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Capsule Stories Spring 2020 Edition: Sleepless Rainy Nights

Capsule Stories Spring 2020 Edition: Sleepless Rainy Nights


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You hear the droplets splatter on the ground, first once, then again, then a million times over, making music like only nature can. Rain hits your windshield on your way to work. Your jacket clings to your skin. Socks soaked through. Books soggy around the edges. The trees sway above you, but you’re afraid to look up at the sky—angry, sad, romantic, calming. All at once. With no sign of it ending.

The rain distorts the world around you, your eyes peering through windows that only show your reflection, tears streaming down the face that peers back at you. Your head on a pillow, staring up at the ceiling, wondering when the silence will come.

In the morning, you wake up and it’s gone. The trees stand a little taller, the grass a little longer; the driveway is still wet. The storm is over, but the world remembers.

Capsule Stories Spring 2020 Edition features stories, poems, and essays all centered around the theme Sleepless Rainy Nights. With over 110 pages of beautiful writing, this literary magazine is perfect to curl up with on a stormy spring night.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781734324624
Publisher: Capsule Stories LLC
Publication date: 02/19/2020
Pages: 118
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.32(d)

Table of Contents

“Droplets” Niamh McNally

“Ode to a Rainstorm” Benjamin Middendorf

“Fishing in the Dark” Larry Griggs

“Bullfrogs” James Croal Jackson

“Cascadian Spring” Juleigh Howard-Hobson

“Old Farmhouse Window, In the Rain” Juleigh Howard-Hobson

“Blow” Isabella J Mansfield

“when I become your thunderstorm” Tianna G. Hansen

“A Bed under the Rains” Fabrice Poussin

“When I Am Naked” Alolika A. Dutta

“My Body Is a Warehouse” Alolika A. Dutta

“Charring Light” Karin Hedetniemi

“empty promises” Isabella J Mansfield

“Virga” Isabella J Mansfield

“This Weather, Am I Right?” Isabella J Mansfield

“everything is mom” Ada Pelonia

“Sleepless” Cassia Hameline

“Dark Matters” Kushal Poddar

“the prescription” Lee Clark Zumpe

“Thinking of You” Lola Gaztañaga Baggen

“Crossed Lines” Sy Brand

“It’s Winter in Edinburgh” Sy Brand

“Rain Cleaver” Sy Brand

“Hydrophobia” Elizabeth Ruth Deyro

“When Girls Learn to Laugh” Elizabeth Ruth Deyro

“a Drop, a Flood” Eleanor Capaldi

“drown (me)” Montana Leigh Jackson

“Leaving Juliette” Eilidh G Clark

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