot of books but none that combined the three things that have driven my life. I’m one of those Quakers who sees the essence of life as bigger than the Bible, a scientist who has been invited to help with resource management and climate change issues in about 30 countries on 5 continents and a University professor who is witnessing more faith in younger generations than those of us who helped create current challenges to life on this planet. This mind-expanding book combines all three, sometimes unnervingly but definitely in a worth-reading way.”

―Fred Bunnell, Professor Emeritus, University of British Columbia

"Sasso's book is a biblically inspired and scientifically literate presentation of the gospel of justice, creation care, and New Creation. Its message is the same as Pope Francis' Laudato Si, only in a youthful, more popular, and more apocalyptic Protestant voice. Recommended for both Christians and secularists alike."

―Herman Daly, Emeritus Professor, School of Public Policy, University of Maryland

“I've been searching for a book about climate change that is invitational, knowledgeable, theologically informed, engaging, and convincing. And now I've found one. Read this book and let it do its magic on you. It worked on me!"

―Tim Dickau, Chair of Justice and Mercy Network, Canadian Baptists of Western Canada

“Eduardo Sasso has given us his heart in this work. And, it is the heart of folks like him that can change the world we live in. It is my hope that Christians, especially in North America, will take his words to heart and live into the gospel of Jesus which demands our involvement in the healing of Mother Earth."

―Teresa Diewert, Community Organizer, Streams of Justice

“Although I have only met Eduardo a few times I have always been struck by his concern to integrate the varied callings, gifts and wide experiences that he has been given. His expertise as an engineer, his love of creation, and his theological training all come together to give us this personal and passionate book which I hope will find the readers it deserves, and inspire them equally to embrace a gospel for all creation, and for the whole of life."

―Peter Harris, President & Co-founder, A Rocha International

“Eduardo Sasso is a man of many talents, with a keen mind and passionate commitments. This is a highly original and creative synthesis of three topics not often discussed in the same breadth: sexuality, climate change, and Christianity. Sasso brings together a fascinating amalgam of facts, views and stories to propose a constructive way forward out of our present impasse. A Climate of Desire is a multi-disciplinary study written in a widely accessible way."

―Richard Higginson, Director Faith in Business, Ridley Hall, Cambridge

“Written in evocative and highly readable style, A Climate of Desire is an informative and up to date source regarding the pressing ecological issues of our times. Eduardo Sasso is a captivating storyteller who creatively addresses the challenge of ceasing to live carelessly ‘chopping down nature’s trunk, and instead live gratefully off the fruit of her branches.’ Enjoy the read. Even better, join the cause."

―Pierre Lebel, Director, North America Cities Leadership Circle, YWAM

"Usually engineers convince with arguments, but this engineer is a powerful poet capable of making sense of what is going on in the world today and walking us through it. Eduardo’s theology is sound, his research on climate change is factual. Please be advised as you pick up his book: once you start reading, you won’t be able to stop.”

―Norman Lévesque, Director, Green Churches Network

“Even for an avowed agnostic like myself, A Climate of Desire makes a compelling case we must draw upon all parts of the human experience―our minds, souls, and bodies―to meaningfully address the climate crisis."

―Asher Miller, Executive Director, Post-Carbon Institute

A Climate of Desire is a passionate call to attentiveness and to change. Read it only if you are willing to experience doubt and be unsettled! But read it, too, if you want help in imagining a different way of living in this world.”

―Iain Provan, Author of Convenient Myths and Seriously Dangerous Religion

“Having known Eduardo as a committed citizen around climate change, I’m excited to now see him bring his unique thinking and experience to bear on one of humanity's most pressing concerns. This book boldly seeks to create a unifying vision of care for the environment, inviting various communities to come together around the single issue of climate change. A Climate of Desire is an admirable project for an increasingly divided world, whose future absolutely depends on our reconciliation and collaboration."

―Shad, Alternative Hip Hop Artist

“Climate change is an existential threat to humanity. As such, technical fixes alone are inadequate―it requires a deep re-imagination of the true meaning of life. In his book, Eduardo elevates climate change to the level at which it needs to be addressed: humanity’s core purpose. His deft juxtaposition of science and religion help us see where solutions might lie. This book is a must-read for anyone who wants to explore these issues at their roots. You will see the world in new ways―and your role in it."

―Coro Strandberg, Associate, Canadian Business for Social Responsibility

"Sasso paints with big brushes on a large canvas, applying insights from philosophy, science, and history to some of the most important questions of today―from climate change and ecological destruction to gender equality and the role of faith. These are weighty (even controversial) subjects, but Sasso's skilful storytelling effortlessly weaves together facts and anecdotes, making this book a pleasure to read. So if you’re looking for real insights that arise at the nexus of disciplines and through the process of dialogue, here's a book that brings fresh thinking to the great dilemmas of humanity, faith, and ecology."

―Wayne Visser, Fellow, Institute for Sustainability Leadership, University of Cambridge

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