Apacheria: True Stories of Apache Culture 1860-1920

Apacheria: True Stories of Apache Culture 1860-1920

by W. Michael Farmer


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A book of brief essays, illustrative art, and photography from often obscure historical and ethnological studies of Apache history, life, and culture in the last half of the nineteenth century. These snippets of history and culture provide insights into late nineteenth century Apache culture, history, and supernatural beliefs as the great western migration after the Civil War swept over the Apache bands in the late nineteenth century resulting in immense pressure for their cultures to change or vanish.

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ISBN-13: 9781493032792
Publisher: TwoDot
Publication date: 04/01/2018
Pages: 216
Sales rank: 1,132,398
Product dimensions: 6.90(w) x 10.10(h) x 0.60(d)
Age Range: 8 - 12 Years

About the Author

W. Michael Farmer combines over ten years of research into nineteenth century Apache history and culture with southwest living experience to fill his stories with a genuine sense of time and place. A retired Ph.D. physicist, his scientific research has included measurement of atmospheric aerosols with laser-based instruments, and he has published a two-volume reference book on atmospheric effects on remote sensing. He has also written short stories for anthologies and award winning essays. His first novel, Hombrecito's War, won a Western Writers of America Spur Finalist Award for Best First Novel in 2006 and was a New Mexico Book Award Finalist for Historical Fiction in 2007.

Author's Previous Titles:
*Hombrecito’s Search
*Tiger, Tiger, Burning Bright: The Betrayals of Pancho Villa
*Conspiracy: The Trial of Oliver Lee and James Gililland
*Killer of Witches:The Life and Times of Yellow Boy (Mescalero Apache, Book 1)
*Blood of the Devil: The Life and Times of Yellow Boy (Mescalero Apache, Book 2) is scheduled for publication in the spring of 2017.

Table of Contents

Map of the Apacheria Prior to 1886 iv

Acknowledgments viii

Preface ix

Introduction xi

Apache Culture xi

Apache Bands and Lifeways xii

Apache Religious Belief xvi

Apache Courtship and Family Life xviii

Apache Training and Codes of Honor xxii

Part 1 Apache Raiding and Warfare 1

Apache Warrior Women 3

1861 Apache Diplomacy on the El Paso Road 5

"My Father Was a Good Man; He Killed Lots of White Eyes" 7

Juh's Assassination of Lt. Howard Cushing 10

Victorio 13

A Victorio Cavalry Ambush 17

Nana, Victorio's Segundo 20

Geronimo and the Arroyo Fight 23

Sierra Madre Apaches 27

Part 2 The Geronimo Wars 30

Geronimo's Only Capture 31

Geronimo's First Breakout from San Carlos, 1878 34

Geronimo's Second Breakout from San Carlos, 1881 37

Geronimo's Third and Last Breakout from San Carlos, 1885 41

Geronimo's Final Surrender and the Law of Unintended Consequences 45

Part 3 Apache Scouts 49

Apache Scouts: Heroes, Outlaws, and Survivors 50

Al Sieber, Chief of Scouts 54

Apache Scout Power 56

Apache Scouts and the Salt River Cave Fight 58

Apache Scout Tzoe, "Peaches" 60

Chato: Survivor and Apache Judas? 63

Part 4 The Apache Kid: Trials, Escape, Renegade 66

Trials of the Apache Kid 67

The Escape of the Apache Kid 70

Apache Kid, Renegade 73

Part 5 Massai-The Warrior Who Escaped 77

Massai's Early Life 78

Massai and Gray Lizard Escape from the Florida Train for Prisoners of War 81

Massai Takes A New Wife 85

Massai Goes to the Happy Place 88

Part 6 Apache Prisoners of War 91

Apache Prisoners of War for Twenty-Seven Years 93

Apache Prisoners of War at Mount Vernon Barracks 96

Mescaleros Sent to Florida with the Chiricahuas Get an Early Release 100

Apache Prisoners of War Sent to Fort Sill 103

Apache Prisoner of War Years at Fort Sill 107

Geronimo Asks President Theodore Roosevelt to Let His People Go 111

Geronimo's Twenty-Three Years in Captivity 114

Part 7 Early Life on the Mescalero Reservation 117

The Mescaleros Penned Up at Bosque Redondo 119

Five Hundred Mescaleros Disappear Overnight from Bosque Redondo 122

Victorio on the Mescalero Reservation 125

Invasion of the Mescalero Reservation 129

Agent W. H. H. Llewellyn, Tata Crooked Nose 131

The Jicarilla Come to Mescalero 134

Agent V. E. Stottler, Tata Loco 138

"Kill the Indian … Save the Man" 141

Part 8 The Chiefs of the Mescaleros 143

Cadette 144

Natzili, Sombrero, and Solon Sombrero 148

Magoosh, Chief of the Lipan Apache 151

San Juan 154

Peso, Last Mescalero Chief 157

Chiricahua Prisoners of War Return to Mescalero, New Mexico 160

Naiche, Last Chief of the Chiricahua Apaches 163

The Parallel Lives of Mangas, Son of Mangas Coloradas, and Naiche, Son of Cochise 167

Asa Daklugie: "It Took Four Years to Get Him to Talk" 170

The Last White Eye 173

Epilogue 176

Endnotes 179

Additional Reading and Information Resources 183

Index 184

About the Author 191

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