A Were Bear's Pride: Box Set

A Were Bear's Pride: Box Set

by Lisa Hill


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This book contains three hot and steamy were-bear romance stories. Each one of them can be read as a standalone story and all of them are directly connected.

Book 1: Forever His Mate

Tania has a big secret. She's unable to produce offspring, which wouldn't be a problem if she had not been put into an arranged marriage just for that purpose. That's not her only secret, the man she was arranged to marry already had a pregnant girlfriend so the whole marriage is a scam. Despite being pretend married to Bryce, Tania finds herself attracted to his brother. They have to keep up the ruse because her father will take over their if Tania doesn't produce offspring. She doesn't want her father to take over and makes plans to sabotage him, but keeping it all from Grayson is killing her.

Grayson watched the woman he loved marry his brother. It didn't stop him from wanting her. As much as the stars are stacked up against them, he wants to have her as his mate. When he discovers her betrayal he is crushed and angry. Soon he learns the threat to his clan is much more severe than any of them thought and he will do everything he can to protect them. Will he still be able to salvage his love with Tania? only time will tell.

Book 2: Protected By The Werebear

Hunter 'Griz' Jenkins has a job to do. Delanie Hatted is Polar Security's biggest client and he's been tasked with being her bodyguard. It should be an easy job, but she comes along with a troubled semi-famous boyfriend and his high strung PR lady. Throw in some dark magic and a mysterious figure in a dark cape and Griz has a lot on his hands besides just keeping the starlet protected from crazy fans.

Traci Dearborn has a job to do. She needs to get her client and internet sensation Mason Swopes away from his famous girlfriend. The only problem a large sexy bodyguard named Griz stands in her way. Before she knows it she's pulled into a world she never knew existed and in a lot of danger. Hopefully Griz will be able to save her along with Delanie and everyone will be unscathed in the end.

Book 3: Her Alpha Were Bear

Jeremy is on a mission to prove to his fellow were bears and as the newest bodyguard for Polar Security that he's an alpha male. He's tired of being treated like a little kid by members of his clan and shadowing Koda while he guards his famous girlfriend is the perfect way to prove himself. He wasn't counting on Casey, Delanie's fiery personal assistant entering the picture and throwing off his plans.
Casey is running from her past and keeping her head down as Delanie Hatted's personal assistant. She was doing well until her boss's bodyguard brought in another member of the security team who is way too attractive.

She knows getting involved is a mistake, but she can't deny her growing attraction to Jeremy and she thinks he feels the same way. When her past starts to catch up to her she has to rely on Jeremy to save her, but will he and when she learns he has a secret too will their mutual attraction be enough?

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ISBN-13: 9781540488350
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 11/17/2016
Pages: 270
Product dimensions: 5.25(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.61(d)

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