Booked 4 Murder

Booked 4 Murder

by J.C. Eaton
4.3 7

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Booked 4 Murder by J.C. Eaton

Never judge a book by its cover...

Sophie “Phee” Kimball is not a cop. She’s a divorced, middle-aged mom who works as an account clerk for the police department in a small city in Minnesota. But her retired mother, Harriet Plunkett, is convinced Phee is the only one who can solve the mystery of a cursed book. According to Harriet, four members of her book club have already succumbed to the deadly curse. Harriet insists Phee catch the next plane to her retirement community in Sun City West, Arizona, to investigate.

Is her mother just bored and lonely? She does have a new pet—a long-haired chiweenie (half Chihuahua, half Dachshund)—for company and a host of pals (although that number is admittedly dwindling). Phee is certain that their book club selection isn’t cursed, but is somebody really knocking off the ladies? As Phee starts to uncover dark secrets hidden in plain sight under the blazing Arizona sun, she’ll need to read between the lines before it’s someone else’s final chapter....

“You’ll chuckle all the way through this delightful romp through Sun City West, as Phee and her mother unravel the mystery behind the sudden deaths of several book club members. It’s so cleverly written, you won’t guess the perpetrators until the very end.” —Mary Marks, award-winning author of the Quilting Mystery series

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781496708557
Publisher: Kensington
Publication date: 06/27/2017
Series: Sophie Kimball Mystery Series , #1
Pages: 320
Sales rank: 51,431
Product dimensions: 4.10(w) x 6.70(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

J.C. Eaton is the wife and husband team of Ann I. Goldfarb and James E. Clapp. Ann has published eight YA time travel mysteries. Visit their website at

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Booked 4 Murder 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
csrsvivr 25 days ago
Picture this if you will in your head……a small town in Minnesota, a middle-aged, divorce women who works at the local police department; however not as an officer. Sophie Kimball; “Phee” to those close to her, is an accounts clerk for the department, however her mother thinks she is smarter than that. Harriet Plunkett; mother of Phee, has moved to Sun City West near Phoenix Arizona in a senior citizens community. Harriet and her friends have a book club that they started and recently; with the selection of this new book, four of the members have died suspiciously and rumors begin that the book is cursed. Harriet pleads with her daughter Phee to come to Arizona and help her solve the mystery before anyone else dies. Delightfully funny, fast paced, quick read!!! My parents retired in this same community and I fit into the book so easily. Good read!!!
LisaKsBooksReviews 3 months ago
BOOKED 4 MURDER is a mystery too good to 4get! Starting a new book can be hard. When that book is the first in a new series? Well, it can be even harder. So, I started reading BOOKED 4 MURDER with high hopes, mixed with a bit of trepidation. My worries were for nothing. Author J. C. Eaton has created a great new mystery series. I was completely hooked from the first chapter. If this first installment in the series is an example of what is to follow, this series is going to run for a long time. I made a quick connection with series protagonist and namesake, Sophie Kimball. Sophie is middle aged, so I could relate better with her in some situations than I can a very young heroine. Her mother, Harriet is such a fun character. A lot of the scenes with her had me laughing. And Harriet’s dog, Freeman . . . well, I have a Chiweenie of my own, so author Eaton scored there with me. A wonderful mystery, BOOKED 4 MURDER had twists and turns, red herrings, and an all-round cleverness that had me guessing my way through this fast paced book. When the reveal came, I was surprised, even though I had guessed it earlier in the story, only to reject it. Give this new series a try. Pick up a copy of BOOKED 4 MURDER. When you’re finished, you’ll be waiting for book two, DITCHED 4 MURDER as anxiously as I am!
KrisAnderson_TAR 6 months ago
Booked 4 Murder by J. C. Eaton is the first book in A Sophie Kimball Mystery series. Sophie “Phee” Kimball is at work (Accounts Receivable Department at the Mankato Police Department) when she receives a call from her mother, Harriet Plunkett. Phee’s mother claims that the book, The Twelfth Arrondissement is cursed. It is the current selection being read by her book club, Booked 4 Murder. Three members of the book group have already died. She wants Phee to fly to Arizona and figure out what is happening (and she will not take no for an answer) before the curse kills off more of the group. Before Phee can decide, Harriet calls about a fourth woman succumbing to the “curse”. After consulting with her friend, Detective Nate Williams, Phee heads to Sun City West, Arizona. Phee arrives and hears about a fifth member of the book club who almost died from carbon monoxide poisoning. What is going on? Phee hits the ground running with her investigation. She digs into the various members deaths, queries the local librarian on how the books are chosen for the book club, and searches for information on the author of The Twelfth Arrondissement. Phee only has one week before she needs to return to work (if she can survive the heat). Can Phee discover what is happening to the members of Booked 4 Death before someone else is hurt and curse fever takes over the town? Booked 4 Murder sounded entertaining, but I had a hard time wading through it. I found the pace slow (glacial) and the writing flat. The characters were not fleshed out and given life. Phee’s characters do not go with her profession (that are mentioned early in the book about her). Normally, an accountant is organized and detail oriented (good at taking notes). Phee’s character seemed contradictory. The only character I cared about was Detective Nate Williams (shame he was not featured more prominently). The mother was over-the-top and annoying (her dog, Streetman was obnoxious). I found items to be repeated several times throughout the story. Mentioned most frequently is that Phee is not a detective and how she cannot stand the heat (it was exasperating). There are also a couple of outdated references in the book. I did enjoy the Agatha Christie references throughout the story. My rating for Booked 4 Murder is 2.5 out of 5 stars (I am being a little generous since this is a first book by these writers). The mystery had several moving parts. I would say more but that would spoil it for readers. I believe the author was trying to make a complicated mystery that would bewilder readers. The whodunit can be solved effortlessly (I kept hoping for a surprise twist). The ending is expected and disappointing (and a little shocked that Phee would consider it—she has issues). Personally, I would have preferred that Phee work mysteries with Nate in Mankato. An accountant and a detective teaming up to solve crimes (a unique combo). There is a preview of Ditched 4 Murder at the end of the book (the next book in A Sophie Kimball Mystery series). I will not be continuing with the series as it is not the right type of cozy mystery series for me.
Dollycas 7 months ago
Dollycas’s Thoughts Oh my word! This is a wonderful debut! Sophie “Phee” Kimball works for the police department in Minnesota in the office. The only detecting she does is hunting down receipts for expense reports but her dear mother assumes that she can kill the curse that is killing members of her book club. She begs her daughter to come to Sun City West, Arizona before another member ends up dead. Phee tries to calm her mother and put her off until the holidays but Harriet demands her presence immediately. After to talking to one of the local detectives she decides to head to Arizona, knowing he will be able to sort out any details she does find. Hopefully she can close the book on this mystery and get back to her own life in the “star of the north”. I liked Phee right away but it took a bit for Harriet to grow on me. The way she expected her daughter to drop everything to do something she had no experience in was a little off putting but truthfully there are many moms in the world that expect their children to do the same, maybe not solve murders but handle many other issues. After the first couple of chapters some of Harriet’s requests were pretty funny. But that woman is PUSHY and extremely demanding. Sun City West, Arizona is a retirement community and made for a very interesting setting. The early dinners, bingo games, clubs, and movies all ring true to the lives of the some senior citizens I know. It also gave Phee places to meet the suspects on her growing list as she tried to disprove all her mother’s theories. I found it delightful that she came up with her own version of a “murder board” to keep tracks of everyone and how they were connected as she tried to figure out what was really going on. The story was very well written with a plethora of red herrings. I figured out a tiny part of the mystery early on but I uncovered the rest right along with Phee. I appreciated the fact that she knew she needed help to tie all the loose ends together and reached out to the detective and his techy friend back home. Even long distance the three of them made a great team. This story took several different tangents in the route to the big reveal and it truly was a very big public reveal. The authors have laid a great foundation for this series. Plenty of room for the main characters to become more fully defined. The setting also gives the possibility of many supporting characters and mysteries. A fine mystery filled with captivating characters and just enough humor to tickle your funny bone. I am very excited for the next installment, Ditched 4 Murder will be out November 28, 2017.
Jane-Reads 7 months ago
5 Stars 4 "Booked 4 Murder" Booked 4 Murder by J.C. Eaton, the first book in the Sophie Kimball Mystery series, is amazing. Let me tell you why. Booked 4 Murder is such a fun book, thanks to the zany situations that Phee finds herself in. How does she get in these situations? That's all because of Phee's mother. Harriet is a hoot! The relationship between Phee and Harriet is well-written, and wonderful to read about. Their repartee is filled with memorable wit and humor. The clever, fast-moving plot of Booked 4 Murder quickly drew me in and kept me guessing. The mystery is imaginative, intricately plausible, and filled with twists and turns. I was so excited by Phee's sleuthing, and especially her big reveal, that I couldn't stop reading until I learned whodunit. I finished Booked 4 Murder in one sitting. I will definitely continue with the Sophie Kimball Mysteries. The second book in the series, Ditched 4 Murder, has a release date of November 28, 2017. Book #3 is titled Staged 4 Murder. I'm looking forward to reading both of them. I recommend Booked 4 Murder to all cozy mystery fans, especially ones who like to read about mother/daughter relationships and active seniors. If you're a fan of the Jolene Jackson Mystery Series by Paula Boyd, I think you will particularly enjoy reading about Sophie Kimball in Booked 4 Murder. I absolutely love Booked 4 Murder, which has earned my highest rating of Five Stars! Note: I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of Booked 4 Murder. All opinions shared are 100% my own. Originally published on my blog Jane Reads.
Missisue4 7 months ago
Booked 4 Murder, is the first in a new series by J.C. Eaton and Sophie "Phee" Kimball is the main character. From the minute you start reading Booked 4 Murder you are along for the ride with Phee and let me tell you it is a crazy ride !! Phee, like any loving daughter, will do what she can to help her mother...even if the idea presented is absolutely crazy ! Phee's mother, Harriet, is in a book club and the book they are currently reading has a curse on it !! And Harriet wants Phee to drop everything and go to Arizona (Phee lives in Minnesota) and investigate the curse. Even though Phee works at the local police department, she is far from being a cop. She works in the accounts receivable department. But it doesn't matter what Phee says, she finds herself sweating it out in Arizona taking demands from her over barring mother to solve the unexplained deaths of the members of the book club reading the "cursed" book. Luckily Phee has a friend and co-worker back home, Nate, that she bounces ideas and theories off of and even gets helps with some of the clues she uncovers. Everything falls apart and becomes a three-ring circus when the book club has their next meeting. All the local news are in attendance as well as CNN and even a psychic from a reality show is there !! While Phee begins to explain how the book is not cursed and how she can prove it, things start to get out of hand..... This was such a fun book and a great start for a new series !!! Highly recommend is a nice easy read, as long as you can handle Phee's mother you will be fine.
chefdt 7 months ago
Booked 4 Murder is the first book in the A Sophie Kimball Mystery series. Booked 4 Murder is a very enjoyable beginning to, what I think, will be an entertaining series. If you like a good helping of humor with your mysteries, this is definitely a book that should go to the top of your to-read list. A fast paced book with a wonderful cast of characters. The book is set in Sun City, AZ, a retirement community with a group of retired seniors, who are set in their ways but still are alert enough to watch out for their friends. The story, along with the characters, makes me want to call this a combination of Columbo and the Keystone Cops. Sophie finally gives in to her mother’s request, putting it mildly, to come to Sun City to investigate the deaths of three members of her mom’s book club. He mom is sure that deaths are the result them reading a “cursed” book. As Sophie arrives at her mother’s there is a police presence across the street. It is soon learned that there was carbon monoxide poisoning, but it was found early enough that the homeowner survived. Sophie works in the accounting department of the Mankato Police Department, so she has no real investigative skills, but she does have common sense which she uses to look into te suspicious deaths. She feels that at least two of the deaths are simply accidents, But the death of one the members from a bee sting and the attempted death by carbon monoxide poisoning have her stymied. In addition, Sophie is also perplexed that she can find anything about the book or it’s author. Sophie contacts Nate Williams, a detective with the Mankato PD to asks procedure questions and whatever information he might be able to get to help find the killer. I will be anxiously waiting for November 28, 2017, when the second book, Ditched 4 Murder comes out, to see what further adventures Sophie Kimball has.