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Automotive Master Technician: Advanced Light Vehicle Technology

Automotive Master Technician: Advanced Light Vehicle Technology

by Graham Stoakes


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'Technology needs technicians, and the ability to harness technical diagnosis calls for a Master Technician'.
The rapid growth in technology used in the production of cars has highlighted the need for a different approach to vehicle diagnosis and repair. The integration of complex electronic control with mechanical systems shows the brilliance in the engineering capabilities of designers and manufacturers.
While this technology has improved the comfort, safety, convenience and reliability of vehicles, it has also created an issue with established methods of maintenance and repair. As many of the control systems operate beyond our natural capabilities, diagnostic tooling is required to undertake most of the fault finding duties traditionally conducted by vehicle technicians. Also, the sophisticated nature of advanced system faults will often lead to diagnostic requirements for which there is no prescribed method.
One of the fundamental roles of a Master Technician will be the diagnosis and repair of these complex and advanced system faults, for which diagnostic approaches need to be developed that can provide logical strategies to reduce overall diagnostic time. An effective diagnostic routine should always begin with a logical assessment of symptoms and then uses reasoning to reduce the possible number of options, before following a systematic approach to finding and fixing the root cause.
The chapters will introduce you to health and safety, electrical principles and the psychology of diagnosis, followed by technical chapters on the operation of advanced vehicle systems including:
Advanced Internal Combustion Engine Technology
Advanced Vehicle Driveline and Chassis Technology
Advanced Vehicle Body Electrics
Alternative Fuel Vehicles
It will also include chapters on the non-technical skills required from a Master Technician including:
Providing Technical Support and Advice to Colleagues in Motor Vehicle Environments
Liaising with Vehicle Product Manufacturers and Suppliers on Technical Matters
Diagnostic Consultations with Customers in Motor Vehicle Environments
Fundamental Management Principles in the Automotive Industry
This book offers:
Ideal support for learners and tutors undertaking automotive qualifications.
Information to help cover the knowledge requirements for Level 4 Master Technicians.
A large number of illustrations to support knowledge and understanding.

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ISBN-13: 9780992949228
Publisher: Graham Stoakes
Publication date: 02/06/2015
Pages: 338
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