Caring for American Indian Objects: A Practical and Cultural Guide

Caring for American Indian Objects: A Practical and Cultural Guide

by Sherelyn Ogden (Editor)


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American Indian cultural objects, like most objects, deteriorate over time. Precious and irreplaceable pieces of a people's heritage can turn to dust, either slowly or rapidly, depending upon their composition and the ways in which they are stored and handled. Caring for American Indian Objects: A Practical and Cultural Guide offers invaluable information and advice to anyone who wants to preserve these objects. Twenty-one contributors, fourteen of whom are American Indians, discuss general aspects of museum care, explain techniques for particular materials, and address important cultural considerations. This practical guide, with over 100 color and black-and-white photos, offers Indian and non-Indian caregivers, conservators, and collectors helpful information on standard museum practice to aid them in making decisions to slow deterioration. "An excellent and valuable book that will be useful to students, conservators, and tribal museum staff. It will make a great textbook as well as reference book." -- Dr. Andrew Gulliford, Director, Center of Southwest Studies, Fort Lewis College

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ISBN-13: 9780873515054
Publisher: Minnesota Historical Society Press
Publication date: 07/08/2004
Edition description: 1
Pages: 272
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 11.00(h) x (d)

About the Author

Sherelyn Ogden is the head of conservation at the Minnesota Historical Society. She is also the author of Preservation of Library and Archival Materials: A Manual and Preservation Planning: Guidelines for Writing a Long-Range Preservation Plan.

Table of Contents

Foreword: Our Obligation to Our Past Joseph D. Horse Capture (A'aninin [Gros Ventre])PART 1. CULTURAL CONSIDERATIONS OF PRESERVATION1. Why Should American Indian Cultural Objects Be Preserved? / Sven Haakanson Jr. (Alutiiq-Sugpiaq)2. Handling Considerations: One Person's Story / Joan Celeste Thomas (Kiowa)3. The Voice of the Museum: Developing Displays / Pollyanna Nordstrand (Hopi)4. Display in a Proper and Respectful Way / Interview with Laine Thom (Shoshone/Goshiute/Paiute)5. What About Sacred Objects? / Alyce Sadongei (Kiowa/Tohono O'Odham)PART 2. GENERAL PRESERVATION CONSIDERATIONS6. The Causes of Deterioration and Preventive Care / Sherelyn Ogden7. How Should Cultural Items Be Stored? / Sherelyn Ogden8. Handling Suggestions / Sherelyn Ogden9. Housekeeping / Marjorie Waheneka (Confederated Umatilla Tribes) and Sherelyn Ogden10. The Issue of Pesticide Contamination / Nancy Odegaard11. How Should Cultural Items Be Used for Display? / Sherelyn Ogden12. Registration Methods and Everyday Business / Faith Bad Bear (Crow/Sioux) and Brian M. KraftPART 3. SPECIFIC PRESERVATION CONSIDERATIONS13. Skin and Skin Products / Paul S. Storch14. Quills, Horn, Hair, Feathers, Claws, and Baleen / Paul S. Storch15. Shell / Paul S. Storch16. Bone, Antler, Ivory, and Teeth / Paul S. Storch17. Glass Beads / Ann Frisina18. Textiles / Ann Frisina19. Metals and Alloys / Thomas J. Braun20. Wood and Birch Bark / Thomas J. Braun21. Ceramics / Thomas J. Braun22. Stone / Thomas J. Braun23. Plastics and Modern Materials / Paul S. Storch24. Paper / Sherelyn Ogden25. Plant Materials / Ann Frisina26. Audiotapes and Videotapes / Thomas J. Braun27. Framed Items / Thomas J. BraunEpilogue: The Value of Preserving the Past: A Personal Journey / Nokomis Paiz (Anishinabe/Ojibwe)

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