Beyond the Forest

Beyond the Forest

by Kay L. Ling


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"A bright fantasy for readers who are tired of exaggerated violence and slippery morals." --Kirkus Reviews

"A bright fantasy for readers who are tired of exaggerated violence and slippery morals." --Kirkus Reviews

Lana can draw arcane powers from gemstones. When she started reading the folklore, it sounded farfetched. She should have closed the books right then and walked away. Special abilities are nothing but trouble. Someone always wants you to do something impossible. Or dangerous. Usually both. Like going through a portal to save an oppressed race in another world. In this case, gnomes, whose ruler happens to be a gem master with unimaginable powers.

Lana decides an exploratory mission seems harmless. She can visit the other world and come up with a plan. Who knew there would be flying serpents, mutant insects, and goblin-like mutant gnomes? Or that she'd end up in a dungeon while the queen decides whether to kill her or turn her into an enchanted creature? The gem master hopes to rule Lana's world next and has already put plans in motion. Lana is determined to escape from the dungeon, but then what? She has two potential allies with gem powers, and she's afraid of both. But with two worlds in danger, and time running out, she may have to trust them.

Lana's story begins in our present-day world as she prepares to take over the family jewelry store, but most of her adventures occur in the dangerous and fascinating gnome world.

This is a standalone novel without loose ends or a cliffhanger ending, but the resolution opens the door for further adventures in the gnome world. The sequel, Shadowglade, is available now.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781539729235
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 10/29/2016
Pages: 298
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.92(d)

About the Author

Kay L. Ling began writing fiction at an early age. In grade school, her stories evidenced a sense of wonder and love of adventure. In one, mythical creatures lived and traveled inside a rainbow, and in another, a bored sixth-grader turned her teacher into a maroon sofa and then teleported herself to London. As she grew up, Kay never lost her ability to imagine strange and wondrous peoples and places, and now she would like to share her unique fantasy adventures with others.

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Beyond the Forest 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Engaging portal story This is my 8th SPFBO 2017 book! I think there is little need to fully repeat the basic story because several reviews have already done this rather well. Long story short, Lana is a 20 year old heiress to a family jewelry store that has spanned 5 generations that has started to develop an ability to obtain supernatural abilities from certain stones. The abilities obtained at first don't seem like much, a greater ability to fall asleep, more insight while handling her annoying boss Arlene, etc... However things to awry when she visits a local natural park and digs from the ground a strange black stone. Her car unexpectedly dies leaving her stuck in the forest all night. After deciding she would be safer camping in the forest instead of in her car, she is startled to be chased by a strange wolf, a creepy undead woman with black eyes that literally suck the light out of everything and a group of miniature monsters that wish to capture her... until she is rescued by a tribe of kind hearted gnomes that ask for her help to liberate her people from the threat of the undead woman named Sheamathan. Things get stranger in this lighthearted adventure story as Lana manages to cross a portal into an alternate world called Shadow which is ruled by the ruthless villainess. She soon discovers the wolf has a long history along with a dozen other truths that are slowly unveiled during the course of the story. I will agree that the book starts very slow which can cause a lot of people to give up on it. It begins with Lana's mundane life and it isn't until the 20% point where she encounters the gnomes. However, if you give the book a chance, the story really picks up at around the 40% point and remains fully engaging until the very end. The characters are well thought out, the world of Shadow imaginative and Sheamathan is a rather unusual and interesting villain. I myself own lapis lazulli gems that I frequently wear. I don't think they give me insight or the ability to turn dumb teenagers into giant talking rats, but who knows? The ending is fully satisfying but still leaving a lot of more quests and adventures left to fulfill. I'll definitely read the sequels sometime.