Breathless With Her

Breathless With Her

by Carrie Ann Ryan

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From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Carrie Ann Ryan comes a sexy new contemporary series.

Devin Carr likes his life. He likes his job, his family, the outlook for his future. Then he meets her. Erin. As soon as he sees her, drunk and wearing a sequined dress as her world crashes down around her and she fights to put on a brave face, he knows what he's been missing. Her.

When Erin Taborn finds her high school sweetheart and husband banging the former head cheerleader of their graduating class at their high school reunion, she tells herself she'll be fine. She just needs to figure out what fine means. There's only one problem. Devin. She didn't plan on him. And for someone who thinks they have all their plans in place, that's a problem.

One she'll have to find an answer to if this whole friends-with-benefits thing is going to work.
If not, she'll fail just like with everything else.

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BN ID: 2940161921630
Publisher: Carrie Ann Ryan
Publication date: 10/22/2019
Series: Less Than , #1
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 2,980
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About the Author

Carrie Ann Ryan is the New York Times & USA Today Bestselling author of contemporary, paranormal, and, young adult romance. Her works include the Montgomery Ink, Redwood Pack, Fractured Connections, and Elements of Five series, which have sold over 3.0 million books worldwide. She started writing in graduate school for her advanced degree in chemistry and hasn't stopped since.

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Breathless With Her 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 29 reviews.
Anonymous 21 days ago
loved the story. disappointed the epilogue was not included after buying the book.
Anonymous 24 days ago
This is the first book in The Less Then Series featuring Devin & Erin. The story is completely relatable specially if you’re someone who’s ever been cheated on and has felt the shock and hurt of that kind of betrayal. Devin is just a great guy to the core of his being, Always there to support his family and friends. Neither have a had great luck with the Ex’s but neither can ignore the electricity that flows between them whenever they’re together. Like always Carrie Ann Ryan brings her characters to life always making it hard to put the book down for even One second !!
cyndiv 11 days ago
What do you do when you find your husband cheating at your high school reunion? Run out to the closest bar of course where you run into a old flame of your sisters. Fast forward a bit and you find yourself attracted to, but don't want a serious relationship, to said old boyfriend. Whats a girl to do, for that matter whats a guy to do lol. Well that's what Erin and Devin find themselves dealing with. Great story that keeps you from first word to last! Can't wait for the next story!!!
Evampire9 21 days ago
He likes his life, his job, his family and the outlook for his future. But then Devin Carr meets her and he knows what he’s been missing. Her. When she finds her husband banging the former head cheerleader of their graduating class, Erin Taborn tells herself she’ll be fine. She just needs to figure out what fine means. But she didn’t plan on him. Now she’ll have to find the answer to if this whole friends-with-benefits thing is going to work. The ‘Less Than’ series starts off with an emotionally gripping, sweetheart of a romance that readers can really sink their teeth and their hearts into. The characters are strong, vivid and really stand out to readers, grabbing them by their hearts and refusing to let go. The relationship between Devin and Erin starts off on a sour note as Erin makes such a devastating discovery and while Devin’s plays the white knight, he know it can’t possible go anywhere. This ‘real’ romance hits readers right in the gut and ensures that they want to feel every emotional twist and turn that happens as Erin and Devin strive to reach a happily ever after. The plot of the story happens at a steady pace that keeps the anticipation building while giving the readers a chance to really get to know the characters which in turn ensures that they are cheering this couple through the ups and downs of a friends-with- benefits relationship to their HEA. The reader’s support of the hero and heroine flipping from one to other, as each make mistakes and overcomes issues in this wonderfully ‘real’ romance that leaves readers breathless.
SarahJaneBailey 21 days ago
Book one of the Less Than series Breathless With Her by Carrie Anne Ryan Erin is a wedding cake maker and slowly growing into a more independent women with opening her own business. Erin and Nicholas Erin’s husband go to there high school reunion and while there Erin life falls apart. That when she meets Devin Carr at a bar. Devin is Dimitri Carr brother from previous Montgomery book and Devin is a sexy tattooed postal worker who has everything in life a job he loved a house and a close busy family but no love of his life. I really enjoyed this book especially with main female character having a lot of baggage and Devin having Baggage but dealed with it in a healthy way and at some point helps Erin how to too. This book was made into a audiobook and had different narrators then the one used in previous books, this is first time I’ve heard Samantha Cook and Jacob Morgan narrate but as usual Carrie Ann Ryan really picks awesome with narrators. Looking forward to more in series especially the rest of the Carr family but also Devin bff.
Kristi Metcalf 23 days ago
I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader’s Copy of this book Yay!! The awesome Carrie Ann Ryan has gift us with a brand new series!!!! The Less Than Series is a spin off of the Colorado Springs Montgomery’s, as it is all about the Carr siblings who are now Thea Montgomery’s in laws. First up is the hot mail carrier Devon Carr. Can I just say how this book starts is like watching a scene from a tv show. At her high school reunion Erin Taborn finds her husband, who was her high school sweetheart, in a comprising position with the girl that was the head cheerleader. What she yells at him is hella funny and that is what makes it like a tv show. Devon helps her deal for the night, see she’s known Devon since high school because her older sister dated him. Now Devon likes his life just fine, likes his job, his home, and his family. He didn’t even realize anything is missing until he helps Erin out. When they see each other after her divorce is final there is a crap ton of chemistry, however since she’s just gotten out of a marriage that she didn’t even know was crap until the end she is in no way wanting to enter another. Devon falls for Erin fast but he agrees to be “friends with benefits “ like she wishes. What happens next is a story getting a second chance at love, a second chance at not just A life but a AWESOME life that is even better than the one you had. We also get to see the other Carr siblings so we get a hint at who the next book could be about. The Carrs are a hilarious family who fight and are nosy as heck about each other’s lives, but who also love the heck out of each other, I can’t wait for more!!
jcresce1 23 days ago
I am in love with this book. Erin walks in on her cheating husband and Devin steps in to help her. They go through some bumps trying to find their happily ever after, since Erin has just had a shock things are difficult. This was the first in the series and we are introduced to some amazing characters!!! I loved meeting friends and family. I can't wait to see who gets their story next!!! Thank you for giving me all the feels in every book you write Carrie Ann Ryan!!!
In_My_Humble_OpinionDA 23 days ago
Breathless With Her is the story of Erin and Devin. It is filled with all the things you’ve come to love and expect from Carrie Ann Ryan. This story has engaging characters and lots of steam and a bit of angst and I loved it just as much as I’ve loved the rest of this authors books. I look forward to seeing what is happening with Devin’s siblings Amelia and Caleb.
Christina_R 23 days ago
Carrie Ann Ryan has a way of writing that will suck you into the story and not let you leave until the story is over. Devin and Erin had chemistry and heat. Their story was one that I couldn't put down. I definitely recommend it.
RomanceQueenatHeart1 23 days ago
When you get done reading this one you might find that you are left a bit breathless also. This author knows how to give us the best as she has done in this one which signals it is the beginning of more to come. Erin handles things she comes up on a bit better than I would of but either way it is heart crushing, so we get crushed. Devin will be the breath she needs with us following them closely. As things play out we become entwined with where this is going. There is possibly some things she needs to learn and get out of this. You become so caught up in this the emotions will become some of yours. By the time you get to the finish line you become the same.
Coffee_Books_Life 23 days ago
Erin thought her life was pretty good. She was married to her high school sweetheart and had the business of her dreams. Until she walks in on her now ex husband with another woman. Talk about the world she knew falling a part in a blink of an eye. Picking up the pieces has left Erin unsettled and insecure but she tries to get on with her new life. When a friend helps Erin through this trying time she realizes that love is so much more than she could have ever known. Devin is now my new favorite male lead character that Ms. Ryan has written. He’s laid-back and charming. Devon kind of has this go with the flow attitude that keeps him upbeat and light. He’s a dedicated and loyal sibling and friend. He’s the kind of person that sees be on the surface of other people and will go the extra mile for a person he cares for. This sexy postman is one of those good guys that every girl could go crazy for. Carrie Ann Ryan starts off her new Less Than Series, Breathless With Her, a friends with benefits romance with an emotional bang. Erin and Devin complement each other so well. There may have been sparks of chemistry between the two when she sat down at the bar but the sheer amount of respect that Devin displays is swoon worthy in itself. They developed a friendship that did truly turn to something more. When they finally gave into the chemistry, no promises were given. But then again you can’t make your heart feel something or not for that matter. Erin and Devin both stumble over their own feet before they get it right but that stumbling is the story that melted my heart.
Cali-Jewel 24 days ago
Highly entertaining, engaging, emotional and exciting beginning to what am sure will be a brilliant and addicting series. Really enjoyed this action packed, hart racing and sexy fun journey this adorable couple and all their family and friends. A Excellent reading experience!
Tam 24 days ago
Great entry point into the Montgomery Ink world with a Wonderful return with Dmitri's family Fantastic read as Erin gets her legs back under her, recover from her high school reunion and that fall out then find that she does have friends & she doesn't have to do everything on her own. Loved Devin's Postman jokes & seeing more of the Carr family - can't wait for more "Less Than"!
moonfox1234 24 days ago
This was a wonderful read and a terrific start to this new series. In my opinion this is one of those books that will be so easy for readers to connect with because the characters, emotions and situations are incredibly relatable and realistic. I simply fell in love with Devin and Erin. Their story was moving and beautiful. I felt for these two. Erin with her wounded heart and Devin being stuck in that awful place where you want more but don't want to risk what you do have, made for a very emotional and angst filled romance. I can't wait for the next book.
Squenn 24 days ago
I loved this story so much! Devin and Erin were such an awesome couple. He was all in from the beginning, but she needed more convincing after her messy divorce. The family and friends were just as much a part of this story as the hero and heroine. Nick was such a huge jerk and he needed more punishment. But I guess having Erin with Devin was part of it. I can’t wait to see where the other characters end up!
Rainn2978 24 days ago
This is book 1 in the Less Than series, and let me tell you-bring some tissues. This is a spin-off from the Montgomery Ink series as this is Dmitri's (from the Colorado Springs series) family. In this first one we get Devin Carr and Erin Taborn's story. Erin goes to her high school reunion with her high school sweetheart (who is also her husband) and finds him having sex with the head cheerleader later in the night. And her entire life crashes around her afterwards. And now she has to figure out what her new normal is while she keeps telling herself she will be fine. Even when she doesn't feel like she will be or that she can truly depend on other people. Devin helps Erin when she is down. And now that she is divorced, he not only wants to be her friend but he wants to see if the chemistry he feels towards he can become something more. And convince her that they can be more than just friend's with benefits. I absolutely loved this one! If you have ever been cheated on, then you know how devastating it can be. It eats away at you and makes you wonder what is wrong with yourself or what you did wrong-even knowing it isn't anything to do with you or anything that you did. And this author wrote this in a way that not only conveys how badly it affects you but the confidence issues that are left in the wake along with the hurt and pain. Erin is this beautiful woman who trusted someone she had known since childhood and was hurt in the most emotional way possible. But she still manages to get up and do what needs doing and is just trying to move on with her life. Devin is this great man who not only stands behind his family when they need it but he will stand with his friends and just be a generally stand up person. And they have this beautiful, heart felt connection that I absolutely loved! Yes, there is a lot of chemistry between them. But what I loved even more than that was the fact that they figured out that not only could they be there as friends for each other but that they could be more and truly trust each other. I loved it!! It was perfectly written and I couldn't put it down!
DarGee 24 days ago
Erin and Devin spoke to me. They spoke to me because they were human, flawed, and normal people going through normal things in life. Normal, crappy, good, weird, things in life. Ex-spouses, crappy parents, loving families, committed friends, and still feeling lost and out of control. Making mistakes, and trying to be strong. But they found each other, and tried to manage all that was going on inside them. They tripped and fell, but they knew how much they liked the other. They knew how hot the electricity was between them. They realized the barriers they had established had been smashed away. They panicked, they hid, they hurt, but they didn’t give up. They decided to believe in themselves, and let themselves have happiness with the other. They embraced their flaws, and shared them with the person they loved, like normal, everyday, people do!
brandihowell1 24 days ago
I love when characters families get books. Now we get to see to Carr siblings fall and first up is Devin. The ups and downs are interesting in this book. You definitely go on a relationship rollercoaster. Can't wait to see who is next!
Teresa DeVenuto 24 days ago
I love that sometimes what you really need shows up in your life in the form of a “hot mess” sitting next to you. Devin is a lovable character with a good job and a great relationship with his family, he is looking for nothing, when he finds everything in Erin. Erin walks into Devin’s life on the worst day of her life. Erin is willing to fight everything that is coming her way because she is “FINE” or at least trying to get there. She is just out of what she thought was a good marriage and has decided that she is going to be alone. This book is a loving story of how Erin learns to navigate the world after the life she had built and expected to last forever, crumbles. It is hard for her to trust again after her first and only love betrays her. Devin works hard with her and for her so they can find their Happily Ever After. A great read.
Ana94 24 days ago
When I started reading I couldn't put it down.Carrie Ann Ryan is magnifysent and amazing writer.I cannot wait to read more of there books.Keep up the great work.You should definitely read this book.Can't wait for the next book.
Jenn2018 24 days ago
The Carr's get their stories! Devin is the fixer of the family, especially since Dimitri in Colorado Springs, and is happy with his life as it is. He perfectly ordered life changes the night he sees Erin in a sparkly dress, drunk off her ass. He knows her from high school, but regardless he would never let a woman alone in that situation. Erin is drowning her sorrows, and rightly so! Devin decides to take her home, but she passes out before he can ask where she lives so he takes her to his house. Of course his siblings show up the next morning with their snarky banter wanting to know why a sparkly dressed Erin is on his couch! Thus their tenuous friends/friends with benefits begins. The chemistry is there, but they are both are reluctant to admit their true feelings, until it is almost too late. As with all of Carrie's stories, you are sucked into their world and and fell all the characters pain and this book and can't wait for Amelia's story!!
Jenn2018 24 days ago
The Carr's get their stories! Devin is the fixer of the family, especially since Dimitri in Colorado Springs, and is happy with his life as it is. He perfectly ordered life changes the night he sees Erin in a sparkly dress, drunk off her ass. He knows her from high school, but regardless he would never let a woman alone in that situation. Erin is drowning her sorrows, and rightly so! Devin decides to take her home, but she passes out before he can ask where she lives so he takes her to his house. Of course his siblings show up the next morning with their snarky banter wanting to know why a sparkly dressed Erin is on his couch! Thus their tenuous friends/friends with benefits begins. The chemistry is there, but they are both are reluctant to admit their true feelings, until it is almost too late. As with all of Carrie's stories, you are sucked into their world and and fell all the characters pain and this book and can't wait for Amelia's story!!
ACody89 24 days ago
I have never not liked something Carrie Ann has written. Each book I struggle to think if I like this book better than others, because I seriously adore ALL OF THEM. Even when she started writing another genre, EQUALLY AMAZING. So big surprise, Breathless With Her is my CURRENT favorite. At least until I read the next for sure. I just really loved EVERYTHING about Devin and Erin. Erin was so darn strong! I love how she got out of that horrible relationship and just kept on chugging along. And then of course when Devin comes in the picture, he gets her knees knocking a little. I loved that about her. I love how she let her feelings really rule her. From her feelings about her ex husband and standing up to him to letting Devin in. Although, that being said, both Devin and Erin were SUPER STUBBORN about their feelings. Erin seemed to be infectious though, she has such a drive and she has such an amazing support system. Then we have Devin. He has this amazing family, but just hasn't settled down yet. His reaction to Erin was EVERYTHING. From the night where she was drunk on the bar stool next to him, to the moment at the end with the wedding. I just love how he had a very pure reaction to her, like she ignited something within him. These two were explosive with their chemistry and I just loved that! Per the usual with these stubborn characters though, this man and his feelings kept driving me nuts! I loved Devin's constant references to the HUGE Montgomery clan, it was truly hysterical. But, they were very much an extended family for him. I loved the ways Carrie Ann brought them in, even more so than just Thea. And of course we have to talk about his siblings. Amelia, Caleb and Dimitri made a huge difference in this story. For Devin, family was a really big part of his life. I really think that this makes a difference in all of Carrie Ann's books. Having that extra support is everything. There were so many great twists and turns in this book, each of them was better than the next. And true to Carrie Ann fashion, I had the perfect amount of emotions in this book. I just loved every single second and I can't wait until the next book!!
Lexee9 24 days ago
I really loved this story! The characters were great. I was pulled in from the very beginning by Erin and the way that she handles herself and the situation she finds herself in. I loved the way that Derek handled it as well. It was great. They have a bit of an instant connection, especially after they meet the second time when Erin is no longer married and not in shock. Erin is trying to deal with the aftermath of divorce and figuring out what that means for her and who she is now. She doesn't want anything serious and so when Derek asks her out, she is clear about that but pretty much from the get go that was always going to be a problem. You could just see it in the way that the two interacted together and the way that they both handled the situations they found themselves in. Erin is dealing with some things that have popped up from the past and they influenced the way that she sees asking and relying on help. She has to work through it and figure it out and figure out where she is beyond the denial of her feelings for Derek. I was pulled into this story because of the characters and I absolutely loved them and the secondary characters. This story flowed very smoothly and held my attention the entire time. It was a fun read for me and I'm super excited to see the other Carr siblings get their happy ending. I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.
NadineBookaholic 24 days ago
This story starts off with Erin walking in finding her husband having sex with the former head cheerleader at their high school reunion (not a spoiler since the blurb fills you in on that little fact) which was a true eye opener for her because she didn't see it coming at all, no Erin wasn't completely happy but she never pictured her husband cheating on her. So let me ask you, What would you do in this situation? Well, I think most of you would do what she did, Erin left and went to a bar to get drunk. Devin Carr in my eyes is a big teddy bear and I loved him! Devin knew right away who Erin was when she sat next to him in the bar because she had attended school with his younger sister and they had been friends. So being the chivalrous person that he is he took her home so she didn't do anything stupid. HA! but no seriously, he was a true gentlemen and I think it melted my heart and had me swooning for him. Devin and Erin had great chemistry so why not try the friends with benefits route, they were both attracted to one another and neither of them wanted anything serious so it was perfect, You know as well as I do things like that usually don't work out but holy hell with their chemistry there was no other way for things to go. This was a good start to the series, I did feel the story rushed a bit in parts but overall it was an enjoyable read. I would definitely recommend it to fans of Carrie Ann Ryan, lovers of Contemporary Romance, and those that enjoy the Friends-to-Lovers trope. Happy Reading!!! **I have voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Readers Copy of this book for my Blog, Nadine's Obsessed with Books**