Astro Girls: Celestial Bond

Astro Girls: Celestial Bond

by Isha Panesar
Astro Girls: Celestial Bond

Astro Girls: Celestial Bond

by Isha Panesar


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When twelve-year-old Arianna learns an asteroid threatens to wipe out Earth, she's terrified. But the impending disaster vanishes as mysteriously as it appeared, leaving her to wonder if it was nothing more than a strange dream. What's more mysterious is discovering her eleven new best friends shared a similar experience.

Together, they travel to the woods behind her new school to investigate the details of their shared dreams, only to discover it's all real. Gifted with superpowers and given a terrifying task, the girls work together to fulfil their promise. Then one girl goes missing, and the remaining eleven must do everything they can to bring their friend home.

Transported to another world, they encounter wild creatures, strange lands, newfound friends, and a villain determined to destroy everything to steal the source of the girls' powers. Time is running out. They must rescue their friend, save the day and return home for if they fail, more than Earth is in danger. The fate of the entire universe is at stake.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780645018004
Publisher: MMH Press
Publication date: 11/19/2020
Pages: 224
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.51(d)

About the Author

ISHA PANESAR is the debut author of Astro Girls - celestial bond, the first novel in its intended trilogy. Isha was born and raised by her widowed mother and older sister in Heston, Middlesex. In her childhood, Isha was always getting into mischief along with her little brother (Such things like pouring her mum's expensive perfume down the sink!). In school, Isha struggled to pay attention and would often find herself caught in a daydream. She was bottom set in every class and her only salvageable grade directed her toward fashion as she entered college. English was never her strongest subject but daydreaming and the world of fantasy was. It's where she stumbled across the idea for Astro Girls, built around all mystical things that she loves - astrology, superpowers, fantasy worlds, space, aliens as well as good triumphing over evil, moral values, believing in your abilities and finding your inner strength. Isha has always believed from her heart that anything you put your mind to you will succeed, it was this very belief which kept her going in completing this novel. No matter how tired she was whilst working those 10-hour shifts and raising her two beautiful children. Today, Isha proudly voices her novel Astro Girls is female-driven, aimed to inspire and ignite the greatness in all who read it. Isha lives in Surrey, UK. Sharing her life with her loving fiancé a nd t heir t wo c hildren. When s he's n ot dreaming of Astro Girls and the empowering greatness behind it, she can be found elbow-deep in pizza dough - she loves cooking

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments 8

Chapter 1: THE ENTRY 11

Chapter 2: THE STAR SIGNS 20

Chapter 3: IMPACT 28

Chapter 4: THE MEETUP 39

Chapter 5: THE ORB 45

Chapter 6: AFTERMATH 50

Chapter 7: OATH 57


Chapter 9: STRANGE THINGS 69

Chapter 10: SCHOOL TRIP 75

Chapter 11: IN TRAINING 83

Chapter 12: WARNING 91

Chapter 13: HEART TO HEART 101

Chapter 14: BREAKING THE NEWS 110

Chapter 15: INTRODUCTION 119

Chapter 16: ZODIAC 127

Chapter 17: NOTUS 133

Chapter 18: HUSKIN VALLEY 143

Chapter 19: TARN TORMENT 151

Chapter 20: THE MAGUS 162

Chapter 21: VALDOME TOWER 173

Chapter 22: METUS 182

Chapter 23: TREACHERY 189

Chapter 24: FRIEND OR FOE 198

Chapter 25: COME TO BLOWS 206

Chapter 26: EMPEARIOPIA 213

About the author 222

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