Cherry Red Kisses

Cherry Red Kisses


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When Queen Soraya dies, her husband and son are heartbroken. Prince Floris misses his mother… and his father. It’s like I don’t exist, Floris thinks. King Leon doesn’t know how to handle his grief. Every kiss reminds him of his wife’s cherry red lips. He has a magician put a curse on the kingdom’s inhabitants so no one can use their lips to kiss. But that doesn’t help him feel any better, and the people in his country get more and more angry. Can Floris find a solution?

A moving fairy tale with touching illustrations about coping with loss and grief. For children ages 5 and up. With an afterword by Manu Keirse, professor and grief expert.

  • Guided Reading Level O
  • Product Details

    ISBN-13: 9781605372549
    Publisher: Clavis
    Publication date: 10/11/2016
    Pages: 32
    Product dimensions: 9.90(w) x 10.40(h) x 0.20(d)
    Age Range: 5 Years

    About the Author

    An Swerts grew up in Geel, Belgium. She studied pharmacy and taught sciences at a college, but later realized her true calling was writing and went back to school to receive a degree in journalism. Today An spends most of her time writing. Picture books are her biggest passion.

    Jenny Bakker graduated with a major in illustrative design from the Fine Arts Academy. Having worked as a freelance graphic designer for many years, she decided to focus all her energy on her one true passion: illustrating children's books.

    Read an Excerpt

    The land of King Leon and Queen Soraya lay in a beautiful green valley surrounded by high mountains. The king and queen loved each other very much and they didn't hide it. When Soraya pursed her cherry red lips, Leon kissed them eagerly. The people in their country were happy too, because the king and queen made sure everyone had everything they needed.

    One find day a warm wind blew through the valley. The birds sang more cheerfully than usual, and at nightfall the sound of trumpets blared from the palace. A little prince had been born!

    The ladies-in-waiting were delighted. "He is so sweet and beautiful - we have no words," they whispered exactly. "Then say it with a kiss," Queen Soraya said, smiling.

    The little prince was named Floris. Floris grew up to be a sweet, smart boy. Life was going well in the kingdom, but one day tragedy struck. The queen became very ill. None of the doctors in the land could cure her. She had to rest a lot and Floris often nestled against her, rolled up in a little ball. ONe day when he came into the room, his father jumped up from the chair next to the queen's bed. Big tears rolled down his cheeks. Floris looked at his mother, startled. The cherry red had disappeared from her lips. "She passed away," his father said softl. And he hugged Floris tightly - without a kiss.

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