Bad Cop

Bad Cop

by Angela McCallister

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ISBN-13: 9781622663385
Publisher: Entangled Publishing, LLC
Publication date: 10/28/2013
Series: Immortalis , #2
Sold by: Macmillan
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 215
Sales rank: 740,696
File size: 3 MB

About the Author

Angela McCallister will try just about anything once, from skydiving, sailing, slacklining, Aikido, and even hang-gliding--as long as she doesn't have to subject anyone to her "singing" or make an appearance in a bikini. She spends her days reading and writing. In fact, she's never to be found without a book hidden somewhere on her person. A member of RWA San Diego, From The Heart Romance Writers, Rose City Romance Writers, and FF&P RWA chapters, she'll talk books for hours and especially loves to hear from and meet readers and fellow authors.

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Bad Cop

By Angela McCallister, Candace Havens

Entangled Publishing, LLC

Copyright © 2013 Angela McCallister
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-62266-338-5


If Alice Capshaw's morning got any worse, she'd need to invest in more life insurance. Pulling at the only work-appropriate boot she could find, she hopped down the darkened hallway toward the living room. The mate to it had to be around there somewhere. A protruding lip of carpet at the entry caught her toe, and her knees hit the floor. The impact hammered her kneecaps, the ancient, thinning carpet doing little to cushion them.

"Why, why, why?" Alice rolled onto her rear to assess the damage. Her knees were only skinned, but the leggings were toast. With a curse, she kicked off her boot and peeled off the offending garment. No time to dig out another pair. She wanted so dearly to call in sick, but she'd used her sick leave.

No matter what she tried, she overslept. Three highly obnoxious alarms didn't do the trick to wake her. Her stress-induced depression was officially bleeding into her professional life.

Pushing to her feet, she felt something at her fingertips and peeked under the edge of the battered couch.


Of course her other boot would be under there in a completely different room from its mate. That made total sense. After slipping it on, she limped to the hall closet for her purse and lightweight, wool peacoat, slinging them on as she sailed out the door.

Navigating the stairs of her dilapidated apartment building was a near disaster. Her feet moved too fast for the rest of her. Tumbling the rest of the way was a strong possibility, but bare contact with the floor would require tetanus shots so she kept a death grip on the rail. By the time she reached the lobby, her lungs heaved like a set of bellows and burned as if the fire were inside them. Maybe she should take Piper up on the invite to Zumba on Wednesdays. No doubt she needed to get out more and could apparently use the exercise.

Dread tightened into a lead ball in her stomach as she rushed to the Vampire Liaison Office. Over two hours late and the morning was nearly gone. If she lost this job, it would crush her. Her work was the only thing keeping her above the cusp of poverty. Even with her renters, she'd lose her double-mortgaged childhood home for sure, not to mention her ratty apartment.

In the VLO elevator, she focused on deep breathing to fight off her rising panic. Maybe a life of crime would suit her well if she left the building minus her job. At least she'd look great in a catsuit. That image was immediately followed by how she'd look in bright orange and behind bars. Not so great. And then who would be there to take care of Zach?

A muffler on her racing thoughts would be nice. Waking with a headache and a completely numb scalp had to be a bad sign. Any second, the dizzy spells would start in. She weaved around the plain cubicles on the floor, avoiding eye contact with the few people not at their stations. When she made it to her desk in the open space at the far end of the room, a note from Val requesting her presence waited for her.

Unlike Human Resources, her boss had never made an issue of her tardiness. Alice had often worked evenings and on-call to facilitate the fact the VLO dealt with legal issues, regulations, and enforcement regarding vampire society, the Immortalis. But maybe she'd pushed Val too many times with her lack of punctuality.

This was it. Zach would get booted from his private facility. Where would he go? Ah, there's the dizziness. Alice leaned against the edge of her desk until it passed. Blinds blocked her view into Val's office so she had no sneak peek as she approached.

Hands shaking, she pressed the door handle and entered. Her boss glanced up through her fall of long, blond hair, and Alice smiled at her, though it was impossible to gauge Val's mood. This would be a great time to become a missing person.

Just pretend it's okay. Nothing happened. It's a normal day, and you're not suffering the early birthing pains of an anxiety attack.

"So, how's the bloodsucking business going?" she asked with a cheer that belied her state of mind.

Val pushed aside a massive stack of files that dwarfed her petite frame and motioned for Alice to take a seat. No smile. No greeting. Okay, definitely not a good sign. As she perched on the wide leather seat in front of the desk, she peered out the picture window overlooking downtown Seattle. Buildings obstructed the view, but it didn't matter. The scenery wasn't on her mind.

"Late again?" Val asked.

Alice had known this would happen eventually. Her heart rate climbed, and she clamped her fingers over the edge of her seat like a vise. "It was a terrible morning. The worst luck. If a black cat had crossed my path, it would've died."

Val laughed hard enough to double over in her chair, and a frisson of relief eased along Alice's nerves. "I'll be sure to stay away from wherever you're walking."

Her bated breath whooshed out. "You scared the crap out of me. I thought you were handing me a pink slip."

"No, no, no." Val glowered indignantly. "Like I would do that to you. Is that why you went white as a sheet?"

"I'm always white as a sheet." Sinking into her chair, Alice pushed back the dark hair obstructing her view. "Then why the grim face?"

Val tapped her pen rapidly against the desktop. "I'm nervous."

"And now I'm scared for real. What's going on? You've got a long time before Kade's inducting you into vampiredom. It's too early to get nervous about that." She'd been sure Val would never falter in her loathing of vampires, but then her boss had met Kade, the only vampire who could break through that animosity. They'd fallen fast and hard for each other while hunting down some crazed, murdering vampires, and she decided to transform into one of the Immortalis. The woman had lost her damned mind to go to that length for a man.

"I have a huge favor to ask, and you're not going to like it."

"You haven't even asked, and I already don't like it." Alice shifted forward again, her nerves lighting up at Val's reticence. "What's so bad?"

"I'm taking an extended leave of absence. No one knows my job better than you. I'd like you to step in while I'm gone. It'll be a long absence."

"You can't leave." Alice was sure her chin would have rug burn, as big a surprise as this was. Val was the most driven VLO agent Alice had ever encountered.

"I have to."

"Why? Are they booting you out already? They can't do that. You're not a vampire yet."

Val hesitated, but then the tension eased from her posture. "I'm three months pregnant."

"Seriously?" Alice jumped from her seat and squeezed Val's hand. "Congratulations. Wow. Who's the father?"

With a wide smile, she batted Alice's hand away. "Ha-ha. Very funny. Anyway, with the tensions between the two Immortalis castes, security's a huge problem. I'm going into sort of a lockdown-slash-paradise where I'll be fawned over by a crass, perverted vampire with a sweet side I have to dig around to find."

"Does this mean Kade's moving you to Glacier?" Alice barely registered Val's assent while she processed what was happening. Kade's estate in the wilds of Glacier was hours and hours from Seattle. That meant she would basically manage VLO operations alone.

Being a liaison and enforcement chief to the vampire's dual-caste culture was difficult enough, but the strife between Dominorum and Legio vampires would be the least of her problems. That wasn't what gave her goose bumps at the prospect of stepping in as Vice Director of the VLO.

"Val —"

"Before you answer, let me give you the details." She talked quickly, as if a break in speech might give Alice a chance to shoot down the offer. Which was exactly what she'd planned to do. "It's only temporary, and I've squared away all the issues I could before I leave. New agreements between the VLO and Immortalis are set up. Audits have been done on the application procedures for vampire transformation. It should be calm and peaceful as usual."

Alice opened her mouth to respond, but Val cut her off again.

"There's a fat raise."

"A raise?" Her attention perked. Well, that changed things.

"Yes. You're pay goes up to $102,000 per year. And Alice, it'll be about a year." She pressed her hands together tightly, a sure indication of her nerves. "And you get to pick your own executive assistant."

"My own mini-me?" Alice bit into her lip. This could stave away all her financial problems. She could catch up with her mortgages, and her worries about Zach's care could be postponed. The pay raise was more than $40,000 over what she made.

On the flip side, it would mean working with law-enforcement officers, the most myopic, crooked pack of swaggering cocks ever spawned. Not that Val wasn't an agent, but she didn't feel like one to Alice. Val had respect for the law and didn't get hung up on her own power.

"I'm not qualified. I don't have a degree."

"Don't need one," Val said. "Trust me. I considered that, but you've worked here longer than I have and know my duties inside and out. You're the one who fills in when I'm on leave. You know every agency I collaborate with. It's not like my criminal justice degree has come into use here. It's been on-the-job training, most of it from you. Come on, Alice. I need you."

"You know I hate —"

"Yes, I know. I promise you won't have to deal with law enforcement much at all. Mostly by e-mail or phone or videoconference, when you must. You can do this. You're the only one I trust to do this for me."

"What if I run into trouble?"

"Ever heard of a phone?" Val's wry smile knocked her over the edge of her inner debate. She didn't have much choice. It was a huge opportunity to dig out of the money pit she'd sunken into. Zach's care cost nearly ninety grand, the total climbing every year. If she hadn't received money from her parent's trust for some of it, she might have knocked over a bank long ago.

On the down side, apart from a small amount of contact with the VLO's own SWAT, Alice hadn't done much beyond long-distance correspondence with the other enforcement agencies. Val's absence would change that. There were inane meetings to attend, joint conferences, investigations. It wasn't like she was afraid of cops. She just hated them from top to bottom, all of them. For such a glittery pay raise, though, she'd learn to wear mouth guards.

"All right. Where do I sign?" God, she couldn't believe she was desperate enough for this.

Val happy danced in her seat. "Yes!"

"You're being ridiculous."

"See? No one else here would have the guts to tell me that. You won't regret this."

She tucked her hair behind her ear again. "Honey, regret is where I live."

A few pages of paperwork slid in front of her. "Just some forms," Val said.

"Well you came prepared."

Her boss didn't miss a beat. "Yep. So who's going to be your mini-me?"

"Oh, that's easy. Can I get Piper?"

"Sure. I'll take care of that on the way out. She works in Admin, right? You're not just choosing her for moral support, are you?"

"Why else?"

Val laughed as she rose from her chair and grabbed her jacket. For the first time, Alice noted the jeans and sweatshirt her boss wore in place of her usual business casual attire.

"Wait. You're leaving now?"

"Uh-huh. I have to go, but call me if you need anything."

"What good would that do? You'll just screen your calls."

She waved as she backed out of the office, no doubt making a hasty escape before Alice changed her mind. Now that she had a chance to look around, she noticed Val's personal items, pictures and such, were all cleared out. That little Tinker Bell had been too damn sure she would agree to this arrangement. Well, her boss hadn't been wrong.

She flipped through the top files in the stack Val had left. Vampire transformation applications. They'd all been processed. With the agreements between humans and Immortalis in place, she wouldn't have to manually process any herself. At least Val left breathing room to adjust to the new position. She relaxed into the cozy seat behind the desk when the phone rang, and she answered out of sheer habit.

"VLO. Valerie Craig's office." Oops. That would take conscious effort to correct. It was her office for a while.

"Hey, Alice. It's Gunner. I've got a murder vic, a freshly turned, brand spankin' new vampire. Tell Val to get her ass down here with her investigators. The scene's secure."

Alice's panic bubbled back up. She'd met Gunner, a Washington State policeman, but a cop was a cop, and he never seemed to be in a good humor. "Uhm. Actually, Val's taking a leave of absence. I'm her replacement."

"Oh." He only paused a moment. "Then you get your ass down here. And you'd better be quick about it before the Legion gets their fangs into the case."

In a state of numbness, Alice took down the address before hanging up. Someone had put a curse on her. In all the time she'd worked for the VLO, the string of human murders a few months ago had been the only trouble to pop up. Why'd this happen the day Val left?

The enforcement part of the job had always been close to nil, considering how rarely crime involving Immortalis was committed. Normally, she could leave it to the detectives, but as Val's case had demonstrated, a crime of murder magnitude required a hands-on approach from the Vice Director. Her. She knew all the steps in directing an investigation, even indoctrinated two Vice Directors into the job, but there was no avoiding the facts. If the victim wasn't a rogue, she was expected to deal directly with the Immortalis. More specifically, the Legion Trackers. Maybe Guns had the right idea, and she could put them off. At least until she left the crime scene.

After calling out the CSI team, she reached for her coat and purse while a chilly foreboding crept into her. Accepting this position may have been the worst decision of her life, and she wasn't altogether sure the fat pay would be worth it.

If day one was any indication, this was going to be a long damned year in hell.


Ian's blood boiled. Ignorant humans. He resisted the urge to throw them around like bowling pins. They had no business being at the scene of a vampire's murder. It shouldn't have taken all damned day before the Legion Trackers learned of the situation from Seattle Police Department's scanner. Even the VLO hadn't bothered calling in the Legion.

Pushing past the sentries outside, he shoved through the door of the abandoned house. The windows had been boarded up to guard against squatters. Little good that had done. Old clothing and filthy blankets littered the carpet in the living room. There were a few needles and a limp condom. Nice. Even homeless junkies got more play than he did. He'd never imagined they'd give a second thought to using protection. Then again, it could have been a mode of transporting illegal substances.

Most of the commotion came from the kitchen area. When he ducked his head in, he confirmed the kitchen was the crime scene. The filthy dump had been dusted, and a photographer was packing up. A couple of officers and the medical examiner were bagging the body of a surprisingly young newly turned.

"Stop what you're doing. Who gave you authority to remove evidence?"

They continued working the vampire into the body bag and barely spared Ian a once-over, much less a response. With rage hot enough to scald, he rammed one of the officers against the island behind the body. The man grunted but lacked the strength to fight a vampire's might.

"I suggest you answer me."

"That would be me, Tracker. And I suggest you keep your hands off the other LEOs." A woman's voice lined with iron addressed him.

With reluctance, Ian released the other officer and rose to face the woman possessing a complete contempt for procedure in regard to vampires. Her frosty gray eyes matched the iron in her words. They were enough to put a chill to his anger. She was nearly a foot shorter than him, the top of her head reaching his shoulders, but her willowy, gently curved shape made her seem taller. Her crossed arms betrayed her agitation, though he couldn't see it in her placid expression.


Excerpted from Bad Cop by Angela McCallister, Candace Havens. Copyright © 2013 Angela McCallister. Excerpted by permission of Entangled Publishing, LLC.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Bad Cop 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 34 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
ondreea More than 1 year ago
I read the first book of this series and fell in love with the characters. This is the second book of the series and is about vampire Ian and human Alice. Both characters were introduced in the first book. This book started a little slow, but I was glad I stuck with it. Also, I was a little lost at the beginning as I had to re-orient to the vampire world and terminology of this series. I had to remember a lot of what had been revealed in the previous book and I think a new reader might become discouraged. A little more time reorienting to the world in which this series takes place would be beneficial. Nothwithstanding the reorientation, it was a great story and mystery. I found myself baffled as to who is committing the murders. Ms McCallister did a great job with misdirection in the characters to keep the reader pondering. Alice as a little flaky at the beginning but her character really grew during the book. Ian was a solid character from the beginning, but his self-examination gave his character depth beyond sexy and smart. McCallister continues the story of Slavers and really pulls the reader into that mystery as well. More is also revealed of the Immortalis and Legion vs Dominus castes which made me understand them better. Other characters I want to learn more about are Ezra, Ptolomy, and Declan.
kydirtgirl68 More than 1 year ago
Alice doesn't like many cops. That would be fine but she has to work along side of them so it makes it hard. What makes it even harder is a vampire cop named Ian. She doesn't like the way he bends rules and does as he pleases but he sure does make her have all kinds of fantasies. Ian does his job anyway he can to get results done. Knowing he shouldn't he begins to want her. They have to work together to bring the vampire killer to justice. Mistrust may tear them apart before they even have a chance to see if it will work. The case is getting more dangerous and they will have to figure things out quickly. Alice has has a bad experience with cops and it shows. She is the type who likes to follow the rules and stick to them. She has a very fiery personality and doesn't back down. I liked her as she has lots of spunk plus she gets to work with Ian. Ian is the yummy vampire I want for my own. He is tough, sexy and I love his wit. He at times is like a big flirt the next minute all business. I love him! If your looking for the next great vampire romance book well here it is. I loved everything about this book from the beginning to the end. I have to say I had the killer pegged wrong as who it was for a while and the author does a great job with that. There is lots going on and you have to keep reading to see what will happen next. Alice and Ian belong together even if they don't even know it yet or want to admit it. Both are stubborn and hard headed and that gets in the way sometimes but they work really well in the bedroom. They seem to bring out the best in each other without trying to. Alice has some tragedy and Ian is willing to be right there for her if he can. He always ask about her and that just made him crawl into my heart that much more. Alice has o learn not everything is as it seems and she really grows from that. Ian has to deal with some self doubt and it makes him greater for it to see he realizes he could make mistakes. If you looking for a hot read with a wonderful plot and amazing characters pick this up. It's the second book in the series but can be read as a stand alone. 
Lori-Gonzo More than 1 year ago
I am still new to the paranormal romance genre, but I truly enjoyed this book.  The quick banter between Ian (Killian is his full name which I love) and Alice.  Ian was so fun, all that sarcasm and his Irish accent.  And Alice was such a strong independent female.  Loved her shooting scene.   The ending was very sweet and emotional.  Loved the chemistry between the two. The camaraderie between the male vampires was hilarious.  I loved their interaction.  Would love to see a story for Declan and Ezra. I know theirs would be good. I was given this story in exchange for an honest review.
TinaR19 More than 1 year ago
This is the second book in the Immortalis series and I really enjoyed it. I did not read the first book yet, but I was able to read this without feeling lost in the story. The interaction between the characters was so great that it kept me reading to see what would happen next.  Alice has a good reason not to like cops, as far as she is concerned most of them are dirty. She’s dealt with Ian before, and even though he’s a vampire cop, she thinks that he’s just like all the rest of them. He’s forced his way into the murder case that her agency is working on, and thinks that he can investigate any way that he wants. He may be one sexy vampire, but she is not going to accept that he does not follow the rules.  Ian believes in fighting for justice, so he really doesn’t like Alice’s accusations about how he gets it. He knows they have nothing in common but can’t help the desire that he feels for her. He’s falling for her even though she’s a human and he shouldn’t touch her, but Ian usually does whatever it takes to get what he wants.  The recent murders are very familiar to Ian, but he knows they cannot be the same because he solved that old case a very long time ago. Something has to be different about the new murders, but if he doesn’t figure out what it is it will be the end of him when the secrets of the past are revealed.  Alice and Ian finally act on their shared desires for one another. She wants him to stop keeping secrets from her about the case and to follow the rules. When Alice becomes the next target, he realizes just how important she has become to him. Will he grant her wish and follow the rules to save her? Or will he break them as long as it will help him find her before it’s too late?  I received an e-ARC of this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. 
emmadnz More than 1 year ago
*i received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review* This is the first book I've read b this author and I will now go looking for more. While not a full length novel this was well written and the characters well fleshed out. Alice winds up in charge of a murder investigation where young just turned vamp's are being murdered. She's stressed out by a long term condition her brother is hospiltilised for. Not only that but she has to turn to a dreaded cop in Ian (a vampire) to help in the investigation. Can Ian and Alice put aside their past and work together? There's tension, dectective work, sadness and joy all in one here.
AMANDA_BRAT69 More than 1 year ago
I loved this book! It mad me laugh and cry. I loved that Alice was able to move passed her past and let it go. I loved everything about this book.
ReadYourWrites More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Gemini for Read Your Writes Book Reviews Bad Cop is an interesting and complex story about Alice Capshaw and Killian “Ian” McCready. Alice Capshaw is the temporary Vice Director of the Vampire Liaison Office which handles the “legal issues, regulations, and enforcement regarding vampire society, the Immortalis.” Killian McCready is a vampire that works for the Legion which is the law enforcement arm of vampire society. He tracks vampires that have committed crimes and he is very good at his job. Alice and Ian’s worlds collide when they end up working together to solve a string of murders that involve newly turned vampires. Their attraction to each other is immediate and it plays a crucial role in the murder investigation. Their expected love story is typical but everything else about the book isn’t. I had issue with the caste system that involves the vampires. They had a heirarchy that resembles society’s own upper, middle, and lower class. There was so much politics involved that I felt that it took away from the romantic elements of the story. Since the book was part of a series, I may have had a different perspective if I had read the previous book. To be fair, I did like the fact that although this was a paranormal romance, the relationship between Alice and Ian was rather normal. Ian was over 600 years-old, wealthy, and took his job very seriously. Alice was barely getting by before she took over as Vice Director but she was no damsel in distress. She doesn’t like cops due to something that happened to her brother but she can’t ignore her attraction to Ian. They go through the usual roller coaster ride before they finally realize that they belong together. All in all it’s a fun ride minus the politics. I would recommend this book. Rating: 3.5 Source: Publisher
MJHughes12 More than 1 year ago
This was a great read with great characters! Alice Capshaw is human and has been temporarily placed in charge of the Vampire Liaison Office (VLO). Because of events in her past she believes in working within the confines of the system to get the job done – no matter the circumstances. Killian (Ian) McCready is a vampire and works for the Legion Trackers, the covert organization tasked with enforcing law and eliminating rogues in the Vampire world. He is not averse to bending a few rules to administer justice, especially when those who are guilty have been set free “Common sense and the greater good was the entire reason for his covert team’s existence. If they followed the letter of the law, the world might come to an end.” Tasked with finding out who is murdering newly changed vampires, Alice and Ian must work together to solve the crime, even though their methods cause friction between them. Despite the powerful attraction Alice & Ian feel towards one another, Ian’s disregard for the law comes continues to come between them. "You don’t care one bit about twisting arms and forcing your will, do you?” “Sometimes that’s the only way to get things done.” As the hunt for the killer heats up and things in Alice’s personal life take a tragic turn, Alice begins to question the circumstances that have led her to take such a hard line on always playing by the rules. Will both Alice and Ian be able to see past their differences and find a future together? This is book #2 in the Immortalis series and I don’t think I missed out on much by not reading book #1, Bad Mouth, first. Both Alice and Ian were great characters who bantered back and forth with the right mix of humor and heat. Ian is totally on board with having a relationship with Alice right from the beginning, but she holds him at arm’s length due to their differences. The backstory to Alice’s prejudices and the suspense of the current murder investigation keep you turning pages. The supporting cast of characters, including Ian’s Tracker friends and Alice’s friends Piper and Val, were colorful and had me laughing with their banter. I can’t wait to see where Angela McCallister takes the series from here with all these great characters to write about! The vampire lore is also different from other stories, which was refreshing. I would definitely recommend this book for anyone looking for a great PNR story with lots of heat, a bit of humor, and some mystery. A great read! I received an eARC from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
Dragonskull2523 More than 1 year ago
I got this as an ARC. Ok...this is a tricky one. When I first started reading this I thought "oh man, not another one!". Turns out I was in a pretty big book funk. When I came back to finish, it blew me away. There is a great twist about half way through and then just when you think it's going to go straight again, it takes another twist. I loved this book. Second books in series don't tend to hold a candle to the first one for me, but I thoroughly enjoyed this book.
Mennina1 More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed reading Bad Cop. Alice's boss Val wants Alice to take over for her while she is on leave pregnant with a vampires baby. Alice doesn't really want to take the position as she believes most cops are liars but lets herself get swept away and talked into temporarily taking the position. Of course on the 1st day of the job there is a murder that turns out to be a serial killer. Alice doesn't want to have help from Ian the sexy Immortalis Tracker, but begrudgingly she needs his help. They work together during this mystery, but Alice knows Ian is holding something back from her. She is determined to figure it out. The author does a great job with the mystery, suspense, and romance. There is great chemistry between Ian and Alice. I think I will go back and read the 1st book and then wait for the 3rd book to come out.
grandmareads102 More than 1 year ago
Alice Capshaw works for the Vampire Liaison Office. When her boss, Valerie Craig, takes a leave of absence, she finds herself directing the day-to-day operations. Once Val walks out the door, murder walks in. So does Killian (Ian) McCready who demands that they work together to solve this case. He is a Legion Tracker and is well know for his skills. He and Alice are opposites. She is human and he is a vampire. She is a stickler for the proper procedures and he bends the rules. Can they work together to solves this case or will more newly turned vampires become victims? Alice and Ian need the strength and support of each other to find this killer as well as to find true love. Angela McCallister has written a wonderful story that is filled with danger, intrigue and a hot romance. Alice and Ian are a wonderful pair. They are both stubborn and determined but neither wants to admit that they need love in their life. The story is so suspenseful that you won't put the book down until you know who and why the crimes were committed. I am anxiously waiting for the next book which is Ezra's story.
Eve379 More than 1 year ago
At first I was a little nervous about this one. I'm still getting used to the whole paranormal genre, not to mention the fact that I'm actually liking them. I was also concerned over not having read the previous book, but it turns out I worried over nothing. I've been lucky to get a lot of ARC's from Entangled (including this one) and I haven't been let down yet. Whatever they don't send me is an auto buy for me, and that now includes book 1 which I can't wait to read Kade and Val's story. Alice isn't happy. She's depressed, has migraines and panic attacks. She works all the time and struggles to support her brother who's in a coma. She works at the VLO (Vampire Liason Office). Her friend and boss Val is taking a leave of absence and wants Alice to step in. On her first day a murder case drops in her lap. The victim is a newly turned vampire. The papers for turning the victim into a vampire haven't been filed so technically the case belongs to the VLO, the Legion Tracker who's been assigned feels the case is theirs since it involves a vampire. Killian (or Ian) is the Tracker. He doesn't understand Alice's by the book way of doing things. He's willing to work outside the lines if it gets the job done. He agrees to work with Alice, but both are holding things back due to their own past traumas. They must work together to stop the killings and find the murderer while trying to resist the mutual attraction. I loved loved loved Ian's character in this book. I always like it when the male character is the one pursuing a serious relationship. I felt really bad for him though with the way Alice kept sending mixed signals! Can't wait for the next book, but at least I can read the 1st one while I wait.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
ARC - Well what can I say, Irish Cop, sexy scenes makes for a great book. Ian is the kind of character you fall in love with and want to follow like a puppy. You want to be replaced by the leading lady since he will take care of you, make you laugh, caring side but has flaws...but who cares! With characteristics like Ian you can live with the flaws. This is seriously a road trip read!
mariacstanowhite More than 1 year ago
Absolutely brilliant, Angela's Bad Mouth was brill, but this was excellent.  Ian, a gorgeous vampire tracker, meets the kick ass VLO, Alice. With their witty lines and sexy magnetism, this makes for an electrifying and exciting read full of twist and turns. I hope this great author will keep this series going. A highly recommended read 
MCail More than 1 year ago
Liked the book and this won't be my final rating. I think if I read Bad Mouth first and then reread Bad Cop, I'll love these books. I know it's a part of a series, but most series books lately don't need to be read in order, this one does IHO.
TammyS32 More than 1 year ago
Alice hates cops, but she is also broke, she takes over as Vice Director of the VLO and soon finds herself caught in the middle of a murder investigation and working with a vampire tracker named Ian who plays by his own set of rules. Great read, the story is action packed and Alice and Ian are hot together. Looking forward to the next one in this wonderful series.
gigiluvsbooks More than 1 year ago
A woman jaded against dirty cops...To Alice, Ian is just another bad cop as detestable as the one who destroyed her family. Regardless of her attraction to the charming man, she has no respect for the way the vampire threatens his way into her agency’s murder case and no trust in him when it’s obvious he’s hiding something. A cop who tosses the rule books to get his way…Ian doesn't care for Alice’s judgmental opinions on the way he goes about obtaining justice. They are polar opposites, and her humanity makes her off-limits, but that does nothing to weaken his overwhelming desire for her. A truth that could tear their new love to shreds…When the new case raises the ghosts of an old case Ian believed long dead and buried, his law-bending ways and the secret that haunts him could end with his execution. The second Alice becomes a target, his heart that he’d thought murdered along with his maker flares into blinding existence. But following the law for her sake could end with a devastating repeat of his past. Review: Here I go again, reading stories out of order in series. This could be a stand alone, but it does reference people and events that happened in the previous book. I like the smart and sometimes snarky dialog between Alice and Ian and even between Ian and Declan. The story was a very action packed, and the pace of the story well written. The book really has all the elements I look for in a good story, with a super exciting ending! Alice is smart, determined and tough. She is very distrustful of cops because of incident involving her twin as a teen. She has a tough time trusting Ian, who comes off as a bad cop, but is really just as determined as her and that sometimes leads to choices that come off as bad. Ian really is a sexy, charmer, who protects as what he sees as his. Alice and Ian are really great with each other, in that they bring out the best in each other and holy hotness when Alice and Ian get sexy is it steaming! I will definitely go out and get the first book in the series! 4 stars
Peachs44 More than 1 year ago
Just finished and I gotta say, I’m a very happy camper! So what did I like about Bad Cop? Since it's exciting, suspenseful, filled with great characters and romance, pretty much everything I enjoy. The pacing of the story was very well done with the just the right amount of buildup leading to a WOW! ending. The author did a very good job reeling me with her story telling abilities, keeping me so riveted I was up to the wee hours of the morning to finish it.  I really love a story that has solid strong lead characters and Bad Cop completely fits my bill. Unlike the previous book, I immediately figured out Ian is supposed to be a bad cop, but he isn’t a bad…he’s wickedly delish! Charismatic, witty, and too sexy for his own good. Yup, that’s what I like in my men. As for Alice, tough, smart and fairly sexy herself, she was a complete delight. I appreciate how she’s not didn’t portray her as a weakling but just as tough and strong Ian. Their smarmy comments are quick and humorous, and the sexual heat (fans myself) was very nice. Of course, no story would be complete without its supporting cast. Ms. McCallister creates the most interesting secondary characters and instead of them just being fillers, they are all real contributors to the storyline. The men are all these tough guys but I find them all so yummy and their banter had my laughing. (Can I add that Declan needs his own book now?). Between her great characters and excellent storytelling, Angela McCallister is definitely an author worth following. While each book in the Immortalis series works well as a stand-alone, I highly suggest reading both books as a series. I gotta say I read every word, including the acknowledge. Any fan of this series will be squealing like a schoolgirl if they do. Anyone who likes vampire books will enjoy Bad Cop and I highly recommend reading it. I received this book from JeepDiva for the express purposes of an honest review. The opinions and rating of this review are solely mine and in no way was I compensated. Stars – 5 Flames - 3
EmiliaS More than 1 year ago
*i received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review* I am loving this series!! You all know I love me some Vamps, lol. This was such a great read!! Full of action, a little sexual tension that turns into hot a** sex, crazy vampires going around doing crazy things, lol. It was totally awesome! Alice is on a murder case and has to partner up with Ian, because without the help of the vampire she would never get any info from anyone. Though she detests cops she tries to keep her prejudgments at bay so she can work with him without any incidents, it also doesn't help that she thinks he's absolutely hot. Ian on the other hand, tries to win her over with his funny banter and charm. But as we all know nothing is ever that easy and there are quite a few setbacks in their relationship. The case kind of hits them both in a way where they have to deal with their pasts in order to move forward, not only with the case, but with them as well. I loved it!! I CANNOT WAIT for the next one!!! I highly recommend this series!!
michelle_s_willms More than 1 year ago
Bad Cop by Angela McCallister NOTE: While Bad Cop is easily a standalone novel, to get the best understanding of the vampire politics and the character references, it is advisable to read Bad Mouth prior to Bad Cop. Val asks Alice to take over her duties as Vice Director at VLO during her pregnancy and for a few months thereafter. The only problem is Alice’s hatred of cops. She saw them as swaggering, bullying cocks, one and all. She needs the massive pay raise to get out of debt and care for her brother, Zach. No sooner had she taken a seat than the phone rang with a murder case requiring her presence. It appeared a freshly turned vampire had been killed. Ian, a vampire Tracker, arrived at the scene to find it overrun with humans. He was furious; humans were messing with evidence. This was a vampire murder. Once he examined the murder, he was chilled. It bore a striking similarity to a murder case that was closed 50 years ago. In order to get to the bottom of the crime, Ian and Alice are going to have to work together. Can Alice put her deep-rooted prejudices regarding police officers behind her? Bad Cop has all the elements of a great book: murder, mystery, intrigue, passion. Angela McCallister is great at creating believably flawed, but lovable characters. While often such flawed characters are traditionally men, in this case, the flawed character is Alice, a strong-willed, but often irrational woman in her beliefs about police officers. Her beliefs could cause some serious problems. McCallister has created the wonderfully scrumptious Ian to work beside Alice. Ian, who almost walks off the page he is so alive. He is kind, funny, sweet, tender, passionate, and only barely flawed. He is almost every woman’s panty-dropping dream. Angela McCallister has been well recognized for her world-building skills and she expands those skills in Bad Cop. The world created in Bad Mouth grows and takes even more shape. The secondary characters become more recognizable, laws more familiar, and primary characters stop in to say hello. Characters are all believable. McCallister has a knack for creating life on the page. She spins words into breath for her characters and who then walk into life in the readers’ heads. Few authors can create characters with the level of cult following as McCallister. Readers should definitely dive head-first into Bad Cop. I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. My opinions are my own.
mysticrosetiger More than 1 year ago
Alice  works for the "VLO" vampire liaison office and her boss Val left her in charge while she's on leave.  There is a murder the first day and Ian has bullied his way into helping Alice with the investigation. Their chemistry is off the chart but Ian is a vampire and Alice is a human. Alice has a lot to deal with and doesn't think getting with Ian is a good idea. Ian can't leave Alice alone and she trying to resist him. Alice finally realizes that she wants Ian but when they go to investigate, she is nabbed and being held with a knife to her throat. Ian tries to get the guy to let her go but instead cuts her throat. Ian is going bonkers and gets them to change Alice to a vampire. Alice was kidnapped and Ian does everything he can to find Alice. Ian finds Alice and fighting to get her and is stabbed in the back. Ian is dying and the only way to save him is to mate with him. It was a no brainer for Alice because she finally realized she love Ian, she would do anything to keep him.
Laday2727 More than 1 year ago
Loved it. Absolutely loved it. The lengths Ian and Alice go through for each other truly tugged at my heart. The flow of the story kept me turning the pages to see how the story ended.  The characters introduced in the first awesome book in this series, Bad Mouth, were developed a little more, and I am without a doubt going to read every single book in to series. The guys are all so lovable!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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