Atlantis The Eyewitnesses

Atlantis The Eyewitnesses

by Walter Parks

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Atlantis The Eyewitnesses by Walter Parks

Many have believed that Atlantis was a fiction created by Plato. Well Plato was not the first to write about it.
We have found a very much earlier document. It was written in 9619 BC, about 9,250 years before Plato’s writing.
Further, we have assembled enough evidence in terms of archeological finds and scientific facts to provide convincing proof that Atlantis really did exist. And we have found the remains.
You can see the sunken Atlantis on Google Earth and it is located exactly where Plato told us it sank.
The same tectonic plates and associated volcanic activity that created Atlantis also created 9 other significant islands and island groups that still exist. There are also hundreds of related rocks and small islets.
Atlantis and these other Islands and Islets were created on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, which is a section of Earth’s longest mountain range, most of which is underwater.
But Atlantis and the other 9 significant islands and hundreds of islets rose above water and today still have altitudes up to 7,711 above the sea level. This highest peak is on Pico Mountain in the Azores.
The Azores, now Islands, were once mountain peaks on Atlantis.
The process that created Atlantis is continuing. The most recent new island is Surtsey located 20 miles south of Iceland. It rose above sea level in a series of volcanic eruptions between November 8, 1963 and June 5, 1968.
Take a look at our book and see actual photos of the sunken Atlantis and the many other Islands created by the process that created Atlantis. And read the world's oldest surviving document which describes the destruction of Atlantis.

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Publication date: 06/16/2011
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About the Author

Walter Hugh Parks graduated from Mississippi State University as an aerospace engineer and worked for Lockheed Martin for 24 years. He advanced from an aerospace engineer to Vice President of the Company and President of the Tactical Weapons Systems Division.
He then formed Parks-Jaggers Aerospace Company and sold it 4 years later.
He continued his education throughout his career with a MBA degree from Rollins College and with Post Graduate Studies in Astrophysics at UCLA; Laser Physics at the University of Michigan; Computer Science at the University of Florida; and Finance and Accounting at the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania.
After selling his aerospace company he formed Quest Studios, Quest Entertainment and Rosebud Entertainment to make films at Universal Studios. He produced 10 films, Directed 7 films and wrote 5 films produced at Universal Studios.
He then formed UnknownTruths Publishing Company to publish true stories of the unusual or of the previously Unknown or unexplained. These include books about past events so unbelievable that most people have relegated them to “myths”.
His books and eBooks include:
Atlantis the Eyewitnesses in paperback and as a series of eBooks: Atlantis the Eyewitnesses which includes all 3 parts, Atlantis the Eyewitness Part I The Creation of Atlantis, Atlantis the Eyewitness Part II The Atlantians and their Legacy, and Atlantis the Eyewitness Part III The Destruction of Atlantis. These books are based on scientific evidence and an ancient document about Atlantis written many centuries before Plato.
Immortal Again, Secrets of the Ancients in paperback and an eBook based on evidence and scientific tests showing how Methuselah and other ancients lived such long lives.
Aging is a Treatable Disease in paperback and an eBook that describes why we age and what we can do to increase our healthy longevity.
Jesus His School Years a paperback based on the found text books that Jesus studied before beginning His ministry.
Jesus the Missing Years an eBook based on new evidence from the Dead Sea Scrolls and other ancient documents.
Noah’s Flood a paperback based on scientific evidence and ancient documents and artifacts.
Satan Has Left the Earth is an eBook based on ancient documents and new scientific findings.
Paranormal Portal to a Parallel Universe based on scientific evidence and inspired by a paranormal encounter.

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