Buck Naked

Buck Naked

by Evangeline Anderson

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Buck Naked by Evangeline Anderson

Sadie Becker is not herself. A 40-year-old, divorced mother of two, Sadie wakes up one morning and realizes that she looks and feels like she did in her twenties. Suddenly she’s unable to walk around in her new town of Cougarville without men falling at her feet. Confused and alone, Sadie isn’t sure who to turn to…except answers to her problems might reside with her broodingly handsome reclusive neighbor, Mathis.

An alpha shifter, Mathis lost the love of his life, and he knows he’ll never find another mate. But his innocent new neighbor clearly doesn’t know the danger she’s in, and he's the only one who can save her.

But when the attraction pulls too strong, will Mathis’ animal nature be unleashed and claim Sadie for his own? Evangeline Anderson's Buck Naked is a sexy, emotional thrill-ride that will hook readers on this fantastic new series.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781250142047
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Publication date: 04/04/2017
Series: Cougarville , #1
Sold by: Macmillan
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 304
Sales rank: 49,786
File size: 1 MB

About the Author

Evangeline Anderson is the author of the Brides of the Kindred, Alien Mate Index, and Born to Darkness series. She lives in Florida, and to her delight, she gets paid for having a dirty mind.
Evangeline Anderson is the author of the Brides of the Kindred, Alien Mate Index, and Born to Darkness series. She lives in Florida, and, to her delight, she gets paid for having a dirty mind.

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Buck Naked

By Evangeline Anderson

St. Martin's Press

Copyright © 2017 Evangeline Anderson
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-250-14204-7


"This isn't right. This can't be happening. What the hell is going on?"

Sadie Becker stood in front of the mirror on her fortieth birthday and stared at her reflection in disbelief.

Her boobs were getting firmer.

There was no doubt about it — it was true. She'd been noticing subtle differences ever since her divorce had been finalized about a week ago, but she'd put it down to the new diet and exercise routine. Now that her ex, Jeff, was out of her life, she was determined to start a whole new lifestyle. But no diet or exercise routine in the world completely erased stretch marks and molded your breasts back to where they'd been when you were in your twenties.

"Just look at them," Sadie muttered to herself. "They're actually perky."

She wiped at the steam on the bathroom mirror and then decided she wasn't getting a good enough look. What she needed was a full-length view. Luckily, there was an old-fashioned freestanding mirror in her bedroom. The mirror had a carved wooden frame and claw feet, matching the rest of the antique furniture in the cabin she'd inherited.

The heavy carved oak furniture wasn't much to Sadie's taste but she wasn't complaining. The cabin with its outdated furnishings and decorations had been a godsend — an inheritance from her mother who'd been dead for twenty years. Sadie hadn't even known the cabin existed until after her divorce, when her mother's lawyer had handed her the deed.

She still missed her mom, even after all these years. She'd almost cried when she found out she had someplace to go. Someplace she wouldn't have to see Jeff and his new, much younger girlfriend making a spectacle of themselves back in her hometown of Tampa. The only person she missed was her twin sister, Samantha — Sammie for short, but only to Sadie. No one else was allowed to call her by the cutesy nickname. But since Samantha was a busy trauma surgeon at Tampa General, it wasn't like she had much time to hang out anyway.

Speaking of Samantha, she ought to call her twin — it was her birthday too.

I'll call her in a minute, Sadie promised herself. First I need to figure out what in the world is going on with me.

Wrapping herself in a towel, she padded from the bathroom to the bedroom and stopped in front of the ancient freestanding mirror. There wasn't quite enough light in the dark bedroom and the bedside lamp only made more shadows. With a sigh, Sadie dragged the mirror, creaking and protesting, over to the window and opened the curtains.

She wasn't worried about anyone seeing her — the cabin was located in the Blue Ridge Mountains, about ten miles north of the tiny town of Cougarville, North Carolina. It was quiet and isolated with only one road going in and out and a single neighbor — a surly giant of a man named Mathis Blackwell who had wild, tangled black hair, a close-clipped beard, and shoulders at least twice as broad as her own. Sadie had only seen him twice and both times he'd only grunted at her greeting and gone stumping off into the woods that separated his property from hers.

At night she could faintly see firelight flickering from his cabin windows, which looked warm and cozy and reminded her that it was cooler here in the mountains than it had been back home in Tampa.

No, this is my home now, Sadie reminded herself, frowning. Good old Cougarville.

The actual name of the town she'd moved to was North Lewiston, though there wasn't any South Lewiston that Sadie could see. Scrawled in looping graffiti on the green welcome sign that led into town were the words, Welcome to Cougarville!!! The name had apparently stuck since everyone she'd met since she'd gotten here had welcomed Sadie to Cougarville, rather than North Lewiston.

Sadie was happy to be here — even if her new home was out in the sticks. In fact, she rather liked the solitude. It was different from the constant crawl of traffic on Dale Mabry Highway in Tampa. Also, where else could she feel free to walk around naked if she wanted to and not worry about anyone seeing her? Couldn't do that in the city!

As if to prove the point to herself, Sadie dropped her baby-blue bath towel, letting it puddle around her feet, and took a really good look at herself in the mirror.

Sure enough, her breasts were definitely perky now. Perky like they hadn't been since she'd breast-fed her twins almost twenty years ago. Graham and Anna — fraternal twins ran in Sadie's family — had both gone off to college just a few months ago. Graham to MIT and Anna to Baylor, where she hoped to get into med school and become a doctor like her Aunt Samantha. Sadie was immensely proud of both of them, though having two at the same time hadn't been easy. How many times had she joked about her crazy twins giving her gray hair?

Speaking of gray hair ... Sadie leaned forward, frowning at her face in the mirror.

"Where is it?" she muttered, turning her head from side to side. "Where's my gray?"

The silvery strands that had begun showing up in her long dark brown hair around her mid-thirties were somehow gone, even though she was certain they had been there the night before. She'd been planning to go into town to pick up a box of dye, meaning to cover them as usual. But now, if her mirror was to be believed, there was nothing to cover.

Not only that — her wrinkles were gone too! Or at least, they were fading. She could still see some tiny laugh lines around her eyes but the really deep line — almost a furrow — that had crept up between her eyebrows over the years was magically erased.

What the ... Sadie turned in front of the mirror, trying to see what else had changed. Well, for one thing the little pooch of her belly was nearly flat and the old pregnancy stretch marks had been smoothed away. Her ass looked higher and firmer too. And her thighs were cellulite-free!

How could this be? How was it even possible?

Sadie took a step back and weighed her breasts in her hands, checking to be sure she wasn't dreaming or imagining it. Nope — as firm as could be. She'd always been a full C cup when she was younger, but after having her kids and breast-feeding both of them, that C had become more of a droopy D. Now she was back to where she'd been in college, before she met Jeff and let him talk his way into her panties one night, ending her dreams of being a high-powered attorney when she found out she was pregnant with the twins.

What could be causing this? It was as if her body were magically reverting to where it had been in her early twenties. But that was impossible — right?

Just then she became aware of a movement outside her window. There was so much wildlife here — deer and birds and squirrels. Just last night she'd been sure she heard a wolf howling and maybe some kind of wildcat screaming. It was —

Sadie's thought was cut off abruptly when she turned her head and saw it was no bird or squirrel looking in her window.

Her surly neighbor, Mathis Blackwell, stood about fifty yards away by the line of trees that separated their properties. He had an armful of firewood and a surprised expression on his face as he stared at the extremely naked Sadie, who was still juggling her boobs in her hands.

"Oh my God! Oh, no!" she gasped, reaching down to grope blindly at the floor for her discarded towel. She wanted to look away from Mathis but for some reason, she found she couldn't. Their eyes were locked together through the thin glass of her window as she scrabbled for the towel.

At last she found the towel, but she was so freaked out she couldn't seem to get it wrapped around her body again. Instead she clutched it to her chest, her heart pounding as she continued to lock eyes with her neighbor.

Finally Mathis shook his head, like a man coming out of a dream, and gave her an awful scowl. Without a word — or another look — he turned and went stomping back to his side of the tree line, his broad shoulders hunched as though to ward off some kind of attack.

Sadie snatched the curtains closed and sank down on the big, old-fashioned bed with its carved wooden posts, nearly hyperventilating.

God, what must he think of me? What did it look like I was doing? Nothing very nice, that was for sure! Ugh, how absolutely humiliating — to be caught by her nearest neighbor examining herself naked in the mirror and playing with her boobs!

Your only neighbor, whispered a little voice in her head. And there's nobody else around to hear you scream if he decides what he saw was some kind of invitation.

Somehow, though, despite his wild appearance, Mathis didn't strike her as the type to break into her cabin and hurt her. Not that knowing he probably wouldn't try anything made her any less embarrassed. She still felt absolutely mortified to be caught in such a position, especially since she was usually a very modest person.

What's wrong with me? My body is going through some bizarre change, I'm walking around in front of the window naked, I couldn't look away when he was looking at me ... I feel like I'm going crazy!

Sadie put a hand to her drumming heart, trying to still her rapid breathing. Okay. Everything was going to be okay. True, the thing with her neighbor seeing her naked was beyond awkward, but he didn't seem to want to talk or be neighborly anyway. So maybe if she just avoided him for the rest of her life —

The shrill sound of her cell phone made Sadie jump. The Grey's Anatomy ringtone was Samantha, probably calling to wish her a happy fortieth birthday.

Or maybe she had sensed something was wrong.

Sadie and Samantha weren't identical twins — Sadie had brown hair and brown eyes and Samantha was blonde with blue. Sadie was a respectable five foot seven while her sister barely topped five three. Sadie, while never exactly skinny, was still more on the slim side, while Samantha was what she liked to call "curvy" with a defiant light in her blue eyes.

Because of their physical differences they'd never been able to switch places with each other and they didn't have a secret twin language or anything weird like that, but they were pretty close.

Sadie could usually tell if something was wrong with her sister and Samantha seemed to know if there was anything amiss in her life as well. She'd called Sadie not five minutes after Jeff had shoved the divorce papers at her and stalked out of the house to be with his new girlfriend. Likewise, Sadie had called her sister just moments after their mother's fatal car crash. Somehow they just knew.

"What's wrong?" Samantha asked the moment Sadie picked up the phone. "What's going on with you?"

"Nothing. I mean, I'm fine." Sadie didn't want to worry her twin — or tell her about the embarrassing incident with her neighbor seeing her naked.

"Bullshit." Samantha was always frank and to the point — a by-product of being a woman in a male-dominated field. "You're freaking out about something — I can hear it in your voice. And, well, I felt it."

It was the closest that the practical, down-to-earth Samantha would come to talking about their invisible connection.

"I, uh ..." Sadie didn't know how to say it. Finally she asked, "Is there any kind of disease that makes you look younger?"

"A disease that makes you look younger?"

"I know it sounds weird," Sadie said quickly.

"It's just ... I woke up this morning and all my gray hairs are gone — just gone. And my wrinkles and stretch marks — they're gone too. Not to mention my chest looks like I got a boob job and my tummy is flat for the first time in years."

"So you lost some weight and you're looking better? Sounds like a symptom of an ex-asshole- ectomy to me." Samantha sounded like she was smiling.

"Stop it, Sammie — I'm being serious!"

"I am too! Of course you're looking better — you finally got rid of Jeff! That asshole has been dragging you down for years."

"Actually, he was the one who got rid of me," Sadie reminded her. "Traded me in for a younger model."

"So you do the same," her sister shot back. "Look around for a little action in that tiny one-horse town you're living in."

"Sammie, I'm forty," Sadie protested.

"So am I," her twin reminded her dryly. "Forty isn't dead. Why don't you find somebody and have some fun? Aren't there any hot guys around there?"

For some reason the image of Mathis and his intense stare popped into her mind but Sadie pushed it quickly away. Besides being a grumpy loner, her neighbor was also at least ten years younger than her. At least she thought he was — it was hard to tell with the wild black hair and the beard.

"Some," she admitted. "But the ones my age are already married and taken. And all the rest are too young."

"Please — who cares about age?" Her sister made a raspberry sound on the other end of the phone. "It's just a number."

"Are you trying to convince me or yourself?" Sadie asked. "Besides, you're one to be talking about finding a guy — you're married to your work. I bet you can't even tell me the name of the last guy you slept with."

"It has been a while," Samantha admitted. "But that's only because I'm always so busy. You, on the other hand, suddenly have some time to get busy."

"I came out here to heal," Sadie pointed out. "Not find a hot young guy to screw my brains out."

"Who says they're not the same thing?" Samantha laughed. "So how's the cabin Mom left you? I still can't believe she kept it secret from us for all those years."

"It's nice," Sadie said, looking around the bedroom. "It's kind of old and antique-y but not in a bad way. And it's really quiet — at night you can hear all the animals moving around in the woods outside. And ..." She winced. "There are, uh, plenty of windows. Lots of natural light."

"I bet it's gorgeous." Samantha sounded wistful. "You almost make me want to cancel the hip-nailing I have scheduled today and come see it."

"Come anytime," Sadie told her sister. "You know Mom didn't just leave it to me. She said in the letter that came with the deed it was for both of us if we ever lost our husbands and needed a place to stay."

"She'd probably be disappointed I never got a husband to begin with," Samantha remarked.

"No, she wouldn't! She'd be incredibly proud of you for fulfilling your dream instead of getting pregnant before you even got through college."

It was an old sore spot with Sadie. She loved her sister dearly but she couldn't help being a little jealous sometimes. They had both had big plans after high school but Samantha had made hers a reality while Sadie had wound up staying home to raise the kids. She had gone back when they were teenagers to get a degree in accounting, but being an accountant was a far cry from the high-powered corporate attorney she'd dreamed of becoming.

"Are you kidding?" Samantha said. "She'd love you for giving her grandkids instead of wasting your best baby-making years in school."

"It's not too late if you want to start a family," Sadie pointed out. "Women are having babies into their forties now — you know that."

Samantha snorted. "Not this woman. You know I love Graham and Anna but being the cool aunt is as close to motherhood as I ever want to come."

"I don't know ... rocking them to sleep, soothing them and feeling them snuggle up in your arms ..." Sadie sighed. "Babies are sweet. It's just too bad they grow up so fast."

"You sound like you want another one yourself," Samantha remarked.

Sadie shook her head, even though her sister couldn't see her.

"Nope, my baby-making days are done. And so are my man-chasing ones. I just want to settle down in this little town and make a new life for myself. One without any trauma or drama or craziness — you know?"

Of course, she hadn't made a very good start to her resolution — flashing her neighbor before breakfast — but that had been an accident. And what she told her sister was honestly what she wanted — just a quiet life by herself.

"I can do without the drama but without the trauma I'd be out of a job," Samantha said. "Speaking of which, they just brought in an emergency trauma consult. Looks like another kid jumped off a trampoline and landed wrong — might be a broken femur. I'd better go."

"Okay. Well thanks for calling. And happy birthday," Sadie said.

"Happy birthday to you. Go have fun for both of us — looks like I'm going to be in the OR all day." Samantha didn't sound unhappy about it. She loved her job with a passion.

"Talk to you later and come up to see the cabin anytime," Sadie told her.


Excerpted from Buck Naked by Evangeline Anderson. Copyright © 2017 Evangeline Anderson. Excerpted by permission of St. Martin's Press.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Buck Naked 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 15 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Mathis is so yummy. Denying who and what he needs. Sadie is three only one who can help him. So different from the kindred but no less amazing and fun to read.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I loved her Kindred series and this new series is just as fun. I just love the characters and I am chopping at the bit waiting for the next book to come out. If your into shifters and romance with a great plot, you will really enjoy this book.
SherDEMomma More than 1 year ago
I received an e-copy of this story for an honest review. The reason I am giving this a 5 Star review is because Evangeline Anderson gives us a new idea for the Shifter legend, one I have never seen before. And it’s not just the legend that’s new. She also gives a different way of how the males and females change. Now I’m not going to spoil it for anyone, but I will say that the males shift earlier than the females, and the females begin their shifting in a different way than the males. So, if you want a whole new take on Shifters you need to read this story. I can’t wait to read the next story in this series.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Really good
closkot More than 1 year ago
My Thoughts - 4 out of 5 Unicorns - I really liked it!!! ***I choose what I read and review based on what intrigues me!! I got a review copy of book 2, and I wanted to read book 1 first, so I bought it. No one tells me what to think, feel, or write about any book! This is the first book in the series. It is for adults only due to the graphic violence and steamy scenes. This is my first time reading any of Evangeline’s work. This is definitely an interesting and unique world. Like Sadie, I was lost as to what a Juvie was and what this new world was about until Mathis explained it. You really feel and understand what Sadie is going through because you were just as confused. Mathis is gruff and standoffish, but you don’t understand until later when he tells his story. Keller is really a jerk, and I’m not sure I even like him. We will see if he redeems himself in the future. Sammie is pretty cool, and I love her spunky attitude. It will be interesting to see if she will follow her sister and become a Juvie. Evangeline does a fantastic job making the story come alive, and I can definitely see this series getting better and better. It takes me a couple books before I really mesh with a new author’s style and writing. I can’t wait to see what happens in book 2. I recommend this series to any shifter fan who wants a unique new world that isn’t the norm.
wtfareyoureadingFR More than 1 year ago
Just when you thought that all the shifters were out of the forests, come down from the snow capped mountains and tundra, and ready to trade oceanic homes for life on land. Authoress Evangeline Anderson, turns the shifter-story in a fresh and very exciting direction with Buck Naked. The first offering in her Cougarville series. Meet Sadie Becker... An ex-wife, mother of two grown children, and the new owner of a cabin left to her by her mother; in the town of Cougarville, North Carolina. What Sadie doesn't know however, is far more intriguing. Things like... Why just after her 40th birthday her face and body are those of her 20 year old self? Why all the men in Cougarville want her worse than a drowning man wants a life preserver. Why the woman hate her. And... Why everybody keeps calling her "JUVIE"? It seems that Sadie's sudden appearance in Cougarville is proving especially challenging for her neighbor, Mathis Blackwell. A hardship that should, and probably would be of little or no consequence to Sadie. But for the fact that circumstance, and an undeniable urge to mate him, continues to drive the "alpha shifter" and Sadie ever closer. Meanwhile... The charming and enigmatic mayor of Cougarville, Liam Keller, has Sadie in his sights. But unlike Mathis, who is more than willing to let nature take its course in regards to his relationship with Sadie. Liam is willing to do anything he has to, to assure that Sadie and the rare breeding ability that she possesses will be his. The question here is... Who will Sadie choose? Or...more to the point. Is the choice hers to make at all? Buck Naked is a shifter story very much out of the norm. Populated with neolithic bucks and cougars. This story gives a whole new strata of shifter potential to the reader. Sadie's story is one that will appeal to readers of every age group. A rarity in a genre for which a hallmark is its concentration on the lack of aging. At least outwardly. As for leading man Mathis. The heartbreaking tragedy of his past, coupled with its lasting effect on his present and future with Sadie. Serves readers the perfect amount of romantic drama to counter the more comedic aspects of this rather light read. The only thing standing between this book and 5 star glory is a very pronounced disconnect between Sadie and her past. Particularly when it applies to her shifter origins. Most of the important discoveries that she makes in this key area of her life and the story line, are made in her present. Leaving both Sadie and the reader very unsettled about the who's, why's, and wherefores of her predicament. What Buck Naked does offer readers in spades however, is just the right amount of funny, sexy, romantic, super, and natural. A new and very eye opening take on a new and very eye opening shifter-verse.
sportochick More than 1 year ago
Priceless.....I want to go through the same thing as Sadie well only as far as the youthfulness. The author does a stellar job in Sadie's character as she walks the reader through Sadie getting younger looking and the very very strange things happening wherever she goes. Sadie's confusion over her changes and her upset with the men it understandable. I like that her confusion doesn't come across as her being simple minded. Buck Naked has a well written plot including lots of drama and unforgettable scenes. It includes the gruff Mathis and the reader will come to love him as they read through the book to see how he became the recluse he is in this story. I love a gentle Alpha who can jump up to the plate when needed and Mathis is this sort of man. His character is like a prickly pear. Thorns on the outside and pure sweetness inside. His internal tug of war over Sadie and his needs and desires is portrayed in a believable manner. For secondary characters..... The cold but gorgeous villain, Keller, is delicious.... and I am sure the female readers will be hot for him. In fact, I am looking forward to his story because I really feel all villains deserve a happy ending. Well not all but this one does. While Dr. Samantha, Sadie's twin, plays a prominent role in this book and her no-nonsense attitude will make a great second book to this series because she has so much attitude along with her smarts and beauty. I give this book 4 STARS for being unpredictable.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
AvidReader200 More than 1 year ago
A great start to a wonderful new series! This series involves an older heroine which is great for all of us over 40. A nice change. The best part is she can rejuvenate to 20 years younger when certain criteria are met. Wouldn't we all like to do that? This is sparked by dramatic changes in her life thanks to a divorce. And then there is there is the hot shifter who lives next-door. He is going through his own troubles after having lost his mate years before. There will be adventure and exciting sexy scenes as the two figure out their future. You will have to read the book to see how it all ends. I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of the book.
MusicInPrint More than 1 year ago
ATTENTION paranormal shifter fans - Cougarville is the place to go for a fresh metamorphosis! Sadie, a CPA, escapes from her ex-husband to a cabin left by her mother. Anderson grants every woman's desire to look and feel twenty years younger through the pages of this book. Even with Sadie's new found youth; shadowy secrets, bizarre townsfolk, and her quest to get lunch seem impossible to figure out. Quick stand alone read full of characters unique in their own quirky way. Enjoyed getting copy from St. Martin's Press via Netgaley. Review is freely given and appreciate finding this amazing author.
JennytheWicked More than 1 year ago
I’d like to preface this review by stating that I have never been a fan of Shifter romances. But I wanted to give this book a chance because I have been a long-time fan of the author. That being said, I absolutely LOVED Buck Naked. Evangeline Anderson continues to impress with her depth of character development as well as the uncanny ability to make a genre that (I personally feel) has been done to death and make it new. I happen to be a huge fan of the “Normal girl gets thrown into a new situation” type story (time travel, aliens, etc.) and this book made the shifter story fun and new for me. I thought the plot was well written with nice little surprises here and there to keep the story’s momentum at a comfortable pace. I will definitely be reading the rest of this series and look forward to her next book.
MBurton More than 1 year ago
Ok, a 40 year old waking up one day looking like she is in her 20's again??? Yep, I'm sold. How do I make this happen? This was a unique approach to an overpopulated theme. I love the idea that an older woman wakes up going through a rejuvenation stage once her shifter gene kicks in. All I can think about is how I would do a lot of things different if I can turn back time and start over and Sadie is getting that chance. Sadie is fresh off a divorce and moves into her mom's cabin in Cougarville. She wakes up to changes to her body and reactions from the town folk that make her feel like she's in the Twilight Zone. Sadie has no idea that she carries this shifter gene. She's new to town and doesn't understand why all the men in town are looking at her like she is their next meal and the women are outright hateful towards her. The reaction of the town folk towards Sadies new scent was pretty comical, especially since she has no idea what's going on. I loved both main characters in this story as well as the side characters. My only negative about this story was Mathis's constant refusal to the idea that Sadie was meant for him. Mathis has had a life mate who sadly passed away not long after being mated to him, over ten years ago. He believes his kind is not allowed to mate more than once and constantly refuses Sadie. While I understand he was trying to not hurt her, it wasn't the only reason he held back. His dead wife was a big part of this story. Overall, I really enjoyed the story and it was a fun read with a little bit of seriousness to it. ARC provided by Netgalley.
gigiluvsbooks More than 1 year ago
Description Sadie Becker is not herself. A 40-year-old, divorced mother of two, Sadie wakes up one morning and realizes that she looks and feels like she did in her twenties. Suddenly she’s unable to walk around in her new town of Cougarville without men falling at her feet. Confused and alone, Sadie isn’t sure who to turn to…except answers to her problems might reside with her broodingly handsome reclusive neighbor, Mathis. An alpha shifter, Mathis lost the love of his life, and he knows he’ll never find another mate. But his innocent new neighbor clearly doesn’t know the danger she’s in, and he's the only one who can save her. But when the attraction pulls too strong, will Mathis’ animal nature be unleashed and claim Sadie for his own? Buck Naked is a sexy, emotional thrill-ride that will hook readers on this fantastic new series. Review: First how could I resist a book named Buck Naked...lol Seriously though I read the description is what drew me in. That and I had been wanting to read this Author for awhile seemed like the perfect storm of opportunity. I enjoyed this first in a new series. I liked that it was a little unique from other shifter stories. First, only a few women (Juvies) can rejuvenate and become younger again and be a mate for a shifter. This causes some interesting, fun and scary scenes for Sadie as she has no idea what is happening. Second, I liked that the shifters are pre-historic animals, this gives a new twist that was fun to read. Like I said before this is the first time I am reading this Author and I loved her writing voice. The story had a great range of sexy, heart, and action that made me hooked from page one. I saw that Sadie's twin Sam is the next one up in the series, which make perfect sense after reading this first book. Sorry I did not give more of the plot away, but you should read it for yourself if you like shifter romance. 4Stars *I voluntarily read an advance reader copy of this provided by the publisher.*
CathyGeha More than 1 year ago
Buck Naked by Evangeline Anderson Cougarville #1 Book one of this new shape-shifter series sees Sadie Becker becoming younger after moving to Cougarville. Recently divorced and forty she suddenly looks and feels more like twenty and has men swarming around her. Little does she know that her genetic makeup is the culprit but as men swarm around her, fight over her and she learns more about her situation she soon learns that she must mate to survive but WHO will she mate with? This is a quick read that has potential for many books in the future. The next book will probably involve Sadie’s sister and the feline alpha she did not end up with. Thank you to NetGalley and St. Martin’s Press for the ARC – This is my honest review. 3.5 Stars
Racycarr More than 1 year ago
I loved reading this new series by Evangeline Anderson. I can already tell this is going to be a wonderful series. I found this story interesting. I believe this is the first story I have read about an elk shifter. The one thing I loved about Mathis Blackwell was his loyalty to his dead wife and how he does not wanted to hurt Sadie Becker. Sadie was an amazing woman. She was a survivor. Anyone that comes through a loveless marriage and still be in good spirits has my respect. I love how she left everything behind and told the leap of faith and move to a strange town. I can imagine all the thoughts that went through Sadie’s mind when she started seeing the towns folks acting strange. Okay, strange is putting it lightly. Instead of Cougarville I am sure she was thinking Crazyville. Yeah, that bad. There are so many secrets that she does not know about. In this story I did not like Mayor Liam Keller but who knows maybe the author can win me over on him in book 2. He was one that was pursuing Sadie and would do what every he could to get her. I loved Fiona in this story. She was the resident pharmacist slash medicine woman. She had so much knowledge but sometimes would not just come out and tell you what you needed to know. I loved how she friended Sadie and was rooting for Sadie and Mathis to getting together. Fiona truly had a good heart. This was a great story and so happy I got a chance to read it.