Bible Prophecies Fulfilled by 2012

Bible Prophecies Fulfilled by 2012

by Alan Peters

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Bible Prophecies Fulfilled by 2012 by Alan Peters

This book attempts to decipher the Book of Revelation using a modern, non-religious interpretation and tries to picture the visions which John was shown 2000 years ago, in terms of today’s modern world.

It is obvious that if the visions he saw were of the “End Times” or after 1948, as the End Times have been defined, then his visions would of necessity have included modern artifacts such as aircraft, cars, helicopters and skyscrapers, for which he had no vocabulary to describe. He could not have seen true prophecies of the End Times without seeing these modern inventions. If we look carefully and with understanding at his “visions”, we will see all these modern artifacts, if we allow for his lack of knowledge of the "End Times" and his limited vocabulary.

Finally, we must learn from John’s mistakes. He interprets the persons with him in the place where he is receiving the visions, as “Angels” and the leader as “Christ”. When he falls down to worship one of the “angels”, he is told in no uncertain terms by the angel in question, not to do it, because “I am just a fellow servant like you”

It is my contention that the individuals in what I name “the control room”, where the visions are being shown, are normal human beings trying to do a job of preparing humanity for “what must come to pass”. Who these people were and how they could see, let alone show, these visions to John is beyond the scope of this book. It could be the subject of another book at a later date but not knowing who these people were, or where they came from does not detract from the validity of the interpretation of the visions.

The arguments and explanations in this book are, I hope, clear, well reasoned, cross referenced and entirely plausible, knowing the period to which the revelations refer and readers are invited to judge the validity of the interpretations for themselves.

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About the Author

I first started to notice that events in the Gulf War in 1990/91 bore a striking similarity to events described in The Book of Revelation. In particular, the smoke from the burning oil wells in Kuwait made me think of "smoke going up from the bottomless pit" (ch9:2). Shortly afterwards, I realised the identity of the Beast 666. I waited for years, expecting someone else to reveal this identity, but no one, to my knowledge, has done so to date. This encouraged me, when I retired in 2011, to publish my thoughts and a lot of additional information became obvious from further researching the project, resulting in the publication of "Bible Prophecies Fulfilled by 2012" Now, as well as this updated edition In 2014, I have just published another book called "The Last Days - The Last Pope,The Antichrist and The False Prophet", which builds on the information in Bible Prophecies - 2012 and looks more closely at what is going to happen in the last days, before the predicted arrival of The New Jerusalem. Since the current Pope is supposed to be the last one and he is in his late seventies, it cannot be very long now until it all happens! The new book is published and available for sale on Amazon as a paperback or as Kindle download and is reviewed on my website: I have also started to edit and publish books for other authors and some of these can be seen, together with information of the services I provide at: I am always happy to receive feedback or questions via either of these sites Alan Peters - August 2014

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