Abby Finds Her Calling: Home at Cedar Creek, Book One

Abby Finds Her Calling: Home at Cedar Creek, Book One

by Naomi King


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ISBN-13: 9780451235732
Publisher: Penguin Publishing Group
Publication date: 02/28/2012
Series: Home at Cedar Creek Series , #1
Pages: 320
Sales rank: 561,673
Product dimensions: 5.10(w) x 7.95(h) x 0.71(d)
Age Range: 18 Years

About the Author

Naomi King is a deacon, a dedicated church musician, and choir member, and when she's not writing, she loves to travel, try new recipes, crochet, and sew. She lives in St. Paul, MN.

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Abby Finds Her Calling 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 12 reviews.
MoRWAReviewsSTL More than 1 year ago
In this beautifully written tale, several Amish families must deal with secrets revealed when a bride comes up missing on her wedding day. Abby Lambright, the local maidel, runs her own sewing shop. For years she has sworn off marrying any man due to her love for James Garber, the town’s buggy-maker who is set to marry her younger sister, Zanna. But all of that changes when Zanna disappears on her wedding day. Secrets around Zanna unfold and both Abby and James must face them. I really enjoyed this book! If you’re curious about Amish romances, but haven’t thought to try them out yet, read Naomi’s book. I’m not going to spoil the book for you, but there were so many wonderful twists and turns that kept me engrossed to learn what would happen to the Lambrights and Garbers families. The worldbuilding was superb and delightful. I came to love the community Naomi created and I’ll definitely look forward the second book in the Home at Cedar Creek series!
poodlelover 7 months ago
Life seems simple for the families in Cedar Creek, Missouri. However, life is not simple even for the Amish. This is a heartwarming story filled with love of family and forgiveness that will keep you turning pages. At first, I didn’t like the character of Zanna, but with her sister Abby’s support, encouragement, and positive outlook, she learns valuable lessons on honesty as well as doing the right thing. I look forward to reading the other books in this series.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Barb00 More than 1 year ago
Abby Finds Her Calling is a fantastic Amish book. The story told how one person could be an inspiration to a whole community by showing love and forgiveness. This is my first novel to read by Naomi King and it held my attention from the moment I started reading until I finished the book. I could never guess what was going to happen next in each chapter. I thoroughly enjoyed reading Abby Finds Her Calling. This book is the first book in the Home At Cedar Creek series and I'm looking forward to reading book two.
ruthhill74 More than 1 year ago
I have to say that this is the best Amish book I have ever read. I realize it is only the third, but this one has everything you could possibly want from a fine Christian romance. And I am quite pleased to discover that this is only the first in the series. I cannot wait to read the second! All I know about the Amish really have come from "hearsay" and well-written fiction books like this one. I always marvel at how simple the lives of these people are. I will tell you right now that I could not do it. I am intrigued by the fact that they do embrace some modern technology. I find it ironic that these people live without electricity and modern conveniences, but because of the way our world is, they do rely on an occasional telephone and hospital emergency visit. I absolutely love Abby and Zanna. Abby is strong from the beginning, and she is the one who help Zanna in her situation. I was surprised to find and Amish book dealin with issues of infedility, unswed pregnancy, abortion, and pacemakers. But to a degree, you find all of this in the book. Watching Zanna grow from the scared teengaer to strong woman is one of the best features of the book. And to see Abby as peacemaker is really quite a blessing in the book. I do love to see strong women, and if you ever think that Amish women are weak, you might give this book a look! The messages in the book are truly uplifting. The unwavering faith in a changeless God indeed thrills my soul. I also love the fact that the elders in the book are so strong and steafast in their faith. While I do not condone all the methods that the Amish use, I would say that non-Amish Christians could learn a lot about hendling situations and caring about community. It was good to see the Bible used as a basis for absolutely every decision made in the book. I was pleased to see the kind of ending that Johnny and Zanna had in the book, and I am hoping that good news will come for Abby and James in the next book. If anyone deserves it, they do. I was also happy to see that God can change pepole that you never think He can. We spend our time praying for it to happen, and then we are shocked when God answers our prayer. How I needed to hear this message in my current circumstances. I highly recommend this book. Even if you have never read an Amish fiction book or think you would have any interest in one, I recommend giving this one a try! I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. I was not financially compensated in any way, and all opinons are 100 percent mine. f
SandysReviews More than 1 year ago
In Cedar Creek, Missouri Abby Lambright has a sewing shop in her family’s dry goods store. She loves and cares about the people in her community and especially her family. Unfortunately the man she loves James Graber is about to marriage someone else, her younger sister Zanna. Because Abby knows she’ll never love anyone else she has decided to be a maidel. On the wedding day Zanna runs away and a heartbroken James doesn’t know why. When Abby finds her and finds out the real reason that Zanna ran away their faith will be rocked to the core along with both families and the community. Abby believes that God has a plan but can she help others come to the same conclusion, or will her family be torn apart forever. This book is an easy and quick read. It takes you away to a community were hard work, strong faith and honest values make you yearn for the simple way of life. As a fan of Amish fiction Naomi King has joined my list of favorite authors such as Beverly Lewis, Amy Clipston and Marta Perry. I can’t wait for the next book in the series Rosemary Opens Her Heart due out in Oct 2012.
Heart2Heart More than 1 year ago
A great new fantastic Amish Fiction series! Abby Lambright is the envy of so many within her Amish community. She has the wisdom of someone beyond her years and is responsible and very organized. Perhaps that is why her family felt she could run her own sewing shop alongside the families mercantile. Abby has a knack for putting back together what seems to fall apart in the lives the people in Cedar Creek, Missouri. She just wishes she had a knack for helping herself find a way to heal her broken heart, when the man she grew up loving, James Graber, decides to marry her sister Suzanna instead. On the day of the wedding with preparations in full swing, family members arriving from all over including out of state in Ohio and Pennsylvania, the bride vanishes. Leaving in the middle of the night on the eve of her wedding, to avoid having to deal with explaining things to her family, Zanna cuts her wedding dress to pieces and vanishes without anyone hearing anything. Now it's up to Abby to tell James that he doesn't have a bride to marry and for once she doesn't know what to say to the man that still owns her heart. In the novel, Abby Finds Her Calling, by Naomi King, the reader is introduced to the first book in a brand new Amish series, Home at Cedar Creek. Here we are introduced to the Lambert and Graber family's and how they are intertwined in a wedding that has failed to take place. Now turmoil ensues when Zanna returns home to face the music of not only her family, friends and James, but also the consequences of defiling the church with her actions. At only 17, Zanna has more on her mind that just her explanation of why she left but now having the deal with the talk of her community. Abby once again takes up the role as the mender and wise counselor to her torn family. Her mother is distraught at not knowing quite what to do with Zanna, her older brother Sam who now has stepped into the role of the man of the house when there father died is beyond angry at not only the expense he had to pay but now answering to the elders of the church for Zanna's actions. James will not escape unscathed when he learns just why Zanna couldn't marry him. Will he finally see the qualities in Abby that he's been blind to before, or will Abby spend the rest of her life simply being a maidel? I received Abby Finds Her Calling by Naomi King compliments of Pump Up Your Book Tours for my honest review. I LOVE it when a book will take you on a journey and make the characters in the book truly come alive. A different view is offered from the Amish point of view when Zanna's character goes against her moral and spiritual beliefs and makes the reader ponder just what would they do if faced with similar circumstances. A wonderful new series that I can wait to finish and get to know more of the characters that live in Cedar Creek as Naomi King continues with her upcoming books. I rate this one a 5 out of 5 stars!!!
literarymuseVC More than 1 year ago
Welcome to a new series about the Amish community in Cedar Creek, Missouri. It's a beautiful fall day which bridegroom James Graber is relishing as he watches the carriages of Amish from surrounding and far away communities converge on Cedar Creek for James's wedding that day. Watching them arrive, James is contemplating his future wife, Zanna, whom he loves and is determined to cherish for the rest of their lives. Things seem to go completely awry a few minutes later when Zanna's sister, Abby, comes to tell James that Zanna is nowhere to be found. What a disaster - embarrassment galore, shame, anger, fury, confusion and so much more are felt and expressed. The Bishop who was to marry them decides they will worship and celebrate life in spite of the lack of a bride and groom. So begins a story in which Zanna does reappear but in a condition that all blame her and James for, which was really caused by a secret other. Because of her sin, Zanna is "banned" (or shunned) for six weeks by her community, but it takes a lot longer than that for the community to heal and begin to treat her civilly. During that time, secrets will be revealed. A lost son will return through a terrible tragedy and the unexpected will happen to both Zanna and Abby, who has mentally nurtured a hidden love of her own she's had for eons it seems. It may seem a bit stretched the way it all turns out, but that happens in a very nice way that the reader will definitely enjoy. Naomi King has a very unique gift of presenting a simple romance with a few twists and turns. Her unique talent is making sure every possible point of view is expressed in a credible, real way that is quite edifying and electric with tension. Not many authors who write this type of fiction have such a balanced perspective. It's not a touchy, feel good book, just a very honest story about love and grace gone amiss and the honestly difficult but determined journey it takes to come truly "home." Very nicely done, Ms. King!
kittycrochettwo More than 1 year ago
Amish fiction is one of my favorite genres to read, but sometimes the plots start mirroring each other but once in a while I find story that has me flying thru the pages to see how things will work out, and that's just what I found with "Abby Finds Her Calling." Abby Lambright is considered to be a spinster in her Amish community. She always turns down suitors because the boy she has been in love with since grade school is in love with someone else, actually planned on marrying someone else. She has always kept these feelings well hidden, because the one she has feelings for,James Graber, actually planned on marrying her sister Suzanna. When he shows up for the wedding though, Zanna is gone, and the wedding is off. When Zanna comes back and shares the truth of why she can't marry James, because she is pregnant with someone else's child, someone who has left the community. Will a baby be able to bring a lost soul home again, and how will the community accept Zanna and her baby? Read this fantastic story and find out! I really liked the way this story was presented. It's about Zanna and the choices she makes, but it is also about Abby and her faith,her willingness to work and sacrifice, her willingness to stand by her sister. I loved the character of Abby. She was someone who decided to remain unmarried rather than settle. I also found it interesting that as a single woman she owned her own house. I liked the sense of community that I felt in the town of Cedar Creek, it was easy to become immersed in the lives of the characters. The plot moved along at a brisk pace, and for me there was never a down time. While I was pleased with the ending for Zanna, I was left hoping for something more for Abby. I have my fingers crossed that her story might continue in another book. I loved my visit to Cedar Creek and will certainly be watching for the next book in the series titled "Rosemary Opens Her Heart" due out in Oct. 2012. Overall fans of Amish fiction will love this story, but anyone who enjoys a good story about community, families and faith, will also be drawn to this story.
RtBBlog More than 1 year ago
Reviewed By~April Review Copy Provided By~Publisher Abby Finds Her Calling is a true gift of inspiration and beauty, lovingly crafted by a very talented author, Naomi King. I don't often read Amish fiction, though I truly love it and love falling into the simple and non-complex lives of these people who hold both God and family/neighbors above all else. Whenever I do treat myself, it always makes me reflect upon my own life and how much value we tend to place on non-necessity things such as computers, cell phones, hand-held gadgets, etc. This book was no different. Though titled Abby Finds Her Calling, much of the story revolves around Abby's younger sister, Zanna, who on her wedding day runs away and hides herself for a couple of days. This sends their small community, friends and family into a panic (not to mention the intended husband, James). When Zanna returns and confesses shocking secrets, everyone's lives are sent into a tail-spin. It is kind-hearted Abby who soothes things over and brings peace to not only those directly effected by Zanna's confessions, but also to the community. Within the story, Abby is described as "love and sunshine". I absolutely love this and couldn't think of a better description for this woman. She is the most unselfish, hard-working, admirable person I have ever met - be it in a story characterization or real life. If everyone had even a few drops of her morals and ethics, the world would be a much better place. Naomi King's writing style is beautiful, poetic and incredibly inspirational. She often makes reference to verses within the Bible that tie in with what is taking place within the story - these verses are quoted by the characters throughout. Ms. King truly brings to life the way of the Amish - their hard working ethics, their concern and willingness to help friends and neighbors without a second doubt. The only thing that rubbed me the wrong way was the submissiveness on the part of the women. That, however, is just a personal peeve of mine and does not reflect on the author at all - just the way of life for these people. As far as characters, I loved them all. Abby is beyond amazing, James is such an intelligent and caring man, I loved the way that Zanna grew throughout the story and all of the brothers, sisters and community members were amazingly brought to life. This story was a pure delight in many ways! I do have to mention that I was quickly engrossed within the story and was both emotionally and physically invested each and every time that I picked up this book. Abby Finds Her Calling is a very quick and enjoyable read. I do wish that the ending was a bit different for Abby, however, I hope that as the series progresses, so will things for Abby. The second book in the "Home at Cedar Creek" series is titled Rosemary Opens Her Heart due out Oct. 2012 and I cannot wait to get my hands on it to see what happens with the lovely people of Cedar Creek! Favorite Quote: "Life is precious. We shouldn't waste it making other people feel small and worthless, nor should we cry over spilled milk and make endless excuses," she added. "We should love each other. We should do the work God's given us. It's as simple - and as complicated - as that."
Marcie77 More than 1 year ago
bby Finds Her Calling by Naomi King is delightfully heartwarming novel about the small Amish town of Cedar Creek. To call Cedar Creek a town doesn't really do it justice. The town is more like a family. The residents of Cedar Creek not only hold fast to each other but also to their values and faith. Much like a family this quiet town does not escape the drama that can be found in most families. Abby is one of the main characters in this book. She is wise, thoughtful, giving and at times to good to be true. She is what the town calls a maidel. She's the local seamstress, who lives by herself. She isn't married or courting anyone. Abby has been in love with James Graber ever since forever. However James never saw her as anything more than a friend. James is also engaged to her sister, Zanna. Without including any spoilers, things get really shaken up when Zanna reveals a secret she's been hiding. Naomi King gives us a fictitious look inside a small Amish town. Even though this novel takes place in today's world it's almost as if you travel back in time reading about the Amish lifestyle. Their lives are simple and plain compared to today's society but that doesn't mean they don't suffer some of the same issues that outsiders deal with. The characters of this book are numerous but enjoyable. The story line evokes emotions from joy to heartbreak. Overall this is a delightful, clean novel that readers will enjoy. It emphasizes the power of forgiveness that is humbling. The next book in the series, Rosemary Opens Her Heart, is due out October 2012.
Icecream18 More than 1 year ago
In an Amish community in the countryside of Cedar Creek, Missouri, hundreds of family and friends gather for the wedding of James and Zanna. Unfortunately today, Zanna is a run-away bride. Her older sister Abby finds her, comforts her, and learns the reasons why Zanna cannot marry James. As the story unfolds in this small close-knit community, Abby is always a voice of reason and caring for all the confused, hurt people involved. She even helps Zanna find artistic, fulfilling work for herself, so that she can be more independent in the future. Abby herself has secretly loved James for most of her life, but she unselfishly had expected to rejoice in her sister’s marriage to him. In the end, although hardly aware of Abby’s feelings for him, James compliments Abby by telling her she must be made of love and sunshine. Learning a little about the Amish ways of worship and community interactions made reading this book a new experience for me. Confession before the whole community and the shunning that follows seem harsh. Yet, in this place, the consultations with the bishop and the acceptance of the older family members’ decisions seem respectful and well-meant. The characters’ dialogue conveys their love for one another, but with enough frustration, rebellion, and humor to make them likable and interesting.