A Member of the Family: The Ultimate Guide to Living with a Happy, Healthy Dog

A Member of the Family: The Ultimate Guide to Living with a Happy, Healthy Dog

by Cesar Millan


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A Member of the Family: The Ultimate Guide to Living with a Happy, Healthy Dog by Cesar Millan

From the #1 New York Times bestselling author of Cesar’s Way and Be the Pack Leader comes the ultimate guide for living together with a healthy, happy dog. In A Member of the Family, Cesar Millan coaches you on everything you need to know about raising a dog–from the moment you first think about getting a dog–including information on:

• Selecting the right breed for your family’s lifestyle
• Establishing–and enforcing–household rules from day one
• What to look for in a veterinarian
• Proper nutrition
• Familiarizing a dog with another pet in the family
• Setting up exercise, discipline, and affection plans for your family and your dog
• Introducing your dog to a new significant other or baby

Packed with practical tips and techniques–plus advice from the unique perspectives of Cesar’s wife and sons–A Member of the Family addresses the most common issues and questions for dog owners.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780307409034
Publisher: Crown/Archetype
Publication date: 09/15/2009
Edition description: Reprint
Pages: 328
Sales rank: 791,587
Product dimensions: 5.20(w) x 7.98(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Founder of the Dog Psychology Center in Los Angeles, CESAR MILLAN is the star of Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan on the National Geographic Channel. In addition to his educational seminars and work with unstable dogs, he and his wife have founded the Cesar and Ilusion Millan Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing financial support and rehabilitation expertise to shelters. A native of Culican, Mexico, Cesar lives in Los Angeles with his wife and their two sons, Andre and Calvin.

MELISSA JO PELTIER, an executive producer and writer of Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan, has been honored for her film and television writing and directing with an Emmy, a Peabody, and more than fifty other awards. She lives in Nyack, New York, with her husband, writer-director John Gray, and stepdaughter, Caitlin.


Los Angeles, CA

Date of Birth:


Place of Birth:

Culiacan, Mexico

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments ix Introduction xiii Chapter 1 A Match Made in Heaven: Determining the Right Dog for You and Your Family 1 Chapter 2 Gimme Shelter: Navigating Shelters, Rescue Organizations, and Breeders 31 Chapter 3 The Homecoming: Welcoming Your New Dog into the Family 51 Chapter 4 Raising the Perfect Pup: Puppies 101 77 Chapter 5 Rules of the House: Providing Rules, Boundaries, and Limitations 117 Chapter 6 Away from it All: Traveling with and Without Your Dog 139 Chapter 7 An Ounce of Prevention: The Basics of Health Care for Your Dog 155 Chapter 8 Dogs and the Family Life Cycle: Helping Your Dog Survive the Ups and Downs of Family Life 193 Chapter 9 Ms. Pack Leader: Women and the Power of the Pack, from Ilusion Wilson Millan 245 Chapter 10 Pack Leaders-The Next Generation: A Kid's Perspective, from Andre and Calvin Millan 257 Chapter 11 Moving on and Letting Go: How to Say Good-bye to Your Best Friend 269 Resources and Further Reading 281 Notes 289 Illustration Credits 293 Index 294

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A Member of the Family: Cesar Millan's Guide to a Lifetime of Fulfillment with Your Dog 4.1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 53 reviews.
VSimpson More than 1 year ago
A Member of the Family is a wonderful book for family's, shelters, people who adopt dogs from shelters and all around dog lovers who want a better relationship with their dog.

The information Cesar provides for adopting a dog from a shelter is absolutely crucial in my opinion. So many times we fall for the sad faces we see and don't consider whether the dog we pick will be the right dog. In this book you will find a guidline for "picking out a dog" from a shelter. A couple of suggestions were these: Ask the shelter owners if you can take the dog for a walk and ask the shelter owner if you can bring your dog in to see if they would be compatible with the dog you choose. These are just two suggestions of many that are very helpful.

Other parts of the book that are written by Cesar's wife Ilusion and his son's Calvin and Andre are not only very informative but heart warming as well. Ilusion is very honest about her relationship with Cesar. I think all women can relate to Ilusion when she speaks of "women giving their power away". I truly respect Ilusion's willingness to share the ups and downs of her relationship with Cesar. The best part? Cesar changed 180 degrees to save his marriage and family.

Calvin and Andre share their experience growing up with Cesar and his dogs. They are both so deliteful and down to earth. Calvin and Andre both have a very good message to carry about dogs and kids. Everyone in the family will relate to this book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
We bought this book in preparation to getting a dog and found it to be extremely useful and helpful. So helpful that we are reconsidering which type/breed of dog now best suits our family and are now taking our time before choosing our family dog.
Indiana_Rich More than 1 year ago
Cesar's and Melissa Jo's third collaboration is a continuation from their two previous books: "Cesar Way" and "Be A Pack Leader".

This book differs through its insight in developing the family life, its importance in having a family plan, the fundamental theory and philosophies regarding dog canine psychology, being a Pack Leader, owing a dog, and human-canine behavioral problems. Cesar clearly demonstrates how our dogs influence everyday family interactions in both positive and negative ways, and how to determine the human condition to positively show how we are as humans the "Pack Leaders". Hence, a happy dog results in a much more pleasant and rewarding family plan.

Some specific chapters were denoted by Ilusion, Cesar's beloved wife, on encouraging women to recognize the role as pack leaders. She also speaks to the issues of how important the children play the pack leader role and how fostering this leadership develops much more of the "self" and enables the "calm & assertive" mind set. What a notion; children understanding, developing and implementing calm and assertive behavior. If all you get out of this book is helping your children know more about themselves... then what a reward and treasure you have found.

I highly recommend reading and using this book within your family home evening activities. The content is rich in substance which easily transmits awareness, how to info and still finds time to bring a tear of emotion.
For those who doubt by thinking Cesar's Way is but a mere moment in time not suitable for a degree nor acceptable to their niche, I can assure you that my children as well as everyone who will listen and learn Cesar's Way are far better in knowing dog psychology than in any other dog training method I have ever experienced.
Thanks Cesar, Ilusion, Melissa Jo, Andre, Calvin, Daddy and all those whose bring these valuable insights to all of us...
see bHipIndy.com
GWPLady More than 1 year ago
Cesar's new book is a must read and must have for dog owners. The section on puppies, with charts, schedules, and comprehensive info will allow the new puppy owner to do it "right" from the start!

What I loved was the emphasis on adoption. As we are an adoption agency, we have recommended the book to all new adopters, supplied it s part of our adoption packet, to insure a successful adoption.

We highly recommend this book to enhance the bonding of the family, and to that of their new family Member.

An easy read, very hard to put down! A wonderful gift idea for the dog lovers in your life, along with those adopting or researching adoption. Definitely a must read!
CathyMarie More than 1 year ago
I loved this book. Although I have been a dog owner most of my 50-some years, I learned so much about dog psychology, dog behavior, and my role in how to assimilate a dog into my family, whether I already have a dog or not. The book is easy to read and I loved that members of Cesar's family also contributed their words of encouragement and stories about being part of a healthy family that includes -- what else! -- dogs.

I highly recommend that anyone who loves dogs and wants them as part of their everyday lives get and read this book.
DotsSpot More than 1 year ago
I have read Cesar's other books, watch his TV show and have applied his suggestions to my own poochie. In this book, it was most enjoyable to get to know him better as well as his family. Very informative and quite entertaining. This would be a good "introductory" book to anyone who is not familiar with Cesar Milan and his excellent dog training methods.
SuzieCD More than 1 year ago
I have so very much enjoyed reading this book - once again a superby informative book and one for all the family from Cesar and his family too. A new book I know I will read over again as I found this a very inspirational read and for sure a book I shall use as reference to help others as well. An absolute "must have" in my opinion for anyone with a dog or dogs including one person one dog! Cesar knows how to explain his unique insight to new and experienced dog owners in a way that is encouraging and that we can understand. This book is helping me now - I do not have a new dog but I have 13 dogs and I find that to follow Cesar's way in this book as he so brilliantly describes is critical in helping me live with my dogs - I begin again as if they were indeed new dogs to my pack to help them become more balanced, fulfilled members of my family - so to all with existing dogs I think the book absolutely helps us greatly and in many ways I had never thought of until reading this book. I truly love the inspirational success stories. I think this book gets the balance just right for new and existing owners - well done a great read and one for me to reference much in my work with dogs too. I feel like Cesar is with me in my family when I read this book, as if he has written if for me, and I am in the UK! This read is an inspirational experience and enjoyable journey from the very gifted Cesar - providing a holistic understanding in how to have a dog or many dogs as members of the family.
Linda-2008 More than 1 year ago
This book, the third by Millan and Peltier, is a perfect, hands on guide to responsible dog ownership for the entire family.

It's a step-by-step, easy to read, wealth of information, that not only will benefit every dog owner, but also every family!

From selecting the "right" dog for you, matching your families energy with the pet you THINK you want, to proper leadership for your pet (and how it CAN affect your entire family) to saying goodbye...this book covers it all.

A very heart-warming chapter by Ilusion Millan, regarding the women's role in a dog lover's family, and insightful information on how to guide your children in being responsible pack leaders and pet owners.

One of the best yet, Cesar Millan's A Member of the Family continues to bring inspiration to the animal welfare industry and pet owners alike, creating a world that is kind, humane and shared beteween animals and mankind.
Shawna_and_her_pack More than 1 year ago
Cesar Millan¿s latest book, ¿A Member of the Family¿ surpassed even my expectations by leaps and bounds, and I was thrilled with the first two books! This book is a must for anyone and everyone who cares about dogs, whether you actually own one or not. Not only does it discuss in detail the different ways one can go about finding a new dog, from shelters to rescues to reputable breeders, but Cesar also goes on to explain in depth how to evaluate your new canine friend to ensure that you have a match for you and your family that will last a lifetime. A Member of the Family (as well as Cesar¿s first two books, Cesar¿s Way and Be the Pack Leader), is different from other training and even dog psychology books, because Cesar has many unique and thoughtful insights to share with his readers, based on his professional expertise as well as his distinctive personal experiences. He doesn¿t simply advocate one method as so many authors do; he incorporates many perspectives and methods and shares how a person¿s energy is his or her greatest tool. He covers crucial topics for dog owners to understand, such as how to set the rules, boundaries, and limitations that are right for your family, how to enforce those rules to avoid any confusion for the dog, and even how to bring every family member on board to create the strong, unified pack that a dog so desperately needs! I love how Cesar touches on the complex facets of family living and the common problems and questions that dog owners have, such as travelling with your dog, introducing your dog to a new baby, dealing with older children who leave home, and handling break-ups/divorce with your dog. The information in ¿A Member of the Family¿ is priceless, and I highly recommend it¿would also make a thoughtful Christmas gift for your dog-loving friends and family!
apacapacas More than 1 year ago
This has got to be the best of Cesar's three books! It's informative, entertaining, charming, and comprehensive. It covers everything from the day you bring your new dog home to the day he leaves you. You want to know how to house train your dog? Read this book! You want to know how to get your dog to walk nicely on a leash? Read this book! Cesar's wife, Ilusion, and their two sons, Andre and Calvin, each wrote a chapter in the book talking about how Cesar's philosophy has permeated their lives: calm, assertive (but not aggressive), and balanced, with rules, boundaries, and limitations, patience, persistence, and practice, and above all, exercise!

It's a dog owner's dream come true as far as how to make your dog, your family, and your friends happy! I heartily recommend it, along with Cesar's previous two books "Cesar's Way" and "Be The Pack Leader" for anyone and everyone who wants or has a dog of any breed or size!
dogloverjv More than 1 year ago
I think this one may be my favorite! This book discusses everything from your energy to preparing for a visit to the vet to adoption and choosing the right dog. There is also a chapter on saying good-bye. Cesar's wife Ilusion and the boys Andre and Calvin each have a chapter in the book as well. This is definately one NOT to miss. It's an important book for the whole family. I think whether or not you have a dog, Cesar's books can have a positive effect on your life. I definitely recommend it!!
Renee_Lenihan-32paws More than 1 year ago
I thoroughly enjoyed Cesar Millan¿s first two books, ¿Cesar¿s Way¿, and ¿Be the Pack Leader¿. In turn, I highly recommend his new book ¿A Member of the Family¿ for any person or family that has a dog or is considering getting one in the future.

¿A Member of the Family¿ covers all aspects of dog ownership. It begins by exploring the energy level of your family¿s lifestyle in order to match it with a dog of the same or lower energy. The book continues with options of where to adopt a dog & how to properly introduce your dog to your home. It even includes chapters covering topics such as health care for your pet and what to do when you are traveling. There is a touching chapter on how to deal with the death of your beloved pet.

It was especially interesting to read the portions of the book written by Cesar¿s family. There is a chapter from his wife Illusion, and a chapter from his two sons, Andre & Calvin. I enjoyed learning the family¿s thoughts on how their balanced approach with dogs has enriched their pet¿s and their own lives.

Our dogs are TRULY ¿A Member of the Family¿!
Pack_Leader_JZ More than 1 year ago
Cesar does it again! Just when I think I have learned it all, I am refreshed by another great book by Cesar.

Thanks for another great book!
mommashows More than 1 year ago
Cesar Millan has done it again. This book gives step by step information on how to deal with your dog from the day you bring it home right up to how to deal with the sadness of the end of the dog's life.

This book is inspirational and Cesar Millan shares many of his personal life experiences. A very real down to earth day to day guide as to how to live life to the fullest with your dog.

This is an excellent book for people thinking about getting a dog to read BEFORE they get the dog.

It is also extremely beneficial to experienced dog owners. Lots of new insights that could be overlooked.

Cesar Millan understands dogs from the dog's perspective and shares this understanding in a very easy to understand way.

Excellent value for the money. I highly recommend this book to anyone who owns a dog or is thinking about getting a dog.
Jackolan More than 1 year ago
Cesar Millan's latest book, A Member of the Family, integrates his philosophies and methods as shown on his television program, Dog Whisperer (National Geographic Channel)into one comprehensive reader's tool for making your dog a part of your household. With his usual wit and charm, Cesar covers everything from choosing a puppy to match your family's needs and lifestyle to learning how to say goodbye to an old friend who is ready to face the end of life's journey. What makes this book a true "family" oriented guide for dog-raising are the chapters by Cesar's wife Illusion and his sons Calvin and Andre. Each family member brings a unique perspective to their role in the family and how that affects their dog or dogs.
As in his previous books, Cesar's Way and Be the Pack Leader, Cesar includes stories about dogs he has worked with or whose owners have put his methods into use.
The chapter on letting go of your dog when he reaches the end of his life is even more poignant because this is a personal struggle for Cesar. His pit bull Daddy, who has accompanied him on many of his visits to his clients, is now 14 years old and is in his sunset years. There is a distinct feeling in this chapter that Cesar has written it as much for himself as for his readers.
If you are a dog lover, a dog owner or simply someone who is interested in seeing for yourself just what Cesar Millan is all about, you will find this a perfect book. It will help you take living with your dog to a whole new level, one that includes respect for you and your family as people and as a pack as well as respect for your dog as much more than a fur-covered human -- as a dog!
Pack-leader More than 1 year ago
The latest book from Cesar goes into more depth than the others. Specific step by step ideas on working with your dog. Lots of info on what Cesar does with dogs at his own home. Even if you watch his shows like I do you will learn a lot from this book. This book will help you improve your relationship with your dog if it has serious problems or even if it is already nearly perfect. Such good common sense ideas and tips! Very good!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
It is amazing just how much information is crammed into this book! It starts with how to choose your dog/puppy and covers everything you could imagine wanting to know about raising him/her! Cesar's wife, Ilusion, has a chapter talking about pack leadership from a woman's perspective. Andre and Calvin (Cesar's sons) also have a chapter talking about what they have learned from their father. It ends with the sad reality of one day having to say goodbye to our beloved family members. I especially like the index that makes it easy to find advice on specific issues you may be dealing with.
Marora More than 1 year ago
A Member of the Family is a book I recommend to bring a new four legged member of th family home. It covers how to pick out the new family member,setting boundaries and rules,traveling,and more,to saying good-bye to your best friend. I recommend this Great book to anyone getting a new four legged member of their family,a good book to help a family.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I am a loyal watcher of the show but trying to take notes to remember is way too hard! Thank you Cesar for writing them down for me! This is a great book and reference to be used. Innovation and practical for a
happy dog member of the family. Cesar continues his incredible methods in this book. Everyone who is serious about training their dog needs
to read this book. 5 star for sure!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Cesar Millan has once again come up with an even more comprehensive guide to incorporating the canine into a full family member. A guide to ownership that really spells it out plainly. Enhancing the human/canine relationship, addressing the problems of integrating new dogs into an already existing pack, and a guide for fulfilling everyone int he family!
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book goes great with Cesar's leadership DVD's 'Your New Dog, from the First Day and Beyond' on finding and bringing home the perfect dog or your lifestyle, and the New 'Sit, Stay the Cesar's Way' (Out Nov 1). THIS book talks about 'HOW' a person can take a family whose members may cancel out any training or behavior patterns that even a experienced dog owner may be putting in place, by countering traning and behavior rules by sending mixed messages to the dog for good and bad behavor. From puppydom to Senior Dogs, this books explains how to meet the dogs that you are considering for the first time, explores how to chose breed to fit your lifestyle and energy, and has whole chapters devoted to natural dog health decisions, the woman's point of view of working with Cesar's way. Ilusion Millan has her own Chapter, and so do their two boys who talk about how they have worked with using Cesar's way successfully. Ilusion's Chapter, is one of my favorites. She shares how she learned to work with energy and where and how she gave away her power - whether in human/dog relationships OR human/human relationships. My second favorite chapter, is the one talking about our meeting the Passing of our Beloved dogsin healthier and effective ways. This chapter also shows how we an make better decisions which can significantly help to prolong our dog's lives including explaining what he feels helped ` Cesar's beloved 14 year old pitbull ~Daddy survivw Cancer! He has suggestions to help the whole family meet their dog's end in ways that both heal and empower the whole family and the other dogs who are left behind! As usual with his books, the index is outstanding to find any piece of information in there you read but cant remember where it is in the book. I have used it twice already to tell others where to find key points and listed am starting now to go through the resources at the end of the book to have more choices and support - especially for the Healthy Dog chapter! For me, this will be a great holiday present because of how it can help famlies come together to prevent problems with their dogs, which contribute to so many decisions to give up and take their dogs to shelters for someone else to deal with or be destroyed! THIS book talks about the 'HOW' one can take a family who may cancel out any training or behavior patterns that the experienced dog owner may be putting in place, with mixed messages of how they treat their dog. rom puppydom to Senior Dogs,how to meet the og for the first time, how to chose breed to fit your lifestyle and energy, with whole chapters devoted to natural dog health decisions, the woman's point of view of working with Cesar's way 'Ilusion Millan has her own Chapter, as well as their two boys talking about how they have worked with Cesar's way. Ilusion's Chapter is one of my favorites as she shares how she learned to work with energy and where and how she gives away her power - whether in human/dog relatonships OR human/human relationships. My second favorite chapter is the one talking about the Passing of our beloved animals and ways to not only help to prolong their life 'Daddy survived Cancer!' but to meet the end with the whole amily and dogs that are left behind! As usual with his books, the index is outstanding to find any piece of information in there you read but cant remember where 'I have used it twice already' and I am starting now to go through the resources at the end to help have more places to go or help and support - especially for the Healthy Dog section!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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Anonymous More than 1 year ago