Agriculture: An Introductory Reader

Agriculture: An Introductory Reader

by Rudolf Steiner, C. von Arnim

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Rudolf Steiner, the often undervalued, multifaceted genius of modern times, contributed much to the regeneration of culture. In addition to his philosophical teachings, he provided ideas for the development of many practical activities, including education - both general and special - agriculture, medicine, economics, architecture, science, religion and the arts. Today there are thousands of schools, clinics, farms, and many other organizations that are founded directly on his principles.

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ISBN-13: 9781855843295
Publisher: Rudolf Steiner Press
Publication date: 04/02/2013
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 256
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Table of Contents

1.The Evolving Human Being14
The contemporary human being15
Former evolutionary stages17
The emergence of modern consciousness21
The significance of changes in nutrition28
2.Cosmos as the Source of Life34
Stars and the significance of the zodiac35
The sun and its planetary relationships42
Elementary conditions and spiritual beings46
The nature of the four primal elements49
3.Plants and the Living Earth54
Plants, minerals and creation55
The plant world between earth and sun57
Earth's seasonal and diurnal breathing processes60
Trees and the astral environment of plants67
4.Farms and the Realms of Nature73
Animals and the farm individuality74
The cow, her horns and manure80
The mission of birds and insects84
Fungi and plant diseases89
5.Bringing the Chemical Elements to Life95
The nature of the atom96
Planetary influences on earthly life98
Silica, lime and clay102
The elements of organic substance106
6.Soil and the World of Spirit115
Nurturing the life of the soil116
The resonance of chaos and cosmos123
7.Supporting and Regulating Life Processes131
Field sprays to invigorate soil and plant132
Vitalizing solid or liquid organic fertilizers134
Suppressing the growth of weeds142
Regulating the abundance of pests144
8.Spirits of the Elements148
Elementals as the manifestations of cosmic forces149
Elemental beings of the plant kingdom152
Elementals as gatherers of substance159
9.Nutrition and Vitality163
New concepts in nutrition164
The plant and the digestive process166
The nutrition and health of animals175
10.Responsibility for the Future186
The inner challenge for human beings187
Human influence on nature's processes190
Recognizing the needs of spiritual beings193
The long-term goal of humanity197
Further Reading231
Note Regarding Rudolf Steiner's Lectures235

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