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Beyond Betrayal: Overcome Past Hurts and Begin to Trust Again

Beyond Betrayal: Overcome Past Hurts and Begin to Trust Again

Beyond Betrayal: Overcome Past Hurts and Begin to Trust Again

Beyond Betrayal: Overcome Past Hurts and Begin to Trust Again


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Responding Right When You've Been Wronged

We all know what it’s like to be lied to, cheated, tricked, or swindled. Whether you want revenge or to protect yourself from future harm, Phil Waldrep understands your pain.

Waldrep had no idea of the steep journey that lay ahead of him when two men walked into his office and revealed an unfolding story of a friend turned colleague who was living what amounted to a second life.  For years following, Waldrep sought to heal the wounds of this broken relationship and confront the pain he felt in the aftermath of this betrayal. Along the way, he discovered God’s solutions to overcoming resentment.

In Beyond Betrayal, you’ll learn about the biblical principles and practical tools that can help you
  • identify betrayers in your life and name the pain you feel
  • rediscover God as the healer of your wounds
  • avoid bitterness and express your anger in healthy ways
  • learn to remain open to trusting others again as you build new relationships
  • choose forgiveness and develop strategies to prevent future betrayal
Whether you’ve been hurt by a family member, friend, colleague, or trusted leader, you are not alone. Even Jesus was betrayed. You don’t have to let past hurts limit your future relationships—you can move beyond betrayal.    

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780736978774
Publisher: Harvest House Publishers
Publication date: 02/11/2020
Pages: 224
Sales rank: 693,861
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Phil Waldrep is the founder and CEO of Phil Waldrep Ministries, host of Women of Joy, Gridiron Men’s, and Celebrators conferences—building up leaders and equipping nearly 60,000 annual attendees in the knowledge and love of Christ. He speaks regularly at churches and conferences across the United States.

Table of Contents

Foreword Ann Voskamp 9

Introduction: Innocence 13

1 Betrayal 21

2 Trust 45

3 Judas 65

4 Shock 85

5 Pain 101

6 Isolation 119

7 Anger 135

8 Forgiveness 153

9 Love 173

10 Healing 191

Appendix: Bible Passages with the Power to Help You Heal 211

Discussion Guide for Beyond Betrayal 213

Endnotes 223

What People are Saying About This

From the Publisher

“Phil’s writing feels like a friend holding your hand through one of life’s hardest struggles: being hurt by another person. His biblical, step-by-step advice will help you overcome betrayal and emerge with confidence. This book is the answer for so many people who need healing.”
—Rachel Cruze, #1 New York Times bestselling author and host of The Rachel Cruze Show

“I just returned from a conference where people were standing in line to get Beyond Betrayal. My friend Phil Waldrep has hit a nerve. It’s quite impossible to get all the way through life without feeling the anguish of betrayal. And if perchance it hasn’t happened to you yet, you know and love someone who is going through this dark place right now. In Beyond Betrayal, Phil offers clear, compassionate, Christlike counsel that will help you find your way through these difficult days and discover that there truly is life beyond betrayal.”
Dr. David Jeremiah, founder and president of Turning Point Ministries,senior pastor, Shadow Mountain Community Church, El Cajon, CA

Beyond Betrayal is a practical guide for walking through the pain of betrayal, learning to trust again, and letting Jesus into the pain to heal and redeem it.”
Christine Caine, bestselling author, founder A21 and Propel Women

“I believe we have all experienced types of betrayal in our lives in some way. From friends who break promises, to spouses who betray vows or business partners embezzling funds — the result of betrayal is often bitterness. As my friend Phil Waldrep shares in this powerful book, you can find freedom from your hurts and healing in the midst of pain.”
Candace Cameron Bure, actress, producer, New York Times bestselling author

“We have so little language for life after betrayal. I’ve learned so much from Phil Waldrep and his gentle wisdom for those of us who want to move on but don’t know how.”
Kate Bowler, New York Times bestselling author of Everything Happens for A Reason and Other Lies I’ve Loved

“If you've ever been betrayed by anyone for any reason, this is the resource you’ve been looking for. Beyond Betrayal offers a step-by-step path to freedom from the hurt, fear, anger, distrust, guilt, bitterness, and regret that inevitably follow the initial shock of a betrayal. Sharing a depth of wisdom gained only through painful personal experience, Phil Waldrep guides you toward hope and healing, even as he points again and again to the One who makes all things new. You won’t find pat answers or easy solutions here—only honest and effective counsel from a compassionate friend who wants to help you live again. A wonderful, powerful book.”
Liz Curtis Higgs, bestselling author of Bad Girls of the Bible

“I have known Phil Waldrep for years. He is one of the nicest people you’d ever want to meet and even he was betrayed. In this book Phil will show you how to get through betrayal without becoming bitter and broken.”
Mark Lowry, singer, author, humorist, and songwriter of the Christmas classic “Mary Did You Know”

“Phil Waldrep is one of the kindest, most genuine men I know. His story proves that God absolutely can heal our deepest emotional wounds, we can choose redemption over retribution, and scars can morph into the loveliest kind of beauty marks.”
Lisa Harper, bestselling author and Bible teacher

“Betrayal can leave a lifelong sting, and yet we have the opportunity to transform how we feel, think, and remember what happened to us. Phil Waldrep is a trusted guide through these challenging waters.&rdquo
Jay and Katherine Wolf, bestselling authors and founders of Hope Heals

“Betrayal hurts, but bitterness hurts us even more. That’s why I appreciate Phil Waldrep so much. He not only takes you along on his own personal journey of betrayal, but he gives spiritual guidance to help you stand tall on the other side without harboring resentment. This is a great resource for anyone who is in the hard middle of a broken relationship.”
Jennifer Rothschild, author of Lessons I Learned in the Dark, founder Fresh Grounded Faith events and 4:13 Podcast

“I have great respect for Phil Waldrep as a pastor and a friend. In this book he becomes our mentor, walking us through the painful maize of betrayal and heartache. He doesn’t pull any punches—if you have been broken by betrayal, you will find a wise and compassionate friend who will guide you to a place of peace and freedom in Christ.”
—Sheila Walsh, bestselling author of It’s Ok Not to Be Ok

“Phil Waldrep has walked through betrayal and come out on the other side of the pain with rich insights, healing words, and strategies for overcoming such heartache. His teaching and tactics will revolutionize your life and set you free.”
Margaret Feinberg, author of Taste and See and host of The Joycast podcast

“Unfortunately, we have all dealt with the issue of betrayal, and I can tell you from personal experience that it’s one of the hardest wounds to heal. Through biblical narratives and his own personal story, Phil invites the reader to come to the place of peace that he has found. We can’t live in resentment and expect to know the joyful life that Jesus has promised, and I’m grateful for these words because they speak to the freedom on the other side of forgiveness.”
Angie Smith, bestselling author

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