A Place at Our Table

A Place at Our Table

by Amy Clipston


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A Place at Our Table by Amy Clipston

Kayla Dienner has suffered her fair share of heartache, which is why she vows to protect her heart at all costs . . . until she meets Jamie Riehl.

Along with his volunteer work at the local fire department, running his Amish farm keeps Jamie Riehl busy. He barely has time to eat at the family table, never mind find someone to date. But when he meets Kayla Dienner, he is smitten.

Kayla tries hard to deny her attraction to Jamie. After all, she’s spent the last year discouraging her younger brother, Nathan, from becoming a firefighter. The death of their older brother in a fire a year ago is fresh in her mind—she can’t bear the idea of putting her heart on the line every time the sirens blare.

Then tragedy strikes, and Jamie wants to extinguish any flame between him and Kayla. Can Kayla set aside her own fears to save the love she was determined to deny?

The first book in the Amish Homestead series, A Place at Our Table invites us to a quiet community in Lancaster County where love burns brightly no matter the cost.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780310349013
Publisher: Zondervan
Publication date: 11/14/2017
Series: An Amish Homestead Novel
Pages: 336
Sales rank: 111,536
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 1.25(h) x 9.00(d)

About the Author

Amy Clipston is the award-winning and bestselling author of the Kauffman Amish Bakery, Hearts of Lancaster Grand Hotel, Amish Heirloom, and Amish Homestead series. Her novels have hit multiple bestseller lists including CBD, CBA, and ECPA. Amy holds a degree in communication from Virginia Wesleyan College and works full-time for the City of Charlotte, NC. Amy lives in North Carolina with her husband, two sons, and three spoiled rotten cats. Visit her online at AmyClipston.com; Facebook: AmyClipstonBooks; Twitter: @AmyClipston.

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A Place at Our Table 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 31 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I just reread this book. Something i have never done and it was just as good the second time.
Anonymous 6 months ago
Very nice read
DKStevens119 5 months ago
I liked the family togetherness and the interesting happenings that always seemed to be going on. I liked reading and wondering if there would be a place at the table for Jamie with Kayla. Watch how love burns brightly no matter the cost! I was gifted a copy through NetGalley, my review was not required and is voluntary.
GratefulGrandma 5 months ago
Jamie Riehl is a Firefighter in an Amish Community in Lancaster County. He is attending a barn fire on the property of the Dienner when he has to rescue the youngest child, Nathan. He meets Kayla, Nathan's sister and something clicks, that is until Jamie encourages Nathan to sign up for firefighter training. Simeon, Kayla's older brother was killed in a firefighting accident and they are still getting over it. Kayla just can't allow her heart and her family to go through anymore heartache. What if she were to lose another brother to a fire as well? What if she lets Jaimie into her heart and he is killed? She is not able to resist Jamie and she becomes more attached to him as the story progresses. The romance between Kayla and jamie seems to on again off again throughout the book. When a situation occurs that rocks Jamie's world, he is not sure if he will ever have time to devote to a girlfriend. I really liked Jamie and Kayla and my heart went out to both of them. Kayla did aggravate me at times, not willing to give Jamie the benefit of the doubt, but then again, she was dealing with her past situations as well. As Jamie dealt with his guilt by working himself ragged at both the farm and firehouse, I wanted to give him a hug and a slap at the same time. It was nice to see how these two families became entwined in each other's lives so quickly, just like you would expect in a small community. I enjoyed this story and look forward to the next one in this series. This is the first book I have read by Amy Clipston and it seems that her previous books are even better than this one based on reviews. It looks like I may have found another wonderful author to follow. Thanks to Zondervan who generously provided me with a copy of this book to read.
RGNHALL More than 1 year ago
Amy Clipston, as usual, has done extensive research into the Amish faith and firefighters among the Amish and the Englisch for this first book in the Amish Homestead series. After reading this first book, I am eager to read the remaining books in series. The book begins with action and thrill as the firefighters receive a call to a fire in an Amish barn . There are animals and people to rescue and care for. Past trauma for Kayla as she lost her brother in a fire cause her to resist her attraction to Jamie because he's a firefighter too. Further developments for Jamie will put their relationship to the test. Readers will be anxious to read and find out if Kayla and Jamie can move past their pain and grief to a relationship together or will they turn to others for their future partners? The Amish place great value in family and the thought of sitting around the kitchen table figure heavily into the Amish home. Is there a place at the table for Jamie? for Kayla? I am rating this book 5 ***** stars. I highly recommend it to both adult and teenage readers. I received an ebook of this selection from netgalley and Zondervan in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are my own. I was not required to post a positive review.
mrskbookstogo More than 1 year ago
Even though Kayla is in a season of protecting her heart, there is one man that has entered her life and softened her resolve. Just when Kayla realizes that this man, in whom she knows is too painful of a reminder about her brother's death, begins to soften her heart, Jamie begins hurting her with past shadows of distrust. Will she "see beyond" those shadows and receive her blessing of a life shared with a man chosen by God or will she block her future because those shadows are hovering too closely to her heart. Jamie Riehl convinced that there is no room in his life for a girlfriend, for romance, or for any distractions. Once his life becomes shaken my the tragic death of his mother, Jamie is determined that his responsibilities must remain focused on his families farm and his calling as a firefighter. Yet, with in every season of change Jamie will be faced with his hidden reasons for staying too busy for a relationship that might lead to the love of his life. Many of us know the struggle of wrapping our heart in self-deception, for many of us it can take a life time to overcome grief. The inevitable crossroad will arise and Jamie will need to choose occupying his life with saving others or saving his own future. Sometimes you just need to read a trusted author, Sometimes you just need a "dash" of hope, Trusting that this book journey will bring a few moments of goodness, MrsK
Glorysong2 More than 1 year ago
Kayla Dienner has suffered heartbreak at the hands of a former boyfriend. Can she trust her heart again? Jamie Riehl has never been one to date and doesn't know how to relate to a girl even though he has 2 sisters. Tragedy strikes, is there any hope for Kayla and Jamie? I don't read a plethora of Amish book, but this is one I would highly recommend because the focus is on the characters, not the religion.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is a really good story. James "Jamie" Riehl is a volunteer at his local fire department and helping to run their diary. He is very busy. He then meets Kayla Dienner and he is smitten. Kayla is denying her feelings for Jamie as she has had a broken heart before. She also lost her oldest brother who was a volunteer firefighter to a fire. Then tragedy strikes. Will they be able to recover from this tragedy and establish a relationship together.
PatGMoore More than 1 year ago
Recommend you have a box of tissue handy. I know some of you may not be into Amish but this book isn't just about the Amish way of life but how we all deal with heartache, tragedy, self-proclaimed guilt, standing along side and helping others when they face trials in their lives. They are highs and lows, sorrow and happiness. This shows how our hero Jamie and heroine Kayla deal with what life has thrown at them and their families. Amy Clipston has a way with a story that takes you into the pages and reaches into your heart. Her own faith shines through her books and she is a wonderful story teller. I've never been disappointed in anything that Amy writes. I bought this book through a local bookstore (that pre-orders my books by author) . No one asked me to do this review & all opinions are my own. I highly recommend A Place at Our Table and any other books by Amy Clipston.
BillyB More than 1 year ago
I had signed up to review A Place At Our Table last year through the BookLook blogger program and I haven't had time to read it until yesterday morning. I have read a few other titles by Amy Clipston, so I was looking forward to reading this one. Unfortunately, I'm really disappointed with the novel. The pacing is more than fine, as I flew right through the pages, but for some reason I just couldn't connect with any of the characters. I thought the plot and the dialogue were both underwhelming. However, I did like the descriptions throughout the story. Overall, A Place At Our Table is an okay read. It's not the greatest Amish romance, but it's not the worst.
LucyMR1 More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed reading about an Amish firefighter as this is something I have never heard of. Jamie and Kayla are both dealing with loss in their lives and each grieving in their own way that causes them to make poor choices in how they act and react. Watching their Faith play a part in healing and second chances makes for a sweet read. I look forward to more in this series as some of the secondary characters grabbed my attention and I hope to learn more about them. This is a wonderful story of forgiveness of self and others, healing, and loving in the hard times. I received a complimentary copy from Thomas Nelson & Zondervan Fiction Guild. The honest review and opinions are my own and were not required.
HelenM0 More than 1 year ago
A Place at our Table, by Amy Clipston, is the first book in her new An Amish Homestead series. This book is so good. It grabbed my attention right from the beginning and held it all the way to the end. The story is so well written and the characters so well defined, it feels like you are in the room with them. Jamie is a volunteer fireman who responds to a barn fire at Kayla's family farm. Kayla's brother has gone into the barn to rescue the horses but gets hurt and can't get out. Jamie and another fireman go in to help Nathan and the horses get out. Nathan quickly looks up to Jamie. Nathan's older brother was a fireman who lost his life in a house fire and now Nathan wants to train to be a fireman. Kayla's family has a barn raising and Jamie's mother and sisters come to help feed the men. The families find themselves quickly building friendships. A very short time after the barn raising, Jamie's mother died in a freak accident. Jamie's family is hurting and Kayla's family is there to help them through this painful time. This is a fast paced story that I found very hard to put down. I enjoyed how the author wrote a heart warming story of grief. The thing that stands out most for me in this story is how Jamie's father felt. When his wife wanted to take a vacation, he always said he could not leave the farm. After her death he speaks with Jamie and confesses, Jamie and his brother could have handled the farm fine, but he didn't want to admit they could do it without him. Jamie's father also reminds Jamie that there is no guarantee there will be tomorrow, don't wait to do things he dreamed off, don't have regrets, live his life to the fullest. This is such a good book. I think anyone who enjoys reading Amish stories will enjoy this story. This story is about two people growing their relationship. As well as a story of family, grief and faith. I received a copy of this book from the publisher through BookLook Bloggers. This is my honest review.
Cynthia181 More than 1 year ago
I received a copy of this book from The Fiction Guild. I was not asked to give a favorable review. Another wonderful story from Amy. This was a wonderful book about love, loss and the true meaning of healing. Kayla lost her brother Simeon in a fire, he was a volunteer fireman, and his wife was pregnant with their baby. When one night there is a fire in their barn and the fireman show to put it, but her anxious little brother was trying to get the horses out. Jamie is one of the fireman to help save the barn and rescued Nathan. I didn't realize the had Amish volunteers, but I guess they would understand a bit more about the animals in barn fires. Jamie like Kayla, but it takes a while for Kayla to trust him. Then he loses his mom and Kayla's family is their to help them after they helped with the rebuilding of the Kayla's families barn. I loved the story, the writing draws you in and makes you feel everything they are. Especially the relationship ups & down between Kayla & Jamie.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I was disappointed in Amy Clipston's A Place at our Table. She writes about an James, a farmer & firefighter, who falls for Kayla who has lost her brother as he was fighting a fire. James's mother dies in an accident and James blames himself. While Kayla tries to comfort him, she is very demanding, insisting she should be first in his life -- above his family, farm, and firefighting. He blames himself for his mother's accident and tries to drown his guilt in work. She is very self-centered, and I wearied of reading about her demands on James. Eventually they both find some balance in their lives and solve their relational issues. It was not one of my favorites reads.
Ellen-oceanside More than 1 year ago
A PLACE AT OUR TABLE. by Amy Clipston. Zondervan Publishers Amish Homestead series. Book 1 Jamie was called out with a barn on fire. Rescuing children, and animals in this Amish community. Kayla is angry now, that Nathan wants to begin training as a firefighter. He was a hero, until he encouraged Nathan, she didn't want to lose anyone, again. Her eyes lingered on James, how strong he was, in control. Jamie apologizes, yet, the hostility that Kayla has. Then the guys told him, of her brother dying as a firefighter. When Jamie reacts without thinking at a fire, Kayla realizes , the deep love she has for him. Will Jamie except her, and will Kayla be okay with Nathan going in as a volunteer. This was an emotional look at a family that had suffered a lose, yet, letting Nathan following what he wants to do. It wasn't following his brothers footstep, but the need within him. Readers will feel the emotion of the characters in this story, and the healing that came about. A new series, and looking for more by her. Given ARC by publisher. or my voluntary review and my honest opinion.
amybooksy More than 1 year ago
A Place at Our Table is a pretty good read by Amy Clipston and is the first installment of the An Amish Homestead series. I absolutely loved the characters and found them to be delightful. The author really knew how to write true to life emotions and struggles that the characters were going through. I found A Place at Our Table to be a fabulous beginning to a series and look forward to reading the others that will be part of it in the future. Great Amish read. I would recommend it and give 4 stars.
Baranski1987 More than 1 year ago
A Place At Our Table is An Amish Homestead Novel by Amy Clipston. If you love to read Amish fiction than this is the book for you. She has a way of drawing the reader into the story. A Place At Our Table is my favorite book of Amy’s so far. I felt as though I was experiencing everything as it happened. There is so much love, faith, heartache, pain and so much more. Be sure to get your copy of the book today. I received a complementary copy of this book. This review is my honest opinion. 4.5 stars!
joyful334209 More than 1 year ago
A Place at Our Table a story of loss, grief, found Love, GODs good covering and everlasting love. You have one who was hurt with her heart so she haves an everlasting guard over it. When it came to guys on the other hand you have one who is selective in love and hasn't found it yet until he found Kayla. Kayla then decides to make open her heart and give him a chance. He was so taken with her until something disasterous happens and changes everything. There is broken hearts and GOD is there . So what happens to the two hearts? GOD knows, you will too if you read the book and find the exciting stories ending. I received a copy of this book from the Publisher and Netgalley; all the opinions expressed in this review are all my own.
thall5 More than 1 year ago
I am a huge fan of Amy Clipston, and have read many of her books, but let me just say, this book is my most favorite story to have read of hers thus far. A Place At Our Table, the first in her new series, An Amish Homestead, literally caught me by the first page and I just couldn't put it down! The characters and their circumstances were so real and well written, I literally felt like I was there, seeing the story play out, sitting at "their table." This story filled with firefighter's, fires, loss, grief, regret, heartache, and new love will have you wanting more after the turn of the last page! I am anxiously awaiting the next release in this series! I received an ARC of this book from the author, but was not required to give a positive review. This is my honest opinion.
Christa4 More than 1 year ago
A Place At Our Table by Amy Clipston will capture your heart from the very beginning! This is the first book in An Amish Homestead series and I cannot wait until the other books in the series release! Jamie Riehl keeps himself busy, very busy. He has a list of chores to do on his home farm and he volunteers at least one day a week at their local fire department. Kayla Dienner knows what heartache is all about. Her boyfriend broke up with her shortly after her brother was killed fighting a fire. He wasn't there when she needed him most. Kayla and her family own a successful restaurant in beautiful Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Kayla and Jamie both sense a strong connection when they first meet, but are they in any place in their life right now where dating could take place? After tragedy strikes, Kayla could be the very friend that Jamie is looking for. I definitely recommend picking up a copy of this book! Once you start reading it, you will be hanging on every word in this beautifully written story. Amy Clipston is an amazing author! She really brings her characters to life in her books; they experiences circumstances that we can all relate to including, anger, frustration, grief, loneliness, bitterness, hope, love, forgiveness and faith. A perfect gift right in time for Christmas! I voluntarily reviewed a copy of this book from the author and have given my honest opinion.
MissTinasSnitzPie More than 1 year ago
ABOUT After all the heartache Kayla Dienner had suffered, she vowed to protect her heart, she however, wasn't expecting Jamie Riehl to come into her life. Jamie Riehl is a young man devoted to his family and working hard on their farm. Between his family, farm work and volunteering at the local fire department, Jamie is having a changllenging time finding balance in his life, especially finding a relationship. MY THOUGHTS Within the turn of the first few pages, I was hooked. Before you continue make sure have some tissue with you or at near you, because Amy Clipston is about to take you on a journey that will be sure to pull on your heart in her first book of her new series A Place at Our Table Amish Homestead. I am not sure how clips ton does it! Each story she writes, she developed a unique story that draws you in, and makes the emotions of each character tangible. It is, my opinion, this is one of Clipstos's greatest examples of her talented writing and storytelling skills. By the time you have finished, you are bound to feel loved, and found new friends and know that you will always have A Place at Our Table. I was given an electronic copy of this book rom the author/publisher for my honest review.
JustCommonly More than 1 year ago
"Grief is tough. It has a way of sneaking up on you." Grief. Such a heavy word. In A Place at Our Table, the first of a new series, Amish Homestead by Amy Clipston, grief lays claim as one of the major themes. It's not just the melancholic experience, but the premise of grieving, and finding the light of hope amidst the darkness that grief creates. And hope we will see. I just love the author's writing. She has a way to bring readers into each of her story, at least in the ones I've read. In A Place at Our Table, readers will experience heartache as scenarios enfolds, just as our characters will. It's like Jamie, Kayla or each of their family and friends are personal friends of ours, at at least acquaintances that we know. The connection isn't just between our characters, but also with the readers as well. The community, and especially the support between the Riehl and Dienner families really brought out the kindness of neighbors, and it made me want to be a part of it. Sadness from lost, stress when pulled too tight and guilt of what could've been all intertwined in the characters' lives, but how it played out, that's A Place at Our Table. The perfect articulation of dealing, of trusting and of forgiving, partnering with God's grace and mercy made for quite a insightful read. I love it and I look forward to the next books in the series. "We always have a place at our table for our freinden." Disclaimer: I received an ARC of this book from the author/publisher. I was not required to write a positive review, and have not been compensated for this. This is my honest opinion. Please note, all quotes are taken from ARC (essentially an uncorrected proof). Please do not share quote or if do, please make note that it is taken from an ARC.
hplady More than 1 year ago
A Place at Our Table By Amy Clipston A Place at Our Table is the first story in Amy Clipston’s Amish Homestead Series. The story centers on Jamie and Kayla and their journey to find trust in God and each other. Jamie is a volunteer fire fighter and meets Kayla when he responds to a call at her home when her family’s barn catches fire. Kayla’s older brother, Simeon, was also a fire fighter, but he lost his life the year before. When Jamie encourages Kayla’s younger brother to train, she becomes very angry and insists that Jamie not talk to her brother about training. When Jamie discovers how her older brother died, he is instantly remorseful and attempts to make things right with Kayla. As they spend more time together, each discovers that the feelings they have are growing and developing. However, they are both worried about what a relationship might mean. Kayla doesn’t think she can handle being in a relationship with someone who continually puts his life on the line. And Jamie doesn’t think he has the time for a relationship, between work on the family farm and working at the fire station. When tragedy strikes Jamie’s family and grief consumes them, Kayla and her family try to help. They bring meals and offer comfort to the grieving family. Kayla and Jamie continue to try and grow their relationship, but it seems that one obstacle after another is always in the way. Will they be able to trust each other and trust God to show them the way? Or will they give up on love and their chance at happiness together? I really enjoyed this story. The characters were well developed and it had a good mix of emotions. It made me laugh out loud and also brought tears to my eyes. I love Clipston’s books and am excited to see where this series will go next. I feel like I got to know both families and look forward to growing and bonding with them. I received a free copy of this story from NetGalley for my honest opinion.
KMorgan73 More than 1 year ago
There are some authors that you just know you are going to enjoy their books. For me, Amy Clipston tops the list. I'm always excited to read her latest story and be introduced to characters who I will soon think of as friends. This book was everything I expected. Even though there is a heart-stopping moment at the beginning of the story, I thought the book had a bit of a slow start. Perhaps I was just too anxious to find out what was going to happen next because I kept thinking "c'mon, let's go". Soon enough though the story takes off and I was reading and turning pages as fast as I could. After those initial moments I thought the book had a great pace and the storytelling, as always, is excellent. I liked both of the main characters in this book. Kayla may come across a bit on the tough side but she's really just shielding her heart from more pain. She has recently suffered heartache in two different forms and James, a.k.a. Jamie, represents both forms of heartache to Kayla. I can understand that while she found him attractive she wanted to protect her heart. To me it only seemed the natural thing to do even though at times it may have made her seem a bit harsh or selfish. Jamie is driven by his work and at times he lets it get in the way of living. He has his reasons for being the way he is and I was just as able to understand where he was coming from as I was Kayla. Once again Amy Clipston has created characters who are completely realistic and authentic. Not only will Kayla and Jamie find a spot in your heart but so will the other characters in the book. As always after reading an Amy Clipston book I am left wanting more. I want more Kayla and James and I want more of the rest of these characters and their lives. I love that Amy can write a story that leaves you satisfied yet wanting more, more, more. This book is a wonderful start to what can only be an awesome series. This book is definitely recommended for fans of a good read. I received a free copy of this book from BookLook Bloggers and was not required to write a review. All opinions are mine.
BrittanyMc More than 1 year ago
Wow! What a dynamic and emotional introduction to this new series! A Place at Our Talble was a powerful book, full of heartache, uncertainty, guilt, love, loss, and so much more. The author truly delved deeply into the hearts of the characters, brought out their insecurities and failings, then allowed them to grow and persevere through the times that were so challenging. A Place at Our Table was full of so many interestesting personalities. I especially liked the main characters, Kayla and Jamie. Even when they were making choices that I didn’t agree with, or having trouble balancing their new relationship in the midst of sorrow and worry, I enjoyed reading about them. They both had some growing to do and, unfortunately, that growth had some pain involved. I could hardly set this book down and I already wish that I could pick up the next book in the series (which isn’t out yet)! I highly recommend this novel to fans of Amish fiction. I received a complimentary copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.