A Cowboy Never Quits: A Turn Around Ranch novel

A Cowboy Never Quits: A Turn Around Ranch novel

by Cindi Madsen

Paperback(Mass Market Paperback)

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These hardworking cowboys give everyone a second chance...

When single mom Jessica Cook is at the end of her rope, she takes her 16-year-old daughter to Turn Around Ranch. The ranch has a great reputation for teen therapy, and Jessica prays there's room there for her and Chloe.

Wade Dawson's first priority is to keep the ranch afloat to help teens and their families. But he can't seem to keep his boundaries when it comes to Jessica—she's talked her way into a job on the ranch so she can stay near her daughter and her tenacity and courage are truly impressive. Not to mention she's a natural beauty and sparks fly whenever he's in her vicinity.

But as one crisis after another befalls the ranch, Wade is going to have to decide whether he can afford to let a woman get under his skin...

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ISBN-13: 9781492689171
Publisher: Sourcebooks
Publication date: 12/31/2019
Series: Turn Around Ranch Series , #1
Pages: 384
Sales rank: 136,724
Product dimensions: 4.20(w) x 6.90(h) x 1.20(d)

About the Author

Cindi Madsen is a USA Today Bestselling author of contemporary romance and young adult novels. She sits at her computer every chance she gets, plotting, revising, and falling in love with her characters. Sometimes it makes her a crazy person. Without it, she'd be even crazier. She has way too many shoes, but can always find a reason to buy a new pretty pair, especially if they're sparkly, colorful, or super tall. She loves music, dancing, and wishes summer lasted all year long. She lives in Colorado (where summer is most definitely NOT all year long) with her husband and three children.

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A Cowboy Never Quits: A Turn Around Ranch novel 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 14 reviews.
Mags_louise 3 hours ago
4.25⭐ This was a wonderful, enjoyable story. That introduces readers to the Turn Around Ranch and single mum Jess, who at the end of her tether arrives with daughter Chloe desperate for help, but without a place, she manages to wrangle her way in claiming she can cook, filling a job that has been open for months. And what follows is an engaging, well composed, nicely paced story. That has a wonderful mixture of humour and sweetness. As well as a little heat, not to mention a lovely heartwarming quality. As issues are brought up and explored, and the relationship between mum and daughter mended. Furthermore, I really loved how well-rounded and varied all of these characters were, and I enjoyed the development of each friendship and romance. And the fact that Chloe too got a happily ever after was just super cute. As it helped make this story that much more delightful and rewarding to read, and I would happily recommend it to others. **I was kindly provided with an ARC via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review**
More_Than_A_Review 5 days ago
A Cowboy Never Quits is the first book in the Turn Around Ranch series by Cindi Madsen. Jessica is a single mom of a teenager that has gotten in trouble. Because Jessica had her own issues as a 16 year old, she is determined, desparate even to not let her daughter make the same mistakes. As a result, she takes her to Turn Around Ranch and begs the to take her daughter even though they do not have any openings. She is even willing to be the cook for the ranch to get her daughter in. Her time as the cook is hilarious which balances out the seriousness of watching your daughter learn from her mistakes. Great mom daughter relationship even though they are going through tough times. Wade is the oldest son and in charge of Turn Around Ranch. He is a rule follower and a true cowboy. I really like his character. He was a balance of hard worker who loved helping the teens and dealing with his feelings for Jessica. The author even gave us the point of view of Chloe which was very well done. As an adult you want to smack her in the beginning but seeing her point of view helped us to really love her and cheer for her. The secondary characters added depth to the story. When Jessica and the counselor tried to have a girls night their conversations had depth. And Aiden, he is so sweet, and watching him trying to do the right thing when his instincts want to do and say the wrong things. Sexual content – lots of chemistry, a few sexual references, and a couple physical scenes. The story is way deeper than just a romance. It is about a single mom trying to save her daughter from making the same mistakes she makes. How hard it is to watch someone make bad decisions. Drinking – she tried the moonshine, Language – there was one F word. And a few four letter words. I received this book from Netgalley. I was not required to write a positive review. You can see my full review at More Than a Review dot com where I rate the level of sex, violence, language and drug/alcohol use in books.
Anonymous 13 days ago
Thank you NetGalley and Source Books Casablanca for the advanced review copy. All thoughts and opinions are my own. This book was so good. I couldn’t put it down. Jessica and Wade have amazing chemistry. The romance is heartwarming. I hope there will be more stories with the other brothers. I will definitely be looking for more from this author, she knows to how create a sweet love story.
ljtljtljt 16 days ago
This book is about Jessica Cook, a single mom to a teenager that is beginning to head down the wrong path. Although Jessica is a young mom and barely finished high school, she is a smart cookie. She knows her daughter Chloe needs the kind of help that she is not qualified to provide. As a result, she takes leave from her data entry job, and travels two hours to the Turn Around Ranch, a mental health facility for teens. The Turn Around Ranch has an excellent reputation, and Jessica is extremely hopeful that she can get Chloe into their program. After some begging, she is able to grab Chloe a spot. In exchange, Jessica is the ranch's new cook. An odd occupation for someone who has almost no cooking experience, especially for large crowds. Jessica definitely has her work cut out for her, but getting Chloe on the right track is reason enough to fake her way through three square meals a day. Cowboy Wade Dawson and his family own the Turn Around Ranch. As the eldest Dawson, his many responsibilities leave him almost no time for a social life. In addition, he believed his former girlfriend was the one, until she decided that the life of a rural rancher was not her cup of tea. At the time, Wade was devastated, so now he prefers lots of hard work and helping the families that come to his ranch for assistance. Overtime, he realizes that Jessica is what has been missing from his life, and their casual flirting evolves into much more. I truly enjoyed A Cowboy Never Quits by Cindi Madsen. It has quite a few funny moments, especially as Jessica learns how to cook the most simplest of meals. The author's writing style is easy to understand, and the story flows effortlessly from beginning to end. The originality of the characters and their situations, immediately drew me into this well told story. When Jessica and Wade finally sleep together, they are super hot. This is the first book from the Turnaround Ranch series and it can be enjoyed as a standalone. Complimentary copy provided by the publisher via NetGalley.
Yodamom-P 16 days ago
Jessica is a young mother of a teenage daughter. She thinks her daughter is going down the wrong path, one she’s already been down. Jessica is a good mom and takes charge. She takes a job as a cook at a camp for troubled teens, that is known for turning them around. Unfortunately for the whole camp, she can’t cook at all. She tricked her way in, willing to bend the truth to save her daughter. Wade is the lead cowboy at the family run camp and he doesn’t trust her, his family hired her. Yes, he’s a hunk, a sweet sexy hunk in boots. Her exaggerations and his polite cowboy ways lead to a sweet fun romantic story. I laughed so hard imagining these characters eating Jessica’s food. I may have looked disturbed. Warning don’t read this in public. :D I just love Cindi Madsen’s characters, she always writes people I’d love to live next door to. I can’t help but care about them and that makes the story such a better experience. Bravo Ms. Madsen, you did it again for this reader.
Lori-Gonzo 17 days ago
I loved the story between Wade and Jessica, plus throw in a secondary story between Aiden and Chloe. To get a glimpse into all four characters' minds is a bonus. I do not think I have ever read a book with four POVs before, but it worked and was never confusing. The sheer determination of Jessica to help her daughter was admirable. She was my hero throughout this book and one I cheered for the whole time. I loved her prove them all wrong attitude, there is nothing I cannot do pride, and don't let them see you weak mentality. She has been fierce since having Chloe at 16 and I truly adored her character. Then there is Wade, who comes off a little rigid and harsh at first, but his softer side comes out and he is a huge teddy bear. They were such a fun couple to read, and I could picture each scene perfectly. I hope to read more of these characters and get glimpses of Wade, Jessica, Chloe, and Aiden in future books too. I received this book in exchange for an honest review from the publisher through Netgalley.
Tink4evr 17 days ago
This is a story about forgiveness and second chances. Jessica is willing to do anything to save her daughter Chloe from heartache. That includes becoming a cook on a ranch with no experience. Wade is a tough cowboy who likes to live by the rules. When Jess and her daughter arrives at the ranch he sees his life being turned inside out. He is outvoted by the members of his family and they get to stay. This is a multi level love story between Jess and Wade as well as between the teenagers Chloe and Aiden. Both relationships start out rocky, goes to friendship and then love. The story is filled with funny moments as well as heartfelt serious ones. It shows how one has to let go and trust as well as a family can be made up of all the people we choose to love.
ADonovan 17 days ago
Such a sweet book about second chances - from life and from going easier on yourself. Jess' teen daughter, Chloe, gets into trouble, and she gets them out of the city to Turn Around Ranch to try to get Chloe help. They both end up pushing their boundaries and discovering a lot about themselves and each other, all while learning about ranch life and a couple of cute cowboys. Wade and Jess start out bickering but develop incredible chemistry. The characters were lovable, the setting was beautiful, and the story backdrop of a ranch to help troubled teens was interesting. Another great book from Cindi, and I look forward to more of this series. I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
Laura_F 18 days ago
Turn Around Ranch is such an amazing place that I can't wait to visit again!! I loved how determined Jess was to help her daughter and was willing to do whatever it takes and make any sacrifice to make it happen. Wade, while seeming to just be gruff and unyielding, has the warmest heart and kindest spirit. I loved watching the kids get the help they all needed in this peaceful place. I'm definitely looking forward to coming back to Turn Around!!
LorenB 18 days ago
Cowboy romances are not my usual go-to stories, but I love Cindi Madsen’s books. This one is a story about more than cowboys and second chance romance, but there are plenty of second chances throughout. It is about cowboy Wade Dawson and his family, who run the Turn Around Ranch where kids are given a second chance, like Aiden, who became part of the Dawson family. It’s about single mom, Jessica Cook, and her relationship with her troubled teen, Chloe, who definitely needs a second chance. It’s truly a heartwarming story about family, friendships, discipline, learning to trust and earning trust, some intimate romance as well, and, of course, second chances. You will not be disappointed in this story. I read an ARC of A Cowboy Never Quits, and this review is my own and was written voluntarily.
pwall55 18 days ago
Cindi Madsen’s A Cowboy Never Quits has wit, grit and a huge heaping of heart. This is the first story of Turn Around Ranch Series. I am glad that I was able to start with the series from the very beginning. The introduction to the ranch is well blended with Jessica and her daughters arrived and perspective. Ms. Madsen is an author whose books I have enjoyed in the past. This time it in a ranch setting with a rural setting but still manages an urban feel thorough the teens that are at the therapy ranch. Also Jessica, main female character has much to learn especially in her new role there. That provided some funny but all too memorable for anyone learning to cook would understand. The romance between her and Wad are balanced with the ongoing struggles of the ranch. This is a winner with an appealing plot and great characters. I look forward more happenings and romances as teens are helped there at the Turn Around Ranch. An ARC of the book was given to me by the publisher through Net Galley which I voluntarily chose to read and reviewed. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
DebDiem 18 days ago
A Cowboy Never Quits is a fabulous western romance by Cindi Madsen. Ms. Madsen has given readers a well-written book. I love the characters in this story, they're awesome. Jessica's daughter has landed in trouble and she's determined to get her a place at Turn Around Ranch. So she takes the cook job at the ranch to secure her daughter a spot, the problem is, she can't cook. Wade runs the ranch but the family votes on important issues. Wade was outvoted. Jessica and Wade's story is packed with drama, humor, spice and is a fun read. I enjoyed reading this book and look forward to reading more from Cindi Madsen in the future. A Cowboy Never Quits is book 1 of the Turn Around Ranch Series but can be read as a standalone. This is a complete book, not a cliff-hanger. I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book that I received from NetGalley. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
lenorewastaken 18 days ago
4.5 stars — OK, this book turned into something much more than I was expecting. Which makes it sound like I had low expectations, but I didn’t…I always enjoy Ms. Madsen’s work. It was more just that I had no idea what to expect. Normally I’m not huge on more than 2 POVs, but I loved what the 4 brought to this story — at minimum we got two love stories, and that’s never a bad thing! This one totally won me over in characters. Which is not to say other bits weren’t great, but the characters were amazing. They were real, relatable, hilarious (at times), flawed, and just got to my heart. Jess was hella sassy and stubborn and she just made me want to adopt her (even though she was the adult mom). I loved how spunky and determined she was, and how much you could *feel* how much she loved her daughter and wanted what was best for her. I also felt like she was fairly realistic as someone who had a baby so young…you could see the way growing up that fast had its affect on her. And that’s where her flaws came out at times, but that just made her feel more real to me. She was a woman, doing the best she could without a support network…and so she still had some growing to do that got circumvented by motherhood. I really loved that. I was worried I wasn’t going to like gruff Wade, but wow did he turn that around on me. He may have been a stickler for rules, but we really got to see how that role weighed on him, and how he got to be that way in the first place. He was kind, hard working, tough, and hilarious in his own way. And the two of them together? OMGosh! The bickering and the push and pull followed by the most adorable flirting was just more than my little happy heart could take. They went through so much, and I think they really needed each other to push themselves to grow more. I love that in romances. The cowgirl thing was hilarious and sweet. And it wasn’t all sweetness, they had amazing steamy chemistry too! Chloe was actually a pretty realistic 15 year old…I was worried I wasn’t going to sympathize with her going to the “bad crowd”, but I got it. I loved seeing her work through the anxiety and panic attacks, and I didn’t even mind that she took so long, because, again, real. And OMG she was hilarious in her own way. I loved the mother/daughter relationship they had with one another. And Aiden was a sweetie. I loved seeing a different perspective of the teen camps. I almost wish we’d gotten a bit more from him, but I’m not entirely sure what. And then there was the secondary characters!! So many great ones! I loved seeing Jess form all these female friendships that she had been missing in her life, most especially with Liza. It made my heart happy. And the whole Dawson family was great, from their genuine care to their good-natured teasing. It was a feel good hit for me, though not without its tough subjects. I can’t wait to read more love stories in this series!
TerryL56 19 days ago
A laugh-out-loud romance! Wade's family owns the Turn Around Ranch that helps troubled teens and Wade has to be the strict one as everyone else in his family has a soft heart. Jessica was 16, pregnant and on her own and even though she had very little money, her and her daughter Chloe were happy. But now that Chloe is 15, she has fallen in with the wrong crowd and got herself in trouble with the law. Jess doesn't want Chloe to have the hard life she has had, so she takes Chloe to the Turn Around Ranch so they can help her daughter. Jess has to talk her daughter's admittance into the ranch (as they are full at the moment), by agreeing to be the cook that the ranch so desperately needs. The only trouble is ... Jess kinda fudged her resume and she doesn't really know how to cook! But really ... how hard could it be cooking breakfast and supper for 30 people everyday? I loved this book ... there were times I was laughing so hard there were tears running down my face. The antics that Jess got herself into were hilarious. And then there's Wade ... who wouldn't love a tall, dark and handsome cowboy? When Jess got stuck with her car and she had food in the truck and Wade came to help to out ... OMG I was loosing it! I also enjoyed the side romance of Chloe and Aiden ... and I hope they get their own book! This is a great start to a new series and I highly recommend it! I received an early copy courtesy of Sourcebooks Casablanca through NetGalley in exchange for a honest review.