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A Second Cup of Hot Apple Cider: Words to Stimulate the Mind and Delight the Spirit

A Second Cup of Hot Apple Cider: Words to Stimulate the Mind and Delight the Spirit


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The much-anticipated sequel to Hot Apple Cider: Words to Stir the Heart and Warm the Soul.


• A unique collection of inspirational stories, poems and articles

• Real stories, real people, real faith

• Great writing

• Honesty and vulnerability combined with hope

• Well-known, experienced writers and passionate, new writers

• Gentle humor, warm encouragement, and stimulating challenges

• Attractive, gift book layout

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ISBN-13: 9780978496319
Publisher: That's Life! Communications
Publication date: 05/01/2011
Pages: 336
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.80(d)

About the Author

Editors N. J. Lindquist and Wendy Elaine Nelles are committed to fostering excellence in faith-based writing.

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The Bulletin Board


Adele Simmons

I’m standing in a corridor near the bulletin board where marks are posted. It’s January, and I’m a student at the University of Lethbridge, Alberta. I’m a psychology major, minoring in biology.

Sheets of paper cover the long cork bulletin board. The page I want is Developmental Psychology 201.

Dr. Miller is the prof. He’s good. He isn’t just book smart, he’s people smart. He bridges the gap of knowledge by checking where we are in our comprehension and taking us, step by clear step, to his point. He explains thoroughly and has high expectations of us.

I should ace the course—I’m an honours student. But I’ve had some challenges lately.

Students crowd the hall. The keeners jockey to get close to the bulletin board to check their marks. Cheers and curses mingle in the anxious mêlée. As the crowd clears, my best friend, smart Jan, and I find ourselves in the front.

There’s her name… Yes! Jan gets an A. She’s a humble friend. Smart, but humble. No boasting.

There’s my name down with the Ss. I get a C. Humiliating.

Jan wraps a comforting arm around my shoulders. She makes no fuss, but encourages me. “You’ll pull it back. He has no idea…”

Dr. Miller notices us in the hall later that day, as Jan and I walk to class. He pauses, then approaches us, his head tipped with intent. He closes in with quick, short strides.

“Nice work,” he says to Jan.

Students flow by on both sides of us like rapids coursing around a boulder in the river. Inquisitive eyes question us in passing; they will expect an account of the discussion later.

Dr. Miller turns to me, leans closer and peers into my ashen face. He pokes the books in my arms with a stubby finger and spits his words, “Next time, study.”

Quiet tears blur my vision as Jan and I continue down the hall. She knows all. But I can’t tell him how my time has been spent over the last several weeks. My days have been consumed with helping my scared little sister settle in Calgary in the Salvation Army home for unwed mothers. I can’t tell him I used my bursary money to cover some of my little sister’s costs. I can’t tell him I’m now grasping for extra work to make ends meet and pay for school.

I certainly cannot tell him about our marathon 2300-mile train ride during the Christmas break. We spent a tense Christmas Day in Lethbridge avoiding strife with our mother, her friends and other relatives. The next morning, we climbed on the train and journeyed for two weeks: first 900 miles west from our home in Lethbridge to see our dad and grandmother in Vancouver, British Columbia, and then another 800 miles straight north up to the small town of Houston to see our elder sister.

Mom had instructed us; they were not to know of the pregnancy. We obeyed. Didn’t tell. Bittersweet to see family, an ache in the heart not to be able to share the truth with them.

We would not return to Lethbridge together. From Houston, we travelled 600 miles to Calgary to the Salvation Army home. It was a bonus for us to see family on this trip, but the pretense of an excursion to visit relatives over the Christmas holidays was actually our mother’s calculated dodge to cover up my sister’s failure to return to high school in January: she went on a trip and didn’t come back.

As we travelled, the cry of the train whistle and rumble of steel wheels underscored the rhythm of my sister’s tears, my efforts to cheer, and her fearful 15-year-old confidences. On each leg of the journey, we ate from our grocery bag, which contained two-day stashes of peanut butter and strawberry jam sandwiches, crackers, apples and oranges—ritzy Mandarin oranges you only get at Christmas. The aroma of orange peel lingered on our fingers like perfume. We rationed the oranges to last till the end of each ride.

Sleep came in fitful hazes, our chair backs reclined as far as they would go, our feet supported by suitcases, and our coats snugged up under our chins against the cold draft. It was uncomfortable, but much better than riding the bus.

While my sister slept, I stared out the window into the black night of the mountains and let the tears rise. Developmental Psych 201 and other looming January exams badgered my mind, but I knew I was where I needed to be.

The trip was two weeks of too little sleep and too many tears. I wept for her, this beautiful child, my sister. Her fault was craving to hear “I love you.” Her mistake was trusting someone who said, “You are wonderful.”

When else, in her entire difficult life, had she heard someone say she was wonderful? She was precious and innocent, now painted as sinful. The guilt was our parents’, the weapons neglect and abuse. Yes, they too had been abused and neglected. So, the cycle continued.

Now, my pretty little sister was beaten down. Bruised. Scarred. She was paying for their choices. But for God, it would be me....

What People are Saying About This

From the Publisher

"What a great book! Cozy reading that’s warming like apple cider, but also energizing like the best caffeine! A Second Cup of Hot Apple Cider will give you a refreshing lift and a change of perspective, perhaps when you need it most."
•Ellen Vaughan, New York Times bestselling author and inspirational speaker.

“Who doesn’t always need a second cup? And this is one cup worth reaching for. From a host of talented writers who serve rich words, wrap your hands around a volume that will not only warm you right through, but strengthen you for the road ahead. A perfectly inspiring read.”
•Ann Voskamp, author of New York Times bestseller, One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are

“This book is easy to pick up and tough to put down. You’ll love these stories of love, faith, and hope. Thank God for second helpings!”
•Phil Callaway, bestselling author of To Be Perfectly Honest

“The writers in this book share their finely-honed stories with an honesty and vulnerability that touches a universal chord in readers. Whether the setting is a remote farm on the Prairies, a First Nations community in Canada’s Far North, a multi-cultural kindergarten in Toronto, a lonely highway in Nova Scotia, an isolation ward of a children’s hospital, a blinding snowstorm in Québec, or a crammed church auditorium in British Columbia—you’ll find these stories lingering in your mind as fresh evidences of God’s grace.”
•Ginger Kolbaba, Founding Editor of, Christianity Today International; author of Desperate Pastors’ Wives

“This collection of wonderful writing from a variety of voices is honest, personal, and compelling. Stoke the fire, put up your feet, and open this book. Like me, you’ll be comforted, inspired, and encouraged. I felt as if God were reading over my shoulder.”
•Michael Messenger, Executive VP, World Vision Canada “This book is great food for the soul, with practical applications to help navigate life’s daily challenges and turbulences. It gives hope for those in despair and helps to build the faith of its readers. Its engaging writers make a deep impact as they articulate their individual experiences simply yet profoundly—enabling all levels of readers to appreciate the stories and draw their own life lessons. This comforting and encouraging book should be in every home, library, church, and school.”
•Pauline Christian, President, Black Business and Professional Association; one of Canada’s Top 20 Women in 2010 as selected by Women’s Post; recipient of African Canadian Achievement Award for Business

“Like a heart-to-heart conversation with a close friend, A Second Cup of Hot Apple Cider draws us into the intimacy of relationship with one another and our Creator. As you traverse this wonderful collection of significant moments in the lives of ordinary people, you’ll be inspired by God’s extraordinary grace. Enjoy. You’ll be warmed and filled.”
•Karen Bjerland, President and CEO, FaithLife Financial

“A refreshing taste of life—its challenges and joys, disappointments and small victories. Its genuine honesty encourages us that we are not alone in the challenges and struggles we all share.”
•Jean Chamberlain Froese, MD, recipient of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada’s Teasdale-Corti Humanitarian Award; Executive Director, Save the Mothers program (East Africa)

“A soul-stirring spiritual refill of this beloved modern classic! Don’t be mistaken—these aren’t frothy tales boasting syrupy platitudes: these homegrown stories capture both the grit and inspiring reality of Canadians who live out their faith, seeing God at work in their lives and the world around them.”
•Michelle Nagle, Executive Director, Women Alive

“With moments of humour, struggle, romance, courage, heartache, and ultimately hope, A Second Cup of Hot Apple Cider is rich with buoyant prose and wondrous poetry… From slices of real life to flights of fancy, this cup runneth over with chapter after chapter of great reading.”
•Martin Smith, President, GMA Canada “Several of these authors have shared their personal faith journey on my 100 Huntley Street interview couch. Their writer’s craft is as soul-warming as curling up in a handmade afghan with a fireside mug of cider. Whatever the season of the year, or the season of your life—whether for your own nurture, or as a hug from heaven for a friend—the publishers have given us a refreshing refill of Canadiana at its best!”
•Moira Brown, Co-Host of 100 Huntley Street and regular participant on Full Circle daily television shows

“The stories are a strong sampling of the talents of… writers who exemplify the character and perseverance that has been instrumental in the success of the growth of Christian literature in our country in the past decade. The writers in this new collection constantly exhibit standards of excellence in communicating the Christian message in a Canadian context.”
•Larry Willard, Co-Owner, Faith Family Books & Gifts, Toronto; Owner and Publisher, Castle Quay Books Canada and BayRidge Books

“A Second Cup of Hot Apple Cider is a delightful read. This heartwarming and comforting anthology is just what we need to remind ourselves that God is willingly present in every facet of our lives. Well done!”
•Karen Burke, Director of JUNO Award winning Toronto Mass Choir; Professor of Music, York University

“The wise man of Israel observed that there is no end of making books. Not that there are too many books, but that books must be selected with great care—they should be “goads and nails,” provocative and assuring. A Second Cup of Hot Apple Cider will stir some of your complacent reveries, but will be an anchor to understand eternal values.”
•August H. Konkel, PhD, President, Providence College and Seminary

“Day after day, as we live our lives, we’re creating new stories. A Second Cup of Hot Apple Cider is a well-written collection of short pieces that reflect this reality. I identified with many of the characters, and found the stories inspiring and motivating. I highly recommend this volume.”
•Lando Klassen, bookseller (38 years), House of James, Abbotsford, B.C.

“You’ll find stories to tug at your heart and inspire you, stories that will make you smile, and stories that might just fill your eyes with tears. For this is a book that explores the human condition—how we as people suffer and how we celebrate. The works are culled from both the imagination, and from real life, as it is lived by Canadians who know their God… You just might find your own faith renewed.”
•Patricia Paddey, Senior Producer, Listen Up TV; writer on faith issues for Canada’s Christian and mainstream media “I’ve been drawn back to this book many times. The stories touched me deeply and I envision myself using them as sermon illustrations in the coming days. I enjoyed it tremendously and will highly recommend this easy-reading book to my colleagues.”
•Alex Pacis, WorldTeam Canada Field Director; Executive Director of Church Planting Ministries Inc.; Chairman of the Board of Emmanuel Relief and Rehabilitation Philippines

“This anthology is a beautiful offering by an array of gifted Canadian Christian writers. You will be inspired and comforted by the heartwarming stories, soothing words, and uplifting experiences shared from varied perspectives by these godly women and men. This book offers refreshing encouragement to the very depths of your mind and spirit!”
•Audrey Meisner, Co-Host, It’s a New Day television program; author; speaker

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