Baker Street Irregulars: The Game is Afoot

Baker Street Irregulars: The Game is Afoot

Baker Street Irregulars: The Game is Afoot

Baker Street Irregulars: The Game is Afoot


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Thirteen authors, including Narrelle M. Harris, Jody Lynn Nye, and Sarah Stegall, come together in the second edition of Baker Street Irregulars to pen an original collection of short stories on the iconic and timeless character, Sherlock Holmes.

In this new edition of Baker Street Irregulars, a cast of authors riff on the iconic figure of Sherlock Holmes in over a dozen captivating new ways. In Keith DeCandido’s “Six Red Dragons,” Sherlock is a young girl in modern New York City. In Sarah Stegall’s “Papyrus,” Sherlock is a female librarian in ancient Egypt. In Daniel M. Kimmel’s mesmerizing “A Scandal in Chelm,” Sherlock is a rabbi. Derek Beebe sends Sherlock to the moon, while Mike Strauss, in “The Adventure of the Double Sized Final Issue,” casts him as a comic book character. The backdrops run the gamut from a grade school classroom to Jupiter, from rural, post-Civil War to an alien spaceship. While preserving the timeless charm and intrigue of Sherlock Holmes, these authors pen stories of the world’s greatest detective as you’ve never seen him before.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781635763775
Publisher: Diversion Books
Publication date: 04/24/2018
Series: Baker Street Irregulars , #2
Pages: 270
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.30(h) x 0.80(d)

Table of Contents

Introduction: My Old Friend Sherlock Holmes v

"The Problem of the Three Journals" Narrelle M. Harris 1

Sherlock is an Australian hipster

"Six Red Dragons" Keith R. A. DeCandido 18

Sherlock is a young girl in modern New York City

"The Adventure of the Diode Detective" Jody Lynn Nye 38

Sherlock is a home security system

"Investigations upon Taxonomy of Venomous Squamates" R. Rozakis 52

Sherlock is a graduate student at a lab

"Papyrus" Sarah Stegall 75

Sherlock is a female librarian in ancient Egypt

"My Dear Wa'ats" Hildy Silverman Sherlock is an alien ship's captain 93

"A Scandal in Chelm" Daniel M. Kimmel Sherlock is a rabbi 118

"The Affair of the Green Crayon" Stephanie M. McPherson 127

Sherlock is a grade school teacher

"A Study in Space" Derek Beebe 151

Sherlock is a teenager on a Moon station

"Sin Eater and the Adventure of Ginger Mary" Gordon Linzner 172

Sherlock is a "Sin Eater" in rural post-Civil War America

"The Adventure of the Double-Sized Final Issue" Mike Strauss 192

Sherlock is a comic book character

"A Very Important Nobody" Chuck Regan 212

Sherlock is an investigator on one of Jupiter's moons

"Ho Ho Holmes" Nat Gertler 238

Sherlock is Santa Claus

About the Authors 253

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