A Taste for Herbs: A guide to seasonings, mixes and blends from the herb lover's garden

A Taste for Herbs: A guide to seasonings, mixes and blends from the herb lover's garden

by Sue Goetz


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Think of this book as your herb-seasoning master class, filled with simple secrets for capturing the power of flavor from your herb garden. Herbs are easy to grow anywhere, indoors or out, but do you know which ones do what in your foods and beverages…or how flavors play off of each other? This book shows you how to become an herbal tastemaster, whether you’re a home cook or a gourmet foodie. It all starts in the garden with fresh-picked herbs. Let dedicated herb lover Sue Goetz guide you into the delicious world of 20 essential, flavor-rich herbs and the pleasures they offer.

With over 100 kitchen-tested herb recipes and full-color photographs throughout, you’ll discover how to:
  • grow and harvest the best flavor cultivars for culinary use

  • preserve and package herbal blends, mixes and seasonings

  • complement herbal flavors with spices, edible flowers, garlic, citrus, and other botanicals

  • prepare easy recipes for mixes, salts, rubs, pestos, oils, vinegars, butters, sugars, dressings, teas, herb-infused beverages…and much more!
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    ISBN-13: 9781943366385
    Publisher: St. Lynn's Press
    Publication date: 02/01/2019
    Pages: 192
    Sales rank: 651,719
    Product dimensions: 8.10(w) x 8.10(h) x 0.70(d)

    About the Author

    Sue Goetz is an award-winning garden designer, writer and speaker, and author of The Herb Lover’s Spa Book (St. Lynn’s 2015). Among her many accolades for innovative horticulture and urban lifestyle design, she has been named Educator of the Year by the Washington State Nursery and Landscape Association; received Sunset magazine’s "Western Living Fresh Ideas" award; and Fine Gardening’s "Best Design" award. She lives in Seattle, Washington.

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    From the Introduction:

    I was once asked if I was a foodie and I replied, I think I am. It sounds so trendy and sometimes I bristle at something that is ultra-trendy. So, what is a foodie, really? A pretty basic definition is: “a person who likes food, flavor and the process of preparing, cooking and presenting.” Okay, that’s definitely me. I also like to grow most of the flavor enhancers I use in my cooking (read “herbs”).

    Loving flavor
    Most important in that definition is the appreciation of flavor and all the things you can add to common ingredients like vegetables to make them sing. I tend to be an impatient foodie too. I like to prepare fresh food, but I want to be able to grab a seasoning mix out of my cabinet and sprinkle, drizzle, infuse – whatever it takes to add the flavor. So, blending and preserving mixes from my garden makes sense to me. The recipes you find in this book are mixes in a ready-to-use form. Many can be stored in the spice cabinet or the refrigerator, or frozen.

    How we season food should also be as exciting as the main dish we cook.

    The garden
    Think of your garden as a flavor producer. Grow your favorite herbs. Experiment with others you’ve never tried. Grow them because you like the flavor, then let your taste buds be your guide. Get to know the flavor and fragrance of the plants in your garden. Take a leaf, taste it smell it, rub the leaf until the oils release on your fingers. Learning to recognize the aroma and taste of individual herbs will help you to know how to use it for seasoning. You quickly learn the uses for pungent herbs like rosemary, where a little measure of the fresh leaf as seasoning goes a long way. The subtler herbs like marjoram will smell slightly sweet, yet distinct, like its close relative oregano. Marjoram is so subtle that you will find it in recipes where other spices and herbs won’ t overpower it.

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    “Turn recipes into culinary celebrations.” Stephanie Rose, Garden Therapy blog

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