Because You're Mine

Because You're Mine

by Rea Frey

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An “insidious, suspenseful tale” (J.T. Ellison) with a “shocker of an ending you won’t see coming” (Michele Campbell), Because You're Mine by Rea Frey, the author who “brings to mind Jodi Picoult” (Booklist) and “will appeal to readers of Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen” (Sally Hepworth) is a novel about how the truth will set you free.

But it’s the lies that keep you safe.

Single mother Lee has the daily routine down to a science: shower in six minutes. Cut food into perfect squares. Never leave her on-the-spectrum son Mason in someone else’s care. She’ll do anything—anything—to keep his carefully constructed world from falling apart. Do anything to keep him safe.

But when her best friend Grace convinces her she needs a small break from motherhood to recharge her batteries, Lee gives in to a weekend trip. Surely a long weekend away from home won’t hurt?

Noah, Mason’s handsome, bright, charismatic tutor—the first man in ages Lee’s even noticed—is more than happy to stay with him.

Forty-eight hours later, someone is dead.

But not all is as it seems. Noah may be more than who he claims to be. Grace has a secret—one that will destroy Lee. Lee has secrets of her own that she will do anything to keep hidden. And what will happen to Mason, as the dominoes begin to fall and the past comes to light?

Perhaps it's no mystery someone is gone after all…

Because You're Mine is a breathtaking novel of domestic drama and suspense.

Prepare to stay up all night.

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ISBN-13: 9781250166456
Publisher: St. Martin''s Publishing Group
Publication date: 08/06/2019
Sold by: Macmillan
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 352
Sales rank: 12,121
File size: 2 MB

About the Author

Rea Frey is the author of several nonfiction books and two novels. When not writing, reading, or editing, she can be found traveling, homeschooling her daughter, or planning her next adventure. To learn more, visit
Rea Frey is an award-winning author of nonfiction books. She lives in Nashville with her husband and daughter. Not Her Daughter is her debut novel.

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Because You're Mine: A Novel 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 32 reviews.
LlamaJen 5 months ago
I don't even know what to write. What just happened???!!!!! There were so many twists and turns. Who to believe? That ending was amazing. I was shocked. I would never have guessed the ending. Every time I tried to figure out what was going to happen, I was completely wrong. My opinion constantly changed about each of the characters. From the beginning, I felt like Lee and Grace's friendship was one sided. Lee only wanted to talk about herself and expected Grace to be there for her. This book was wonderful and I loved it!!! It was full of surprises. Rea Frey's Note to Reader was very personal. The events that happened to her at fifteen are heartbreaking. Hopefully her words help someone who may be struggling. Remember You Are Not Alone. Definitely recommend the book. I loved everything about it- story, writing style and characters. There's so much I want to write but don't want to give anything away. Can't wait to read more books by the author. I received a complimentary copy of this book from St. Martin's Press through NetGalley. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.
GratefulGrandma 6 months ago
Wow, this book was excellent. I was going along getting to know Lee, her son Mason, his tutor Noah and Lee's best friend Grace and wondering how the love triangle might turn out when BAM, the twists came and didn't stop until the end. The story is told from three perspectives, Lee, her son's tutor, Noah and her best friend, Grace. Every character is remarkably fleshed out, even Lee's son, Mason. Mason is on the autism spectrum and Lee does an amazing job keeping his life going along with a remarkable schedule. Mason was a delight. He was smart, yet has characteristics of autism that require a specific level of care. Lee is thrilled that Grace introduced her to Noah, a tutor that deals with exceptional children. Mason is happy with his life and loves not only his mother, but Noah and Grace. What each character does not know is that they all have secrets. Through the narration we learn about Lee's and Noah's past and what their secrets are. I felt for these characters. They had a past that they were still dealing with emotionally and that was affecting their present day lives as well. Rea Frey's writing is compelling and I was drawn into this story from the first page. As I read this story, I realized that the narrators were unreliable and wanted to find out what the true stories were. I had no idea what was coming as I quickly read this book, the final revelation blew me away. The ending elevated this book to 5 stars, without any hesitation. This was a domestic thriller that I highly recommend. The publishers, St. Martin's Press generously provided me with a copy of this book. The rating, ideas and opinions shared are my own.
Kaceeey 7 months ago
A much anticipated weekend getaway with friends. Time to relax, let your hair down and kick up some dust! What could go wrong....right!? ♀️ Lee is a single mom raising her son Mason who is on the spectrum. Her entire day...or more accurately, her entire life revolves around her son. Thankfully, her dear friend Grace lends a helping hand when she can. And equally, Lee could not be more grateful for Noah, Mason’s tutor. Only when secrets start to unravel it becomes apparent to everyone that there’s a lot more going on within this group of friends! I’m starting to think I’m in a bit of a thriller slump. This book lacked that special ‘something’ that creates curiosity and grabs you and holds your focus tight from start to finish. I found this read to be somewhat predictable and a little too slow moving. I saw some fantastic reviews for this book and maybe just got my hopes up a little too much. Perhaps you’ll find a diamond in the rough with this read! A buddy read with Susanne! Thank you to NetGalley, St. Martins Press and Rea Frey for an ARC to read and review.
Anonymous 7 months ago
This book is one of the BEST books that I have read ! The ending is a shocker that you will never see coming. I highly recommend this book!!
JannaD 8 months ago
Because You're Mine is told through the perspectives of Lee, a single mom to Mason, who's on the spectrum, Grace, her best friend and also a single mom, and Noah, Mason's in home occupational therapist and tutor. Lee and Grace go on a girls weekend away with two of their friends, and when someone ends up dead, everyone's lives get completely up-ended. Everybody has been harboring their own secrets from the past; so what will get revealed? And is everyone who they say they are? The middle of this book almost lost me, it slowed down and I thought I had the twists figured out. While I did see some things coming, the very end of the book still surprised me and so I would definitely recommend reading this one all the way through to the end! It's a very fast read and definitely gripped me once I got past the middle. Thank you to NetGalley and St. Martin's Press for an advanced copy in exchange for an honest review.
Nursebookie 9 months ago
This is a story of Lee and Mason, Grace and Noah. Lee is a struggling hairdresser who is a single mother to Mason who is in the spectrum. Her life is lived in pin-point precision, timing and order. Grace is her best friend who convinces her that a girls' week-end trip is long overdue. Handsome and charismatic Noah who tutors Mason agrees to care for him during this week-end outing. The story is told in 3 POVs in the past and in the present. Each character has a surprise, a secret, a hidden flaw. The story is highly suspenseful with an incredible ending that will be impossible to guess even if you tried. This is my first read from Rea Frey and I am now a fan and will be reading all her other books. A definite 5/5 for me.
Bern425 9 months ago
4 Compulsive, Deeply Hidden Secrets and Ultimate Revenge Stars! I'll be the first to admit that I wasn't blown away by Frey's first book, Not Her Daughter. BUT this book - it definitely blew me away! I love a gotcha that was right there all along and yet I simply didn't connect the dots enough to see it. After turning the last few pages - I literally screamed out loud - How did I NOT see that? The breadcrumbed were all there. Well done Rea Frey, you got me! You got me and I loved every second of it! The story centers around 4 main characters - Single mom Lee, her autistic son Mason (whom I absolutely adored above all others!), Lee's best friend Grace and Mason's tutor, Noah. All the adults have secrets they are hiding. Secrets are slowly revealed in a past & present plot line. There are diary entries that had me riveted - who's diary and thoughts was it? Such dark, warped thoughts. You know one of the characters was an unreliable narrator but honestly, you'll suspect them all. After all, lies are best kept hidden, aren't they? You will be hooked by this story and the ending - such a deliciously devious twist! This book is a definite must read friends!!!
Momma_Becky 9 months ago
I went into Because You're Mine really wanting to like it. The key elements are there, it's dark, and everyone has a secret. It's also way too slow for my liking, and it requires more suspension of disbelief than a story like this should. The only way this one works is if you go in thinking everyone is unreliable, and everyone has something to hide. That, in itself, wouldn't be a bad thing, but the only character I liked was Mason. He's adorably obsessive about his interests, and being a parent of a child on the spectrum, his lack of impulse control and the things he said felt real to me. The problem is the sheer amount of filler surrounding Mason. There are some things I just don't need to know and having page after page give me every detail of those things was more yawn-inducing than interesting. I would've much preferred a shorter story than all that filler. In the end, this story had promise, but it just didn't deliver.
Caroldaz 9 months ago
I would normally give a bit of a recap of the plot here, but I won’t, because I could not do it justice. There were so many “oh my goodness” moments! You think you have just worked it out, and then there was another twist. That ending was so startling and unexpected that I defy anyone to work out what was going to happen! I did read the previous book, Not Her Daughter, by the author and loved it and this one is just as amazing, or even better. She sure knows how to tell a story and keep you on the edge of your seat. Highly recommended! I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
CapriciousNiteOwl 10 months ago
One word to describe this book: DEVIOUS! A captivating, delicious, suspenseful, and quite twisty family drama/mystery read. The characters were so well developed that I was suspended in their personal drama right from the beginning and I wanted more of the juicy facts that formed their oh not so perfect lives. Well written story, full of mystery, scheming, and a one great twisty ending. This book is a must-read, so don’t let it sit on your TBR list for too long. Thank you NetGalley, St. Martin’s Press, and the author, Rea Frey, for giving me an opportunity to read an ARC copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.
Jill-Elizabeth_dot_com 10 months ago
Rea Frey is AMAZING. I read her first book (Not Her Daughter) through NetGalley and when I was contacted by her publisher about the second, jumped at the chance. Frey has a marvelous ability to develop characters that leap off the page (for good and ill) and to throw out-of-nowhere twists in when you absolutely least expect them. She has a brilliant writing style that is very engaging and compelling, with just enough twists, turns, and teasers to keep you guessing - and flipping pages furiously while you do. The reveal in (literally) the last pages can be a dangerous plot forma - it backfires more often than it works, in my opinion, because most authors use it as a last-ditch attempt to save a faltering piece of plot. Not so AT ALL here - Frey works it to maximum advantage, using it not to tie up loose ends but to shatter a lot of what the reader thought based on the entirety of the story. In masterful hands, such a trick is not only fabulous to read but evidence of a marvelous ability to plot and plan that makes everything read up to that point feel like a game of cat and mouse with you, the reader, left hunting for the cheese... I'd read Frey's grocery list at this point - she's that good. If you aren't familiar with her work, you should be! My review copy was provided obligation-free by the publisher via NetGalley.
SuZ2Reader 10 months ago
Because I enjoyed Rea Frey’s debut novel, Not Her Daughter, I chose to read her second. Told in three points of view (Lee, the mother of Mason, a spectrum child; Noah, Mason’s tutor; and Grace, Lee’s best friend), this book is a read-in-one-sitting page-turner. All the characters are well-developed, including Mason, but all except Mason have deep dark secrets. None are who they seem to be, and the plot draws readers in with its twists and turns. By the time the book climaxes, three people are dead, and the killers(s) are those you’d least suspect. While in Not Her Daughter a bad thing was done for a good reason, here in Because You’re Mine, bad things are done for sociopathic reasons. I loved the depiction of Mason. Frey does a superb job showing how the delightful quirky, yet devastatingly honest Mason fits into his mother’s world. Read this book for its characterization and for the surprise ending that will leave you understanding all the clues and wondering why you didn’t see it coming.
CrystalKL 10 months ago
Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for letting me read a copy of this book in exchange of an honest review. This is the first book I've read by Rea Frey and I really enjoyed it. She had me guessing trying to figure out how it was all going to end. I was very surprised by the ending. I will be reading more books by Rea.
Teri1957 10 months ago
I received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. You will not believe the duplicity involved in the story. The ending will knock you out of your chair, so be prepared!!! If you love psychological suspense, this is your book! Enjoy!
Alfoster 11 months ago
This is one of those books that gripped me by the throat and didn't let go! I loved Frey's first book so knew this one would have plenty of suspense and surprises and wow, did it ever! The story revolves around best friends Lee and Grace, their sons, and Noah, an occupational therapist and teacher. To say much more would simply not do justice to the novel; it just begs to be read! Past and present, secrets, lies, betrayal, deception...what's not to like? There is also sexual abuse, alcoholism, and drug use as well so if these bother you be aware. But it's just such a riveting plot that I couldn't stop reading. Literally gasped at the end...what??? Thanks to NetGalley for this ARC!
SilversReviews 11 months ago
Very interesting title for a very different, but good read. When you see the title, you are going to think it’s going to be a romance, but it is far from that. We meet Grace and Lee. Both are single and both have sons the same age. Lee appears to have more baggage than Grace, but they both are overwhelmed. Both of them seem to be hiding something. Then we add in Lee’s son’s teacher Noah who also has a secret. All three characters are connected through Mason, and the connection goes deep. Everything appears to be good for once for the most part until Lee goes on a weekend trip with her girlfriends, and one of the girls turns up dead. Many subtle hints are given in every chapter about what's going on but nothing is revealed, but there is an undertone of menace throughout. BECAUSE YOU'RE MINE is filled with characters with secrets and characters with private burdens. It also deals with friendship issues, decisions, grief, and drug and alcohol use. BECAUSE YOU'RE MINE will appeal to those readers who enjoy subtle suggestions of what is going on with the characters and readers who would like to get to know the characters better because you really aren’t sure what’s making them tick or who is telling the truth. The book actually was depressing at times, but you will want to continue reading to see what happens to the characters and what the real truths are. The ending will have you saying “what?” 4/5 This book was given to me as an ARC by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
Annette5151 11 months ago
Another fast paced book that kept me turning the pages! This book really surprised me! Wow! Another unexpected ending!! I thought it was good
TheBookBag 11 months ago
Amazing! This story, with all it's twists and turns, is absolutely amazing! I knew there were going to be twists. And secrets. And lies. I knew someone was going to end up being the bad guy, or gal. As I got deeper and deeper into the story, my idea of who that bad person was going to be kept shifting. It got so I didn't trust hardly anyone's story. But there were are so may likable characters, I didn't want any of them to be bad. Because You're Mine is definitely a book that will keep you up late as you try to figure it out. And then the ending. Boom! Did not see that coming. Totally fooled me! And I was suspicious from the get-go and I still got sucked in. Put this high on your TBR list, you really need to read it!
LGandhi 11 months ago
4 Crazy and Deliciously Devious Stars!! O, what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive! Holy Revenge Batman!! This is the perfect story of don't tick off the wrong person! Secrets on top of secrets topped with more secrets and a side of secrets!! Everyone in this story is hiding some form of life altering secret. Your job is to figure out who's telling the truth and which secret belongs to which character before it's too late. Everyone is being deceptive and probably not in the way you think upon first glance. Without giving anything away I will say I had the puzzle figured out about 70% of the way through. Well, let me clarify... I was pretty sure I had it figured out. But the author would throw in another secret or loop to make me second guess myself. By the ending my initial thoughts were confirmed. Which made this a fun and exciting book to read. The title is simply perfect for this book. And what makes it so neat is as you read the book, the title can take on so many different meanings. It's actually rather brilliant. This was an extremely creative and thrilling book to read. I absolutely loved Rea Frey's first book Not Her Daughter and this sophomore book does not disappoint. This is an author to check out and I will eagerly try to get my hands on any future novels. She has unique storylines that will keep you glued to the edge of your seat, and something that's just a little different from your average book in this genre. It would be neat to see what happens next in this story (but having said that I still feel the author ends this book perfectly!). This book and author I highly recommend!! My thanks to Jordan Hanley with St. Martin's Press, Rea Frey and Netgalley for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
TJReads 11 months ago
I finished this book several days ago, I needed to mull over which way my review was going to go. Now that I’ve had time to mull, I’m going to have to give it 4 stars because it has many things I really liked. I liked the way the story was told; it starts the chapters with telling you it would be in the past or the present, that is always a good thing. And then I liked the characters, Grace, Mason and Noah particularly, but Lee, her repeats and obsessions got a little old pretty quick and her diary entries were sometimes really spooky. The way the story began was excellent, letting you know you were in for a treat of figuring out who done it. The character development was great, she gave wonderful scenarios of their past lives and in-depth explanations of each character, it helped validate their thoughts and feelings, another good thing. Now for the negative, the sex scenes, I don’t mind a good sex scene once in a while, but there was one in here that was downright gross. I think the point could have been made with much less or at least a better play by play. If you have an aversion to this type of content, you may want to pass or be ready to skip over it. This is where the mulling came in, did I rate the book lower just because of my lack of taste for this or give the rating it truly deserves for the content as a whole. I chose the latter. 4****’s. The storyline was well thought out and I did not figure out the ending, several possibilities were framed up, but I missed the mark. All and all, this was not a bad read. I thank St. Martin’s Press and Net Galley for allowing me the privilege of reading this book for my honest review.
CLynnT 11 months ago
I love Rea Frey and her uncanny ability to breathe life into her characters that exist in her imagination and on the pages of her books. I went right along with Sarah when she kidnapped a child in “Not My Child”, and went so far as to make excuses and approve of her actions. Yet again I’ve been snookered by the lead female character in her new book, “Because You’re Mine”. What’s not to love about Grace, who not only proves to be a supportive friend to Lee and her autistic son Mason but is also a loving and attentive mother to her own son and a true and caring friend to her invaluable circle of friends? Is the underlying problem that hunky Noah, who, as a boyfriend is almost too good to be true? Is Lee unstable, going flippers for her son’s tutor without provocation? It certainly isn’t Mason. He’s the one character we all love, no matter what twisted adult games the grownups around him are playing. This is a quick-paced and enjoyable read with lots of secrets and a few unforeseen twists. I anxiously await Rea’s next imaginary world of characters and the mayhem they wreck! (I received an advance copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an unbiased review. Thanks so much to St. Martin’s Press and NetGalley for making it available.)
lee2staes 11 months ago
Wow! I love this book. I read the whole book in one sitting, I couldn’t put it down, It is an amazing, well thought out domestic mystery novel. It has believable, true to life characters and the writing has a pleasing flow. The author has a wonderful talent for establishing the relationships of all the characters. The ending I did not see coming. This is an awesome read. I look forward to reading more books from this author. I was provided an advance reader copy of this book by NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.
MonnieR 11 months ago
Part of my time is spent as a writer, but every single word of it is nonfiction. I read the made-up stuff - in particular the mystery/thriller genre - for pleasure; it really does amaze me how anyone's mind can even conjure up such complex characters and intricate plots that don't really exist, much less pull them all together in coherent and entertaining fashion. And when it comes to all that, boy, this one's a doozy. Well, okay, it's a teeny bit far-fetched, mostly when it comes to how so many characters with such screwed-up lives could possibly have found each other. But that feeling quickly went by the boards as I got caught up in all the twists and turns of the story. In fact, I read the whole thing in just a few hours - that's how wrapped I got in what was going on. In the prologue, an unidentified woman is trying to hike to the top of a mountain in the dark (yeah, I know, anybody who would do that pretty much deserves what she gets, but hang with me here). She makes a wrong turn, then a misstep, and then takes a fatal tumble. Next up is a week prior to her death, when readers meet fast friends Grace, Lee, Alice and Carol, who get together after school at least one day a week in Nashville. Lee, a hairdresser, has a young son named Mason who is on the spectrum; to help, her friend Grace introduced her to occupational therapist Noah. Not a lot more is said about Alice and Carol, except that they want the foursome to go on a long getaway weekend at a mountain resort. Lee wants (actually, she's desperate) to go, but Mason isn't an easy child to hand off to someone else. But he does love Noah, so Lee reluctantly asks if he'll stay with her son. He agrees, and the trip is on. Chapters shift from the perspectives of Grace, Lee and Noah - all of whom clearly have "secrets" they've been trying to hide (well, Grace has one she plans to share with Lee once the right opportunity arises, which she hopes will be during their getaway). Little by little, readers get glimpses of all three characters to learn what brought them to this point - memories that gradual merging with the present and - you guessed it - that woman who fell off the mountain. More details? Sorry, no can do; from this point on, you'll just have to read it for yourself - and I hope you will. Thoroughly enjoyable - many thanks to the publisher, via NetGalley, for the opportunity to read and review a pre-release copy.
BookventuresWithDivi 11 months ago
Because You're Mine by Rea Frey . If you are a fan of suspenseful & dramatic reads that make you stay up late to finish them, I'm sure you'll be doing it for this one! . What a ride! Told from three alternating points of view and two different points in time, this storyline is one that makes you pay attention so that you don't miss a thing. Lee is a single mother caring for her young autistic son, Luca, when she is invited for a weekend getaway with her girlfriends. Never having been away from Luca, this makes her nervous, but things fall into place and she is able to attend, thanks to his tutor Noah. Unfortunately, secrets are brought to light during a night of confessions and before the trip is over, someone is dead. Everyone's life will be affected and links from the past will come back to seek revenge. . As I said earlier, what a ride! I made so many of my own predictions and entanglements between characters along the way and I was happy to be wrong! I love it when an author can surprise me with shocks throughout & a nice twist at the end!
MatteaLC 11 months ago
A new author for me, and I plan to read her debut. This is a well written book with strong characters. Rhea Frey writes a story of best friends, losses, lies and deceit. It is narrated alternately by the main characters. It is filled with twists and turns until the slam dunk ending. My thanks to Net Galley and St Martin’s Press for the ARC. I loved it! #NetGalley #StMartinsPress #RheaFrey