Blood, Water, Wind, and Stone: An Anthology of Wyoming Writers

Blood, Water, Wind, and Stone: An Anthology of Wyoming Writers

by Lori Howe (Editor)


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ISBN-13: 9781944986032
Publisher: Sastrugi Press
Publication date: 11/10/2016
Pages: 264
Sales rank: 1,231,651
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.60(d)

Table of Contents

Acknowledgements ix

Introduction x

Poetry 1

Thunderwing 2

Bret Norwood

Whyoming 8

Michele Irwin

This Language Like Hope 9

Connie Wieneke

Deer Woman 10

Autumn Bernhardt

Black Cat Company 11

Jeanne Hauf

Summer Remnants 12

Eugene M. Gagliano

Fire and Water 13

Aaron Holst

Early August 15

Dawn Senior-Trask

A Southfork Sunset 16

Deborah Schmitt Emmerich

Lithic 17

Constance Brewer

"A Penny for the Old Guy..." 19

Tom Spence

Her Own Time 21

Myra Peak

A Christmas Carol 23

Brian Nystrom

Blizzard of '83 24

Shanna Ferguson

Three Ways to Paint the Side of a Boxcar 25

Lindsay Wilson

Plains Visitor 29

Rose Hill

Untitled 30

Burgit Burke

Richard Shuts the Gate 31

Matt Daly

Still in Love 32

David Romtvedt

Hope in Early March 33

Art Elser

Opportunity Missed 34

Renee Meador

Reflection on Heron Pond 35

Kim Strellis

Adagio 36

Jason Deiss

The Muskrat 37

Betsy Bernfeld

Trash Rewards-Spring Pick-up on the 40 Buffalo Valley Road

Beverly Leys

after a summer of horses, 41

Jordan Rich

Frigid 42

Chris Valentine

Coyote Encounter 43

Diane Egge

Spawn 44

Carolyn Castano

Kayak on Spring Run-off 45

Lyndi O'Laughlin

The Sound of Flight 47

Linda Ruhle

Two Ocean Creek 48


Showers 49

C.C. Russell

Wyoming 1949 50

Patricia Frolander

Water. 51

Vicki Windle

Grace 52

Jane Dominick

Reservoir's Riddle Haikus 53

Sue Wilcox

Smoke Signal 54

Barbara M. Smith

Thirsty Cows 56

Maria Lisa Eastman

Ode to Goose Decoys 57

Michael B. Riley

As I plant the thought of you on the earth 59

Caridad Woltz

Canoeing on Saturday 61

Susan Vittitow Mark

Remnants 62

Teresa Griswold

Winter Archipelago 63

Lori Howe

February: Invention 64

Shelly Norris

Natural History 66

Carol Deering

The Storm 67

Tammy Dominguez

Moose Bell 69

Carrie Naughton

Visitor Center 71

Jennifer Stewart Fueston

Covered in Quiet 72

Melissa Snider

Whose Land? 74

Cindy Jackelen

Nonfiction 79

Requiem for a Desert Elk 80

Erik Molvar

Vedauwoo Sketch 89

Lynn G. Carlson

The Heart of the Dance 91

Su Child

A Heart in the Shape of a Bear 94

Susan Marsh

Land and Bones 100

Susan Austin

Garter Snakes on the Dike 106

Stephen S. Lottridge

What I Didn't Know About Hunting 116

Marcia Hensley

Circle of Water 123

Tor y Taylor

Windy Acres 125

Edith Cook

Of Prey and Predators 138

Echo Klaproth

More than a Mountain Dog 142

Earle Layser

Death Song Just Outside of Yellowstone 149

Corinna German

Slow rivers with small gifts 151

Maureen T. Dempsey

Fiction 154 Driving the Pass in Winter 155

Tim Sandlin

Mother George, Midwife 159

Patti Sherlock

Pack 167

Sunnie Gaylord

Something's Gotta Burn 168

Jay Robbins

George Running Poles 180

Michael Shay

Prevailing Wind 188

Celeste Colgan

Karma 199

Vickie Goodwin

Reintroduction 204

Julianne Couch

The Saddlemaker 219

Alyson Hagy

Author Biographies 235

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