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BN ID: 2940016614533
Publisher: CruPress
Publication date: 05/09/2013
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Pages: 20
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Backstory 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
NAME Bramblekit <p> AGE 3 moons<p>GENDER tom<p> DESC a dark brown tabby tom with frosty blue eyes and a collar made of cloth brambles and thornes. <p>PERS adveturous good learner friendly protective but can be mean if wanted. <p> MOTHER Snow (daughter of Arachne and Venom)<p> FATHER Hawkfrost<p> ADOPTED MOTHER Pikapower. (And sortaSeven. He calls Seven his aunt) <p> ADOPTED FATHER unknown....none<p>SIBLING Poppykit (a long haired light brown tabby with white chest and belly and blue eyes) <p>PAST Snow died in child birth. Hawkfrost the kits father gave them to a orphanage to proect them. He ended up getting killed and is know in the dark forest. Bramblekit takes and looks like his father while poppykit takes from both parents. Bramblekit got adopted and taken to his new home while Poppykit staed at the orphanage before he ran off and joined Jayclan.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
My name is Rockfoot. I am a silver cat with a black muzzle and tufts of fur on my ears. I am easily annoyed, but loving. I am a female. I am a senior warrior, and l dont know my age. Here is my history. <p>My mother was a rouge named Rocky. She fell madly in love with Stormfang, my fther. He was in Breezeclan. He once asked her to come to the clans, but she said no. The Breezeclan leader, she found put about Rocky. She told Stormfang to chose. He was torn, but he choose Breezeclan. Little did he know Rocky was expectng kits. She was heartbroken. She had her kits in the middle of winter. There were four. One was still born. She still named her, Grace. On was the strongest. She was Worm, because she wiggled so much. One was Honey, even though he was a tom...... The st was me, my name was Snow. Rocky knew she would live long. She buried Grace the next day and we started our journey the next day. We went through a rock avalache. Worm tumbled into the chaos and her body was never recovered. <p> Our mother had gotten to the clan border with only Honey and l safe. She placed us a little over the border and left. Her body wasnt recovered, either. The next day our fater found us. He knew we were his and Rockys. He took us back to camp and named us. Honey was renamed Bramblekit. I was named Rockkit. After my mother. Bramblekit and l grew up to be Bramblefoot and Rockfoot. He fell in love with Cloudeyes and had one kit, Mossypaw. I fell in love with the stubbornist cat in the clan: Thornfoot. We had three kits. One of which is alive today. Our daughter, Yellowkit, died when she fell from a tree. Larchstripe died during a large battle. But Flamestripe, he lives on today. Stormfang became Stormstar. I became the deputy. That is my life. <p>((This is a made up story. Sorry if theres actually a Breezeclan.))
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Name: Summersnow/ Age: She is not sure of her age. She is almost, but, not quite, a full-grown cat./ Looks: She is a dappled-gray. Her tail-tip and a diamond-shaped patch on her neck are pure white. Her eyes are blue-green. She has a scar on the back of one ear./ Personality: She is hostile until you gain her trust, but she likes to be social. Even though she has been through hard times, she is usually optimistic. She tries to help others and doesn't like to see innocent cats suffering. She can't usually retain a grudge for long. She hates evil cats and clans and is part of an orginazation to fight them and minimize the damage they do. She is single and is not interested in a mate./ History: Her mother, Leafbreeze, was a lazy, shiftless, selfish she-cat that only cared out herself. Leafbreeze mated with a cat from a different clan that she didn't even love. Summersnow was pretty much an accident. When Leafbreeze had become pregant, the clan, SummerClan, (no insult if there is real SummerClan) found out her secret and kicked her out of the clan. Leafbreeze gave birth in the woods. She managed to get by for a little bit, long enough to tell little Summerkit her history. Then, she died, leaving Summerkit to fend for herself. One day, while hunting, she saw two cats on a scent patrol. She didn't know it, but they were SummerClan. She followed them back to their clan and realized that this was the place her mother had told her about; this was SummerClan! She watched both two apprentice ceremonies and one warrior ceremony. The kit figured that she was now about the age of an appretice. She conducted her own apprentice ceremony, thinking that when she became a warrior, SummerClan would want her. So, Summerkit, now Summerpaw, eventually became Summersnow. Her clan gladly accepted her back, as she pledged her loyalty to the clan. After about a moon of living happily with her newfound friends and clan, disaster struck. An evil clan, Bloodlust, attacked. Summersnow knew they would go for the kits, so as fast as she could, she fought her way to the nursery. Several other cats had gotten the same idea. They grouped together and fought off Bloodlust. For a while, it looked like they were winning. Then, a second wave, of Bloodlust arrived, but the tired and wounded cats kept fighting. Their leader, Sunstar, lost two of his lives. It became clear that they were all going to die. The deputy, Breezetail, told Summersnow and a tom, Lightpelt, to take the kits and hide them somewhere safe. Summersnow and Lightpelt knew the woods better than anyone. Breezetail said that the rest of the clan would meet them in the woods. They fled, taking the kits to an abandoned fox den. They searched the woods for the rest of the clan, but didn't find even a scent. They returned to the camp, to find that Bloodlust had killed them all. Vowing to avenge her clan, Summersnow left Lightpelt to take care of the kits and went to get her revenge on Bloodlust and all evil clans. /// Sorry this is so long. If you want to talk to me please talk in the second res so, I don' t have to delete this.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Name: Nightclaw Age: 21 moons Gender: Male Looks: He is a black tom with glowing red eyes. Backstory: He was a normal cat, though the elders feared him, saying that his red eyes were a bad omen and Starclan had cursed them. He grew up with his friend, a shecat, named Wildheart. She was beautiful, kind, and seemingly perfect. One day, as he was about to ask her to be his mate, he spotted his brother, Foxclaw, having already asked her. This broke Nightclaws heart, d twisted it. He soon was only focusd on seeing Wildhearts pain. Later, he was killed for his murders and lies. Everyone had wondered, how could such a sweet an inncent kit, have turned into a horrible monster? Simple answer: Heartbreak, jealousy, and the need for revenge.