A Soulmark Series: Books 1-3: Lycan & Vampire Soulmark Series

A Soulmark Series: Books 1-3: Lycan & Vampire Soulmark Series

by Rebecca Main

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This might be… unpleasant for you.” He tells me, eyes half-mast as his gaze focuses steadily on my birthmark. “They say the sealing of a soulmark can be quite… intense. But what kind of pleasure is without its own pain? Hmm?”
Get the explosive beginning to the highly acclaimed 'A Soulmark Series', Books 1-3, from breakout author, Rebecca Main, now available in a box set at 33% off the individual books’ prices!

Instantly transport yourself into a world, where love threatens to turn the supernatural realm upside down.

Become entangled in warring hearts, old grudges, paranormal politics, and shameless sexual tension.

Join the provocative and diverse cast of lovers and seducers, who will leave you lusting and craving more.

Coven (A Soulmark Series Book 1)
“Stay out of the forest,” Gran had said. Zoelle should have listened.

Now, she must navigate a world she only ever read about in fairytales. A world full of witches and werewolves out for blood. Yet, no story could have prepared her for Xander Adolphus—the volatile Alpha of the Adolphus Pack—or the seductive soulmark that binds their souls together.

Trapped in a carnal game of cat and mouse, Zoelle must tread unfamiliar ground, steeped in supernatural politics. Can Zoelle outrun a wolf bound and determined to mark her as his? Or will this new world swallow her whole?

Midnight Scoundrel (A Soulmark Series Book 2)
Stealing isn’t personal. At least not to Quinn Montgomery.

Yet, when her latest heist to steal from the Adolphus family tailspins her into a supernatural world, she must learn to steel her nerves and… her heart.

Wardens of Starlight (A Soulmark Series Book 3)
Evil hides in all shapes and forms—of this the Wardens of Starlight are certain—but it’s those of the supernatural variety they hunt without remorse.

By a cruel twist of fate, Starlight Warden Calliope Sawyer is forced to question everything she’s come to know, when confronted with her soulmark: a dangerous lycan. Now, these two enemies must decide whether to fight for love or fight each other.

Still to come:
Mr. Vrana (A Soulmark Series Book 4) — Coming May 2018
Lycan Legacy (A Soulmark Series Book 5)
Lunaria (A Soulmark Series Book 6)

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BN ID: 2940155150237
Publisher: Rebecca Main
Publication date: 02/18/2018
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Format: NOOK Book
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Age Range: 18 Years

About the Author

Rebecca Main published her first romance novel—Coven (A Soulmark Series Book 1)—in June 2017, and hasn’t put down her keyboard since! Quitting their respective jobs in May 2017, Rebecca and her husband now travel the world. Their calico cat, Dorcas, waits patiently for their return to become a “city" cat once more. Rebecca is an avid reader, travel-hacker enthusiast, and karaoke queen (after a shot or two). Her current writing passion is romance with a hearty dash of supernatural and paranormal thrown in for good measure. Tear-inducing accomplishments include hitting #1 on the Amazon Top 100 list in Fantasy Romance and Paranormal Romance for Witches & Wizards, free climbing out of Belize’s Crystal Cave, also known as the Mountain Cow Cave, and starting a publishing house—Via Graphia LLC—with her husband! If you want to know when Rebecca’s next book will come out, or receive special news first, please visit her website at http://rebeccamain.com/, where you can sign up to receive her monthly email, Rebecca’s Readers.

Customer Reviews

A Soulmark Series: Books 1-3: Lycan & Vampire Soulmark Series 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 15 reviews.
Ashley Hensley 3 months ago
All if the books have great story lines..... I liked the different types of characters involved from wolves to witches, fairies and hunters all are well written. the intimate scenes are great and not too much. one thing I wish was different was that they had more getting to know you moments between characters than just right to the soulmarking ... I can't quite to see where the series goes.
CDF21 6 months ago
This was a very good series to start reading. It pulls you into a world where anything can happen and opposites do attract whether they want to or not. It also shows that one must find out things for themselves because sometimes what you're taught is not always true and probably biased. I look forward to reading the other books in thos series.
Anonymous 9 months ago
Great stories! Can't wait to read the rest!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The series starts a little shaky in the beginning of the first book . But by the end it gets better and things start to flow better. The 2nd and 3rd books are even better. I look forward to reading the fourth book in the series .
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Love this series can't wait for the next book. I could not put these down!
Sandra Dunaway 4 days ago
very good series
linda bravo 6 days ago
Marina Mccoy 15 days ago
Quick read but very entertaining
Dixiedarlyn 21 days ago
Great read
Marie Peppers 7 months ago
loved the books can't wait to read the next one
Gandtb 7 months ago
the entire series so far has been great can't wait to read the next. Great read .
Diane Spann 8 months ago
Beginning to the series.
Theresa Lisembee 5 months ago
Terry Billam 7 months ago
Good read.
Juley Renova 5 months ago
good read