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BORDERx: A Crisis In Graphic Detail

BORDERx: A Crisis In Graphic Detail

by Mauricio Alberto Cordero (Editor)


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The BORDERx Anthology Project has attracted comic book artists from around the world to examine the issue of migrant detention and immigration policy. We are artists and writers united who are willing to stand in the face of oppression and to denounce it in words and pictures. We use comix as our medium and we have partnered with several organizations and individuals to put the current policies on record. By diving deep into the details, we seek to bring context and depth beyond the headlines. The anthology collects funds for the South Texas Human Rights Center who provide water stations, search and rescue as well as forensic recovery for migrants who take the treacherous journey to cross the border in search of a better life. We have also partnered with Project Amplify and Asylum Seekers Advocacy Program (ASAP) to bring sworn testimonies from migrants to the page. This full color comic anthology features talented artists both established and undiscovered.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781087880297
Publisher: Borderx Project
Publication date: 04/22/2020
Pages: 166
Product dimensions: 6.63(w) x 10.25(h) x 0.43(d)

About the Author

Mauricio Alberto Cordero is the founder of BORDERx: A Crisis In Graphic Detail anthology and BORDERx Publishing. BORDERx is a crowdsourced/crowdfunded benefit for the South Texas Human Rights Center. Mauricio also teaches comic book creation/production courses at M.I.T. the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He lectures on comic books at schools and universities, tutors comic book creators and has worked in a variety of art settings- the ICA Boston, Boston Center for the Arts and his gallery L'Espace Mauricio Cordero in Tours, France.

Table of Contents

  • Acknowledgments 4
  • Prologue- U.S. Senator Jeffrey A. Merkley 5
  • Foreword- Michael Garcia Bochenek and Warren Binford 7
  • Introduction- Mauricio Alberto Cordero 9
  • The Exhibits 11
  • Exhibit #57- David Lasky 12
  • Exhibit #16- Lee Jacob 13
  • Exhibit #5- Jeff Haas, Ame Wright 14
  • Exhibit #10- Mauricio Alberto Cordero 15
  • Exhibit #32- John Burkett 16
  • Exhibit #25-Teresa Roberts Logan 17
  • Exhibit #55- Lan Pitts, Felipe Ondara 19
  • Exhibit #50- Mac Toot 20
  • Exhibit #7- Roel Torres 21
  • Exhibit #35- Samantha Stephenson 22
  • Eisegesis- Lee A. Gooden, Rod Jacobsen 23
  • Exhibit 31- J.M. Hunter, Mark Gerald Repaja 26
  • The Response 28
  • Water Stations Save Lives- David Martin Davies, Mauricio Cordero, Consuelo Terra 29
  • Crisis In Clint- Rob Hochschild, David Brame, Roel Torres 35
  • Anime Blu- Paolo Massagli 43
  • Safe Passage Project- Peter Kuper, Tracy White 48
  • The Context 63
  • Dora- Script By Frederick Luis Aldama Art By Oscar Garza Edited By Rolando Esquivel 64
  • Kittens in Cages- Yvette Benavides, Chris Doray, Roel Torres, Mark Gerald Repaja 68
  • ...But It Does Rhyme- Paul Axel, Craig Florence 76
  • As Long As They Come Here Legally- Phoebe Cohen 82
  • Texas Killed Him- Brian Delay, Mauricio Alberto Cordero 89
  • Sunset at Alpine- Alex Lewis, Mimi Swartz 95
  • Moving- Donnie J. Lee 99
  • The Line- Mike Roth, Hernán González 106
  • Cynthia- Roel Torres 109
  • The Ruminations 117
  • Rose Colored Glass- Sal Fitzgerald, Raymond Griffith 118
  • Hope- Cem Iroz 124
  • The Return of the Monkey's Paw- Mauricio Alberto Cordero, Roel Torres 128
  • Sink?- Tom Hart 135
  • A Few Years From Now- John A. Short, Andrew Richmond 140
  • Silence- Dean Westerfield 143
  • The Posters 151
  • Poster by Cat Willet 152
  • Poster by Mauricio Alberto Cordero 153
  • Poster by Simon Russell 154
  • Art By José Alaniz 155
  • Poster by Eric Garcia 156
  • Poster by Walter Alice Sickert 157
  • Poster by BP Johnson and Elisabeth Queen Liz 158
  • Art by Donna Barr 159
  • Poster by Walter Alice Sickert 160
  • About The South Texas Human Rights Center 161

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