Calvary's Hidden Truths: A Monograph Revealing Previously Unknown Facts About the Greatest Event in the History of Man

Calvary's Hidden Truths: A Monograph Revealing Previously Unknown Facts About the Greatest Event in the History of Man

by J Bartholomew Walker


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That which is referred to as salvation, redemption, or justification has commonality in Abrahamic religions. It is true that there are different beliefs regarding whether or not it has yet happened, or how it will happen; but each recognizes the need for a Redeemer. Even Job called out for a Redeemer. And with respect to mankind, this is the greatest event that ever happened.

Christians tenets, are such that Christianity recognizes that this has already happened, and observes this Holy Day once per year; on the first Sunday after the first full moon, after the vernal equinox.

However; observation and understanding are two entirely different matters. Many observe and arguably celebrate that which is today referred to as Easter, but the trend has consistently been towards allegory and away from actuality.

The reasons for this are many; with the most significant simply being this lack of understanding. And this lack of understanding is the predictable result of the lack of knowledge. And this lack of knowledge is the direct result of the ongoing tendency to rely upon what man has said about what happened on that day; and not what we have been told happened on that day by those who either were present, or those who were alive at that time.

This leads to a reality of that day, which over the generations increasingly makes little or no sense. After all, how does one reconcile things such as the fact that Jesus stated: that like Jonah, there would be three days and three nights from Crucifixion to Resurrection. Yet the common belief is that the Crucifixion took place on a Friday, and the resurrection was Sunday morning? The answer is that one does not. Thus excuses are made for why this makes no sense. "God can do anything," often proffered as the explanation for inexplicable. For Christians this represents a serious problem, as it was God who made the statement. Or that the Bible is allegorical, and not literal-which it is not and is. And there are many more examples.

These problems do not lie with that which is contained in the Bible, but rather that which man has said is contained in the Bible. The truth is that if the Book is simply read as written, there is little or nothing to reconcile. But because of Bible "versions," truth can be quite elusive.

Just as important, there are many other events that occurred on that day, the significance of which currently remains unknown. This is either because this knowledge has been lost over time; or until now have never been addressed.

It is important-particularly for Christians, to understand what happened on that day, as it is much bigger than almost anyone realizes. And through painstaking and extensive research of the original terminology, Calvary's Hidden Truths was written to provide that understanding.

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Publication date: 03/12/2017
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About the Author

Many consider Dr. Walker to be "the father of (a)etheric physics." Walker discounts this, stating that "physics is physics." "Psychology is physics-just a different manifestation of the same subject." He also disputes this "accusation of paternity" by noting that his works are not primarily concerned with intra-etheric phenomena; but rather with the interactions between this so called etheric or immaterial realm, and the material realm upon which we all live. He further insists that his job is much more akin to a detective, rather than an originator. "For centuries man has insisted upon piling dross upon that which is priceless, to suit his fancy or emotional needs at the time. Fortunately; and largely due to Strong and a few others; much is recoverable."

Dr. Walker (JB) is an interesting fellow. His bachelor's degree is in Public Administration and PoliSci. His Doctorate required courses in Inorganic and Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry, Physics, Embryology, Osteology, Splanchnology, Syndesmology, Neurology, Histology, Cell Biology; as well as Physiology and Pathophysiology, and much more.

JB's insatiable quest for truth and wisdom led him to become a Master Mason, Royal Arch Mason, Royal and Select Master, and a Knights Templar. He studied with AMORC; "beyond the ninth degree." He studied Astrology under Sylvia Sherman; completing the entire two year curriculum. JB once commented after a meeting he had attended with top professional Astrologers: "In a sense I am glad this meeting is over. One hand grenade, and Astrology would have ceased to exist in the United States."

JB's vast knowledge provides him with a unique perspective with regard to "spiritual" matters. Always thinking-always learning; he often causes Bible "scholars" to become apoplectic; because when they have no intellectual argument, their emotions at a minimum remain undiminished. JB's guiding principles: "Learn Everything;" "Treat others as you would like to be treated;" and most importantly: "A thing that is, is; and thus cannot at the same time not be."

-Emma B. Quadrakoff

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