Butterfly Cove

Butterfly Cove

by Christina Skye
4.4 7

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Butterfly Cove 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Christina has once again brought us a wonderful story that makes you want to finish the book in one sitting. It has drama, secrets and romance which lead to a good read. I would highly recommend this book along with her the Draycott Abbey series (12 books), Seal and Code Name series (9)and the other 2 books from this Island series.
HarlequinJunkie_ More than 1 year ago
In Butterfly Cove (Summer Island #3) by Christina Skye, 'Bad boy + good girl = hot gossip.' Olivia Sullivan's life has undergone some serious changes recently. As an only child, she has had to deal with settling her father's estate since his death about a year ago and now she just lost her position at an architecture firm. At least she has a promising new business venture with her three best friends. They've restored the Harbor House and have set up a few shops inside they hope will breathe new life into their small community. As soon as Olivia returns to Summer Island, she runs into her old friend, and first love, Rafe Russo, who has just joined the local police force. She knows he had joined the Marines and served overseas for several years but hasn't heard from him since the night he left town...and broke her heart in the process. Growing up, they were best friends who could talk about anything, but things get off to a rocky start when they finally meet up again. Olivia doesn't want to face Rafe and bring up painful memories but she's drawn to him the same as she always was. If anything, their attraction has actually grown. Olivia has to decide if she can put the past aside or if there is too much bad blood between them to get past. Rafe Russo is trying his best to return to civilian life after a decade in the Marines. The last thing he wanted or expected was to be offered a job as a deputy sheriff in a town in which he spent his childhood wreaking havoc. Rafe has also spent years wishing things had turned out differently between himself and Olivia. She's the only thing that kept him sane when he was in harm's way overseas. Rafe realizes he has a chance to try to make amends for what he did as a teenager, both to the town and Olivia. He only hopes this time things will turn out the way he plans. Butterfly Cove is a lovely, passionate novel set in a picturesque coastal community. Author Christina Skye described the setting in wonderful detail and created a realistic feeling of community amongst her characters. This is book three in the Summer Island series and there was just enough of a backstory that this can be read as a standalone. However, I think readers would understand the dynamics of the four best friends better if they had read the previous two novels. The good girl/bad boy trope works so well in a small town setting like Summer Island. Our protagonist Olivia was part of the town's elite families growing up and people would guess that she had a happy life. But she hid her anxiety over her father's harsh criticism from everyone. She felt happiest when she was with Rafe and her three best girl friends. As an adult now, we see her struggling to try to keep everything compartmentalized and controlled to help alleviate her fears. Rafe's appearance changes everything for Olivia in an instant and things get messy and confusing. Rafe had a tough childhood and acting out was the only way he knew how to deal with his emotions. Olivia saw the best in him and in turn, Rafe thought he could do something positive with his life. I loved that he kept her in his thoughts through his worst times in the Marines, proving that love can help you through any obstacle. I definitely suggest Butterfly Cove if you love honest, passionate Contemporary Romance full of longing and deep emotions.
jef71 More than 1 year ago
Butterfly Cove by Christina Skye. Enjoyed the book very much. I enjoyed Olivia Sullivan. She may have had a bad life growing up. But she has 3 best friends and she has there support. Rafe Russo was the bad boy in town when he was a boy. Her former flame ignites a new desire.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
rhonda1111RL More than 1 year ago
3 STARS This is a okay romance. I have only read one of the books before this and really don't remember a lot of it. So to me it read like someone thought it was too long and chopped parts of it off here and there. Maybe if you read all four books it wont feel like that. I like the characters and their friendships together. Would have like to have more of them. Olive gets fired and moves back home and on her way a mud slide happened in front of her. She could either hit a schoolbus or serve into another car. Which was a cop car. She is in a lot of pain. Olive recognizes Rafe. He was her good friend from when she was little to the night of her prom when he stood her up and left town. Now he is back home. Olive's father had died and left things in a mess. His money and hers as disappeared. Olive needs that money now that she does not have a job. Olive and friends have a goal to open and restore a old house and go into business together. Olive hears noises in her attic and Rafe does not want her to be alone. Rafe was the town's bad boy. When he turned 18 he joined the military and now he has come back home. He does not plan to pick up with Olive again. His first day home and working for the Sheriff he runs into Olive. He has secrets. Recommend you read other books first. I hope the next book answers the questions I still have. Does have love scenes that I skipped over. Would have liked a bigger book that answered more of the questions. I was given this ebook to read and asked to give honest review of it by Netgalley and Harlequin. publication: September 24th 2013 by Harlequin HQN 336 pages ISBN:037377785X
RipeForReader More than 1 year ago
My rating: 3.5 of 5 ¿ A great romance with a few unfortunate flaws that take away from a solid set of characters, an insightful study of personalities and a delightful simmering love story. First main concern is that although not listed anywhere, this is a novel that is (or should be) part of the Summer Island Series. But you won't find it described as such on Amazon or Goodreads. It seems to be marketed as a stand alone novel and as such doesn't work. Sure, a lot of 'fill-in" information is provided in the course of the book in an attempt to get the reader up to speed, but you will never quite grasp the strong connection between the women in this book, nor their commitment to Harbor House or their joint love for knitting and its significance in their lives. The second issue I have is again, with some of the backdrop of the story, in this case Olivia's circumstances. She is left destitute by actions of a father who in his latter years, perhaps in his confusion (or so we are lead to believe) made not only his own, but also Olivia's fortune disappear. This  issue becomes a highlight in the story, and in fact, new characters are drawn in who were connected with her father before his death, yet they don't bring any answers, and nothing is ever resolved......the issue just seems to disappear.......just like the money. The story itself was very charming. Old flame comes back to town, damaged from his time overseas fighting for his country. Bad boy turned hero for the local Sheriff's Department, albeit grudgingly.  Town princess falls on hard times and returns trying to scrape her life back together and find some answers. Good heart, community and the love of friends prevail and when you add the appearance of a long lost lover, who jumps to the rescue when needed, the scene is set for a sweet reunion. The characters are well-defined, full-bodied and entirely credible. Emotions they experience are easy to follow and not that difficult to envision, which means enough insight was provided to understand them well. That defines a good writer in my book. Christina Skye certainly is a good writer!  If it wasn't for those nagging issues I mentioned, I would not have hesitated giving this book at least a 4 or 4.5 star rating. As it is, and only because of the undeniable quality of writing by Ms. Skye, I feel I can't award more than 3.5 stars, and it pains me...... ¿Rich, complex and engaging characters by Christina Skye!!¿ ** ARC courtesy of NetGalley and Harlequin HQN in return for an honest review.**
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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