Chardonnayed to Rest

Chardonnayed to Rest

by J.C. Eaton


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"Finding a murderer requires 100% proof.

In Seneca Lake, New York, Norrie Ellington’s Two Witches Winery has been selected by the local vintner community to host the annual Federweisser, a celebration of the season’s first fermentation of white Chardonnay grapes. But the festivities are spoiled when Norrie learns that landowner Roy Wilkes has raised her neighbor Rosalee Marbelton’s rent so high, she may have to close her vineyard.

Before the rent hike could go into effect, Wilkes is found dead on Roslaee’s property—stabbed by a flowerpot stake—and she becomes the police’s number one suspect. To clear her friend’s name, Norrie conducts her own investigation. But as she gathers clues, Norrie finds herself targeted by a killer, and if she’s not careful, her desire to see justice done may die on the vine . . .


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ISBN-13: 9781516108022
Publisher: Random House
Publication date: 09/25/2018
Series: Wine Trail Series , #2
Pages: 220
Sales rank: 336,082
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.50(d)

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Chardonnayed to Rest 3.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Dollycas More than 1 year ago
Dollycas’s Thoughts We are back at the Two Witches Winery just in time for the annual Federweisser celebration. Norrie tries to juggle the preparation for the event along with meeting here screenwriter deadlines. Thankfully the staff of Two Witches has things well in hand because Norrie receives a frantic call from Rosalee Marbleton telling her she has found a dead body on her property. The dead man turns out to Roy Wilkes, the man owns access to the water needed for Rosalee’s winery. He had recently raised the rent so high that it could put her out of business. It’s not bad enough that she found the body but the murder weapon also belongs to her. Rosalee knows it looks bad and begs Norrie to find the real killer. A task Norrie doesn’t take lightly. Neither does the killer as he sets his sights on her. I really like Norrie. She takes on everything thrown at her. She has become to go to person called to investigate anything shady or nefarious in the Seneca Lake wine community. Heck, they call her before calling the authorities, something that really upsets Deputy Sheriff Gary Hickman. Norrie has a great group of people to support her. These characters are diverse and very well crafted. They have their gifts and idiosyncrasies, but they will do anything for Norrie and the Two Witches Winery. The author has done a great job of making these characters genuine. J. C. Eaton has fermented a fun mystery for readers to enjoy. A victim no one knows much about except for the fact that he didn’t have any friends and that no one is upset he is gone. A little digging brings more suspects to light but the author also serves up a good share of red herrings to divert and confuse. I enjoyed following along with Norrie, Theo, and Don as they not only did the legwork but online searches too. Even following along I was surprised by the way the big reveal took place. It was exciting and loved that some assistance came from someone truly unexpected. I was captivated from beginning to end. A real character-driven mystery with just a blossom of romance and glass or two of humor. This Wine Trail Mystery gives us a peek at winemaking and running a successful winery along with an entertaining story. Pinot Red or Dead? will be out March 26 and I am impatiently waiting
Shelly9677 More than 1 year ago
I like the setting of this cozy mystery. The Finger Lakes region of upstate NY is charming. The Wine Trail Mysteries are set in Seneca Lake at the Two Witches Winery. In Chardonnayed to Rest, it is time for the annual Federweisser festival, a celebration of the season’s first fermentation of white Chardonnay grapes. But not everyone is in a festive mood and sourly Roy Wilkes isn’t making any friends while raising land rents and issuing threats. Soon, Roy is found stabbed and our heroine, Two Witches Winery owner Norrie, finds herself investigating the death in order to clear her friend and prime suspect Rosalee’s name. It was a bit slow moving for an avid reader like myself who has more than a dozen books she wants to start reading on any given week. Other’s may appreciate the pace. All in all, it is a fun read. 3.5 stars.
dezzy33 More than 1 year ago
Chardonnayed to Rest is the second of the Wine Trail Mysteries, following A Riesling to Die. Having read the first, I was naturally curious to see what Norrie Ellington was up to at the Two Witches Winery. At the outset of the first book, we are told that Norrie has reluctantly agreed to oversee the family winery while her sister and brother-in-law take a year to go to Costa Rica to study bugs. As we know it is only supposed to last for a year (although there are more hints here that the BIL's grant may get extended and last longer), this book takes place a mere 2 months after the first. Norrie is busily writing screenplays and attempting to enter the busy season at the winery. At the monthly winery owners meeting, she hears that Rosalee, owner of Terrace Winery, is having problems with the new owner of the neighboring property. Her water supply runs under his land and he has jacked up the prices for the land use. She's stuck with it because obviously without water, there are no grapes. A few days later, Rosalee finds the owner, Roy Wilkes, dead near the pump house. Rosalee calls Norrie and demands that she comes over and investigate. Upon arriving at the scene, Deputy Hickman, whom by now Norrie considers her nemesis, warns Norrie to stay away from investigation. Naturally, Norrie doesn't listen and embarks with Theo and Don on a mission to save the day. Just like in the first, the characters are unique, even the new ones added into the mix. This book has a little more danger for Norrie, but of course all turns out well. I did think the murderer was obvious, although the motive wasn't. Looking forward to the next one, although near the end, Norrie does think: "At least I knew one thing—I was never, ever, going to go out on a limb to solve another murder. That was my plan on paper, anyway." Sure....
CozyOnUp More than 1 year ago
The first book in the series was fun and the second entry in the series is as well. Norrie Ellington is baby sitting her family’s winery and while the business is still standing, bodies keep dropping around her. This time it’s a new landowner who moved to town and one of her fellow winery owners could be implicated. Norrie does her best to save her friend from become a suspect and turns into a target herself. The characters are fun and the story moves at a good clip. This is a fun series that I’ll be visiting with again when the next book is released.