Between Me & You

Between Me & You

by Kimberly Kincaid

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He hates the corporate world.
She's all business.
Now they have to work together
on the one job that could
make or break them both...

Connor became a flight medic
for one reason, and
one reason only.
To help people.
If he can keep his head down
and his past in the past while he's at it?
Even better.

Until Harlow appears to upend his world
with an offer he can't refuse.

She's calculating. Composed.

And she'll stop at nothing to make
her father's business successful.

Even if that means teaming up with Connor
to turn around a failing clinic.

He shouldn't like her.
He definitely shouldn't want her.
But the more they work together
the less he's able to resist.

But Connor's secrets run deep.
Will Harlow's ambition ruin him,
or will she be his salvation?

From USA Today best-seller Kimberly Kincaid comes an enemies-to-lovers story full of emotion and heat. This full-length romance features a muscle-bound veteran flight medic and a smart, tart female CEO finding happily ever after...the hard way.

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BN ID: 2940161237694
Publisher: Kimberly Kincaid Romance
Publication date: 08/13/2019
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 22,600
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Between Me & You 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 12 reviews.
AllisiaWysong 3 days ago
#scorching, #book3, #mustread, #preorder I have been waiting for Connor and Harlow’s book since I read the first book in this series. What’s to not like, I mean the guy promotes and reads romance novels! This means he knows what will make the toes curl and how to make a woman feel special in and out of the bedroom. Connor has been my favorite of the guys since he came on the scene and I wasn’t disappointed. Harlow is all business and has something to prove, she needs to show everyone she can do the job she loves. She has never mixed Business with pleasure and isn’t temped until she meets Connor. He is passionate about his career and loves helping people. He has close friends that are more like family. To Harlow and this reader that is very sexy! These two are drawn together by an invisible magnet that gets stronger and stronger as they get to know each other. I loved reading this book for a lot of reasons, one being the fact that Connor never tries to control or change Harlow’s drive. He understands her need for control. He helps her see that with him she can be in control but doesn’t have to around him. She can let her guard or second skin of armor off. You will NOT want to miss this book! And if you pre-order then go to Kimberly Kincaid’s FB page and fill out her form you can get a FREE Exclusive Extra scene, ONLY pre-orders will see this!! SO, go right now and order your copy before it is too late!! ***I was granted the privilege to review an ARC copy by the author and publicist***
MJHughes12 7 days ago
Filled with lots of sparks – both in the office and out – Kimberly Kincaid delivered a medical romance that had just the right mix of drama and romance but also had lots of heart and compassion that you would hope to find in a medical/clinic setting. Harlow is very intense and likes to run her life like a well-developed business plan, just give her the facts - no emotions, please - and she’ll come up with a solution that can fix any problem. Connor knows that saving the clinic is more than just making cuts to the bottom line – caring isn’t just about the patients, it also is about the staff. With styles that seem polar opposite and guaranteed to keep Connor and Harlow at odds, I wasn’t sure how these two would be able to work together and figure out a way to try and save the clinic – and add to that the insane chemistry between them and I knew this was going to be fun ride! Easily read as a standalone, I did love getting to reconnect with characters from the first two books. One of the things that makes this series special is the bond between the friends from Remington Medical as well as the other characters in the cross-over series (Station 17). I love this close-knit group of friends and how they always look out for one another and are always so willing to open their hearts to new members of the group and to each other. Kincaid’s writing style works perfect with this book and series – the medical scenes were delivered in such a way that I was easily brought into the scene without being overwhelmed with medical jargon or technical information, and there is a natural tension in much of her dialogue that speaks to the nature of the medical setting and the stress that accompanies it. I did love how she also was able to bring out the fun side of the characters as well – even though for Harlow having fun was not something she does much of anymore, so seeing Connor break through her shell was wonderful. This was a great addition to the Remington Medical series and I look forward to the next book. If you like a lot of sparks and tension between characters also laced with just as much heart and compassion, then this is definitely one to check out!
Amy Moore 9 days ago
OMG!! I am sooo in love with Connor! He is the ultimate book boyfriend. If only he were real…and MINE!! He has such a heart of gold. Be still my heart.
EileenAW 9 days ago
Connor and Harlow’s enemies to lovers story in Between Me & You, book three in Kimberly Kincaid’s Remington Medical series is an amazing story. After leaving the Air Force as a flight medic Connor started working at Remington Memorial because he wanted to wanted to help people. Connor has a secret from his past which could hurt the people he cares about and work alongside. The clinic across from the hospital was established in the memory of the Davenport matriarch, Harlow’s mother. Wanting to turn this place around from its mismanagement Harlow offers Connor the position of director of the medical side while she will be director of the business side. This is a position that Connor cannot turn down as it will help the citizens of Remington, especially those less fortunate. Harlow lives and breathes business, trying to live up to her father’s expectations. In fact, she has forfeited friends, love, and self-care to be the person she believes she is supposed to be. From the beginning, Connor and Harlow clash; deciding which is more important the business end or the medical end and how to balance the budget. As Harlow and Connor work together to save the clinic, their attraction and chemistry not only grows, but is noticed by those working around them. In fact, the traits that make each character special start rubbing off on the other; Connor finds ways to save money yet accomplish all he wants for the clinic while showing Harlow how to be more empathetic to the clients at the clinic. Finding solutions outside the box is a major theme in the workings and the saving of the clinic. I adored Connor, especially the fact that he read romance books and shared them with his co-workers. His ability to defuse difficult situations, find releases to the seriousness of the emergency room, respect and understand his patients, and at the same time efficiently help people, especially those hurt. Harlow was harder to like at first as she seemed almost robotic, single minded, focusing only on her mission and the bottom line. Spending time with Connor and his friends loosened her up, allowing her to reveal real feelings, insecurities, and faults. Following the path Connor and Harlow took to stop disliking each other to becoming friends and then lovers was an enjoyable journey. Ms. Kincaid provided an emotional tale rich with sexual chemistry, amusing banter, strong connections with family and friends as well as endearing characters; providing Connor and Harlow a chance at everlasting love. I highly recommend Between Me & You to other readers and look forward to the next book, and couple, in this series. I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book.
LindaTownsend 9 days ago
The man was flat-out beautiful. And she was in flat-out trouble for how much she noticed it. Between Me and You is the third sublime installment in Kimberly Kincaid’s scorching Remington Medical saga set in a North Carolina medical complex. It’s a contemporary romance extraordinaire and a riveting medical drama that any layperson can relate to. Between Me and You works perfectly well as a standalone if that is your preference, but believe me, you’ll want to inhale each book in this series which is why this series ranks as one of my top two favorite contemporary romance series this year. This is Connor’s and Harlow’s story. I’ve been excited for Connor’s tale since the first book in this series, Back to You. He’s a gorgeous former military flight medic turned ER trauma nurse at Remington Medical. He’s passionate about his career, loves helping people and has close friends that are more like family. Seriously, when I need medical care, I want a nurse like Connor. In a great twist, Connor’s best friend from his military service is now a hunky cover model on romance novels. Connor promotes the novels with the hot, eye-catching covers and actually reads them so he knows what makes women’s toes curl and how to make a woman feel special. Harlow is a beautiful businesswoman with something to prove. She’s cunning, hard-headed and ambitious. Harlow needs to be in control but has to partner with Connor - albeit reluctantly - to save a community clinic bearing her mother’s name from closing down. Connor doesn’t trust Harlow but will put his distrust aside if it means that those who need the clinic will continue to receive quality health care. Under a strict deadline they must work together to pull off a miracle and balance a budget horribly in the red and do it by not sacrificing healthcare. Opposites do attract and these two are exquisitely steamy! Every heat-driven liaison this couple shares left me swooning. I found it incredibly sexy that Connor understood Harlow’s need for control. He helped her see that she can remain in control, but can drop her guard around him. Please know that there is an abuse situation in this story. Kimberly handles it tastefully with heart. Next up is Tess’ tale and I can't wait. Kimberly Kincaid delivers big-time with this perfectly plotted, hot enemies-to-lovers romance and I loved every minute of it. I adored the way Kimberly wrote it in the third person POV to where readers are in the characters’ heads thinking and feeling as they do. Besides the story being fabulous, I’m wild about its exceptional cast of characters. As a plus, if you have read the previous stories in this series or Kimberly’s Station 19 stories, you will get a chance to catch up with those characters as well. Between Me and You is solid from start to finish and highly recommended.
mamalovestoread22 9 days ago
Harlow Davenport is a driven woman who will stop at nothing to succeed, her only focus is her work and coming out on the winning side of things. But her newest job is about to test her in ways she never thought possible, and make her question her all work no play lifestyle. She has been tasked with saving the clinic that bares her mother's name from going under. But for the first time in a long time she will have to share the reigns on a job, and that little fact puts her on edge... especially when she meets the handsome man she will be working with! Connor Bradshaw is a flight medic turned ER nurse who works at Remington Medical Center. He loves what he does, and he is damn good at it, it feeds his need to help people and it's fulfilling work. His hard work has not gone unnoticed, and it's about to earn him an opportunity of a lifetime. The clinic affiliated with the hospital that employs him is going under, and they have hired a company to come in and turn things around, but they need someone with his skills to get the job done. He wants to save the clinic, but he has his reservations about the uptight woman he'll be working alongside that will be handling the financial side of things. The vibe he gets from her leaves him questioning her motives, she's all business and no compassion... and that is certainly a recipe for disaster! One sentence into to this scorching enemies-to-lovers tale and I knew there was no chance I was putting it down until I had devoured every last word. The tension was thick, the sparks were running rampant, and emotions were at an all time high! These two fought their attraction to one another at every turn, both had pasts that were haunting them, an agenda they were focused on, but love had other plans for both of them. The chemistry between Connor and Harlow was undeniable and every heat driven encounter they shared left me blushing and my toes curled... Connor is quite the charmer! I loved every minute of this latest tale from Ms. Kincaid, her words squeezed my heart, and her characters had me smiling and swooning throughout! Highly recommend! I requested an advanced copy of this title from the publisher, and I am voluntarily leaving my honest opinion.
JaneN17 9 days ago
Ooooh! This is so goood!! A very well developed story with great characters that have some major problems between them but learn to work together for the greater good. Harlow and Connor are angsty, funny, romantic and solid. I loved how real these characters felt to me. I was rooting for them right off the bat and the ending was AWESOME!! If your looking for a story that you can really lose yourself in, this is it! LOVED IT!!!
Kayreader 9 days ago
An enemies to lovers, medical romance. Where two very different personalities have to work together to achieve one goal, which seems impossible when Connor is focused on the operations side of the medical clinic and Harlow is focused on the business side. Under a strict deadline they need to perform a miracle and balance a budget that is already horribly in the red and do it by not sacrificing healthcare. While working together both Harlow and Connor try to set aside their underlying feelings, knowing the time and place isn’t exactly ideal, plus they are complete opposites of each other, it would never work. But, underneath the polar views of how to run the clinic, they both realize that they actually have the same goal. Could they actually work together to achieve what they both want without sacrificing their own principles? Between Me and You is a standalone in the Remington Medical world, but you might find the story more cohesive if you’ve read one of the previous books only to become familiar with the other characters and the basic premise of the clinic and how the doctors volunteer there during their free time and mention how chaotic it is run before Connor and Harlow take over. But again, it’s not necessary because Kimberly does a great job tying all of the characters in and bringing you up to speed. Connor and Harlow have a slow burning chemistry. Connor is a huge sweetheart and I could love on him all day long. I would totally want a nurse like Connor on any hospital visit I have. Harlow is a strong, independent, business woman and in this day and age she can stand on her own. Together they match each other strengths and weaknesses very well.
LynnB888 9 days ago
4 1/2 STARS! Between Me And You is book three in Kimberly Kincaid's Remington Medical series and revolves around a high powered business woman and a laid back flight medic in a classic enemies to lovers story. Connor has a been a favorite throughout the entire series because he's kind, he's nurturing and best of all, he's just fun to be around. In this book we get a deeper side of Connor and learn all about what life has thrown at him in the past and the secrets he's been keeping ... even from his beloved hospital family. Harlow is a bit machine like. She is no nonsense, cutting and a bit like she's a robot spewing exactly what her daddy taught her and without a mind of her own. She has just been waiting for the likes of Connor to bring out the simmering woman inside of her and when he does, we see this cold fish warming up and showing the person underneath in so many new ways. I highly recommend this story to anyone looking for a fast paced, character driven story with lots of steam and a whole lot of heart. You can't go wrong with any book in the series, but Connor was particularly special.
caroldh4 9 days ago
Between Me & You is book three in the Remington Medical series by Kimberly Kincaid. In this book we get to know Conner, the sexy romance novel loving ER nurse at Remington Medical. I think he is my favorite so far! Conner Bradshaw dropped out of college and joined the Air Force. He became a well trained flight medic during his six years of service. After he left he returned to Remington and was hired as an ER nurse at the local hospital. Conner’s greatest goal is to help the people of his community. He spends his spare time volunteering at the medical clinic. Conner’s family is his friends at the hospital. Harlow Davenport has worked hard for her position at her father’s corporation, Davenport Industries. Davenport Industries has been hired by Remington’s medical clinic which is named after Harlow’s mother, to straighten out the mess the former director created. She is assigned to handle the business side of things and the board has voted to offer the operations side of the position to Conner. Harlow is a buttoned up, nose to the grindstone type of business woman. Earning the respect of her father is what drives her. Conner and Harlow are both very determined to succeed at their new challenge. Only they have very different work ethics and don’t agree on anything. Every day is a new argument and they soon realize they can’t make progress unless they learn to compromise. They also realized all that chemistry that has been zinging between them when they argued was really attraction and you know they could only ignore it for so long. First, I loved Conner. He’s a tatted up, sexy, dirty talking man that would make any woman want to visit her local emergency room. But he’s also laid back, kind and dedicated. I also loved the effect he slowly has on Harlow. He got her to look at the people side of things. That there is more to their clinic than just numbers. She also got to experience friendship with Conner’s group of friends. She had never allowed herself time before. Never had a girls night. It was so lovely seeing her settle and enjoy herself a little bit. The clinic was a mess. Maybe even more than they realized. The board is impatient and wants results quickly. Conner and Harlow are trying everything they can to find a way to keep the doors open. At the same time, they are falling for each other. I really enjoyed this book. I loved seeing the way this clinic was able to help the residents of Remington. Conner and Harlow were so good together. Although it took them awhile to figure that out. It’s also always great to get to revisit the characters from the previous books. I can’t wait to see what’s next for this series!
luvluke6t6 9 days ago
Outstanding! I received an ARC of Between Me & You by Kimberly Kincaid for an honest review. I have loved each book in the Remington Medical series and Between Me & You did not disappoint. I loved the story and the characters. Kimberly Kincaid has delivered another amazing story. Between Me & You is the story of Connor Bradshaw and Harlow Davenport. Connor is the flight medic turned nurse who works in the Remington Medical Center ED and ICU. Harlow is the daughter is Maxwell Davenport, whose company Davenport Industries has been hired by Remington Medical Center to turn around the Marlene Davenport Memorial Clinic. The clinic is named for Harlow's late mother who died of brain cancer. Connor accepts a position as a co-director of the clinic, working on streamlining the clinic operations while Harlow is the co-director of the financial piece of the clinic. Connor and Harlow spend long hours working on streamlining the operations and getting control of the budget shortfalls. They are seeing some success, but will it be enough to save the clinic before the hospital board of directors makes a decision. Connor opens up to Harlow about secrets from his past and Harlow shares secrets from her past as well. Harlow and Connor start a romantic relationship, outside of the clinic. I love the moments they spend at the batting cages and their special moments. Because of mismanagement by the prior director, Harlow and Connor need a major influx of cash to save the clinic. Harlow feels closer to the clinic the more she works with Connor and sees the good that the clinic does in the community. She begins to understand why patient care is just as important as the budgetary issues that they have been battling. Harlow and Connor share bittersweet moments and surprise plot twists that Kimberly Kincaid always includes in her books. Wasn't sure if Harlow and Connor would get their HEA, because of a late conflict. Glad everything came together in the end. Cannot wait Tess's story.
ytcruz 9 days ago
Once again, this talented author gives the reader a story that is at times heartbreaking, at others heartwarming as well as thought provoking. This third book of the series, Remington Medical, is probably my favorite in the series. It centers around Connor Bradshaw and Harlow Davenport. Connor is a former Navy flight medic, now a nurse in Remington Medical. A man dedicated to his patients and one who keeps his past a secret. Harlow, the daughter of a powerful businessman , is a successful businesswoman in her own right , whose aim in life is to show her father she’s very good at her job. But fate puts these two seemingly opposites together when a clinic, carrying Harlow’s mother’s name, is about to be closed due to past mismanagement. As they are forced to work together to keep the clinic open, something starts happening and a friendship and maybe more starts to develop. But will they be able to safe the clinic, and their relationship or will all of it go up in smoke? Aside from the main plot, it’s also a story about family, or lack thereof. Of how our parents attitudes do in fact affect us as adults, as well as the past experiences we live. If you have read the previous stories in the series as well as Station 19 stories by the author, you will get a chance to “visit” with them as well. This is another engaging, well written story with complex characters you will come to love. I was entrusted a copy of this book. The opinions expressed are solely my own.