Big Stick: An Aces Hockey Novel

Big Stick: An Aces Hockey Novel

by Kelly Jamieson

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ISBN-13: 9781101969427
Publisher: Random House Publishing Group
Publication date: 10/23/2018
Series: Aces Hockey , #8
Sold by: Random House
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 275
Sales rank: 653
File size: 3 MB

About the Author

USA Today bestselling author Kelly Jamieson is the author of more than forty contemporary romance novels. She writes the kind of books she loves to read—sexy romance with heat, humor, and emotion. She likes coffee (black), wine (mostly white), and shoes (high!). She also loves watching hockey.

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Chapter 1

Nick would rather have his back, sack, and crack waxed than be going to a party, but it was his best buddy Hallsy’s birthday, and Hallsy had been through a rough time the last couple of years. Actually, so had he; they were a sad pair. Anyway, after what they’d been through he could at least do this. One little birthday party with all their teammates. He’d managed to get out of the Super Bowl party a few weeks ago at Rosser’s place, but he couldn’t turn down this.

Hallsy totally deserved this bash his new girlfriend, Kendra, was throwing him.

Seeing his friend happy and in love again was great, but it was February, which was almost March, which was a bad month for Nick. He knew he should just get over it, but it wasn’t that easy.

Kendra opened the door to him, a big smile on her face. He’d gotten to know her somewhat better over the last months, and she was . . . fantastic. He wasn’t one to get all excited about things, and he was irritated about having to be here, but even he didn’t have it in him to be an asshole to Kendra.

Her smile glowed, her long red-gold hair flowing back over her shoulders. “Hi, Nick!” She went up on her toes and hugged him.

He wasn’t a huggy person. His body stiffened, and he circled his arms around her body without really touching her. Shit. He was being an asshole. He couldn’t help himself.

She drew back, still smiling, like she hadn’t even noticed his awkwardness. “This must be for Max.”

“Yeah.” He handed over the parcel, an expensive single malt Scotch collection that included some Scotch stones and a tumbler, which thankfully had come gift-wrapped in glossy black and white paper, because he was good with his hands, but not when it came to flimsy paper and sticky goddamn tape.

“We said no gifts,” she admonished him.

“I know, I know, but it’s not much, really.”

She shook her head but smiled. “Come in, I’ll go put this away. What can we get you to drink? Beer? Scotch?”

“Scotch would be great.”

Kendra bustled ahead of him carrying the gift, and Nick followed her into the spacious living room of the condo Hallsy had bought last year. He’d been there plenty of times, but this was the first time he’d seen it like this—filled with people talking and laughing, music playing, the atmosphere warm and vibrant.

What a difference.

It was good though, really good for Hallsy.

He exchanged bro handshakes, hugs, and backslaps with some of his teammates and their wives, forcing smiles for them. “Hey, Benny. Jenna. Hi, Dupe. Army. Good to see you, Lovey. Amber.”

All three women were pregnant. They looked huge. Okay, that was exaggerating, but pregnancy scared the crap out of Nick. Where was that drink?

He wandered farther, greeting more of the guys, spying Kendra in the dining room at the buffet that had been set up as a bar. He headed that way and accepted the glass she handed him. “Thanks. Cheers.” He held up the glass.

An arm hooked around his neck and yanked him. Hallsy.

Nick shook his head, smiling. This time the hug was easy. “Happy birthday, old man.”

“Thanks, bro. Glad you came.”

Hallsy said it lightly, but Nick heard the serious undertone in his voice. Nick had been blowing off invitations all month, and Hallsy knew it and he knew why. He’d taken to dropping in at Nick’s new house at random times, just for a beer or coffee or to hang out. Nick knew he was checking up on him. It bugged him and made him roll his eyes and . . . he’d never in a million years admit that it struck him square in the heart.

“Wouldn’t miss the birthday party. Big three-oh. Dude. You’re practically retirement age.”

Hallsy snorted.

This was an exaggeration, but not by that much. The average age in the NHL was now something like twenty-seven, which was Nick’s age. Sure, there were guys who were older than that still playing, but it seemed like the league was getting younger and younger.

“Yeah, not ready for retirement yet. Just worked my ass off to get back to playing. I’m good for another ten years at least,” he boasted.

He could be right. When Hallsy’s wife had been diagnosed with cancer a couple of years ago, he’d taken some time off from the game, and it had turned into more than a season after she’d passed away. He’d needed that time, but it had definitely set him back when it came to playing one of the most grueling sports in the world. Hallsy had worked hard to get back in shape. He’d made an amazing comeback and was keeping up with kids a lot younger than him. Nick had mad respect for Hallsy’s determination and dedication.

“Help yourself to food.” Kendra waved a hand at the dining table loaded with platters and bowls of all kinds of snacks.

Nick grinned at the balloons above the table that read dirty 30. “Fitting.”

Kendra grinned. “I thought so.”

Nick moved over to the table and picked up a plate. He selected a few items—some meatballs, veggies, bacon-wrapped scallops. Those stuffed mushrooms looked awesome, so he grabbed a couple of those too. He moved to a corner of the room, standing by himself as the party went on.

Movement at his feet caught his attention, and he glanced down to see Molly, Hallsy’s puppy. She sat gazing up at him with big brown puppy eyes, tongue hanging out of her mouth. “Hi, dog,” he said. “What do you want?”

The dog didn’t answer.
“Food, huh?” Sure, he could have a conversation with a dog. Why not? “How about a meatball?” He selected one of the small balls and held it up. Molly’s ears perked, and her spine straightened. “How’re your catching skills?”

He tossed the meatball to the dog. She watched it hit the floor.

“Damn, needs some work,” he murmured.

Molly sniffed the meat then scarfed it down, resuming her sitting pose to gaze at him imploringly once more.

Nick bent to wipe the sauce off the hardwood floor with a paper napkin. “Probably shouldn’t do this,” he muttered. “But you’re kinda cute. Try harder this time.” He tossed a meatball again, and this time Molly caught it. “Hey, good girl.” He felt unreasonably pleased, considering he didn’t really even like dogs. Or cats. Or kids. Or adults, for that matter.

“You probably shouldn’t be feeding her people food.”

Nick started and glanced to his left where a woman stood holding a glass of red wine.


He eyed her. He didn’t know who she was—dating one of the young guys maybe? He couldn’t help but glance at her left hand. No ring.
She was pretty enough, although big dark-framed glasses hid half her face. Okay, not really. Looking closer, she had nice enough eyes behind the hipster glasses. Her mouth though was hot—full-lipped, with up-tilted corners. Messy brown waves brushed her shoulders as she shook her head. “Don’t worry, I won’t rat you out.” She smiled.

“It’s meat. It won’t hurt her.”

She looked down at Molly, still shamelessly begging. “Molly, you’re so cute. It’s hard to resist giving you whatever you want.” She handed the dog a little piece of cheese from the table.


She gave him a mischievous smile. “She’s adorable.” She set her drink down, bent, and picked up the puppy, cuddling her and letting her lick her chin. “Aren’t you adorable, you little mooch.”

He watched Molly lavish affection on the woman as if she knew her and loved her. Huh.

“I’m Jodie.” The woman extended a hand. “A friend of Kendra’s.”
Right, right. He was a tool. Introductions were polite. “Nick. Nick Balachov.” He set his plate down on the table and took her hand to shake it. As his fingers closed around hers, he was struck by how soft and delicate her hand felt in his, yet her grip was firm and strong.

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Big Stick: An Aces Hockey Novel 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 32 reviews.
JWright57 29 days ago
4.5 Stars for Big Stick which is book 7 in the Aces Hockey Series but everyone of this series can easily be read as stand-alone books. I love hockey and I love this series and I was excited to be back in Chicago with the Aces and I was not disappointed Kelly Jamieson delivered once again. Jodie is a business owner and single mum she has just moved to Chicago with her best friend who also happens to be her business partner, life is moving in the right direction but that’s about to change when she meets a hulk of a hockey player who is a teammate of her best friends man. Jodie needs a place to live and she ends up renting Nick’s guest house, things don’t start well for this couple but the more time they spend together the more they realise they have feelings for each other. This book has all the feels you could ever want in a romance, it has its ups and downs, it has many obstacles to cross before you get a HEA and it has the most adorable little girl who has some brilliant one liners. A great addition to one of my favourite series.
MaimeosAngelsEL 29 days ago
This is book 7 in the Aces hockey series and can be read as a standalone. Kelly Jamieson has done a great job with this series and this is Nick Balachov and Jodie’s story. When Jodie moves to Chicago she and her daughter need a place to stay, which is where Nick enters the picture when he lets them stay in his Coach house. All Nick wants to do is concentrate on hockey and have an occasional hook up. The last thing he wants is to be seriously attracted to any woman, least of all single mum Jodie and her gorgeous 2 year old daughter Zyana. Nick has had a hard life with means he has closed himself off to those around him whilst Jodie is his opposite and seizes the moment. Initially they clash but as circumstance and fate continue to bring them together they slowly ease into a friendship with potential for so much more. The chemistry between them is intense and Nick’s affection and behaviour towards Zyana is heart warming. I really loved that Jodie knew what or who she wanted and wasn’t afraid to move forward, her protectiveness towards her daughter was inspiring. The writing was strong and kept my attention and there were plenty of hot and passionate scenes.
SherriBabb 28 days ago
I have loved every book in this series but have to say Nick's book just might be my favorite. Nick was more of the strong silent type but he was a very hot, sexy and sweet man. Sometimes he did not come across that way. Jodie had just moved to town with her daughter and really did not have any friends. They meet at a hockey party and at the beginning I do not think they really liked each other at all. Jodie needs a place to live and Nick has a house on his property that is empty so he does a solid for his hockey buddy and lets Jodie and her daughter move in. The chemistry between the two of them heat up but both keep their feelings locked away both unsure of what they want in life. I found this book to be fast paced and full of romance and lots of heat. I loved reading about some of the past hockey players that have been in this series. It was nice to catch up on their lives. If you are looking for a book that will keep you reading well into the night then look no farther. This book will do that. I cannot wait to read the next book in this series. Thanks Net Galley. I voluntarily reviewed this book in exchange for an honest review.
ViperSpaulding 29 days ago
Jodie sees through all of Nick's bluster to the sweet softy he hides inside. Nick is just fine on his own - he doesn't need a woman to answer to, a family to be responsible for. So why can't he get Jodie out of his head? Maybe because she's living in the coach house behind his home? Jodie chose to be a single mother, knowing she had enough love to give any child, but she's not totally against the idea of finding forever with a nice man. Or Nick, since he's the one who's currently hitting all her go buttons at once. Growly, grumpy Nick and delightfully upbeat Jodie make the unlikeliest of couples, but they truly are the yin to each other's yang. Watching Nick slowly melt around her daughter was just priceless. His self-doubts were painful to witness and almost cost him everything in the end. This story was enchanting from the start, and I couldn't help but fall in love with Nick even at his worst. Jodie was a wonderfully vibrant character, full of hope but with her own insecurities as well. This book was a non-stop read for me, and I look forward to more with the Aces hockey hotties and the women who tame them. I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.
Lashea677 29 days ago
Jamieson is known for her stories of fiesty women and the men who charm them. What makes Big Stick stand out is that Jodie and Nick give readers a look at both sides of the coin. He's the man that has it all. She's a woman struggling to make a better life for herself and her child. Jodie is ever the optimist. Nick is a victim of his own celebrity. This is a pairing that shouldn't work, yet totally does. A situation of convenience takes an unexpected turn when hearts become involved. Jamieson proves she can do no wrong when it comes to romance. Her language is one that only the heart can understand and mine is well versed in perfection.
nelriv 4 days ago
This book broke my heart for Nick, he was still suffering after the death of his brother so he doesn't really want to socialize with others but he does care for his friends so when he is invited over to help celebrate one of their birthdays he goes just wishing that time went faster. At said party he meets Jodie and he did not make the best impression and later on there was some humilation (yeah hoping you want to grab book) Jodie is someone you will love, she is loyal and great a mother and even though these two are not looking for a relationship, forced proximity allows them to get to know each other and get rid of their first impressions and the rest my friends is lovely..Enjoy!
Amelyn Randall 16 days ago
Kelly Jamieson has made me cry! I love to be forced to tears while I'm reading. This book is so touching. A big, strong hockey player gets turned to romantic mush. That's my kind of romance novel. It is refreshing to find a book that includes my nearby city, Chicago. There aren't a lot of books I've found that are based here. Another rarity is to have a small child involved in the story. Zyana is a brilliant, funny, adorable 2-year-old girl who wraps everyone around her tiny pinky finger. She warms my mama heart! If you like a little bit of hockey, a lot of romance, some hot sexy times, and adorable moments with a sweet child, oh, and a giant man who is a softie, then this book is for you. It's a quick read with a happy ending. So worthwhile. I received a copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
Lit_Litehosue 16 days ago
Nick and Jodie are so cute together but since Nick doesn't want kids and Jodie is a single mother they may be doomed before they get a chance to explore the possibilities. Okay. so Big Stick was such a fun read. I loved how NIck responded to Jodie's daughter and his reaction when she was sick was so touching and sweet. Awesome story with lots so sizzle and a happen ending that will melt your heart.
2kasmom 19 days ago
This is book #7 in the Aces Hockey series. This book can be read as a standalone novel. For reader enjoyment, and understanding of the series, I recommend reading in order. Jodie and Nick know one another through mutual friends. When their friends think they should move in together, it becomes a series of awkward conversations. Single-mom Jodie cannot afford to get involved with someone too quickly. Can she be near him and not lose her heart? Nick is everything she wants and is hard to stay away from. Little does he know while he pines for the elusive Jodie, she also pines for him. When they learn to see eye to eye, maybe this could be love after all. This was a slow burn. The characters had good interaction and the book was at a good pace. What I liked best was the real touch of the honest way a single parent would react. This title has lots of heat, plenty of heart and an endorsement from me. ***This early copy was given in exchange for an honest review, by Netgalley and its publishers.
etoile1996 20 days ago
this is the second book titled big stick that i've read in the last month. the first one didn't really do it for me, but this one i liked much better. we met nick in previous breakaway books, and he finds his match in jodie, a big-hearted, chatterbox who lives life believing things will work out for the best. as a single mom, her relentless optimism is pure defense mechanism. but the more time she spends in nick's company, the more she realizes that his grouchy personality hides a big old softie at heart. the guys on the chicago aces are seriously the best. they're broody and sweet and i just love them. and there's always new teammates who have stories waiting in the wings. they're all basically one-click buys. **big stick published on october 23, 2018. i received an advance reader copy courtesy of netgalley/random house publishing group (loveswept) in exchange for my honest review.
Anonymous 22 days ago
Once again you didn't dissapoint us another great book
MalkaShayna 23 days ago
This book takes place at the same time as PLAYING HURT and immediately following SLAP SHOT. Jodie, Kendra Armstrong's partner at Femme Products, which makes sex toys for women, has followed her partner from NYC to Chicago, after Kendra moved to be with her boyfriend, Ace hockey star Max Hall (Hallsy). Back in NYS, Jodie had given up the idea of ever finding a man she could love and trust and feeling her biological clock ticking had artificial insemination to create her now 2 year old daughter, Zyana. They are staying with Max and Kendra until they can find their own place. At a party at the house, Jodie meets Max's team mates, including, Nick Balachov, who she thinks is a jerk and he thinks she talks too much. However, Nick has an empty coach house on his property, which he had built for his brother, Aleks. But his brother died almost 3 years, and Nick still is carrying around guilt, because he feels that he should have kept his younger brother safer. Max talks Nick into letting Jodie and Zyana move into the coach house, until they can find something else. Nick is not a people person, preferring to spend his down time restoring furniture, because he is afraid of letting people down, but when a snow storm followed by a power outage, hits Chicago, he starts feeling protective of them both. Feeling a strong attraction for each other, they agree to a friends with benefits relationship, but will that really work for them? As with the other books in the series, this is a well written story, with skillfully developed, endearing characters and a captivating story line that keeps the reader engaged through the entire book. I received a free, advanced copy of this book from This is my unbiased and voluntary review.
Adrienne Mills 23 days ago
Big Stick was an unexpected treasure. It was more than a "hockey" story. It was a story of two "damaged" people finding love with each other and healing what damage was done. I loved Jodie's openness and witty conversation. He reaction to things was awesome! And who didn't love Zayana?!?!? Nick brought in the hot and sexy, but also a lot of heart. I hope this book is part of a series. I would love to know about the rest of the team.
Mgrabeel 23 days ago
Jodie and her precocious two-year old daughter have recently picked up and moved to Chicago so Jodie and her business partner Kendra can advance their business. Finding an affordable place to live shouldn’t be as challenging as it’s been and accepting the invitation to move into the coach house owned by her partner’s boyfriend’s teammate probably isn’t the best decision but at this point her options are limited. Nick likes his solitude and shouldn’t be so intrigued by his new tenant and her daughter, especially since he claims he doesn’t like kids. He doesn’t understand why she’s taking up so much real estate in his thoughts. Having someone else depend on him, makes Nick reinforce the walls he’s built. This is the first book I’ve read by this author and I can say it will definitely not be my last. I loved it and couldn’t wait to see how it was tied up. The story hooked me from the first page. The heroine was affable and easily relatable. Her innate ability to be a loving mother is one of her best qualities. Nick and his reluctance to develop new relationships is due to his scarred past. I loved both of these characters and was rooting for them from the beginning. I will definitely be picking up the rest of the books in this series.
cayks 23 days ago
Enjoyed reading Nick and Jodie's story. It is well written book about love, family, and feelings intertwined in the world of hockey. Nick is a hockey player who grew up in a harsh world, looking after his younger brother. His brothers suicide messing his thinking up even more. Kelly Jamieson touches on mental health issues especially depression.. Nick doesn't think he should care for anyone because he will only let them down. Jodie is a single mom of two year old, Zyanna. Can they worm their way into Nick's heart. Love, family, hockey does make a great read.
SmutCrazy 25 days ago
When Jodie decides to move her business to Chicago with her 2 year old, certain doubts come to her, but her business partner has already made the move, so why not follow. She has no family, other than her two year old. However, finding an apartment that she can afford in a good and safe neighborhood, is not easy. Now she’s been living in her best friends home, along with her boyfriend, and Jodie needs to find something quick. Kendra and Hallsey have been very understanding, specially since they’re romance is so new. Then Nick, Hallsey’s friend, offers his coach house to Jodie and her daughter. Jodie represents everything that Nick doesn’t want or need. Except, he can’t stop thinking about her and her sweet daughter. When a massive snow storm hits Chicago, Nick brings them to his house to stay. With no electricity, there is no way he would let them stay in the coach house, when he has a fireplace. Nick realizes how much he wants Jodie, and it seems by some strange miracle, she also wants him. What kind of future can he offer them when he is so broken inside. Can Jodie be strong enough for both of them to make this work. Great story. Kelly Jamieson never disappoints! I received a copy of this ARC in exchange for an honest review.
Anonymous 25 days ago
Any fan of Kelly Jamieson Chicago Aces Hockey romances will adore this latest installment. Nick plays for the Chicago Aces, and is torn up over the death of his younger brother. Jodie is a single mom who recently moved to Chicago, and whose dating life is hardly a priority when her daughter’s needs and her job come first. The two meet up at mutual friends’ party, and sparks fly. But, they go their separate ways until Nick ends up renting his guest house to Jodie and her adorable daughter. The author does a great job of developing realistic and likable characters that you want to root for. Jodie’s daughter Zyana is cute without being annoying, and she plays a prominent role in getting the couple together. Plus, there are laugh out loud moments and sexy times too…what could be bad? This is one series where you can read the books in any order, and it’s fun to catch up with characters from earlier installments. If this book is your introduction to the Chicago Aces, you’ll have fun going back and reading about the rest of the team too.
micharch 26 days ago
Jodie and Nick are definitely opposites who attract but find each other annoying. Nick is quiet, reserved and a loner, while Jodie is a bull in a china shop who thinks nothing of inserting herself into people's lives. Nick is still struggling with the death of his brother and has gotten into the habit of walling himself off from many situations where he could find himself feeling more than he is ready for. Jodie is a single mom who decided to have a child and be a single mom. Nick gets talked into letting Jodie and her daughter, Zyanna, move into his coach house. Jodie and Zyanna eventually find themselves needing Nick's help with a snow storm, power outage. Nick more than steps up and I thought it was admirable how he took right over taking care of them. The story was well told and enjoyable. I have read the other books in this series and found that, even if I hadn't, this book would have still made sense to me. If you are looking for a hockey romance, I would recommend this one.
Jolie 27 days ago
I want to clue you all in for my first paragraph. Usually, when I say that, it is because the book has made me bawl my eyes out or it sucks. Well, in this case, it is neither. This clue is about the timeline of the book. I am going to assume that most of you have read the earlier books in the Aces Hockey series. Big Stick’s plotline coincides with Playing Hurt’s. Actually, Big Stick starts off with what was mid-book for Playing Hurt. What clued me in? The party where Nick met Jodie was one of Chase and Jordyn’s first dates. Then little hints of their relationship showed up in Big Stick. Like when they broke up and Nick had that talk with Chase. It was mentioned in this book after it happened. So, if you are reading Big Stick and happen to see Chase and Jordyn’s names come up, don’t be “WTF“. The author chose to start Nick and Jodie’s story around the same time. It was also a smart move on the author’s part. That would make me look into buying the other books in the series. Playing Hurt is Nick and Jodie’s story. Nick is a loner. He is a grouch. He hates little kids (his words, not mine). He wants to be left alone. Nick is still dealing with the death of his brother, 3 years later. A death that he feels responsible for. He figures that he is better off keeping to himself. Then he meets Jodie. Jodie is the complete opposite of Nick. She loves to socialize. She is the complete opposite of a grouch. She likes to surround herself with people. She also has a 2-year-old daughter. After a disastrous run-in at a party hosted by Hallsy and Kendra, Jodie is left with the wrong impression of Nick. When Jodie decides she is outstaying her welcome at Hallsy and Kendra’s apartment, Nick makes her an offer. Live in his coach house for minimal rent until she can get on her feet. What could happen? Well, hot monkey sex and falling in love. But can it last? Can Nick decide that he needs Jodie and her daughter in his life or will he let them go? The two main characters, Nick and Jodie, were complete polar opposites. Since this is a romance novel, they were going to get together. But man, they were like night and day. Nick was serious and kept to himself. Jodie was not serious and loved to socialize. If this was going to be a real-life couple, I would say that their relationship wouldn’t have lasted for very long. But it did. The author, somehow, made them being opposites work in their favor. He was able to come around to being more social and she tried being a bit more serious. I will say that I loved Jodie’s daughter. I wanted to reach through the screen and squeeze her. Her reaction to Nick was hilarious. “A big giant” was one of the best lines in the book. I also loved her “face fur” comment. That sounded like something one of my kids would have said about their father. I did feel bad for what happened to her in the book. I would have had the same reaction as Nick. Jodie and Nick had some serious chemistry going on. Sparks flew when they first met. I had a mental bet going on with myself (so sad, huh) about how long it would take for them to start having sex. I lost the bet. They actually held out longer than I thought they would have. Speaking of sex, it was hot. So very hot. My only complaint is that they went bareback so soon after becoming “friends” (hint). I eye-rolled at that. Other than that, I enjoyed the sex scenes. The butt play scenes were my favorite. Only because few authors go there. It’s like its taboo to do it. I like how the author
Anonymous 27 days ago
Sex toy entrepreneur single mom needs a place to stay until she can find an affordable home. A cottage on Nicks’s propert is volunteered by their mutual friends. Nick is a loner with a lot of self-blame going on in his head. He finds himself more and more drawn to Jodie and her daughter, Zyana. Everything is complicated by his doubts and her reluctance to try to lean on people. Great love story, not just them falling for watch other, but him falling for her daughter.
TheBookNookBlog 28 days ago
Nick Balachov isn't a people person and has no interest in partying and socializing like his teammates. He enjoys his solitude and working on fixing up his home after a hard day on the ice. Jodie is a single mother that believes in taking the bull by the horns and going for what you want in life. After moving to Chicago to help her best friend run their business, Jodie finds herself in a bind when she is unable to find a safe and affordable place for she and her daughter, Zyana, to live. After agreeing to rent his coach house to Jodie, Nick finds himself being drawn to the beautiful and talkative woman. She has a way of bringing out the good in him and rekindling feelings that he thought were lost forever. Will Jodie be able to work her way into Nick's heart and bring him back to life? Or will he push her away and return to his solitude with a broken heart? (I received an ARC of Big Stick from Kelly Jamieson in exchange for my honest review.) Big Stick is a sweet hockey romance about a man that has learned not to form emotional bonds with anyone unless he wants to get hurt. Nick has suffered a lot in his past and guards his heart, until Jodie comes into his life unexpectedly. Together they find a happiness that they both weren't expecting. If you are a hockey fan, you will love this passion filled story!
Lori-Gonzo 28 days ago
Nick and Jodie were wonderful together despite their rough start. It was quite entertaining how they met along with the first impressions. They were quite humorous. Jodie's daughter, Zayana, nearly stole the show. She was way too cute! And I loved every interaction she had with Nick. Nick had vulnerabilities and did not want others to depend on him, but he fell for Jodie. Just as she fell for him. They were so good together and had a ton of things in common. And their sexual chemistry was off the chart. I loved watching Nick's heart heal and him going after what he wanted. He is such a sweet, caring, gentle, and big hearted man under all the gruff. I received this book in exchange for an honest review from the publisher through Netgalley.
astroyic 28 days ago
This was another winner for Kelly Jamieson. I just can’t get enough of her Ice Hockey series. I read this in one day, just couldn’t put it down. Loved Nick and Jodie’s story and her daughter Zyana. Nick Balachov has been a loner since is brother died. His grief and guilt sucks him in every year when the anniversary of his death comes around. Spending his days refinishing antiques and his home is exactly what he enjoys these days. But when he feels obligated to attend a Birthday celebration for his best friend Max Hallsy he is confronted by a single mom that tells him just what she thinks of his attitude. Jodie has just moved to town and is co-owner with Kendra, Max Halley’s girlfriend of Femme Products. Jodie has been through a lot in her life and sure doesn’t put up with much when it comes to rich, Ice Hockey players. She has learned to take one day at a time and to count only on herself. She is looking for a place to stay, and when Max says he knows just the place she is all in, until she finds out that it is Nick’s Coach house. These two are attracted to one another and their chemistry is explosive. So when they are snow in together with her little girl Zyana they find that they have a lot in common. Will their sizzling chemistry melt their walls that they have up? You will need to read to find out. I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
astroyic 28 days ago
This was another winner for Kelly Jamieson. I just can’t get enough of her Ice Hockey series. I read this in one day, just couldn’t put it down. Loved Nick and Jodie’s story and her daughter Zyana. Nick Balachov has been a loner since is brother died. His grief and guilt sucks him in every year when the anniversary of his death comes around. Spending his days refinishing antiques and his home is exactly what he enjoys these days. But when he feels obligated to attend a Birthday celebration for his best friend Max Hallsy he is confronted by a single mom that tells him just what she thinks of his attitude. Jodie has just moved to town and is co-owner with Kendra, Max Halley’s girlfriend of Femme Products. Jodie has been through a lot in her life and sure doesn’t put up with much when it comes to rich, Ice Hockey players. She has learned to take one day at a time and to count only on herself. She is looking for a place to stay, and when Max says he knows just the place she is all in, until she finds out that it is Nick’s Coach house. These two are attracted to one another and their chemistry is explosive. So when they are snow in together with her little girl Zyana they find that they have a lot in common. Will their sizzling chemistry melt their walls that they have up? You will need to read to find out. I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
MLupher3 28 days ago
4.5 Favorite Aces novel to date! I absolutely adored this romance between Nick and Jodie. There were twists and turns with bumps and bruises, but I saw each character grow in their own way, some more than others, and it was a beautiful thing. This book kept me entertained from page one. My heart broke for Nick’s situation and it felt very personal, like I was the one living it. The emotion in this book was fantastic. It had moments that were predictable, and some where I had to go back and reread because I thought I misunderstood something, but overall, this book has definitely been my favorite Aces Novel and I highly recommend it.