Biological Low-Voltage Scanning Electron Microscopy

Biological Low-Voltage Scanning Electron Microscopy


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Field-emission, low-voltage scanning electron microscopy (LVSEM) is a field that has grown tremendously in recent years because it offers the optimal method for viewing complex surfaces at high resolution and in three dimensions. However, even though the instrumentation required for good results at low-beam voltage has become increasingly available, there has been a lag in its application to biological specimens. What seemed to be missing was a volume that combined both the theory and practice of using this equipment in an optimal manner with a thorough treatment of biological specimen preparation.

Biological Low-Voltage Scanning Electron Microscopy is the first book to address both of these aspects of biological LVSEM. After providing a thorough description of the unique advantages and the operating constraints related to operating a scanning electron microscope at low-beam voltage, the remainder of the book focuses on the best way to image all types of plant and animal cells and covers specimens that range from macromolecules to the surfaces revealed by de-embedding resin-embedded samples. Advanced specimen preparation techniques such as cryo-LVSEM and immunogold-LVSEM are fully covered, as is x-ray microanalysis at low-beam voltage and live-time stereo imaging. The preparative protocols provided represent the distilled essence of the experience of a group of world-renowned authors who have, for many decades, been instrumental in developing and applying new approaches to LVSEM to support their own biological research.

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ISBN-13: 9781489995841
Publisher: Springer New York
Publication date: 09/13/2014
Edition description: 2008
Pages: 317
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.25(h) x 0.03(d)

Table of Contents

Preface     v
List of Contributors     ix
The Early Development of the Scanning Electron Microscope   Dennis McMullan     1
LVSEM for Biology   James B. Pawley     27
The Aberration-Corrected SEM   David C. Joy     107
Noise and Its Effects on the Low-Voltage SEM   David C. Joy     129
High-Resolution, Low Voltage, Field-Emission Scanning Electron Microscopy (HRLVFESEM) Applications for Cell Biology and Specimen Preparation Protocols   Heide Schatten     145
Molecular Labeling for Correlative Microscopy: LM, LVSEM, TEM, EF-TEM and HVEM   Ralph Albrecht   Daryl Meyer     171
Low kV and Video-Rate, Beam-Tilt Stereo for Viewing Live-Time Experiments in the SEM   Alan Boyde     197
Cryo-SEM of Chemically Fixed Animal Cells   Stanley L. Erlandsen     215
High-Resolution and Low-Voltage SEM of Plant Cells   Guy Cox   Peter Vesk   Teresa Dibbayawan   Tobias I. Baskin   Maret Vesk     229
High-Resolution Cryoscanning Electron Microscopy of Biological Samples   Paul Walther     245
Developments in Instrumentation for Microanalysis in Low-Voltage Scanning Electron Microscopy   Dale E. Newbury     263
Index     305

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