A Wyatt Earp Anthology: Long May His Story Be Told

A Wyatt Earp Anthology: Long May His Story Be Told

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Wyatt Earp is one of the most legendary figures of the nineteenth-century American West, notable for his role in the gunfight at the O.K. Corral in Tombstone, Arizona. Some see him as a hero lawman of the Wild West, whereas others see him as yet another outlaw, a pimp, and failed lawman. Roy B. Young, Gary L. Roberts, and Casey Tefertiller, all notable experts on Earp and the Wild West, present in A Wyatt Earp Anthology an authoritative account of his life, successes, and failures. The editors have curated an anthology of the very best work on Earp—more than sixty articles and excerpts from books—from a wide array of authors, selecting only the best written and factually documented pieces and omitting those full of suppositions or false material. Earp’s life is presented in chronological fashion, from his early years to Dodge City, Kansas; triumph and tragedy in Tombstone; and his later years throughout the West. Important figures in Earp’s life, such as Bat Masterson, the Clantons, the McLaurys, Doc Holliday, and John Ringo, are also covered. Wyatt Earp’s image in film and the myths surrounding his life, as well as controversies over interpretations and presentations of his life by various writers, also receive their due. Finally, an extensive epilogue by Gary L. Roberts explores Earp and frontier violence.

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ISBN-13: 9781574417838
Publisher: University of North Texas Press
Publication date: 08/15/2019
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Format: NOOK Book
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About the Author

Roy B. Young is editor of the Journal of the Wild West History Association and the author of James Cooksey Earp and Cochise County Cowboy War. Gary L. Roberts is emeritus professor of history at Abraham Baldwin College and author of Doc Holliday: The Life and Legend. Casey Tefertiller is a former writer for the San Francisco Examiner and the author of Wyatt Earp: The Life behind the Legend.

Table of Contents

Foreword John Boessenecker xi

Preface Roy B. Young xv

Acknowledgments xxi

The Life of Wyatt Earp-A Timeline xxiii

Maps xxxii

Prologue Casey Tefertiller xxxvii

Part I Wyatt Earp, the Man and the Myth: An Overview

Chapter 1 Wyatt Earp: The Search for Order on the Last Frontier Gary L. Roberts 2

Chapter 2 Showdown at the Hollywood Corral: Wyatt Earp and the Movies Paul Andrew Hutton 26

Chapter 3 Historians' Gunfight Kara L. McCormack 58

Chapter 4 Finding Wyatt Casey Tefertiller Bob Cash 79

Part II Riding a Troubled Trail

Chapter 5 Father of the "Fighting Earps" Nicholas R. Cataldo 88

Chapter 6 Wyatt Earp Was Born Here: Monmouth and the Earps, 1845-1859 William Urban 95

Chapter 7 Wyatt Earp, Outlaw of the Cherokee Nation Roy B. Young 99

Chapter 8 The Peoria Bummer: Wyatt Earp's Lost Year Roger Jay 115

Part III A New Start in Kansas

Chapter 9 Wyatt Earp, Wichita Policeman, Part One Roger Jay 126

Chapter 10 Wyatt Earp, Wichita Policeman, Part Two Roger Jay 155

Chapter 11 The Dodge City Underworld Roger Jay 189

Chapter 12 James W. Kenedy: Cattleman, Texas Ranger, Gambler and "Fiend in Human Form" Chuck Parsons 208

Chapter 13 Wyatt Earp's Buntline Special Jeff Morey 221

Chapter 14 Brothers of the Gun: Wyatt and Doc Gary L. Roberts 227

Part IV Triumph and Tragedy in Tombstone

Chapter 15 With Murder Rates Higher than Modern New York or Los Angeles: Homicide Rates: Involving the Arizona Cow-Boys, 1880-1882 Paul Cool 238

Chapter 16 The Gambler's War in Tombstone: Fact or Artifact? Roger Jay 256

Chapter 17 The Other Ike and Billy: The Heslet Brothers in Grant County, New Mexico Roy B. Young 286

Chapter 18 Lawman Bob Paul's Doc and Wyatt Connection John Boessenecker 302

Chapter 19 Wells Fargo and the Earp Brothers: Cash Books Talk Dr. Robert J. Chandler 311

Chapter 20 Wyatt Earp, Jack Johnson, and the Notorious Blount Brothers Peter Brand 321

Chapter 21 The Dedicated Women Behind the Earp Men Sherry Monahan 339

Chapter 22 Big Nose Kate and Mary Katherine Cunimings: Same Person, Different Lives Anne E. Collier 344

Chapter 23 O.K. Corral: A Gunfight Shrouded in Mystery Casey Tefertiller Jeff Morey 362

Chapter 24 "Blaze Away!" Doc Holliday's Role in the West's Most Famous Gunfight Jeff Morey 371

Chapter 25 Were the McLaurys Leaving Tombstone? Paul Johnson 383

Chapter 26 The Will of McLaury Paul Lee Johnson 394

Chapter 27 Behan's Lies Casey Tefertiller 403

Chapter 28 H.F. Sills, Mystery Man of the O.K. Corral Shootout Jane Matson Lee Mark Dworkin 408

Chapter 29 The Spicer Hearing and H.F. Sills Casey Tefertiller 421

Chapter 30 Conflict of Interest at the O.K. Corral Steven Lubet 437

Chapter 31 Sensory Deception Steven Lubet 447

Chapter 32 Justice in Tombstone Bob Palmquist 451

Chapter 33 Wyatt Earp's Vendetta Posse Peter Brand 457

Chapter 34 The Assassination of Frank Stilwell Roy B. Young 466

Chapter 35 Gunfight in the Whetstone Mountains Bill Evans 466

Chapter 36 The Split: Did Doc and Wyatt Split Because of a Racial Slur? Chuck Hornung Gary L. Roberts 495

Chapter 37 Dangerous Charm: John Ringo of Tombstone Casey Tefertiller 502

Photo Gallery

Part V Riding Toward Sunset

Chapter 38 Wyatt Earp-The Boomtown Sport Roger S. Peterson 512

Chapter 39 The Man Behind the Dodge City War Jack DeMattos Chuck Parsons 535

Chapter 40 Wyatt Earp Turned to Business in Idaho Casey Tefertiller 541

Chapter 41 The Harqua Hala-Wyatt Earp's Unknown Arizona Boomtown Garner A. Palenske 545

Chapter 42 Wyatt Earp Returns to Arizona David Griffiths 559

Chapter 43 Wyatt Earp's 1897 Yuma and Cibola Sojourns Mark Dworkin 563

Chapter 44 Wyatt Earp in Seattle Pamela J. Potter 575

Chapter 45 Wyatt Earp's Alaskan Adventure Ann Kirschner 581

Chapter 46 The Great Wyatt Earp Oil Rip-Off Truman Rex Fisher 586

Chapter 47 Thomas Mulqueen: Two-Fisted Gambler Erik J. Wright 593

Part VI The Making of a Legend

Chapter 48 Wyatt Earp: The Good Side of a "Bad Man"-Religion in the Life of a Lawman Roy B. Young 602

Chapter 49 Wyatt Earp Talks "Pretty": A Look at Wyatt Earp's Interaction with Interviewers, Writers and Historians Roy B. Young 602

Chapter 50 Resolving Earp Myths Casey Tefertiller 631

Chapter 51 Wyatt Earp in Hollywood: The Untold Story of How Wyatt Earp Got Ripped off by Outlaws in the Last Outlaw Town Bob Boze Bell 641

Chapter 52 Wyatt Earp's First Film: William S. Hart's Wild Bill Hickok Paul Andrew Hutton 648

Chapter 53 Wyatt on the Set Allen Barra 651

Chapter 54 The International O.K. Corral Pamela J. Potter 656

Part VII They Varied Wyatt Earp

Chapter 55 The Real Tombstone Travesty: The Earp Controversy from Bechdolt to Boyer Gary L. Roberts 660

Chapter 56 Wyatt Earp: Man versus Myth William MacLeod Raine 675

Chapter 57 Allie's Story: Mrs. Virgil Earp and the "Tombstone Travesty" Gary L. Roberts 687

Chapter 58 What was not in Tombstone Travesty Casey Tefertiller 697

Chapter 59 The Long, Long Road to the Great Debate Jim Dullenty 704

Chapter 60 Trailing an American Mythmaker: History and Glenn G. Boyer's Tombstone Vendetta Gary L. Roberts 709

Chapter 61 I Varied Wyatt Earp Tony Ortega 743

Chapter 62 Evidence, Interpretation and Speculation: Thoughts on Kaloma (The Purported Photograph of Josie Earp) Jeremy Rowe 750

Chapter 63 Writing Wyatt Greg Lalire 758

Epilogue: "Suppose … Suppose …" Wyatt Earp, Frontier Violence, Myth, and History Gary L. Roberts 761

Contributors 797

Bibliographies 805

Index 839

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