Chevrolet Small Block Parts Interchange Manual - Rev Ed

Chevrolet Small Block Parts Interchange Manual - Rev Ed

by Ed Staffel


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Discover the best factory and aftermarket parts combinations for your Chevy small-block engine using this well-researched data that will save you time and energy.

In this revised edition of Chevrolet Small-Block Parts Interchange Manual, Chevrolet expert and author Ed Staffel delivers detailed interchange information on cranks, rods, pistons, cylinder heads, intake manifolds, exhaust manifolds, ignitions, carburetors, and more. Casting and serial number identification guides are included to help you through the myriad of available parts in salvage yards, at swap meets, and on the internet.

Learn what parts can be combined to create various displacements, which parts match well with others, where factory parts are best, and where the aftermarket offers a better alternative. Solid information on performance modifications is included where applicable.

The first and second generations of small-block Chevy engines have been around for more than 60 years, and a byproduct of the design’s extremely long production run is the confusing array of configurations that this engine family has seen. Staffel delivers this revised edition on everything you need to know about parts interchangeability for the small-block Chevy. Build your Chevy on a budget today!

Whether you're building a Chevy small-block salvage-yard stroker engine, looking to make a numbers-matching engine, saving money on repurposing factory parts, or simply looking to see which parts work together, this book is a must-have addition to your library.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781613254981
Publisher: CarTech, Incorporated
Publication date: 08/15/2019
Edition description: Revised
Pages: 144
Sales rank: 581,426
Product dimensions: 8.40(w) x 10.90(h) x 0.40(d)

About the Author

For Ed, it all began as a teenager in the 1960s at Atco Dragway in New Jersey. Musclears, AA/Gassers, Fuel Altereds, the first Factory Experimentals, wheel standers, Bill Jenkins small-block Chevy II and the occasional planetary visitations by "Miss Hurst Shifter" Linda Vaughn, it was heady stuff and hooked him big time. The first car he drove and raced was a friend's 1966 Chevelle Super Sport with a 396, which was later bored to 427, then a 427 big block 1966 Vette, next came a 1965 327/375 injected Corvette. The first motor he build was a small-block Chevy 302 for a 1955 Chevy. Then, like many people, came college, marriage, a son and a 20 year career as a detective. In 1992, he opened Ed's Engines, a small one-man engine building shop in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and started racing again with a 454 powered Vega bracket racer.

Table of Contents



Chapter 1: Cylinder Blocks

Production Cast-Iron Bare Blocks

Maximum Bore-Size Limits


Cast-Iron Bowtie Blocks

Aluminum Bowtie Blocks

Cylinder Sleeves

Freeze Plugs

Cam Bearings

Main Caps

Main Bearings

Block Dowel Pins

Used Engine Blocks

Chapter 2: Gaskets and Fasteners

Intake Manifold Gaskets

Carb Gaskets

Head Gaskets

Valve Cover Gaskets

Oil Pan Gaskets

Gasket Sealants


Main Cap Bolts and Studs

Cylinder Head Bolts and Stud Kits

Chapter 3: Rotating Assemblies

Two-Piece Seal Cranks

One-Piece Rear Seal Cranks

Used Cranks

Cast Versus Forged Cranks

Crank Prep

Rod Bearings

Pilot Bushings

Vibration Dampers

Flywheels and Flexplates


Connecting Rods

Rod Bolts

Piston Pins

Floating Versus Pressed-On Piston Pins

Rod Prep


Piston Rings

Chapter 4: Lubrication Systems

Oil Pans

Windage Trays

Oil Filters and Block Adapters

Oil Coolers

Oil Gauges

Chapter 5: Cylinder Heads

Service Replacement Cast-Iron Heads

Cast-Iron Bowtie Heads

Aluminum Production Heads

Aluminum Racing Heads

Aftermarket Cylinder Heads

Chapter 6: Valvetrain

Timing Sets


Static Compression Versus Dynamic Compression and Cam Selection

Valve Lifters

Hydraulic Flat Tappets

Factory Production Hydraulic Roller Tappets

Aftermarket Roller Tappets

Vacuum Storage Tanks and Electric Vacuum Pumps


Roller Lifter Guideplates

Pushrod Guideplates

Rocker Arms

Rocker Arm Studs and Bolts, Balls, and Nuts


Valve Springs

Oil Seals


Valve Stem Locks

Valve Covers

Chapter 7: Induction System


Cast-Iron Intakes

Aluminum 4-Barrel Intakes

Intake Manifold Gaskets

Fuel Injection

Carb Spacers

Carb Sizes

Carb Tuning

Mechanical Fuel Pumps


Nitrous Oxide, Superchargers, and Turbochargers

Air Filters

Chapter 8: Ignition Systems

Distributor Advance

Stock HEI

Chevrolet Performance and the Aftermarket

Rev Limiters and Timing Controls


Plug Wires

Spark Plugs

Distributor Drive Gears

Chapter 9: Exhaust, Cooling, and Engine Swaps

Tube Exhaust Headers 136

Starter Shield

Water Pumps and Brackets

Deep Pulleys

Underdrive Pulleys


Water Temperature Senders

Radiators, Fans, and Fan Shrouds


Engine Swaps

Engine Break-In

Source Guide

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