The Breastfeeding Book: Everything You Need to Know About Nursing Your Child from Birth Through Weaning

The Breastfeeding Book: Everything You Need to Know About Nursing Your Child from Birth Through Weaning


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A fully revised edition of the Dr. Sears guide to breastfeeding, a perennial favorite of parents for nearly two decades

From pediatric experts Martha Sears, R.N., and William Sears, M.D., a comprehensive, reassuring, authoritative information on:

How to get started breastfeeding, with illustrated tips for latching on Increasing your milk supply Breastfeeding when working away from home Pumps and other technology associated with breastfeeding Making sure your nursing baby gets optimum nutrition, including the most recent information about the importance of omega-3 fatty acids and "milk-oriented microbiota" Nutrition and fitness for moms Nighttime breastfeeding Breastfeeding and fertility Toddler nursing and weaning Special circumstances And much more...

Breastfeeding contributes to nurturing a smarter and healthier baby, and a healthier and more intuitive mommy. Isn't that what every child needs, and every parent wants?

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780316417853
Publisher: Little, Brown and Company
Publication date: 10/09/2018
Pages: 288
Sales rank: 238,109
Product dimensions: 7.40(w) x 9.10(h) x 0.90(d)
Age Range: 13 Years

About the Author

Martha Sears, RN and William Sears, MD, are the pediatrics experts to whom American parents turn for advice and information on all aspects of pregnancy, birth, childcare, and family nutrition. Martha Sears is a registered nurse, certified childbirth educator, and breastfeeding consultant.

Dr. Sears was trained at Harvard Medical School's Children's Hospital and Toronto's Hospital for Sick Children, the largest children's hospital in the world. He has practiced pediatrics for nearly 50 years. Together, the Searses have authored more than 40 pediatrics books.

Table of Contents

Gratitudes ix

A Word from Dr. Bill and Martha xi

Part I The Science of Breastfeeding: Why Breastfeed? 1

Chapter 1 Why Breast Is Best 3

Part II The Art of Breastfeeding: How to Breastfeed 27

Chapter 2 Getting Started 29

Chapter 3 Common Concerns Breastfeeding Mothers May Have 53

Part III Healthy Breastfeeding 79

Chapter 4 Nutrition And Fitness While Breastfeeding 81

Chapter 5 Taking Medications While Breastfeeding 103

Chapter 6 Troubleshooting The Most Common Breastfeeding Problems 115

Part IV Breastfeeding in Today's World 135

Chapter 7 A Consumer's Guide To Breastfeeding Products 137

Chapter 8 20 Tips For Breastfeeding While Working 165

Chapter 9 Nighttime Breastfeeding 183

Chapter 10 The Father's Role in Breastfeeding 199

Part V Special Situations 213

Chapter 11 Breastfeeding for Babies and Mothers with Special Needs 215

Chapter 12 Funny (and Not So Funny) Things That Happen on the Way to the Breast 245

Chapter 13 Toddler Nursing and Natural Weaning 255

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