Bargaining with the Boss

Bargaining with the Boss

by Jennifer Shirk


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ISBN-13: 9781981753956
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 12/16/2017
Series: Accidentally Yours , #1
Pages: 220
Sales rank: 1,165,475
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.50(d)

About the Author

Jennifer Shirk has a bachelor degree in pharmacy which has in NO WAY at all helped her with her writing career. But she likes to point it out, since it shows romantic-at-hearts come in all shapes, sizes, and mind-numbing educations. She resides in a beach resort, so when she's not working on her tan or writing, she's taking care of her most treasured possessions: her husband, daughter, and four hermit crabs.

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Kinsley was on her second piece of wedding cake, still mulling over her friend's idea of walking up and introducing herself to a total stranger.

A situation like that really couldn't be entered into lightly. After all, the stranger was a man. A hot man. Kind of out of her element, but that was the point. She needed a plan first.

The way she looked at it, three things were holding her back: 1) the pink organza bridesmaid dress she currently wore was not her best look, 2) she didn't have much practice in approaching strange men, especially at weddings, and 3) truth be told ... it was pretty darn good cake. She shoveled in another forkful.

Her friend Arden came over to her with a fist planted on her hip. "Is this your idea of moving on? Stuffing your face with fat and over-processed carbs?"

Kinsley rolled her eyes. Some people really knew how to suck the joy out of dessert binging. "Just because I didn't bring a date to Lori's wedding doesn't mean I haven't moved on."

"Well, I'd be more convinced if you just went over and said hi to that guy at table five you've been staring at all night."

She winced. "Have I really been that obvious?"

"Only to me. Wedding planners have extra keen perception. It's our way of ensuring future clientele."

Kinsley stabbed another piece of cake with her fork. "Ah, so you're like the wedding version of an ambulance chaser?" She popped the last bite into her mouth and grinned.

"Pretty much." Arden chuckled then turned her attention back to her event checklist. "I see the band is playing for another hour and a half. If you don't make a move on Mr. Tall-dark-but-doesn't-know-you're-alive, you're going to miss your chance."

Miss my chance. Realization flooded her. Yes, it was time to officially move on. She hadn't gone on a date since Paul had broken up with her well over eight months ago.

Paul. She held in a sigh at the sudden thought of him and why he had called off their engagement. Apparently, she was too "sensible" for him. Right. How can anyone be too sensible? It didn't make, well, sense.

She briskly brushed the crumbs from her hands and stood. Yes, better make a move on that man now if she really was determined to forget Paul. She couldn't believe her luck when she saw the hot guy hadn't brought a date to the wedding, either.

Kinsley ran her tongue over her teeth, checking for frosting, and, when all seemed clear, adjusted her strapless gown over her nonexistent chest one last time. "Okay, I'm ready," she announced to Arden. "How do I look?"

Arden smiled. "Great. Like a puffy pink vamp."

"Wish me luck."

"You don't need any." Arden gave her a thumbs-up. "Go for it, girl."

"I will."

Yep. She was going for it. Totally going. Practically gone. Yet for some reason her feet still hadn't budged.

Arden frowned. "In case you didn't hear me, I said go for it."

"Right. I know." She nibbled her bottom lip as she glanced around. The dance floor seemed a football field away now. What in the world was she thinking? She couldn't just approach a wedding guest like that. What would she say? Hi. Come here often?

And ... Now that she thought about it, were those chest pains she was having? She placed a hand over her heart and massaged. It was quite possible she really was having a heart attack. Too much cake. Maybe she should pull out her phone and check WebMD to be sure. Her forehead felt a little damp, too.

Arden folded her arms and, as if reading her mind, muttered, "You're not having a heart attack, Kinsley. It's nerves. Just go and talk to the guy. Offer to buy him a drink. Compliment his tie, for goodness sake. Anything!"

"I — I can't." She swallowed and felt on the verge of tears. "Who am I kidding, Arden? This isn't me. I'm no vamp. I'm not confident like that. Plus, he's going to think I'm stalking him."

"Well, you kind of have been."


Her friend chuckled. "Okay, jeez. If you don't calm down, you really will give yourself a heart attack. Seriously, Kinsley, you need to do this for yourself, have a little fun. It's time to put Paul behind you. He's done a real number on your self-esteem. Plus ... this has been a tough year. I know you've been feeling extra down because of what Wade did, too."

Kinsley looked away. She didn't want to think about her brother right now — or the fact that he'd sold her birthright out from under her. It was bad enough to have her boyfriend of five years break up with her because he had a sudden realization that she wasn't "interesting enough," but to then have her brother announce that he'd sold the beachfront hotel that had been in their family for three generations ... Well, that had completely crushed her. The hotel needed work, true, but she'd only come back home a few weeks ago. Wade never even gave her a chance to try to turn things around.

Arden laid a hand on her shoulder. "Look, I'm sorry to bring that up. But I just think you need to have a few drinks and let your hair down tonight. Forget it all. This is a happy occasion, remember? And no offense, but you've been so mopey these last few weeks. I've had my work cut out for me trying to convince the bride that you would in fact smile for the pictures."

Kinsley sighed. Too sensible. Uninteresting. And now mopey. She was beginning to understand her lack of male companionship a little too well.

"I guess I have been bringing the bridal party down," she said. "Maybe I do need to let loose."

"You're not getting any younger, either."

Kinsley narrowed her eyes. "Hey, no need to kick a woman when she's down."

Arden raised spread hands. "Sorry. But seriously, you're a great person and deserve to find happiness."

"Yeah, I know," she said quietly. She did know. In her head. It was just kind of hard to believe it in her heart when she was the last of all her friends to find that someone special. Except Arden, that is. Arden was determined to stay single now after an almost-wedding of her own and was completely satisfied in that choice.

"Listen," Arden said, taking her by the shoulders and turning her back toward the ballroom, "you go out there and be the confident woman I know you are deep down inside. You look beautiful, so if he doesn't fawn all over you, I'm sure there'll be half a dozen other men in line right after him. Just smile for heaven's sake."

Kinsley nodded. "Thanks."

"No thanks needed. Just have fun." Arden gave her a none-too-gentle shove in the general direction of the bar.

Feeling as if her bones were made of marshmallows, Kinsley awkwardly made her way across the room. The band was playing some Chicago song, the horn instruments blaring in her ears. The bride and her groom had their arms wrapped around each other, swaying off beat.

Aww ... Kinsley smiled wistfully. Maybe someday, that would be her. If she could ever find her target. Wherever he'd disappeared to ...

Once at the bar, she asked for a screwdriver, hoping the vodka would loosen her up. She never approached men or drank hard alcohol, but maybe it was time to start changing things. Obviously, what she had been doing before wasn't working for her.

With a wink, the bartender slipped the drink in front of her. She took a sip and almost choked on the fumes. Gah! The bartender had a heavy hand. But at least she was drinking something new instead of her old standby, Chardonnay. Baby steps.

Then out of the corner of her eye, she saw him. Hallelujah. He was in the back of the room, by the pasta table. Oh no. With sinking despair, she realized he was sucking face with the maid of honor, and she almost whimpered out loud. That should have been her face he was sucking. Then, as if she wasn't already feeling lower than low, she saw those hands of his, those gorgeous ringless hands, begin to travel down the back of the woman's dress and cup her backside.

Kinsley turned away, feeling the vodka travel back up her throat. "Figures," she muttered, taking another long sip.

Like she had a shot with a guy like that anyway. Because, naturally all gorgeous men flocked to the sensible uninteresting cake-horking bridesmaids first, right? Ha! No, men like that wanted a hot fling with an exciting woman. And though she hadn't met the maid of honor until the rehearsal dinner, Kinsley had learned she'd graduated with honors from Cornell, had some kind of finance job in Manhattan, and was a former Miss Rhode Island. Kind of hard to compete with all that.

"Are you okay?" a deep male voice asked beside her.

"What do you think?" she murmured, rubbing her forehead. Then, realizing her rudeness, she turned to offer an apology.

And lost the ability to speak.

She was hit with dark-blue eyes first. He was tall and lean with combed-back dirty-blond hair. A beard shadowed his face, but not so much that she couldn't notice the dimple in his left cheek. Best of all, the man filled a suit like it was a second skin. Her heart gave a short flutter.

Wow, what were the odds of seeing so many gorgeous men in one room? He looked a little like Chris Hemsworth. Then she had a thought. Since Lori's husband was related to Tina Fey, and a few celebrities were here, maybe he was Chris Hemsworth.

The man cocked his head, his blue eyes dancing. "I hate to disappoint you, but I'm not Chris Hemsworth."

So much for thinking and not saying.

"Oops," she said with a weak smile. "Sorry. I guess I would have known for sure if you'd taken off your shirt."

The man lifted his brows. "You want me to remove my shirt?" Her gaze inadvertently dipped to his brawny chest. Hell to the yes.

"Yeah," she sighed, mimicking her thoughts again. Then she gasped. "I mean, no! Not at all! Not that you don't have a great body — er, chest." Oh, lordy, what am I saying? "I just meant I've seen Thor several times — you know the movie — and well, Chris Hemsworth's, um, chest was different ..." She shut her mouth and swallowed.

Classic example of why she should always have a solid plan in place first before approaching strange men.

His lips twitched. "How about we start off with a drink, then maybe afterward we can discuss me removing my shirt."

"Oh, no," she said with a nervous laugh. "No, thank you. I'm fine." She raised her glass as proof and was dismayed to find it empty, with the exception of a few ice cubes. Huh. No wonder her lips were so loose.

He gave her a wry look. "Doesn't look so fine. Are you sure you don't want one little drink with me?"

She smiled sheepishly. "Well, okay. Maybe I could use another drink." Heck, why not? He was handsome and he hadn't bolted from her, despite her runaway mouth and obvious obsession with a certain male celebrity. Maybe she'd even let him buy her two drinks. And now that she looked at him, really looked at him, she could see that he was way better-looking than the guy who was hooking up with the maid of honor, and even much better-looking than Chris Hemsworth. She shouldn't have said no to him removing his shirt.

"What are you drinking?" he asked.

"Orange juice and vodka, but I don't really like it. You can order me whatever else you want. Just not a Chardonnay."

"Got it. You don't like Chardonnay."

"No, I love Chardonnay." She heaved a depressed sigh. "That's the point."

"What's the point? Self-denial?"

"No. The point is I always drink Chardonnay. I'm trying to expand my horizons. Be different." She gestured to the glass he was holding. "How about I just have what you're having?"


She made a face.

He shook his head. "Of all the gin joints, in all the world ..." he muttered.

"Oh, I don't want gin, either."

"I wasn't going to order you a gin. That's a line from a classic movie." When she stared blankly at him, he added, "From a very well-known classic movie."

"Oh! Right. Duh. Magic Mike."

His face fell. "Surely you're kidding. Magic Mike is not a classic movie."

Well, to some women it is. But his expression looked so dismayed she figured it best not to push the argument.

She chewed on her lip. "Indiana Jones?"

The man pinched the bridge of his nose and sighed. "The movie is Casablanca. You know, Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman. You have to have seen it. It ranks right up there with Citizen Kane."

"Oh, right. Naturally," she said, bobbing her head and smiling. How about that? Judging by appearances alone, she wouldn't have pegged this man as a classic movie buff. She could see him as a skiing fan or maybe a wine connoisseur. Possibly even a boater. But the fact that he held an unusual appreciation for old Hollywood made her even gladder she agreed to have a drink with him.

"Maybe I'll just have a red wine instead," she said, pointing to a glass the bartender was filling for another guest.

"Based on your Chardonnay theory, I'd stay away from all wine completely. You know, expanding new horizons and all that."

"Good thinking. How about a beer?"

He shook his head. "Too conventional for you."

"You think so?" He thought beer was too mundane for her. Take that, Paul! She couldn't help but grin. "Hey, thanks."

The man chuckled. "You know, I don't think I've ever taken this long to order a drink in my life. How about we start out of the gate strong with a tequila shot?"

"Tequila?" She swallowed.

Hmm ... That definitely wasn't her norm. At least not since college. Unfortunately, she couldn't remember too much about the last time she drank tequila, but she decided to throw caution to the wind. Tequila was way more interesting than white wine. "You're on."

He flashed a devilish grin that had her stomach muscles clenching. "I'm Damon, by the way."

"Kinsley." She took his hand and felt her arm go all tingly. Damon had a nice grip. Warm and confident without being overpowering or brusque. She liked him already.

When Damon turned his back to speak to the bartender, she glanced across the room and caught Arden smiling approvingly. I know, Kinsley mouthed and discreetly gave her friend a thumbs-up sign. Hot guy plus tequila had to equal fun. Despite the puffy dress. Luckily, she'd brought a change of clothes for after the reception.

Damon turned back and handed her a shot and then a lime slice. "Ladies first," he said.

"Oh, no. We do this together."

He arched an eyebrow but clinked his glass with hers. Within seconds of each other, they both licked some salt, tossed back the tequila, and then bit down on a slice of lime.

Kinsley's vision blurred for a few seconds, then it cleared. "Oh boy, I needed that."

"So I see. Now why would that be?" he asked with interested eyes. "Boyfriend recently dump you?"

"No." She snorted, avoiding his gaze. "As if."

He stared at her, giving her a look that told her he suspected the opposite.

"Oh, fine," she huffed, flinging her hands up. "What, am I wearing a neon sign on my forehead? Yes, dumped. But it wasn't recently. It was eight months ago. And he wasn't my boyfriend. He was my fiancé. Our wedding would have been this past fall."

Damon didn't say anything, for which she was grateful. She didn't want to bore him with the details of how she bored her fiancé. Instead, he just nodded sympathetically and handed her another shot.

She cocked her head. "So what's your story? Boyfriend recently dump you?"

"Cute," he said, smiling into her eyes. "But no. No time for a boyfriend — or girlfriend, for that matter." His smile turned slow and intimate. "Not that I don't make time for some things."

"Like Parcheesi?" she quipped.

He blinked then threw his head back and laughed. Damon had a nice laugh, one that rumbled from his chest, all low and sexy. It made his eyes crinkle in the corners just a bit, too.


Damon leaned toward her slightly, his smile turning devilish. "Well, let's just say if you wanted to play Parcheesi, Kinsley, I'd definitely make the time."

Kinsley had to remind herself to breathe. Oh, he was good. Panty-meltingly good. Playboy. That summed him up in one word. Good-looking, well-dressed, fit, but not into commitment. Just her luck. Not that it mattered. She was officially shutting and locking the door on down-to-earth-sensible Kinsley tonight. Only for tonight, she was going to be go-with-the-flow-party-girl Kinsley and have fun.


Excerpted from "Bargaining with the Boss"
by .
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Bargaining with the Boss 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 16 reviews.
DaneWeimMama More than 1 year ago
Bargaining with the Boss is a FUN read. Kinsley is adorable & Damon is HOT. Loved the writer's humor & snark. I will be reading more by Jennifer Shirk! I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.
Steph_B More than 1 year ago
A Good Read! Fun feels story that pulls at your heartstrings while you laugh out loud. I enjoyed the light sweetness of Ms. Shirk's writing style. Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for allowing me to review this story.
Jennann3 More than 1 year ago
Returning home after experiencing a bad break up with her fiancé, Kinsley hopes to bring her family's hotel back to its former glory. Upon returning, she finds out that her brother sold the hotel to St. James Corporation. Kinsley realizes the hotel is in need of repairs, renovations, and ideas to draw customers into visiting. Kinsley hopes her ideas will be enough to keep the hotel from demolition. Damon St. James doesn't feel. Everything is business to him, nothing more. He has spent most of his adult years trying to gain his father's approval, to no avail. Prior to a meeting with the former owners, Damon attends a wedding where he meets Kinsley. He has an amazing evening with her, only to realize she's Wade's sister AND a former owner of the hotel his family just purchased. Eager to please his father, he arrives at the hotel with ideas on how to turn a profit. Ideas that suddenly don't seem so important. This story had all the feels. It was a sweet, touching, funny, and somewhat sad trip down memory lane. It was difficult to see Damon struggle so much with the death of his brother and feeling as though he continuously lets his family down. Kinsley's kind heart and patience was the balm to his soul. Kinsley's determination to save her family's hotel was honorable. I truly enjoyed seeing them find their way. I read a gifted copy and all opinions stated are my own.
Lori-Gonzo More than 1 year ago
This has to be one of the sweetest, cleanest love stories I have read. Kinsley (cute name) was quirky, totally loving, wears her heart on her sleeve, finds ways to get things done, and gives back to her community. I truly liked her throughout the whole story. She is the kind of character you cannot help but like. Then there is Damon, whose name for some reason always make me think of a nefarious person. But we come to know he is not that way at all. He is vulnerable beneath his hard exterior, has a soft spot for our Kinsley, and generally wants to do right by people but feels he is not enough. My heart broke for him as he told his story. But I loved the scene between him and his father, totally healed everything. And the epilogue - hello swooning. I so want more from these characters, especially Kinsley's brother Wade and her friend Arden. I received this book in exchange for an honest review from the publisher through Netgalley.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Are you chasing a great romance read that has it all but is not over the top in the steamy department then this one is for you, this fun filled romance will have you laughing at times and giving you the warm feeling at others. Kinsley was a charming character who you will definitely like she wears her heart on her sleeve and she is a fun-loving girl. Damon has a past and has something to prove. These two characters and the heart and soul of this book and the fun sparring between them will have you laughing out loud. Can Damon make the right decisions? Can Kinsley open her heart to love again? Jennifer is a great author and is one I can turn to for some fun-loving romance, and some great characters that you can relate too. This book has my recommendation, if you love a sweet romance novel then put this on your TBR list and then make sure you read it.
Splashesintobooks1 More than 1 year ago
This is a delightful, sweet, romantic comedy that is heart warming and leaves you smiling! Bridesmaid Kinsley decides to have some fun at the wedding reception but is unsure just what happened when she wakes up in the bed of the handsome man she’d been flirting with - so she make a run for it! Certain she’s left that all behind her, she’s shocked to discover that he is the new owner of what had been her family’s hotel, the hotel she is the manager for! She’d already been devastated to discover her brother had sold the hotel but now she’s determined to help it remain in business . . . . if only she can convince her boss to give her the chance to do so! Her boss is Damon. He’s also working in his family business and is striving to prove his worth to his father - much to the chagrin of some other ambitious and manipulative board members. The last thing he needs is to be distracted from his goal to demolish the hotel, but Kinsley talks him into giving her a chance . . . . Can he convince her to give him a chance with her heart? The story has a lovely, easy-going pace. There are plenty of twists and turns to thwart the potential romance to keep the reader page turning. The coastal community has some brilliant secondary characters and I really enjoyed how Kinsley had they working together for their mutual good. A lovely story with an endearing conclusion to keep you smiling! I hadn't realised this was the start of a new series until I came to write my review but I'm very happy to discover that - I can't wait to read the sequels and hope they'll share some of the same characters. I requested and received a copy of this novel, via NetGalley. This is my honest review after choosing to read it.
Lauren817 More than 1 year ago
*3.5* After Sabine Durrant's LIE WITH ME I needed something sweet and fluffy, and I thought Jennifer Shirk's BARGAINING WITH THE BOSS would be the perfect choice. As it turns out, I was one hundred percent correct! Throughout the entirety of BARGAINING WITH THE BOSS I was grinning from ear to ear! It's downright adorable. Kinsley and Damon have a "rough" start - a start that I found endearing as well as hilarious. Goodness, I wouldn't have wanted to be in Kinsley's shoes. I felt that their start also helped establish who they were. Kinsley has always been the good girl and a rule follower; however, after being told she's boring she tries to bring some excitement to her life with a one-night fling. The result? It's an utter disaster. I found Kinsley to be charming and likable. I especially loved that she was a bookworm. Plus as someone who's been called boring before, I could definitely relate to her need to prove her haters wrong. Damon, on the other hand, is mischievous, charming, and kind-hearted. He always had the ability to get Kinsley going with his teasing, which I found hilarious. I also loved the build-up between Kinsley and Damon. It felt natural and never rushed. Plus they had some great banter! Besides the romance I enjoyed the focus on families and friendships. Both Damon and Kinsley deal with some change, and I thought both situations brought about a lot of heart and development. The NJ beach setting was also a lot of fun. Overall, Jennifer Shirk's BARGAINING WITH THE BOSS is simply adorable! I can't wait to see which couple is featured next. I'm hoping for Kinsley's brother and best friend!
Lorizen More than 1 year ago
Fantastic read. Kinsley returns home to her family's hotel to find her brother has sold it after the death of her father. She's come back home to recover; herself and her past, leaving behind a lousy ex of 8 years. She's crushed her brother has sold the hotel. She also finds herself a bridesmaid at a friends wedding where she meets Damon. After a few drinks they leave and she wakes up the next morning, to her overwhelming dismay in his bed. Her dress is askew, her phone is buzzing and this stranger is sound asleep. The call is from her brother reminding her they're meeting the new owner of her family's beachside hotel for brunch. She gets him to push it back an hour, hungover and she can't remember what exactly happened the night before. Getting to the restaurant for brunch she meets her brother and the man who will be her new boss. It's Damon, the man she spent the night with. Damon's got his own issues. He's up against the "I don't measure up" in the eyes of his father. He's never had a relationship and doesn't want one, yet he's drawn to Kinsley. Kinsley is a breath of fresh air and she's a house on fire. I loved her and how great is it to have such a strong, resilient female lead!! I loved it. She could counter every negative that rolled out of Damon's yap-almost. Things are going well until they hit a few bumps and a skid. Damon does Damon very well. Kinsley is so open and just plain lovable. She's the perfect female lead to her counterpart. Her friends in this small beachside town were great! Local color is always a plus! The imagery is so vivid I want to visit the place! All in all this is a great story and a yes you should read this book! Jennifer always writes a great story. This one tops my list. 4.5 stars **I voluntarily read an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own** arc from NetGalley and Entangled
ReadYourWrites More than 1 year ago
If you were to ask me to rate Bargaining with the Boss immediately after reading it, I would have given the book 3 stars. For me, that would have been an unfair rating. My low rating would have stemmed from the fact that I didn’t like the childishness of the heroine, Kinsley Roberts. However, part of that child-like behavior makes her pushy and determined. It’s that determination that drove the storyline. After getting dumped by her fiance for being too “sensible”, Kinsley has returned to her hometown of Cape Harmony to manage her family’s hotel. The hotel means a lot to her and holds fun and cherished memories. Unfortunately, the hotel is in financial crisis and her brother is forced to sell it. As a favor to a former college roommate and friend, Damon St. James agrees to have the St. James Corporation purchase the financially strapped hotel. The hotel is in desperate need of some TLC and a makeover; all of which requires cash that the hotel doesn’t have and Damon’s board may not approve. Even before meeting Damon, Kinsley is upset and believes the new owners plan on tearing down the hotel, thus making Damon public enemy number one. Over the course of a month, Damon and Kinsley work together and ultimately strike a deal that allows her the opportunity to make the hotel profitable. With the two already having an attraction to each other, their time together allows their personal relationship to grow. Things are looking good until Damon’s business rival steps into the picture. When all seems lost, Damon finds a surprising ally and finally opens up about his past. I wanted to read Bargaining with the Boss because I loved the sound of the plot. With my initial misgivings aside, Jennifer Shirk has written a nice story with fun and playful characters. I didn’t expect to find myself laughing at some of the characters’ antics. I also didn’t expect to have my heart ache for the hero. I loved the ending, which had my heart doing little flips. If who I think is going to be the focus of the next book in the It Happened One Night series, I’m definitely looking forward to reading it. **Received a copy of the book courtesy of the author and I voluntarily reviewed it.**
J-M-Powers_Author More than 1 year ago
The man cocked his head, his blue eyes dancing. “I hate to disappoint you, but I’m not Chris Hemsworth.” ~ Bargaining with the Boss This book had me hooked from the first paragraph. The story opens with Kinsley, a quirky woman, dressed in a puffy pink bridesmaid dress. Her best friend nudges her to make the way across the reception hall to introduce herself to a Chris Hemsworth look-alike. Kinsley, determined to step out of her “boring and predictable” persona, finally musters up the courage. Kinsley is far from boring, but her ex-fiancé really slammed on the brakes of her self-esteem eight months prior. So…back to the reception. Hemsworth dude is named Damon. Their initial conversation is giggle-worthy. (As above quote implies.) They end up sharing several shots of tequila. Their banter is witty. (Plethora of giggles from this reader.) The morning after, Kinsley awakes in Damon’s hotel room, dress and memory askew. She slams into full-blown panic mode. (She even shoves her fist in her mouth to keep from screaming. I loved this visual!) A call from her brother Wade has her hiding in Damon’s bathroom begging Wade to push an important meeting up an hour so she can … well, at least change out of a disheveled bridesmaid dress. The dreaded meeting is with the new owner of the family business—the hotel that has been her birthright until now. Hungover, confused and dismayed, she had to collect her wits and sit across the table with the damn owner. Great. Could things get worse? In a word, YES. Before she can attempt a sneaky getaway, Damon’s phone dings moments after she ends the call with her brother. She peeks at the text on Damon’s phone—a request to push up the meeting up an hour. Kinsley just woke up in her new boss’s bed. What a great hook. I adore how Kinsley meets this and many more obstacles head on. She may waver at times, but she does not back down once. She tries everything possible to better the run-down hotel, and in the process, redeems her self-doubt. Damon, on the other hand, does not have the confidence to follow through, and at times seems downright broken inside. His long-held guilt over his brother’s death is heartbreaking. His mind deems Kinsley remain on a professional basis, but his heart slowly realizes how he needs so much more from her. Kinsley, an open soul with her heart on the proverbial sleeve, does her best to uphold the friendship agreement, which was hard when he keeps kissing her…and she keeps kissing him back. While Kinsley was diligent in the quest to improve both herself and the hotel, Damon is stuck in the past. And right when Kinsley’s hopes are within reach—Damon basically disappears. Yeah, he had other business to tend to, but the way he distanced himself personally was disheartening to say the least. I wanted to hate him, but like Kinsley, I couldn’t. This left me asking several questions. Why, when Kinsley finally trusts him, does he let her down? What the hell is Damon thinking? Will Damon allow the hotel to go to the highest bidder? How will Kinsley survive losing everything, including him? Does she even have him? Is it all a game to pull the hotel out from under her? This book is full of twists, turns and, tribulations. It’s also filled with giggles, grit and growth. The author, Jennifer Shirk, does a wonderful job of storytelling. I don’t want to divulge any more about this book, because I want readers to enjoy the fantastic ending themselves.
Bette313 More than 1 year ago
A wonderful sweet read that will touch your heart and leave you smiling. The writing and characters are excellent with a nice easy pace to the story. Perfect for a relaxing afternoon read. Damon has spent years trying to prove himself to his father. Buying this hotel property is his latest attempt. All he needs to do is flip this property into condos for a huge profit. Doing so would be much easier if the very tempting Kinsley wouldn't keep trying to get him to change his mind. When they agree on a one month deal it should be easy for him to bide his time but when feelings begin to develop Damon knows he is in way over his head. This is a book I highly recommend to everyone.
BookSnuggle More than 1 year ago
Bargaining with the Boss (Accidentally Yours) by Jennifer Shirk This is Kinsley Roberts and Damon St. James’ story. This is a sweet and fun romance with great chemistry between Kinsley and Damon. I fell in love with Kinsley and Damon. The story grabbed my attention from the beginning to the end. I love how reading her stories are so much fun and are a refreshing break from everyday life. This author never disappoints and really enjoyed this read. I’m hoping Kingsley’s brother Wade gets his story. I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.
Linda__ More than 1 year ago
I loved this book! I loved Kinsley from the opening with her in her ugly pink bridesmaid dress struggling with her drink order, to the very sexy Damon flirting with her. This is an engaging story that has Kinsley trying to save her family's hotel while also trying to find herself. I loved the banter between the two of them and especially loved the heart that Kinsley put into everything she did. Fans of the genre will enjoy this book and want to put it at the top of their TBR list. The author is on my must read authors' list.
KendalH More than 1 year ago
Jennifer Shirk has a way of pulling you into a story with the first page. This book pulled me in with the first paragraph. Who doesn't like wedding cake? Kinsey just wants to work at her family's hotel and heal her broken heart. Her brother sells the hotel, before she gets a chance to turn it around, to Damon, making him Kinsey's new boss. Damon gives Kinsey until the end of the summer to turn a profit, but they both end up getting more than they bargained for. I love all the relationships between the characters in this book. Rather it was friends, co-workers, or just people from the town, everyone cared for everyone else. They all wanted to see Kinsey succeed with the hotel. I absolutely loved this book. I can't wait to read more of the Accidentally Yours novels. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that Wade finds his happily ever after. I received an advanced copy of this book for an honest review.
Nicnac63 More than 1 year ago
Bargaining with the Boss, by Jennifer Shirk, is so much fun. It’s a quirky, laugh-out-loud, swoony type of love story. If you asked Kinsley’s ex-fiancé, he’d say she was “boring and predictable.” After she becomes single again, she somehow dives headfirst into a never-ending pool of embarrassing situations in an attempt to break free from her predictability mold. Damon (total stranger guy) disarms her with his drool-worthy, leading-man handsomeness. In turn, Kinsley manages to humiliate herself by blurting whatever comes to mind. In spite of the initial awkward meeting, they hit it off. Well—until morning, when tequila-infused Kinsley awakens in his hotel room. Yikes. Panic. A prompt getaway later, Kinsley manages to stumble directly into another all-but-predictable-or-boring-situation. The buyer of her family hotel is in town. A-n-d…of course, it is no one else but…you guessed it—Damon. She had somehow spent the night with her new boss? Kinsley’s emotions and self-confidence rise and dip like the ocean in a hurricane. Trying to keep afloat, she does everything imaginable to salvage the run-down hotel. Kinsley is anything but boring in, my book, and emotionally wounded and guilt-ridden Damon certainly didn’t bargain on falling for her. I enjoyed the fast-paced third-person narration and witty dialogue. It allowed me to sit back and ‘watch’ as the characters entertained me. The story posed so many questions, and I quickly turned the pages on a mission for answers. Kinsley and Damon’s predicaments had me enjoying every twist and turn. And, just when I thought I had all the answers—well, I’ll end it here and allow you to ride the waves of this wonderful story for yourself. **First Lines: Kinsley was on her second piece of wedding cake, still mulling over her friend’s idea of walking up and introducing herself to a total stranger. The situation couldn’t be entered into lightly. After all, the stranger was a man.
Lashea677 More than 1 year ago
For Kinsley her biggest mistake could turn out to be her greatest gift. Jennifer Shirk can lift a heart and impart wisdom as easily as she can spin a good yarn. Bargaining with the Boss is romantic comedy at it's sweetest. A naughty mistake lands responsible Kinsley in an awkward position. How can the night she can't completely remember, keep coming back to haunt her everyday life? Damon is the man who has a far more intimate knowledge of his employee than he ever thought possible, but can hardly resist wanting more. The surprises in life are what keeps the world interesting and Ms. Shirk takes that advice to heart with a hilariously heartwarming spin on falling in love.