Broken (in the best possible way)

Broken (in the best possible way)

by Jenny Lawson
Broken (in the best possible way)

Broken (in the best possible way)

by Jenny Lawson


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Notes From Your Bookseller

Jenny Lawson fans rejoice! This new collection of essays on depression and mental health, physical health, family, insurance companies, or shoes that go missing is often raw and hard, but incisive and original. Lawson’s generosity in sharing her darkest moment is matched by an equal capacity to find the absurd, the ridiculous, the sweet and tender, and to serve it up with a deliciously skewering, wicked sense of wry humor.

An Instant New York Times Bestseller

From the #1 New York Times bestselling author of Furiously Happy and Let’s Pretend This Never Happened comes a deeply relatable book filled with humor and honesty about depression and anxiety.

As Jenny Lawson’s hundreds of thousands of fans know, she suffers from depression. In Broken, Jenny brings readers along on her mental and physical health journey, offering heartbreaking and hilarious anecdotes along the way.

With people experiencing anxiety and depression now more than ever, Jenny humanizes what we all face in an all-too-real way, reassuring us that we’re not alone and making us laugh while doing it. From the business ideas that she wants to pitch to Shark Tank to the reason why Jenny can never go back to the post office, Broken leaves nothing to the imagination in the most satisfying way. And of course, Jenny’s long-suffering husband Victor—the Ricky to Jenny’s Lucille Ball—is present throughout.

A treat for Jenny Lawson’s already existing fans, and destined to convert new ones, Broken is a beacon of hope and a wellspring of laughter when we all need it most.

Includes Photographs and Illustrations

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781250077035
Publisher: Holt, Henry & Company, Inc.
Publication date: 04/06/2021
Pages: 304
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.30(h) x 1.20(d)

About the Author

Jenny Lawson is an award-winning humorist known for her great candor in sharing her struggle with mental illness. She lives in Texas with her husband and daughter and was constantly “buying too many books” (“Not a real thing,” she insists), so she decided to skip the middleman and just started her own bookshop, which also serves booze because books and booze are what magic is made of. She has previously written Let’s Pretend This Never Happened and Furiously Happy, both of which were #1 New York Times bestsellers. She also wrote You Are Here, which inexplicably made it onto the New York Times bestseller list in spite of the fact that it was basically a very fun coloring book. She would like to be your friend unless you’re a real asshole. And yes, she realizes that this whole paragraph is precisely the reason she shouldn’t be allowed to write her own bio.

Table of Contents

Jenny Lawson, Full-Grown Mammal: An Introduction 1

Already Forgot I Wrote This 5

Six Times I've Lost My Shoes While Wearing Them: A List that Shouldn't Exist 13

And Then I Bought Condoms for My Dog 22

Rainbow Fire 27

All of the Reasons Why I'm Not Coming to Your Party 33

Samuel L. Jackson Is Trying to Kill Me 44

How Do Dogs Know They Have Penises? 59

These Truisms Leave Out a Lot of the Truth 66

An Open Letter to My Health Insurance Company 72

Pm Not Going Outside Anymore. 79

The Things We Do to Quiet the Monsters 85

The Golden (Shower) Years 111

Awkwarding Brings Us Together 116

That Time I Got Haunted by Lizards with Bike Horns 131

We Are Who We Are Until We Aren't Anymore 142

Introverts Unite! (But Sweet Baby Jesus, Not in Real Life.) 150

My Dentist Hates Me 156

Am I Even Still Alive? 161

The Secret to a Long Marriage 168

So I'm Paying to Beat the Shit Out of Myself? 175

Anxiety Is a Lost Watch I Never Saw 183

The Eight Billionth Argument I Had with Victor This Week 188

Sometimes There Is Beauty in Breaking 190

No One Wants Tour Handwritten "Good for One Free Massage" Coupons, Darryl 197

I Feel It in My Bones 204

Editing Is Hell. Mostly for Editors. 206

The First Satanic Ritual I Ever Saw 218

Damaged Good(s) 225

My House Is a Garbage Fire Because I Clean It 230

And That's Why I Can Never Go Back to the Post Office Again 233

I Am a Magpie 240

Up Divorce Creek Without a Paddle (Because the Guide Didn't Trust Me Not to Push Victor Overboard with It) 244

Eclipse (Not the Twilight Book. The Other Kind.) 249

Business Ideas to Pitch on Shark Tank 261

Strange New Weather Patterns 271

Souls 275

Acknowledgments 283

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