Brewing with Hemp: The Essential Guide

Brewing with Hemp: The Essential Guide

by Ross Koenigs
Brewing with Hemp: The Essential Guide

Brewing with Hemp: The Essential Guide

by Ross Koenigs


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Brewing with Hemp: The Essential Guide explores the Cannabis sativa plant from a brewer’s perspective. Explore the role of foliage and flowers, seeds, fiber, stems, and roots in product development. Learn the science, methods, and techniques for infusing hemp (containing less than 0.3% THC), hemp flavors, and cannabinoids into beverages. Solubilizing shelf stable cannabinoids in beverages, hemp additions at traditional brewing stages, and quality and legal compliance are all discussed. This book navigates the science of cannabis and teaches brewers how to best use hemp to apply its unique aromas to beer. Discover the use of terpenes, create a tincture, or experiment with new recipes using hemp as an ingredient. Readers will learn how to navigate the shifting legal landscape as hemp becomes more acceptable and accessible. This forward-looking book weaves together familiar topics within the study of beer and brewing and applies it to the vast and fascinating world of hemp as an ingredient in beer.

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ISBN-13: 9781938469787
Publisher: Brewers Publications
Publication date: 07/25/2022
Series: Brewing with Cannabis
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: eBook
Pages: 304
File size: 5 MB

About the Author

Ross Koenigs is a brewer and author who hails from one of the great beer cities of the world, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He has spent his entire career in craft beer working in all facets of the business: brewing, packaging, sales, marketing, and distribution. Ross currently serves as the Brewing Innovations Manager for New Belgium Brewing Company where he focuses on brewing research and development. During his time at New Belgium, he has been awarded numerous Great American Beer Festival® medals and thrice developed the industry’s #1 craft beer launch of the year. His work on the Voodoo Ranger portfolio helped turn New Belgium into the largest IPA brewer in the world. Ross also spearheaded the research and development of using hemp in beer when New Belgium introduced The Hemperor HPA. Ross is a sought-after speaker for conferences, beer festivals, and a wide variety of media outlets. When he is not writing or speaking about beer, you can often find him playing in the mountains in his adopted home of Colorado.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents Foreword


Chapter 1: A Brief History of Cannabis

Early Evolution of Cannabis

Ancient Cultivation and Use of Fiber

Origins of Domestic Fiber Usage in China and East Asia

Development and Proliferation of Paper

Usage of Hemp Fiber for Technology and Warfare

Hemp Fiber and Its Role in Global Exploration, Fishing and Maritime Applications

Historical Uses of Hemp Seeds

The History of Psychoactive Uses of Cannabis

The History of Medical Uses of Cannabis

Chapter 2: Cannabis Law and Legal History

Legal History from the Dark Ages through the turn of the 20th Century

History of Cannabis Prohibition in the U.S.An Overview of Current Marijuana Laws

An Overview of Current Hemp Laws

Labeling Practices for Hemp Beers

Chapter 3: Cannabis Physiology

Foliage and Flowers

Essential Oils and Essential Oil Products

Cannabinoids and Cannabinoid Products


Seed Products

Fiber and Stems


Hemp based Fiberboards


Bioremediation Applications

Chapter 4: Cannabis Growth, Ecology and Sustainability

General Growth and Species Characteristics

The Methods of Cannabis Production


Growth for Seed

Breeding for Femenized Seeds

Cannabis Sustainability

Chapter 5: The Biochemistry of Cannabinoids

What are Cannabinoids?

Why Cannabinoids are important to the plant

Overview of the biosynthesis of Cannabinoids

Overview of the different classes of Cannabinoids

Novel Cannabinoid production from non-plant based sources

Fun Facts about the main Cannabinoid groups

Chapter 6: The Biochemistry of Terpenes

Overview of the biosynthesis of Terpenes

Terpene expression during growing cycle, harvest and drying How do you measure Terpenes?

De-mystifying the Entourage Effect

Common Cannabis Terpenes

Chapter 7: Solubilizing Shelf Stable Cannabinoids in Beverages


Formulating a Cannabinoid-Infused Beverage

Biomass Preparation

Solvent Extraction

Winterizing the Extract

Emulsification Prep



Factors Driving Emulsion Stability and Instability

Bioavailability and Pharmakokinetics

Chapter 8: Brewing with Cannabis

Brewing with Hemp Seed as a Cereal Adjunct


Brewing with Hemp Seed Oil: Yeast Health and Viability

Brewing with Hemp as a Flavor

Available Hemp Aroma Products

Adding Hemp at Traditional Brewing Points

Whirlpool/Hop Back

Mid-Fermentation Dry Hemping“Traditional” Dry Hemping


Strategies for Effectively Dosing Cannabinoids in Beer

Dosing Hemp Flower for CBDBatch Dosing Water Soluble CBDIn-Line Dosing Water Soluble CBDPoint of Dispense Dosing CBDMaking Tinctures

Tincture Recipes

Chapter 9: Quality and Legal Compliance General Cannabis Quality Considerations

Laboratory Testing for Quality Compliance

Testing for Cannabinoids and Terpenes

Testing for Contaminants

Hemp Seed Compliance: Quality and Legal Considerations

Quality Considerations

Legal Considerations

Hemp Aroma Compliance

Quality Considerations

Legal Considerations

CBD Compliance

Quality Considerations

Legal Considerations



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