Chant-All the Alchemist Fairy Returning to the Source of All

Chant-All the Alchemist Fairy Returning to the Source of All

by Chantal Leduc


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Chant-All the Alchemist Fairy Returning to the Source of All by Chantal Leduc

Do you feel that you are not connected to Mother-Earth, not grounded?

Do you live according to your passions?

Do you have problems with sensitivity?

Do you live a life of abundance and wealth?

Do you find it difficult to listen to the voice of your intuition?

Here are, among many others, some of the questions to be found in this book and which are studied in depth to help you understand your relationship with yourself. The aim of this book is to guide you to your own Source; to what YOU believe! You will find it within, because ALL the re-Sources are in YOU!

WARNING: This could be the most fantastic tool for personal growth … but only if… you are finally ready to move forward on your life path with Joy, Love and Happiness!

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ISBN-13: 9781452567730
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 02/26/2013
Pages: 276
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.58(d)

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Balboa Press

Copyright © 2013Chantal Leduc
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4525-6773-0




It is the beginning ...

The Juggler, the Wizard, the Magician, the Alchemist ... are All characters with huge potential. They are equipped with All the necessary tools. They can do All! The real secret is in the "Law of the WILL".

The Divinity that comes to mind when describing this image is Jesus. He came to Earth to show us that we have everything inside of us. Through his words, actions and inspiration he has shown that All re-Sources are within us. When he said, "I WILL that the WILL of God be done", we can feel in every inch of our being that God's WILL is to fulfill All our desires, especially those connected to our He-Art, and we can also hear that our WILLingness must be used to maintain a "clear vision" of our intention. By nourishing our desire with faith, we WILL receive what we have been asking for. On the other hand, we must not be weak. Faith is a very great Source of power and strength, because it requires a lot of WILLingness from us.

All we finally have to do is to open the door of our heart to receive the Heavenly messages predestined for us. Furthermore, when we give flight to our Spirit and Soul, we feel released, lighter and freer ... By breaking down the walls around our heart, we hear our inner voice ... our intuition ... our wisdom. God is our center. This is our wealth! To illustrate this, in the book A Course in Miracles, it is written: "Christ is in me, and where He is God must be, for Christ is part of Him." This affirmation reinforces the idea that we have All the potential in us to create All we desire. However, we must be careful what we wish for!

This brings me to tell you that we are co-creators of our lives. We are working in concert with God to create our own existence, the very ONE we have imagined. We participate with God in making our lives what they are. We have a lot of power, but are we really conscious? Do we really know? We have a lot of power, because what we think, say or do, WILL come together sooner or later on our path. Our thoughts, words, writings, and actions are All ... forms of requests. "Ask and ye shall receive" said Christ. Thus, our thoughts, words, actions and writings are like many forms of prayer ... Oops! The conscience is becoming involved.

We must be aware of what we think, say, do and write ... because it will come back to us. "Give and you'll receive" said the Saviour. That is how we participate in creation. It is up to us to be careful what energy we send into the Universe. Here is a situation that I experienced recently. On a beautiful afternoon, I decided to go to the jeweller. I wanted to park my car in front of the store. At the last minute I saw a parking spot, but until I was parked, I blocked the traffic behind me. A lady in a van behind me was angry and I saw her talking loudly and making gestures. I guess I was not very Zen that day, because I said a few bad words in my head at that moment. As I finally finished parking the car, the lady in the van passed by and her passenger said the same bad words I had just thought seconds before. I howled with laughter! I got as good as I gave. As we become increasingly aware, life quickly shows us what we have created, especially when it comes to thoughts, words or behaviours that are not entirely centered on Love. At that moment, we are creating what we call karma. When we judge or criticize, we are also judged or criticized. When we hate or convict, we are also hated or convicted and so on, until we understand. The karmas are lessons that we have come here to resolve in our human experience. Awakening will begin at the required moment, if applicable. Ill effects and diseases are often the result of our creations or imagination taking the wrong path ... a non Luminous ONE. Because of those negative creations, we obtain results that express non harmonious insights. The body then creates ill effects and dis-ease which are messages sent to help us understand that there is something wrong in our life. Sometimes you have to experience the dis-ease itself or perhaps you are a healer and you need to experience it before you can help others, although not necessarily. Our body talks to us All the time and we just have to listen. Jesus knew that the dis-eases were often the result of our thoughts, words and behaviour ... dis-oriented on Love. After curing a patient, he said: Now, we know sin is the opposite of joy so have faith and be happy!

I am guided to help people awaken, so their Souls may vibe in harmony as they are intended to. I consider mySelf a "Soul Awakener". I receive Celestial messages for the evolution of my clients. I connect with their Souls and relay messages from them. My life path is to help my brothers and sisters harmonize their being on Earth ... Body-Spirit-Soul the Holy Trinity! What? The idea is to be a complete being from within. The ultimate goal is to be able to satisfy our needs and improve our happiness without requiring anything from the outside world.

When there is a non harmonious inner Self (or outer Self, because both are the same), it is because the physical body is not aligned with the Soul. Our feelings are confused, as though something was missing, and with time illness is created. The Soul lives in deep sorrow; because God's Divine purpose is not fulfilled. You know the life path YOU HAVE CHOSEN to Light up your life. Your Soul knows your Divine plan and knows when you are doing something other than what you were born for, which explains why you feel the urgent need to do the things you feel so deeply. As if we must hurry to act without knowing exactly what it is we have to do. We may not know what to do, but at least we are conscious and feel that we have to accomplish something, and that time is running out.

When we are in total harmony, we feel a great joy, almost indescribable, as if we were bubbles in a luxurious bottle of champagne not a "Cordon Rouge", but high class champagne. People see us and smile as though they see or hear our inner laugh, because we are the same inside and out. We attract abundance, prosperity, joy and Love because we are happy and in harmony with All parts of ourselves. As I mentioned earlier, I am a "Soul Awakener", but occasionally it still happens that I am not in total harmony with my own Soul. That is perfectly normal, because I was dis-connected from it for a large part of my life. Consequently, sometimes I take a wrong path and return to my old habits. When that happens, life tells me quickly enough. Abundance decreases, the phone rings less, my intuition does not respond and ideas do not come easily ... I sense that I cannot teach or give what I do not have mySelf, just like the old saying, "How can you Love someone else if you don't Love yourSelf?" How can I help someone to vibrate harmoniously with his Soul if I am in rebellion with mine and what it tells me to do? Anyway, do not worry, your guides, intuition, inner voice and Christ within you or your higher Self will tell you who to call when you need it the most and at the right moment for you. BE patient. Nothing occurs by pure coincidence. Everything happens for a reason. So, we have everything inside us to accomplish what we REALLY desire, All we need is faith and a bit of patience, and the trick is done (All WILL be well). If you still cannot believe it, I will ask you to close your eyes and imagine I have a beautiful magic wand, and POOF! I will cast a spell on you and from now on you can do everything you wish! Yes, everything is inside you ... Yes, absolutel

Excerpted from CHANT-ALL THE ALCHEMIST FAIRY RETURNING TO THE SOURCE OF ALL by CHANTAL LEDUC. Copyright © 2013 by Chantal Leduc. Excerpted by permission of Balboa Press.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


Gratitude....................     25     

The Origins ....................     27     

Chapter 1 – Faith....................     33     

Chapter 2 – SPIRITUALITY....................     49     

Chapter 3 – COMMUNICATION....................     63     

Chapter 4 – REALIZATION....................     79     

Chapter 5 – INSPIRATION....................     91     

Chapter 6 – THE INNER COUPLE....................     101     

Chapter 7 – TRIUMPH....................     111     

Chapter 8 – KARMA....................     119     

Chapter 9 – KNOWLEDGE....................     129     

Chapter 10 – CYCLES....................     139     

Chapter-11 – FROM "EGO" TO "EQUAL"....................     149     

Chapter 12 – MISSION, LIFE PATH....................     157     

Chapter 13 – TREASURE....................     167     

Chapter 14 – NEUTRALITY....................     177     

Chapter 15 – THE MATERIAL WORLD....................     187     

Chapter 16 – HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS....................     195     

Chapter 17 – INTUITION....................     205     

Chapter 18 – THE UN-CONSCIOUS....................     215     

Chapter 19 – THE CONSCIOUS....................     225     

Chapter 20 – RE-INCARNATION....................     235     

Chapter 21 – THE RE-COGNITION....................     245     

Chapter 0-22 – FAITH OR THE FOOL....................     255     


Glossary....................     259     

Inspiration – Claircognizance....................     263     

Bibliography....................     273     

About the Author....................     277     

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Chant-All the Alchemist Fairy returning to the Source of All 3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
code7r More than 1 year ago
“Chant-All: The Alchemist Fairy, Returning to the Source of All” is a new age self-help book from Chantal Leduc.   Chantal Leduc allows the reader to read about her journey to self-discovery and how she found ways to improve her life.   The book covers areas such as Faith, Spirituality, Communication, Realization, Inspiration, The Inner Couple, Triumph, Karma, Knowledge and more.  Each chapter number is significant such as Chapter 7 (Triumph) which starts off letting the reader know that the author’s life path is 7.  She explains the importance of the number and then talks about which Arcanum (deep secret wisdom) it is about.  At the end of each chapter she asks the reader questions that will help him/her learn more about themselves.  She also offers exercises to help the reader become more in tune with themselves. I enjoyed the book.  Her questions at the end of the chapters are thought-provoking.  The book is not religious, although she does talk about higher powers and quotes Jesus among other.  I felt that the author sometimes became distracted and rambled.   This book will not appeal to those that are not into new age.  It asks the reader to believe in chakras and the tarot.  For those that are already into that or are wanting to learn more about it, then this book will be enjoyable and possibly enlightening. **I received this book through GoodReads First Reads Giveaway.  This did not influence my review.**