Black Man vs. The World: Jack Johnson's Trials, Tribulations, and Triumphs

Black Man vs. The World: Jack Johnson's Trials, Tribulations, and Triumphs

by Adam J. Pollack


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Black Man vs. The World: Jack Johnson’s Trials, Tribulations, and Triumphs, by Adam J. Pollack, tells the complete story of Jack Johnson, the first black man to fight for and win the world heavyweight championship. In a thorough, detailed, and unique fashion, Johnson’s life and fights are recounted based on multiple local next-day primary sources, archival documents, as well as a multitude of rare photographs, cartoons, and advertisements. You will follow his path from a poverty-stricken struggling unknown, to contender battling against the color line, lobbying for a title shot which he had earned but for his race, all the way to the championship, his reign, and the great efforts to find a white fighter capable of dethroning him. Throughout, both black and white-owned newspapers offer their plethora of perspectives and substantial context about race, both inside and outside of the ring, better enabling the reader to understand Johnson’s struggles and symbolic significance both to whites and blacks throughout the world. Like never before, boxing fans, sociologists, and historians will obtain knowledge and insight into Jack Johnson’s life and world from which he emerged and endured.

The book includes racial incidents, lynchings and riots, analysis of the significant racial impact of Johnson’s achievements, religious and racial objections and arguments, and legal battles and obstacles Johnson and the sport of boxing faced, including fight film bans, his criminal trial for violation of the White-Slave Traffic Act (based on the actual trial transcript), and even battle for the right to defend his crown in England. This is a revised and condensed version of In the Ring With Jack Johnson: Parts I and II combined.

Adam J. Pollack is a boxing judge and referee, attorney, and member of the Boxing Writers Association of America.

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ISBN-13: 9781949783001
Publisher: WIN BY KO Publications
Publication date: 12/05/2018
Pages: 658
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Table of Contents

Preface: An Unusual First 5 1. From the Shadows of Poverty 8 2. Texas vs. Jack Johnson 22 3. A Cautious Approach 26 4. California Notice 30 5. Jim Jeffries and the Color Line 32 6. Ascendance 39 7. Colored Champion and More 45 8. Testing the East 55 9. Up Against the Color Line 59 10. Nitpicking Backlash 69 11. The Color Line, Regardless of Performance 84 12. The Set-Up For A White Challenger 99 13. A Matter of Perspective 108 14. Passed Over Again 118 15. The Color Line In the West 129 16. Black East 132 17. The Midwest and A New Champion 137 18. Continuing Proof 142 19. Coasting While Waiting 151 20. Australia 164 21. A Big Name Finally Crosses the Line 172 22. Convincing San Francisco 182 23. Chasing the Champ 189 24. Promoting the Absolute World’s Boxing Championship 203 25. A True World Championship 212 26. Racial Implications: The White Hope Era Begins 235 27. The Return 248 28. A Trick or a Treat? 260 29. Big Talk 275 30. Scouting the Champ 277 31. Better Than We Thought 283 32. Fighting for the Films 294 33. The Future Welfare of His People 321 34. A National Obsession 335 35. Battle of the Races 365 36. A Nation’s (and the World’s) True Colors Revealed 404 37. Revisionism 445 38. Reverberations of the Big Fight 450 39. The British Empire’s Color Line 462 40. Best White Hope 481 41. Under Siege 503 42. The United States vs. John Arthur Johnson 538 43. Escape and Exile 566 44. The French Dispute 575 45. Prejudice Pervades the Record 587 46. Reversal of Opinion 592 47. Something More 613 48. After the Crown 643 Acknowledgments 650 Index 651

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