by Caleb Bissinger


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Viewpoints on Modern World History offers a fresh look from multiple perspectives at momentous historical periods and events. Each volume begins with background information, including primary source material, covering the periods leading up to, during, and after the central historical event. Then, each volume offers numerous multinational perspectives on the controversies surrounding the historical event and the current implications or lasting effects. Essays are compiled from a variety of international sources and are edited and introduced to provide context for readers unfamiliar with the history under examination. Viewpoints on Modern World History promotes critical thinking skills, supports debate assignments, increases global awareness, and enhances the understanding of international perspectives.

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ISBN-13: 9781534501416
Publisher: Greenhaven Publishing
Publication date: 01/15/2018
Series: Viewpoints on Modern World History
Pages: 224
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 9.10(h) x 0.70(d)

Table of Contents

Foreword 9

Introduction 12

Chapter 1 The Path to Brexit Chapter Preface 17

1 Brexit Is About History James Dennison Noah Carl A pair of scholars argue that the UK has long been uneasy ceding power to the EU 18

2 Where Do We Go from Here? Lionel Barber A financial writer tries to answer a simple but complex question: How will Britain navigate its post-EU future? 22

3 In the UK., Euro scepticism Is Nothing New Daniel P. Vajdich An academic look at the historically fraught relationship between the UK and the continent 33

4 Was Brexit Really About Race? Leah Donnella A radio reporter traces the long-simmering racial tensions that Brexit brought to light 41

5 Brexit and the Legacy of British Colonialism Laleh Khalili Xenophobia dates back to the British Empire, and its grip is unrelenting 46

6 Brexit Didn't Happen Overnight Tsvi Bisk A futurist reviews the legacy of English discomfort 55

7 Brexit and "the Other" Marie-Pierre Moreau The author probes Brexit's dangerous us versus them mentality 61

Chapter 2 Perspectives, Controversies, and Debates Chapter Preface 68

1 It's Unanimous Brexit Will Stymie Growth Chris Giles Emily Cadman UK economists weigh Brexit's fiscal implications 69

2 Will the EU Be OK? Judy Dempsey A panel answers a tough question: How will the EU fare without Britain? 112

3 Fact-Checking the Brexit Campaigns Ashley Kirk An intrepid fact-checker looks for the truth amid Brexit's rubble 121

4 Old England, New System George Monboit The author argues that politics must change in the wake of Brexit 127

5 Reaction and Revolution Jacob Høi Jensen A tax expert sizes up Brexit's ramifications 132

6 Brexit and Globalization Italo Colantone Piero Stanig Was Brexit just a populist reaction to globalization? 138

Chapter 3 What's Next for the UK, the EU, and the World? Chapter Preface 146

1 First Comes Brexit, Then Comes Trump, Then Comes… Alastair Campbell A speech in which the author discusses Brexit, Donald Trump, and global populism 147

2 I Am Brexit Hear Me Roar? Jonathon Gatehouse Charlie Gillis Sally Hayden Journalists check to see if it's possible other nations will follow Britain's lead 163

3 In Brexit, There Are No Winners Wolfgang Münchau A financial writer concludes that the implications for Europe are vast-and not good 174

4 Will Brexit Prompt Scottish Independence? Not So Fast John Curtice The writer investigates the theory that Brexit will prompt Scotland to make a new bid for independence 177

5 The Brexit White Paper Has Lots of White Space Maria Garcia A scholar concludes government's Brexit proposal leaves much unsaid 182

6 You Say Democracy, I Say Democracy Andrew Hines After Brexit, we have to reconsider the meaning of "democracy" itself 186

Chronology 190

Bibliography 195

Index 197

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