Authentic Fire: A Response to John MacArthur's Strange Fire

Authentic Fire: A Response to John MacArthur's Strange Fire

by Michael L. Brown PhD


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In response to Pastor John MacArthur’s call for a “collective war,” against charismatics, Dr. Michael Brown has called for unity in Jesus based on a return to the truth of the Scriptures in the fullness of the Spirit.

As a charismatic biblical scholar and theologian, Dr. Brown responds to Pastor MacArthur’s charges, making a biblical case for the continuation of the New Testament gifts of the Spirit and demonstrating the unique contribution to missions, theology, and worship made by the charismatic Church worldwide. He calls for an appreciation of the unique strengths and weaknesses of both cessationists and charismatics, inviting readers to experience God afresh, and he demonstrates how charismatic leaders have been addressing abuses within their own movement for decades.

Dr. Brown speaks on behalf of millions who are not adequately trained to express in writing their own encounters with the supernatural power of God. - David Ravenhill

I thank God for this biblically-robust, pastorally-sensitive, historicallyinformed, and graciously-articulated account of the work of the Holy Spirit in the church of Jesus Christ. - Sam Storms

Dr. Michael Brown’s Authentic Fire puts the brakes on John MacArthur’s crusade against charismatics with irrefutable logic, extraordinary insight, Christ-like graciousness, and an undisputable handling of Scripture. - Frank Viola

Michael Brown writes with clarity and courtesy as he confronts one of the most explosive issues among all those who uphold the Bible as the plumb line of truth. - David Shibley

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ISBN-13: 9781629984551
Publisher: Charisma Media
Publication date: 07/07/2015
Edition description: First
Pages: 424
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.80(d)

About the Author

Michael L. Brown (Ph. D., New York University) is founder and president of FIRE School of Ministry and host of the nationally syndicated, daily talk radio show the Line of Fire. He is a published Old Testament and Semitic scholar and a leading Messianic Jewish apologist. He has written 25 books, including Hyper-Grace: Exposing the Dangers of the Modern Grace Movement.

Table of Contents

Preface v

1 A "Collective War" Against Charismatics 1

2 Rejecting the Strange Fire, Embracing the Authentic Fire 11

3 A Great Big Blind Spot 47

4 The Genetic Fallacy and the Error of Guilt By Association 81

5 Testing the Spirits: Another Look at the Evidence 121

6 Sola Scriptura and Therefore Charismatic 161

7 Shall We Burn One Another at the Stake? 223

8 Spirit and Truth, Right Brain and Left Brain 249

9 A God to be Experienced 269

10 Moving Forward After Strange Fire 307


A The Ongoing Evidence of Miracles, with Thoughts on African Charismatic Christianity Craig S. Keener 335

B Why NT Prophecy Does NOT Result in "Scripture-quality" Revelatory Words (A Response to the Most Frequently Cited Cessationist Argument against the Contemporary Validity of Spiritual Gifts) Sam Storms 377

C Did the Authentic Fire Cease in the First Century? A Re-sponse to Tom Pennington's, "A Case for Cessationism" Steven S. Alt 393

D A Missions Perspective on Charisraatics and Cessationists David Shibley 415

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Authentic Fire: A Response to John MacArthur's Strange Fire 3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Ciskowski More than 1 year ago
Interesting that the ONLY review is from "Anonymous" (My name is Robert Ciskowski), first, Ms. or Mr. "Anonymous" God will have a lot of mercy of Mr. MacArthur's soul, if you are a Christian you would understand that. So here it is, John MacArthur always backs his material up, not so with this rubbish that passes as a "response". I will keep this very simple for all of you "Charismatics" - you that still have the gift of speaking in tongues, I would imagine that with the 500 million charismatics across our planet - there has been a lot of speaking in tongues, stay with me here, therefore, where does your message come from? The speaking in tongues provides a message, right? Is the message from God or from Satan? You say from God, logically, from your position, therefore, if these hundreds of thousands of messages are coming God, new revelation, or correcting our misunderstandings of His Word maybe, I would imagine that if God is sending up these messages through your tongues gift(s) it must be as equally important as the rest of His Word (Scripture) it would be on par with His Word. Therefore, why have you not printed all these vital messages from God for the rest of the your brothers to hear, to be edified by, to be enlightened with? I would say, that there must be enough tongue-gifted messages to fill several hundred(s) of very thick volumes of new revelation/prophesy right? So, Ms. or Mr. "Anonymous" may I have just one volume of these new prophecies? My I be enlightened? My I have understanding - share your gift, edify me! I thirst for God's Word, if He has given more Word - tell us! If you cannot produce a volume, enlighten me with a chapter, or a page, or a paragraph, or just one of these "tongue-gifted" prophecies. Or is it a secret? Share! explain to us what God has given your movement. We, true worshippers/believers should not be left in the dark. Surely you know His Word - you must have an interrupter - without an interrupter - you must remain silent. Or its just gibberish. Please post just one new revelation from God through your gift of speaking in tongues, also please list who stated it, when and where, thank you! I await. PS God Bless you John! You are spot on in this area.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Brown has done an exelant job in showimg falicies of MacArthur's Strange Fire conferance. May God have mercy on MacArthur.