A Killer's Alibi

A Killer's Alibi

by William L. Myers Jr.


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For attorney Mick McFarland, the evidence is damning. And so are the family secrets in this twisty legal thriller from the Amazon Charts bestselling author of A Criminal Defense.

When crime lord Jimmy Nunzio is caught, knife in hand, over the body of his daughter’s lover and his own archenemy, he turns to Mick McFarland to take up his defense. Usually the courtroom puppeteer, McFarland quickly finds himself at the end of Nunzio’s strings. Struggling to find grounds for a not-guilty verdict on behalf of a well-known killer, Mick is hamstrung by Nunzio’s refusal to tell him what really happened.

On the other side of the law, Mick’s wife, Piper, is working to free Darlene Dowd, a young woman sentenced to life in prison for her abusive father’s violent death. But the jury that convicted Darlene heard only part of the truth, and Piper will do anything to reveal the rest and prove Darlene’s innocence.

As Mick finds himself in the middle of a mob war, Piper delves deeper into Darlene’s past. Both will discover dark secrets that link these fathers and daughters—some that protect, some that destroy, and some that can’t stay hidden forever. No matter the risk.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781503903333
Publisher: Amazon Publishing
Publication date: 02/19/2019
Series: Philadelphia Legal Series
Pages: 430
Sales rank: 266,228
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.10(h) x 1.40(d)

About the Author

William L. Myers, Jr., is the author of the bestselling Philadelphia Legal series, which includes the #1 Kindle bestseller A Criminal Defense, An Engineered Injustice, and A Killer’s Alibi. A Philadelphia lawyer with thirty years of trial experience in state and federal courts up and down the East Coast, Myers has argued before the United States Supreme Court and still actively practices law. Myers was born into a proud working-class family; graduated from the University of Pennsylvania School of Law; and now lives with his wife, Lisa, in the western suburbs of Philadelphia.

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A Killer's Alibi 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Cutiefulpink 7 months ago
www.amysbooketlist.blogspot.com It’s important for me to point out that I didn’t read the first two books of this series. So, I can’t really talk about the series as a whole or how this book would have felt with the full knowledge of previous events. Having said that, I wish the author had put a little more detail into recaps of previous events. I felt like the other books were alluded to or mentioned, but not summarized in a way that I felt fully connected to. Otherwise, this was a very enjoyable and engaging read. I’m a big fan of James Patterson, and I felt like this was a step beyond that. There was more to the legal terminology, but also, the characters were more fully developed with integral backstories and real emotions. I never felt like I knew what was going to happen or who was going to do it. It’s hard to surprise me anymore, but honestly, I was so caught up in the events as they happened and the characters that they were happening to, that I forgot to wonder about the bigger questions: who done it and why? And honestly, isn’t that why we read? To get so caught up in another world that we forget to think? Just let it go and let someone else do the thinking for a little while? On the technical side, the tone of the book fit perfectly with the story. Sometimes sentimental, sometimes biting, always entertaining, I will definitely be reading the first two in this series and all of the books that come next. * Special thanks to William L. Myers, Jr., Thomas & Mercer, and TLC Book Tours for providing a copy of A Killer’s Alibi in exchange for an honest review.
literarybelle 8 months ago
Wow! This book is a wonderful legal thriller. Jimmy Nunzio is the head of the crime family in Philadelphia. When he is found with a knife in his hands less than ten feet away from the son of the New York crime boss's son, he is immediately arrested. Now Mick McFarland is representing Nunzio and must somehow prove that Nunzio should be released. Mick's wife is dealing with her own legal struggle. Piper is representing Darlene Dowd, who was imprisoned for allegedly killing her abusive father. Piper and her partner Susan now must find a way to prove Dowd did not do it, and try to find out who did. This book is beautifully written and very intriguing to read. I highly recommend checking it out.
brf1948 10 months ago
A Killer's Alibi is the third in a series of Philadelphia Legal thrillers by Wm L. Myers, Jr., but completely stand alone. I was excited to see this story line continue. The protagonists who shine in this legal battle are Mick and his brother Tommy McFarland, the firms investigator, but the whole crew are in and out of the story. And a fine story it is - there are clashes and the promise of war between organized crime families Nunzio, with an established and settled business set-up, and Valiante, the new guys on the block, looking to take over the meth and heroin needs in Philadelphia's Southie district. Oh, and the Nunzio daughter is in a relationship with the Valiante son. Messy. Meanwhile, Mick's wife Piper and fellow lawyer Susan Klein are working an Innocence Case through the firm. Darlene Dowd has served 15 years for the murder of her abusive father, but there is new information pointing to her possible innocence, as well as mishandling of information at the time of the crime that will perhaps qualify her for a new trial. So sad. William L. Myers is an author I watch for. He always brings an interesting, fast paced story that intrigues. I received a free electronic copy of this novel from Netgalley, William L. Myers, Jr. and Thomas & Mercer in exchange for an honest review. Thank you all for sharing your hard work with me.
VWilliams 10 months ago
Protagonist (attorney) Mick McFarland has been recruited to mount the defense for crime lord James (Nutzo) Nunzio when he is discovered at the scene of the vicious murder of an opposing "family" member. In a dual plot, Mick's wife Piper is involved with the Innocence Project and takes on the case of a sexually abused daughter possibly wrongly convicted for the murder of her heinous father (who may have deserved what he got, but still, the law is the law). Piper enlists the help of Mick's associate Susan. Myers has crafted his characters with painstaking detail, honing in on the disturbing personality quirks that a powerful mob boss might possibly exhibit. Menacing when he wants to be. But Mick is given very little to work with and is frustrated by a lack of information. In the meantime, Piper works diligently to find the missing pieces in her Innocence case and excited when she feels she is getting all the pieces to a very old puzzle. I greatly enjoyed the way the author weaves the two plots in and out of each other in synchronous timing. Piper's case appears settled about the time Mick goes to court with Jimmy. Courtroom dialogue is riveting, hanging on to volleys only to have them backfire with Mick's hidden thoughts about their success or failure. The drama gathers speed as it nears conclusion with red herrings blown in and little twists that have you scratching your head. But that "gotcha!" at the end? You did NOT see that coming! I'm a big fan of thriller and suspense novels. Add legal and crime to the mix and I'm a very happy camper! Yes! The third book in this series, my second (I also read and enjoyed An Engineered Injustice) and I'm a solid Myers fan looking forward to the next in the series. I was allowed this ebook download by the publisher and NetGalley and greatly enjoyed the opportunity to read and review.
Honolulubelle 10 months ago
Favorite Quotes: If you’re suggesting he agree to be conscripted into witness protection, I just don’t see Jimmy Nunzio letting you move him to Iowa to sell fire insurance. I don’t need to spend any time thinking about him. He does enough thinking about himself for all of us. I never met people who could talk so much without saying anything. It felt like they were blowing words into the air to fill up the space between us. Mick can tell he’s having a good time dragging out the tale. “I feel like a marlin,” Mick says. “You’re pulling me in, letting me out, pulling me in.” He couldn’t incite the Philadelphia jury any more skillfully than if he flashed pictures of Nunzio urinating on the Rocky statue. My Review: A Killer’s Alibi was an active and compelling read with a near constant series of surprising twists and turns before culminating into an ending I never saw coming. It was ingenious, devilishly clever, and tautly written. This was my first exposure to the talented word skills of William L. Myers, Jr. and I was awed by his devious plotting and compelling storytelling. The complex storylines were maddeningly paced, skillfully crafted, and involved two separate investigations and trials employing the same law firm, each with myriad conundrums and laced with tetchy witnesses who seemed incapable of giving a straight answer. I devised and cast off a notebook full of theories but would never have arrived at the final conclusion. It was stellar.